Maddy D.

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Maddy D.
Player: @Trillium
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Madelaine Dalby
Known Aliases: "Gold Star"
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Metallic Gold
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jim Dalby (Father, Deceased,)
Sandy Dalby (Mother, deceased,)
Caleb Dalby (brother, believed deceased)
Known Powers
Cybernetically enhanced reflexes and hand-to-hand fighting abilities
Known Abilities
Super-enhanced reflexes and speed, targeting sights in eyes, infra-red and ultraviolet vision, enhanced strength
Electronic Communication and Computing Pad
No additional information provided.

Maddy D. is a state-created Loyalist. Having been given cybernetic enhancements, she uses them to pursue enemies of the state with a dogged determination. This goal takes up all of her time and attention, leaving little left for personal concerns. She is the Praetorian "double" of Summer moon.



Maddy D. is focused and dedicated. The good of Praetoria is all that she cares about. Other Loyalists may find her congenial company, since she appreciates the companionship of others of like mind, and works well with others. However, the enemies of the state find nothing but her contempt and aggression. Syndicate, Resistance and Destroyers all find themselves at the sole of a boot.

The only thing that Maddy D. never does without direct orders is kill. She will hand criminals over to the PPD knowing full well that they will be executed or detained indefinitely without trial, but she does not like to personally end life. In her opinion, her job is only to stop criminals from hurting Praetoria, not to judge them or decide what is to be done to keep them from attempting to continue their life of crime.

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Maddy D. was given experimental cybernetic enhancements while in the [B.A.F.] that include a complete ocular replacement of her congenitally blind eyes, positronic nerve conduction enhancement, muscle stimulation, bone lacing, combat programming, enhanced regeneration, artificially increased heart, respiratory and adrenaline rates, and pain dampeners. All of these run off of solar ring-panels in her shoulders. The ring-panels are redundant, and can withstand breakage of 2/3 of their panels before they require immediate replacement. There is an energy battery in her abdomen, which continues to power her cybernetics at night or while underground, but excess energy must be discharged before it overloads her system.

Character History

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Madelaine Dalby was born blind, the only daughter of a wealthy family. Her younger brother Caleb became her primary caretaker and best friend. Maddy had a gentle, quiet demenaor, and enjoyed the arts. In school, she took up pottery and became quite skilled at it, despite her lack of vision. Her pieces were showcased in several galleries, and she was just coming into some fame when the Hamidon Wars turned the world into a nightmare. Both her parents were killed, and Caleb and Maddy retreated to Marcus Cole's golden city of Praetoria, which offered the only safety the former United States had left.

As the danger from the Devouring Earth subsided, the danger within the city increased. The pressure-cooker began to rattle and steam, resulting in firmer crackdowns on the population, thought policing by the Seers and due process vanishing. People began to disappear for simply speaking their opinions about the rule of Marcus Cole - or worse, simply for thinking them. Those with any sort of talent began to vanish as well, conscripted into the Seers or Powers Division or imprisoned for unauthorized use of those powers. Rumors flew about the ghouls in the tunnels and the Destroyers aboveground and where they came from. Crime coalesced around the mysterious Syndicate, and a Resistance began to form to combat Cole's powers in the only ways they could.

Caleb joined the Resistance with Maddy's blessing. As much as it would hurt to live without him, she couldn't stand to stand by and do nothing. All she could do was offer her fiery, passionate brother to the cause. She did her best with her modest income, selling off some of her most treasured pieces to local art galleries, to siphon supplies and information to Caleb as she was able to. His absence pained her more than the lack of assistance, but she didn't dare see him more, or know more about his work, due to the preponderance of Seers on every corner.

Finally, she was caught. A Seer picked her brother's name out of her head, a name the PPD had recently found in a stash of papers at a Syndicate bust, and then tortured out of a captured Resistance member, who squealed on his cell leader before dying. They brought her in and the Seers tore her mind apart looking for more information on Caleb, his cell, and his plans, but found nothing.

When she was broken, [Praetor Barry] decided she would be more useful for his experiments than simply dead. The Seers rebuilt her mind and reprogrammed her, while Barry (or really, his assistants working off of Barry's plans, which had in their turn been liberally stolen from the ideas of [Dr. Hetzfeld]) rebuilt her body, replacing and upgrading many of her systems with cybernetic enhancements. Once she was finished and trained to use her new enhancements she was, like so many of Neuron's projects, simply released into the city and largely ignored.

She believes that Caleb is dead, having been informed while she was in the B.A.F. for her "voluntary upgrades" to Powers Division that he had died in a fire. In reality, Maddy D. herself arrested Caleb while breaking up a Syndicate raid on an art gallery - a gallery where, forgotten by her, her own art was displayed, and which Caleb had been making a sentimental attempt to steal. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Spoilers end here.


Through A Golden Mirror - Summer moon's backstory and ongoing exploits as vingettes; also contains the adventures of Summer Moon's Praetorian double, Maddy D. - contains player story spoilers and may contain spoilers on Praetorian setting and story arcs.

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