Eddie Talon

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Eddie Talon
Player: @Xavot
Basic Data
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Occupation: n/a
Personal Data
Real Name: Eddie Talon
Known Aliases: Blitz, Dick, Hoodie
Identity: Eddie Talon
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'6
Weight: 155
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: blonde
Blood Type: AB+
Biographical Data
Birthplace: unknown
Birthdate: ~late 1991.
Citizenship: n/a
Current Residence: Rolling Hills Apartments
Religion/Faith: n/a
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
American English
Known Relatives
Known Powers
Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Jumping, Exceptional Agility, Slow Metabolism.
Training / Abilities



Eddie tends to come off as either emo or a dick. He tries to avoid random conversation with people he doesn't know outside of the Watchers. Anyone who does engage him in conversation will be met with an irritated look and a simple conversation ending remark. The more someone tries to force conversation, the more sarcastic and rude his comments will become. He does not like talking about himself at all, seeing how his personal life is not anyone's business. He will be more willing to talk to people if they are friends with other Watchers.



His early life remains a mystery. The earliest he can remember back to would be between the ages of six and nine by his assumption. He has no knowledge of any parents or siblings which makes his true identity almost impossible to tell. All he knows about himself was told to him by the man that took him in, an Outcast by the name of Jordan. Jordan made it very clear to Eddie that he was not his father and he had found him abandoned in a burned down house in Steel Canyon. Taking the child with him, he returned to his hideout in the sewers and raised him. He never mentioned why he took Eddie in or even if that was his identity. Eddie never thought to question him since he trusted the man enough as it was.

Eddie's powers manifested at a young age and became very apparent. His increased ability to run and jump immediately caught Jordan's eye and began to use Eddie for work. In order to be a capable underling, Jordan taught Eddie the absolute basics of communication and survival. Being very impressionable, Eddie's trust grew with Jordan and began to view him as a father figure. He was quick to take any jobs given his way in service to the man who was taking care of him. The jobs never seemed to serious to Eddie as it mostly included transporting stuff places, but he enjoyed his opportunities on the outside.

As he grew older, the jobs became more dangerous and he began to carry knives on him. Some of the other Outcasts often questioned him as to why he didn't use gun and he simply stated that it was easier to stab someone at high speeds than it was to try and shoot at them. Eventually he earned the nickname "Blitz" among his peers for his speed and efficiency. He often would venture out during his jobs and tangle with any opposing gangs in the area. The Trolls were usually his favorite to mess with and would take any chance to disrupt their dealing or even kill a few.

As all good things come to an end, so did his life as a criminal. Apparently Jordan's operation had caught a more public notice and the capes staged a raid on his hideout. Most of the crew was taken prisoner but most of the higher ups, Jordan included, resisted arrest and inevitably died. Still being fairly young, Eddie was given the chance to cooperate for a fair deal. Seeing how there was no one left to rat on, Eddie complied and told them everything he had done for the man he considered his father. It was then brought to his attention that most of his jobs had actually been delivering bomb components to other Outcast bases and were used against innocent folk more often than rival gangs. Seeing how he was ignorant to most of his crimes, the officials decided to give him an opportunity to redeem himself instead of punish him. He would work off his debt to Paragon City by using his powers for good and fight alongside the other capes. With little to no alternative, he reluctantly accepted.

Life as a Hero

Coming soon.

What the Future Holds

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Strictly Business


newspaper whenever she says something that makes no sense at all. She's under the impression that Plum and Eddie are going to have kids.


Eddie has Formspring. Ask away and you'll find the answers on his Formspring profile.

What has he answered recently? Go take a look.


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