Lord Grae

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Lord Grae
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: William Grae
Known Aliases: Grae Apocalypse
Species: Human
Age: 11
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 212 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of US and Rogue Isles
Occupation: Criminal Mastermind
Place of Birth: Crey Industries
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Clone of Grae Knight
Known Powers
Magnetism (Gravity Control), Energy Assault
Known Abilities
Leadership and strategy skills
Utilizes armor at times.
No additional information available.




Supergroup: The Rogue Knights

Lord Grae is the Dark Knight Lord of The Rogue Knights and its associated supergroups (The Rogue Knights - Knightmares, The Rogue Knights - Terror Legion and The Rogue Knights - Vixens).

Lord Grae maintains close associations with The Moirai, Gods of Villainy, The Circle of Evil, The Corruptors of Paragon, Rogues Gallery and The Destoryers of Paragon. Has joined with other villains to form the loose coalition The Marauders.





Character History


Notable Events

Black Christmas (Assault on Siren's Call)

Sadistic Seven

This first attack was the Seven's first attempt at an assault on the City, and was conducted on the 28th of December, 2006. Their plan was simple; dressed in Black Santa Claus suits, both designed to be a mockery of the Christmas holiday and to disguise their appearance as to not allow heroes to prioritise targets during the inevitable battle that would follow, the Seven and their army would attempt to storm the gate into Paragon City in Siren's Call, inacting all kinds of destruction and mayhem once they were inside.

The plan was reported to the Paragon City authorities, Longbow and the city's heroes by Captain Riggs, a member of Longbow who had been sent to the Rogue Isles undercover as the villain 'Jumpsuit'. He was uncovered just days before the assault, but was able to send a transmission warning the city before his recapture at the hands of the Seven's lackeys.

The Seven were eventually beaten back by the heroes at this assault and forced to retreat, despite the fact that a small group managed to enter Paragon City and fought the Freedom Phalanx to a stand still.

While the attack was threatening enough to cause almost all of Paragon's heroes to come to Siren's Call, the plot has been marked a faliure due to the fact that eventually the villains were unable to hold out and were forced to retreat to the Isles.

My Bloody Valentine

Mud and Mindswipe harvesting Shivans

The second assault by the Sadistic Seven, planned for Valentine's Day 2007, revolved around them harvesting an army of alien Shivans and marching them into Paragon City for all out destruction and mayhem. However, Riggs once again came through and warned the heroes of Paragon City of the impending attack, but this time charged them with stopping the threat before it even happened, rather than waiting for the assault itself.

The heroes headed to Bloody Bay on the 12th of February and fought with the villains who were busy harvesting Shivans for their attack. For a start it looked as if the villains may win, as they had charged Lord Grae and Lord Paragon with leading teams to prevent hero interferance. However, eventually the villains were beaten back and besieged in their base, and were unable to finish the harvesting, meaning that their armies would not be strong enough for an attack on Paragon.

This assault was a marked success for the heroes, as they managed to stop it before it even happened. However, they lost one of their own in the process. Captain Riggs was eventually caught, and killed by Emperor Xanatos. His corpse was dropped from an Arachnos Flier and landed in the fountain in Founder's Falls.

The Future Is Ours

Tired of being beaten in their standard attacks, The Seven decided to try a different tactic. This time, they would try and change the future, rather than attacking Paragon in the present. The future they wished to see come to pass is actually in some question, although it can be pieced together from what information they let slip during the battle that the future they were fighting for was one without Lord Recluse and Arachnos, and more importantly one without heroes. It was a world in which superheroes had been purged and their 'leader' was in a position of great power. Exactly who this leader is is a matter of great debate. They gathered the materials they needed; Chronal armor so that they could jump in and out of Recluse's Victory without using Arachnos portals, anchors to attach to each of the pillboxes, and a central machine which would shift the zone several timelines to the future they wished to see come to pass, and solidify it.

The heroes of Paragon were alerted to the plot by Century, an interstellar omnipotent being who is charged with the protection of linear time. He appeared in the thoughts of every hero and warned them that they must stop the plot. Heroes did indeed arrive in Recluse's Victory and fight the armies of the Seven, some of them going so far as to form the 'Eidolon Eight', a group completely dedicated to stopping the Seven from messing with time, led by the time travelling hero Graphite. However, they were unable to stop the threat, which was only put to a halt when Professor Echo appeared in City Hall where the main equipment was being stored, and started to rip wires out of the stolen temporal machinery, shouting about saving the world.

The Seven failed again, and were forced back into the present where cracks are now appearing in the group and animosity grows between some members.

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