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Wisdom in silence...
Player: @Rose Noel Thorne
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Maiara Black
Known Aliases: Blue, Baby Blue
Species: Evolved Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye Color: Sky-Blue
Hair Color: Dark-Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: Assumed somewhere in Italy
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Engaged, Argent Tempest
Known Relatives: Father:

Alexandre Xavier Black (Deceased)

Eisregen (Adopted)

Col. Marcus Drake (Adopted)


Zhana Tamislav-Black (Deceased)

Natasha Tarasova (Adopted)

Victoria Tomoe Hanzo-Di'mir (Adopted)


Caelan Black

Gabriel Heartsong

Clint Sanders (Adopted)

Blackstar Rising (Adopted, Deceased)


Belinda Hanzo-Sanders (Adopted)

Known Powers
Energy manipulation, including that of other meta-humans, life forms, electrical
Known Abilities



The first thing people tend to notice about Blue is her lack of speech. She makes sounds, sure; laughter, clicks of her tongue, insistent grunts and whines, but no words. That doesn't mean she doesn't communicate. She makes use of gestures frequently, pointing at people, imitating gestures, or people themselves down to an uncanny sort of mimicry. Her expressions are slightly exaggerated to encourage understanding from others, her gestures slow and precise to get understanding or wild and energetic when she's on a roll.

The second thing might notice about Blue is her energy. She seems unable to sit fully still for long periods of time, her leg bouncing absently, head bobbing or patting her hands on her legs. But she is paying attention to what is going on, blue eyes alert and an eager smile on her lips. Any telepaths foolish or curious enough to wander into her head get bombarded with a sudden surge of energy akin to a second-hand sugar rush. Her mind is jabbering like a three-year-old on a sugar high from hell, but in a sixteen-year-old voice. The words string together and bounce around from concept to concept, but oddly the concepts are highly advanced for someone her age. She's been known to babble at psion friends about physics, philosophy and mathematics. But she has no psionic ability of her own; someone else must support the link for her.

The third thing is her appetite. She eats ravenously. A full platter of food enough for three people could be set out before her and she will near-inhale it. And in fifteen minutes, her stomach will growl as if she had not eaten in weeks. She can go (and has gone) for days without eating so she doesn't have to be fed every fifteen minutes. Her stomach will just complain loudly for everyone to hear.


Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Hatred and Confusion

Maiara Black is the third child of Alexandre Xavier Black and Zhana Tamislav. One would think being born into one of the wealthiest families in Europe would guarantee her a life of eating with a silver spoon. But Alex and Zhana used their riches to fund their passion: their hatred of mutants. Unnatural beings, twisted, deformed, strange, wielding powers beyond comprehension. These beasts had to be stopped. And the Blacks believed that to do so, they had to donate their wealth to groups they believed could get it done. Malta.

And what greater shock to a pair of mutant-haters than to have a child with blue hair? A child who could not focus on speech. A child who cried for food even when she had been just fed. A child whose touch could make the doctors sleep or other children suddenly giddy.

Maiara's parents couldn't understand what was wrong. They tried disciplining her, tried to withhold food to force her to behave. They tried yelling at her. They tried everything they could think of.

Then they gave her to someone else.

False Treatment

And who better to go to than someone who had done extended work with meta-humans? They promised Alex and Zhana the best of care, that their child would come home treated. What Maiara got was more confusion. The doctors put needles into her, two rows of them down her arms and legs, trying to test how her body worked. And a six year old child doesn't understand being bound to a bed and having that many needles poked into her body. They'd given up on actually trying to explain things to her. She tended to look up at the walls or ceilings unless they smacked her hand.

One day, it all broke loose. It was time for her treatment, and the doctors bound her to the bed. Still being confused, she screamed and no one tried to calm her. No one tried to soothe her. They just went on with trying to make her better with a needle that to her eyes was bigger than her fingers. She breathed in and her hands started to glow. Soft blue, like the warm summer sky. The doctor didn't notice and got closer. Her hand moves, turning to rest on his arm, then her body arched hard enough to snap the restraints. And the doctor dropped like a stone, slamming his head on the side of the gurney and then the floor. Maiara blinked a bit, then ripped all the needles from her arms and legs in a wild panic. She rolled from the gurney, took two steps, then dropped flat on her face unconscious.

Spoilers end here.

Street Rat

The seven year old girl woke up the next day on the streets of Mercy. Confused and alone, left in just a tattered gown, she stumbled her way through the streets. She couldn't talk, but she learned quickly enough. Pointing at something and glaring tended to get attention. Adding a small energy ball tended to get the something to get very quickly. She even started gathering up a group of other street rats and urchins, gathering around her as their alpha female. She never spoke, but the kids knew her as Blue, simple to remember because of her hair color. They'd scrounge en masse like a swarm of locusts, giving her first bite. The other kids would talk, but she'd get their attention very simply. She'd stand and move, and they'd follow in her wake like paper in the wake of a speeding car.

After a while, she migrated to Port Oakes, some of her pack scattering and some remaining. She fell in with a once-teacher, who would sit and try to teach the children. And even with her eyes flickering all over, she would learn. About dinosaurs and planets and how everything evolves.

Blue got into fights, sure. Over food, over items, over anything you could dispute over. Usually, a sharp bark from her would startle the opponent enough for her to snatch the item away. Sometimes, that wasn't enough and a swift punch followed the bark. In fights over items, she aimed to bruise and break.

Lost and Found

Blue had drifted into the D looking for food when a blond young man spotted her. He was clean and pale, he smiled easy. And she was digging in the garbage, blue hair snarled and greasy, wearing clothes that had never been washed and chains to hold her pants up. He talked to her, simple and kind, like he actually gave a damn about her. Her eyes were furtive, waiting for the hidden tricks. He held none, only a card and an offer.

And she touched the small dot on the back and walked forward with eyes wide.


Stepping onto the space station that held the Evolved was like walking into a castle. Pristine glowing walls and clean floors, sterile and beautiful. The people welcomed her home with open arms. For the first time, she felt like she was home. And the first thing she decided to do to prove her worth to her new family was to bring home the badge from Cap au Diable clutched in her fist. Being the stubborn fool that she was, she didn't take into account that the demon she had to snatch the badge from would burn her frail form rather badly. Her body had to be put into a tube filled with liquid to keep her from resting pressure on her second and third degree burns. And due to her phobia of needles, she also had to be sedated rather heavily. While asleep, she and Blackstar Rising had fun adventures in her mind, the psioniscape taking on imagery from her favorite child's story Dinotopia.

As she met more and more of the Evolved on the station, she seemed to make friends like breathing. After a few days, she caught the attention of Eisregen and Woefull, who decided to take her as their own child. Blue accepted and embraced them both as her parents, deciding to love them both with every ounce her heart could give. To prove it, she spoke, halting and stuttering simple phrases. Vater and Mama. The cold stoic former Nazi looked down at the child struggling to call him her father... and wept. To this day, Blue treasures that memory.

Among her collection of family were Battlebriar, the blonde young man who brought her to Nation, and Blackstar Rising as her elder brothers. She had fun making poor David look like a narcoleptic with her energy pranks, gently draining energy from him so he would fall asleep mid-sentence to the amusement of the others around.


Malta wasn't content to leave her alone with her new family and she grew careless. One day while she was showing David her 'home' under the overpass in Port Oakes, Malta struck. David was knocked unconscious and Blue was taken away, but not without taking the lives of two of Malta's agents, yanking their energy from them ruthlessly to stop their hearts. Her adopted parents were both furious and terrified for their new child, and Eisregen mobilized all of Nation's forces to hunt her down. She was located in the maze of tunnels beneath Grandville, but it wasn't the same child they knew. Her skin had grown blackened and gaunt, her eyes wild as the air grew cold around her. The former Nazi took it upon himself to risk getting close to her, using himself as a distraction as another of the Evolved used a tranquilizer from behind.

Once back on the station, Eisregen assigned one of his soldiers, Argent Tempest, the duty of watching over his child. And as she laid bound on a gurney in the medical ward, the Exarch took it upon himself to slide into her mind and pull the frightened child out from the prison Malta's programming had formed around her psyche. In doing so, he touched upon his own hidden desires. But she was restored to her normal perky self, gaining a new friend and bodyguard in the form of the young Argent. Somehow along the way, due to the friendship or possibly his wonderful cooking, the pair fell in love, communicating without words and bouncing around the isles in a whirlwind of laughter.

Out of the Frying Pan...

In the darkened corners of Nation's space station, Blue's dreams of a peaceful Rite were shattered along with her illusions of safety in the glistening tower high above the earth. She fled in her panic down to the D where she ran into others who wished to protect her. Run Riot led the way for her protection, joined by Veridian Vision, Col. Marcus Drake and others concerned for the welfare of the young Nation refugee. The leader of Inevitable Evolution seemed a fatherly figure, a mirror image to the one she had fled from but he seemed to be the one in the right. But yet again, the young Evolved was misled and betrayed, cut off further with actions and words she didn't understand. She aided the group in trying to pull their leader from the PTS station, but in the process of absorbing and transferring those massive amounts of energy, a ghost of Run Riot had been left within her to haunt her with disjointed thoughts and imagery. Again in panic, she fled.

Almost Home

Her habit for picking up family by breathing didn't fail her, her childlike charm and energy wooing over a battle-hardened colonel and a pair of ninja assassins to complete her parental collection of two fathers and two mothers. After fleeing Inevitable Evolution, Col. Marcus Drake took her under his wing for her protection. One day while in the D, she ran into Riot's former wife Veridian Vision as well as a man she'd met before, Clint Sanders. VV could sense Blue's fear, and Clint the remaining ghost of energy she held within her. The pair soothed her, VV holding her as she would her own child as Clint wrestled the ghost into his own body to ground out later. Finally her mind was her own and she relaxed within the circle of the former Knife's embrace, sleepily making the sign for 'mother' as she drifted off.

But Malta again had yet to give up on their mutant weapon, going after Blue with a genetically crafted virus tailored to hunt mutants and kill them with their own mutations. She had to be quarantined within Phoenix Insurrection's cavernous base of operations, with VV, Clint and Argent Tempest spearheading the assault on their labs for the cure. She's still recovering from the month-long coma she had to be put under, but with her smile in place and the bound back to her step, the little ball of energy looked no worse for wear.


Blue is presently staying in the Ouroboros cavern base for Phoenix Insurrection as she recovers, under the watchful eyes of her adopted mother Veridian Vision and her adopted elder brother Unleashed Force.

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Trivia and Secrets

Birthday: October 12, 1992

Theme Song: Walking Disaster - Sum 41

Happy Fantasy - DJ Contacreast

Ready to Die - Andrew W. K.

Party Hard - Andrew W. K.

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