Madame Frigid

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Player: @Urban Ronin
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Elizabeth Jackson
Known Aliases: Lizzy, Liz, Snowy, Chilly
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 6'7
Weight: 142
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Originally black, but blueish since the curse
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Employee of Sin Enterprises
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Can manipulate the cold
Known Abilities
A gymnast/dancer/acrobat
Gloves to reign in the cold, a rapier
No additional information available.

Madame Frigid originally began as a villain for another character of mine, Brawn, who I consider to be the central character of the continuity that I have made for myself. Madame Frigid (Elizabeth Jackson)was originally featured in a small comic book mini-series that I made myself. The hardest part about Liz was translating her to the CoX continuity, and getting used to roleplaying with her. I didn't realize how vast the difference was between writing a character, and roleplaying a character. When you write a character, you can begin with a goal in mind, and write other characters accordingly. With roleplaying, the actions of other players influence the character, causing it to grow in a completely different direction. The Liz I was writing began slowly losing her humanity, while the Liz I roleplayed took a completely different path.



Sin Enterprises


Originally Elizabeth was a shy person, making a concious effort to blend into the background. Over the past year her personality has changed radically, becoming more energetic and childish. Interestingly, she is also a pacifist, to the extent one can be in the Rogue Isles, that is.


Elizabeth radiates cold, and is able to control it to some extent.

Primary Set

Cold Domination

Secondary Set

Icy Assault




She is an accomplished gymnast and fencer.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Elizabeth's chief limitation is that the cold she radiates is for the most part, uncontrollable. This leads to a variety of difficulties for her through every day life.


The gloves she wears keep the majority of her cold at bay. The cold that most people feel is actually a small amount of the even greater cold, that is slowly leaking through the gloves. She also carries a rapier given to her by Death Rush.

Character History

The Jackson Family

The Jackson Family, a bloodline simultaneously cursed and blessed with greatness. Legend has it that an ancestor either offended or earned the favor of (depending on who you ask) a deity or something of a higher power. Since then, meta human ability has marked every member of the family, with one exception. The family has a strong heroic tradition, and Jackson children are raised separated from the rest of society with the knowledge that if they do not have powers already, they will come across them sooner rather than later. This heroic tradition persisted uninterrupted, until the Rikti invasion. Natalie Jackson, a computer prodigy was abducted in the final stages of the Rikti war. She reappeared a week later, bearing the physical and mental scars of Rikti experimentation. Believing that she had ascended to godhood as the goddess of machines, she established a church to worship herself, teaching her "Converts" that a combination of metal with flesh is the one true path to physical and spiritual perfection. Not surprisingly, considering the presence of group like The Freakshow, she gained a large number of followers. However, not all of these followers were willing. The early days of the Cult Deus Machina left a trail of destruction in its wake, but has grown less violent over the years, though it does persist to this day. Detective Young of the PPD was the one who eventually managed to deduce the identity and location of the so called goddess, who the newspapers had taken to calling Technophiliac. A police unit managed to apprehend Technophiliac before she managed to "Improve" her newest follower, Elizabeth Jackson, Natalie's daughter. Natalie and Elizabeth are currently the only members of the Jackson family who have found their way to the darker side of the law.

Elizabeth Pre-Freeze

Elizabeth's early childhood began fairly normally, thanks to Natalie's rebellious nature. Natalie decided that she wanted to raise her daughter the way that most mothers do, and allowed Elizabeth to attend public schools. She was not groomed to be a hero, like most Jackson children, but she did learn the heroic ideal from her grandfather, Marcus Jackson, the unofficial head of the Jackson family and the family's only non-meta. This peaceful life changed, when Natalie attacked Elizabeth, and Elizabeth was taken to live with the rest of her family. She was isolated, of course, like all the other Jackson children. She, however, had been out in the world, and yearned to return to it. This opportunity never arrived, and she was home schooled until age eighteen, when the family sent her out into the world, to get first hand experience as to what life was like. This consisted of various trips, to the desert, to the jungles, and eventually to the Himalayas. This is where Elizabeth's world collapsed. High up in the mountains, she got separated from the rest of her party by an unfortunate turn of environmental conditions. She wandered, and when death seemed sure, she came across a cabin. The cabin was warm, too warm in such conditions to be heated by any natural warmth. She entered the cabin, of course, and found it vacant. She made herself comfortable, and tried her best to recover. Unfortunately, when the owner returned, he was not as hospitable as the cabin itself. In his rage, the owner, and old man, began reciting incantations. His sorcery laid a curse upon Elizabeth. She could never escape the cold.

Elizabeth Post-Freeze


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