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Player: @TheOneTrueBling
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Laura Nishimura
Known Aliases: Kaji; Fire Wolf
Species: Artificial Werewolf
Age: Confidential
Height: 7'5"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Asian American; Japanese Descent
Occupation: Scientist
Place of Birth: Washington DC
Base of Operations: Nerva Archipelago
Marital Status: Unofficially Married
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Spiked War Mace; Undead Slaying Axe
No additional information available.

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A howl on the wind, the sudden quiet to follow, the sight of flames streaking along the ground before a spiked mace comes hurtling toward your skull. These are all things synonymous with the latest terror in the Rogue Islands known simply as Kaji-Urufu, or the Fire Wolf.


The Change

Dr. Laura Nishimura wasted no time to making her way to the Rogue Islands after graduating from her university wtih a PhD in Biology and Genetics. Hoping to get a job with the illustrious Aeon Corporation in their R&D department. The process of registering herself as a citizen of the Rogue Islands was indeed long and arduous, and her time on the isles proved less that fruitful as well when she was turned away from Aeon's desk in favor of 'better learned' students from the isles own local university.

Distraught but certainly not one to turn away a chance to uphold the time honored tradition of revenge that existed in the isles. Dr. Nishimura began her work on devising a mutagen she would eventually use to transform a fair number of the isles population into her own personal army that she could storm the gates of Aeon Corp with. The only great flaw that existed in her plan how ever, was that without backing from Aeon, or even Arachnos itself. Dr. Nishimura was very limited in her resources and couldn't even get ahold of proper test subjects, being a relative unknown in the scientific world. Not even the low level villains of the islands were interested in helping her since she had little to offer them. Undaunted by this, she chose instead to use herself as a test subject for her work (and prey her findings wouldn't kill her in doing so).

As time dragged on and experiment after experiment only succeed in giving her a nasty rash for a week, and at one point a cyst that eventually seperated itself from her body and started a song and dance number for five minutes before rupturing, Dr. Nishimura finally devised a mutagen with some animal DNA she'd succeeded in acquiring. Using the mutagen on herself, she underwent a horrific and painful transformation that turned her into a large canine beast-woman. Though shocked at first by the change after the pain subsided, she slowly began to get a grin on her face as realization set in that she managed to create something that didn't cause her to merely break out, or grow exploding bodily growths. She instead managed to do something else to herself this time. Something she regarded as being very... fascinating.

Finding a Pack

After some trail and error in her new body, Dr. Nishimura, who over time decided to reffer to herself as the Kaji-Urufu, learned what sort of strengths and powers her body gave her. With this discovered, and managing to get in her possestion a finely crafted war mace to use as a weapon for herself. She decided to set out into the islands to try an experiment on herself. To let her newly adopted animal instincts guide her around the islands and see where it took her. Picking up a faint trail with her sense of smell in doing so, she followed this trail as it grew stronger and stronger. Taking her all the way to Sharkhead where she discovered a small group of wolves similar to herself. Together they went about causing havoc on the island, here is also where she met her first true packmate, the wolf known at large as the Hunted Ravager. While the others they were with weren't quite keen on becoming a pack, Kaji or the Ravager had soon grown closer, forming a kinship between each other. But two wolves does not a proper pack make, as was told by Kaji's own instincts. She wanted something more than a single wolf as a companion. And so, her goal was now clear... She'd find others like her and Ravager, and build a pack with them... And if she couldn't find them, she'd just make them.

The Black Fang

Over time, Kaji and the Ravager, eventually having come to be known by Kaji as 'Orestes', became a regular duo of crime and mayhem. While this was something that Kaji enjoyed, she felt it wasn't enough. Her instincts made her yearn for an actual pack to be apart of, and just Orestes by himself, a pack did not make. After brief convincing on Kaji's part, she and Orestes set out to seek others like them, as Kaji originally desired from the beginning. In a matter of weeks, the two had discovered enough werewolves and canine mutants like them, that were willing to join together with the two of them, that an actual pack was formed that became known on the Rogue Isles as the "Black Fang". The only remaining flaw, was that the newly formed Black Fang Wolves were still leaderless... Lacking a proper Alpha. With quick thinking, Kaji devised a plan to rectify this. Announcing to the pack that there would eventually be a battle contest to decide who the Alpha of the pack would be, and the winner would also gain the honor of having first choice of anyone in the pack as their mate.

Agreeing to these terms, the rest of the pack that desired the position began to train themselves for the day that a date would finally be announced. Eventually, the time came to fight and the Black Fang all gathered together in a cemetery within the Isles. Their howls and battle cries echoing through the landscape as the battle began to decide the packs leader. In the end, it was Kaji's original packmate, Orestes who won the contest, claiming Kaji herself for his mate and there by making her the packs Alpha Female. The Black Fang now had leaders, and with someone to guide the rest now, it was certain in both Kaji's and Orestes' minds that the Black Fang Wolves would become a terrifying force to be reckoned with in the Rogue Islands.


Even before the leaders of the pack were chosen through trial by combat. Kaji and Orestes had plotted together to devise a way to create more of their kind on the Rogue Islands. Using Kaji's knowledge of genetic manipulation, and the commonly gained knowledge of engineering super drugs, Kaji, with Orestes as her courier created a new drug that became known as 'Fringe'. One that would be circulated on the streets in the same fashions as other super drugs like Rage, Excelsior, and even the infamous Supradine were. With a few Human members that were inducted into the Black Fang as retainers for the actual pack members being used as test subjects for the drug, it is Kaji's hope that in time, Fringe would become the next big thing on the streets, creating hundreds of wolves that would be under her and Orestes' heel.


The words that possibly best describe Kaji would be "whimsically psychotic". She is a very pleasant and bubbly person to be around, but by that same token is the very same way when in the thick of battle crushing peoples skulls and other body parts with her mace, or burning someone alive with her pyrokinetic powers. She enjoys causing suffering, chaos, and mayhem. Some might even argue that she maybe enjoys it a little too much. If she can't cause the suffering herself, she's even content to sit back and watch someone else do the work. Despite her sadistic tendencies though, she's anything but a mindless brute. The scientist she once was still holds strong sway in her mind, and she isn't beyond being able to act civil when the situation calls for it... Or when it's just one of those moments where she actually doesn't feel like hurting anyone.



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Theme Songs

Main Theme: Take No Prisoners by Megadeth

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