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The Curious
Summer Moon
Science Warshade
Warshade / Fire/Painbringer Corruptor
Player: @Trillium
Activity Level: High
Basic Information
Real Name: Madelaine Dalby
Aliases: Maddy
Titles: None
Rank: Defiant Fist
Physical Identifiers
Species: Kheldian
Sub-Type: Warshade
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132lbs
Build: Average
Complexion: Pale
Eye Color: Pale blue, blind
Hair Color: Blonde
Distinguishing Features
Summer Moon's human form is blind, and uses pulses of Warshade energy to navigate, like a dolphin using sonar in the water. As such, she can discern people and their movements, but unless she puts constant effort in, takes no notice of facial expressions or clothing. The more she's concentrating on her surroundings, the more pulses of faint purple light radiate from her body.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: May 13, 1984
Birthplace: Paragon City
Nationality: American
Residence: Talos Island, Paragon City
Occupation: Hero, Professional Artist (Potter)
Marital Status: Dating
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Jim Dalby (Father,)
Sandy Dalby (Mother)
Caleb Dalby (brother)
Known Powers
Uses Warshade energies in combat, either using the normal three-form combat mode preferred by many other Kheldians, or simply channeling her power through her human form. By infusing other heroes temporarily with Warshade energy, she can boost their own abilities and healing rate temporarily.
Skills & Abilities
Turns pots on a traditional wheel, forming decorative and functional vessels of simplicity and beauty. She has recently been the subject of great attention for having practiced her art in her Kheldian forms, shaping beautiful vessels with a slightly otherworldly feel to them.
Cell phone, communicator earbud, police radio.

Summer Moon (Madelaine Dalby) is a Warshade based in Paragon City and registered as a Hero. She is the second Kheldian to bear this moniker, the first having retired through forcible separation from the Nictus Lunar Nimbus in June of 2007. Madelaine herself forced separation with Lunar Nimbus in September of 2007, and the Nictus was placed in containment. Madelaine merged with the Warshade Ethereal Star six months later and resumed her hero work under the same moniker.



Maddy is outgoing and friendly. She tries to maintain a constant positive attitude and to share it with her fellow heroes and the contacts she works with. She makes sure that those she works with know she appreciates them, and often sends little tokens like muffin baskets to her contacts when their work together is completed. She likes law and order, and has a real problem with those, like Longbow, who break the law in the name of "justice." She never brags or makes a big deal of her own powers or abilities, preferring to let others shine instead.



After merging with Ethereal Star, Madelaine has become much more intuitive and easy with her powers. Her preferred Kheldian form is her Hulmanim, or Dark Nova form. She enjoys flight, and can perform spectacular aerial moves in combat and out. She focuses her energy beams to knock down and render unconscious her foes, never ever killing.

When in her human form, she has learned to channel her energies not only to defeat criminals, but by forcing her energies into another hero, she can temporarily speed up their native healing and augment their abilities.

Character History

Maddy became a hero at the urging of her former college roommate, Lillian Issan, the daughter of Shadowstar and the next planned incarnation of that Warshade. Lillian knew that a Warshade named Lunar Nimbus had recently become unattached from her host, the former Council member Alexis Summer. Maddy was eager to join with the Kheldian and become a hero, something she would never have been able otherwise to achieve. She continued the same hero name, and also inherited Summer Moon's partner, a Peacebringer named Dawnsong.

After several months, Alexis Summer returned from her self-imposed exile and returned to hero work, now as a [Void Hunter] thanks to Lunan Nimbus implanting her with a Nictus shard at their separation. When Maddy realized that the Kheldian she was playing host to was actually a Nictus, still working on the side of evil and specifically attempting to sabotage both herself and Alexis Summer, the two separated and Lunar Nimbus was imprisoned by [Shadowstar]. Maddy bonded with a new Warshade, a very young and inexperienced Kheldian named Ethereal Star, and the two continued to work under the Summer Moon hero ID.

When an identity shard of one of Dawnsong's former incarnations, Yamato, broke off from his mind, Summer Moon helped him gain his own physical form, hero ID and living quarters. Growing apart from Dawnsong over several issues, they severed their partnership, and Summer Moon began working with Yamato. Yamato also re-bound to a Peacebringer, and took the hero name Dawning Dragon.

Summer Moon and Dawning Dragon have been working together for approximately two years. A disagreement over Dawning Dragon's unauthorized excursions into the Rogue Isles to fight Council and Nictus there nearly broke their partnership. Instead, Summer Moon contacted Shadowstar and the two of them did a stint of official undercover work in the Rogue Isles, hunting and destroying Nictus breeding programs there.

When they returned to Paragon City, a chance team-up with a Reciprocator named Sage Simulacrum pointed them in the direction of the Supergroup. They applied and were recently accepted to membership in that team.


Through A Golden Mirror - Maddy's backstory and ongoing exploits as vingettes; also contains the adventures of her Praetorian version, Maddy D. - contains player story spoilers and may contain spoilers on Praetorian setting and story arcs.

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