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Being fabulous on the runway
Lacey Panties
Player: @Plum Whine
Basic Data
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Controller (Illusion)
Security Level: (see user profile)
Occupation: Model for Atlas Clothing
Personal Data
Real Name: Stanley McGee
Known Aliases: Lacey Panties
Identity: not exactly secret
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 6'3 without heels
Weight: slender
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown (wig color: bright pink)
Blood Type: unknown
Biographical Data
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA (as far as he knows)
Birthdate: -
Citizenship: American
Current Residence: Atlas Park
Religion/Faith: fabulous
Sexual Orientation: flexible
Marital Status: single
Known Languages
English, fabulous
Known Relatives
Betty and Eldora McGee (adoptive mothers)
Known Powers
illusions and warm fabulous protection spells
Training / Abilities
creating fabulous phantoms which can attack, healing, protective spells
an endless supply of illusions and glitter
Lacey changes outfits faster than most people can change socks, but she'll always have fabulous fuchsia hair.

Stanley was just an ordinary kid who played with Barbies (why yes, that's ordinary) raised by a pair of lesbians in San Francisco. When his was teased at school when he was 14, he decided to become a drag queen, Lacey Panties, to get back at all the people. His illusionary powers surfaced at 15 and he took on the name Lacey Panties when he registered as a super hero. He dreams of participating in RuPaul's Drag race and becoming the next drag super star. Now Lacey is a registered super hero and model for a local tall women's clothing store with glamorous hair and a sexy bod


Fabulous history

Stanley knows nothing of his biological parents or his birth name, if he even had one. He was adopted at a very young age by Betty and Eldora McGee, a lesbian couple living in the epicenter of the Gay Bay, San Francisco, and named him Stanley. He had one adopted older sister, Cara, who absolutely adored him. He grew up a relatively normal kid with a rather effeminate flair. He was often mistook for a woman, even when wearing guy clothes. Stanley had an incredibly effeminate figure with a matching soft face. He walked with a bit of a wiggle and sat with his knees crossed. He learned to walk in heels at a very young age and often played dress up and went to girls' tea parties. He was the only guy who would ever attend and the girls enjoyed dressing him up in frilly shirts and bow ties, giggling as they went. Stanley enjoyed every moment of it and his mothers never objected to it either. In fact, they enjoyed that Stanley was in touch with his feminine side.

In middle school, Stanley was often teased for his feminine poise and features. At first it hurt, but he soon learned to roll with the punches, flirting with the boys and girls, and letting the insults roll off his back. He understood he was different, but it didn't matter. His mothers were proud of him and that made him happy.

One day, when he was 14, Stanley decided to do something bold. He told his mothers and his sister the idea and they were absolutely thrilled. That day, Stanley didn't show up to school. Instead the alluring Lacey showed up in his place. His mothers helped him create a catholic school girl look with huge blonde hair. They named his new persona Lacey Panties after the pair of lacy panties he chose to wear beneath the pleated skirt that day. The persona went over smashingly well. No one realized it was Stanley underneath and he enjoyed every moment of it.

About a year after his first appearance in drag, while helping his mothers organize the house, Stanley glanced up in the mirror and noticed strange illusions standing behind him, people in pink and white spandex outfits, but when he looked behind him, no one was there. For a few moments, his mothers saw the people behind him as well, but then it was gone. His sister hopped online to search for similar incidents and that's when they discovered Paragon City. Thinking the illusions were some sort of magic, the mothers agreed it was time to uproot the family and move to Paragon, the city of heroes.

They found Paragon City strangely accepting, but then again, a drag queen with lesbian parents in a city of heroes really wasn't anything new. Stanley found himself with stranger abilities, such as touching someone to transfer heat and heal wounds and confusing the hoodlums which seemed to roam the streets, causing them to attack each other. He visited City Hall in hopes of learning more about what was going on. Stanley was referred to a specialist at the hospital that confirmed he was a mutant with some power over illusions and other various abilities.

Given his family, mutations weren't too entirely difficult to accept and he wholly embraced it. After discussing it with his mothers, Stanley decided to register as a hero under his drag name, Lacey Panties, becoming a sexy super heroine to help save the day, his sister sewing him together his first superhero costume.

When Stanley was 16, he wanted to pick up a job to help with the bills and pay for supplies for drag. He found a local shop which created clothing for women over 6' tall. In a city of heroes, there was a rather large clientele for such clothing but never any print ads or fashion shows for the clothing. The shop needed models badly and so, being as the queen he was, he tried out for the competition, out-performing many of the women there. He won the competition and became the poster girl for the store. The shop didn't care that Lacey was actually a man in drag, claiming that his persona was alluring and just the image the store needed. He began modeling first normal clothing and soon moved on to the more sexier side of hero attire.

Graduating high school at 17, Lacey became a full-time model for the shop, taking part-time classes at the college in Steel Canyon majoring in fashion design. Lacey normally appeared for classes, though on rare occasions, Stanley would take her place.

Persona and personality

Stanley as a person is rather friendly and fashion forward. His posture and speech patterns come across as incredibly effeminate, referring to people as hon and talking about fashion faux pas. Stanley tends to be rather laid back and not as much of a flirt. He has no hesitation on calling people out or trying to cheer up a friend when they're down. He lives by the words of RuPaul: "If you can't love yourself, how the hell can you love somebody else!"

Lacey, on the other hand, loves attention and will flirt with anything that moves, coming up with quick retorts, often sexual in nature (or at least innuendo). She refers to people by pet names more often than not, ranging to anything from honey and sweetie, to dollface and hot stuff. She toys with people who seem to closed off and stubborn but knows the limit and would never bring harm to allies, especially not the Watchers (she's actually very protective of them).

When not being flirty or wild, Lacey comes across as a very strong, self-confident, rather intelligent person. She rolls with the punches and has no problem with admitting to being a drag queen. She does have a serious side where she is genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of her fellow Watchers, giving them compliments when deserved and expressing concern when something is wrong or incredibly suspicious. Her friendships go much deeper than she lets on.

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