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Victoria and Vai
The Veridian Vision
Player: @VeridianKitsune
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Stalker/Blaster/Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Victoria Tomoe Hanzo-Di'mir
Known Aliases: Veridian
Species: Artificial Human
Age: 87/1262
Height: 6"0
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese, Irish, Scottish
Occupation: Director of Inevitable Evolution
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Base of Operations: The Island
Marital Status: Married to Keshka Di'mir
Known Relatives: (siblings) Matt, Jordan, Ceres.
(Parents) Toshiro and Elizabeth.
(Children) Johnathan, Ink Dyne, Onteh Marks, Blue, Elizabeth Nianna, Arlere Diedra.
Known Powers
Can swap personalities with Vai the Kitsune
Known Abilities
Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, Ninjitsu, Advanced Firearms training
Ninja-to, Firearms, Cybernetic Arm
Shares the body of Vai and Victaris Hanzo
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The Veridian Vision

Victoria Hanzo-Di'mir is generally seen in the company of her friends in the trans-dimensional bar the Pocket D. She is often found sitting just inside earshot of important conversations, and she occasionally has been known to involve herself in them. She was once a high-ranking Hand of Artemis in the notorious Knives of Artemis mercenary group, and was once head of the Operations and Security division of Phoenix Insurrection, the revolutionary group run by one of her old coworkers, Unleashed Force. She now runs the organization that first welcomed her into the isles, Inevitable Evolution. She hires out on any job that happens to pique her interest, or has any personal relation to any of her employees, when she has the spare time...

She is Victoria, a top-notch assassin, strategist, and security expert. She has lived many years, has seen many battles, and has seen countless conflicts on and off the field. She is constant conflict.

She is Vai, a mischief-maker, a prankster, and kitsune. She has lived for countless centuries, and will likely live countless more. She is only deceptively fragile in appearance. She is innocent deceit.

She is Victaris, demonic, an ancient being, feeding off of hatred and pain. She has existed nearly as long as the mind can consider, and has fed off the negative energy of countless lives. She is ancient corruption.


"I'm a soldier, born to stand.
In this waking hell I am
witnessing more than I can compute.
Pray myself we don't forget,
lies, betrayed and the oppressed.
Please give me the strength to be the truth."
(Yoko Kanno - "Rise")

Victoria Hanzo was created by her father as a replacement for his first daughter, the kitsune Vai. She grew up unaware of this knowledge, training constantly under her father's tutelage. She spent almost twenty long years becoming an expert in martial arts, kenjutsu, iaijutsu, ninjutsu, stealth, firearms, espionage, tactics, and verbal skills. By age twenty two, she was fed up with his constant training, and ran away from her home. She ended up joining the Knives of Artemis out of chance, and rose through their ranks to become a Hand of Artemis.

Her career with the Knives came to an end when she was shot while taking on an Arachnos group in a joint mission with Malta Operatives. Before she could escape the mission, she was captured by Longbow and PPD officers, but not before losing her arm to a lucky shot by a longbow rifleman. Her attempt to take her own life failed, and she was taken into custody. The trial was short, and she was to be incarcerated in the Zig for life, without the possibility of parole. However, it only took Arachnos ten years to attack the prison, attempting to free one of their "destined ones". She slipped out in the confusion of the attack. It didn't take her long to attempt to find the nearest Knives safehouse in Mercy Island, but they denied her entrance and attempted to kill her, figuring that she was now a liability more than anything else. Injured, beaten, and with nowhere to go, she wandered into the Pocket D and sat at the bar, intent on drinking herself to death. It was in the D that Run Riot walked in, and she overheard him talking about his plans and goals. Hearing all of this, she decided that perhaps she should try to make up for all she did while in the Knives, to atone for her prior sins.


"This is who I am,
Escapist, Paradise seeker.
Farewell, now time to fly,
Out of sight, out of time,
Away from all lies"
(Nightwish - "The Escapist")

Victoria was Vai's replacement. Vai is a kitsune kami, something her father was truly embarrassed to have as a child.. He sealed her away in her own brain, and placed an artificial soul in it's place. The artificial soul eventually developed into Victoria, while the sealed soul continued to develop inside, experiencing a slightly different view of the world, though similar in many ways to reality. She was released after Victoria had her initial encounter with Vincente Desdemon, whose powerful psychic ability at the time weakened the already strained barriers that were holding Vai trapped. After some confusion, Vai peacefully shares the body with Victoria.

Vai seems to have changed slightly since her initial appearance, her Orange/red hair being replaced with hair of pure white, that spreads from her ears to her tail. She also seems to have some kind of latent power, but the only times she's ever referred to it, she just calls it "Inari's Blessing", and leaves it at that. Her healing, while not as fast as some, seems to be far more complete than a normal person, and it is nigh impossible for her to receive permanent scarring/damage.

Vai is extremely protective of her counterpart, and has been known to jump even high powered beings over possible slights against Victoria. She is like the overprotective big sister that Victoria never had.

One ability that Vai does have is that she can sense and interact with souls (Within limitations and consent from the other players, of course). She can "See" souls, and in a limited sense, see what kind of powers that soul has. (heavily constricted by consent, of course).


"I read a book about a man, a love, a woman, how they died
How I was waved aside, listen how the headless doves cry
I truly see a madman in the mirror when I'm weak
I spent a year in love before I realized it's me"
(Sonata Arctica - "Don't Say a Word")

Victaris is the Yin to Vai's Yang, the night to her day. She is an ancient demonic (but not necessarily *evil*) being that Victoria's father used to counter Vai's soul, in order to seal her away. She has grown to resent her prison (Victoria's body), but recognizes it's importance as her only vessel. Thus, she would never act in a way that is directly harmful to Victoria's physical well-being, though she has been known to whisper doubts and more deceptive thoughts into Victoria's mind.

Though some individuals in the isles have known about Victaris for a while now (though none of them currently reside there), only recently has she told anyone about her. In a conversation with Unleashed Force, Victoria revealed that during her recent absence she had hunted down the evil Vincente Desdemon. However, neither Victoria nor Vai had enough power to truly defeat him. It was only when they were near death that Victaris was unshackled by Vai, and left nothing but a smear of Vincente.

Victaris scares Victoria, as she represents the darker aspects of V's personality. She knows that Victaris is not evil, but nonetheless doesn't trust her very much at all.

The Veridian Aliases

Victoria and Vai have studied many various fighting and weapon styles. This is reflected by the use of various powersets in-game. Roleplay negates the need for most of these, thankfully.

The Hanzo Family

Elizabeth Hanzo - Her Mother, Elizabeth was an American of Irish and Scottish heritage who visited Japan and got possessed by a Kitsune Kami. That was how she ended up meeting V's father. Currently resides in California, and is caring for John.
Toshiro Hanzo [DECEASED] - V's Father, a retired demon slayer. Not much is known other than he claimed to have a strong strain of Hanzo clan blood, and could trace their family back to Hattori Hanzo. It can be inferred from what Victoria has said in the past that she did not get along well with her father, and Vai downright hated him.
Matthew (brother) and Jordan (sister) - They followed somewhat in their father's footsteps and became demon/undead slayers. These two are twins, and have that semi-psychic empathy that normally occurs between twins. Matthew uses modern weapons (guns and traps) to fight their prey, while Jordan prefers her innate abilities of fire manipulation. They both live in California, roommates and friends. Jordan recently returned to her brother's side from a long mission in Romania. Matt often refers back to old missions he has been on. He also takes enjoyment calling Plenilune "Little Coyote" or "Coyote", somewhat mocking her werewolf form's small stature.
Ceres - Her younger Sister, Ceres left home and became a Paragon hero. She and V don't get along well simply because one works in Paragon and has a higher standard of justice keeping, and the other works in the isles and has slightly...looser values towards things. She works under the hero name "The Cerulean Phantasm", and is semi-well known. She and Victoria have an uneasy peace at the moment.
Johnathan Hanzo-Di'mir - Son of Run Riot and Victoria. He was born on April 15th, 2008, at 5:23am. He is currently being cared for by Victoria's mother Elizabeth, as Victoria feels that the Isles are not a place to raise a baby. She sees him as often as possible,

Additional Family members
Ink Dyne: Ink. She was Run's adopted daughter before V even joined IE, and she's her daughter now as well. Ink causes Victoria both the greatest headaches and the greatest joys. She is currently training her to properly ride and maintain a motorcycle. Ink might not know it, but Riot had actually entrusted Ink's well being in the event of his death to her long before she became her mother, but it's not something that she'd ever say.
Onteh Marks: Belinda von Sauerkraut O'Goldstien McCrabcake Cross Sanders Hanzo Di'mir - Belinda was one of Victoria's students, but Victoria just fell in love with the young girl, and adopted her. She constantly works with the young sniper to better hone her skills. Victoria sees that someday when Belinda calms down some, the young girl will easily be able to best her.
Keshka Di'mir: Victoria's wife, and the love of her life. She has been bound to this woman not only though human ceremony, but the Y'suru bonding ritual as well. She is devoted to her new wife, and is determined that things will go better with this marriage.
Elizabeth Nianna Hanzo-Di'mir and Arlere Diedra Hanzo-Di'mir: Victoria And Keshka's twin daughters, born July 17th, 2011.

Her complicated history with Run Riot

Run was Victoria's friend, boss, and most importantly, the one who betrayed her. She met him within her first month in the isles, while she was attempting to get drunk in the D (speculation abounds that she was actually trying to drink herself to death, but it's just rumors). She overheard him talking about what IE was all about, and after about half an hour, realized a few things. One was that she was not as drunk as she had hoped, and the other was that he truly seemed to care about what he was doing. She signed up right there that day. She then worked her way up in both the group's standings, and in his heart.

When she first joined IE, it was right before Woefull's exit. She only really became active after this event, though. She saw that things were hard on the group, and decided to help out her newfound friends. After assisting Run Riot on a series mission in Grandville, she ended up relating to him her history with the military (which now turns out to be just a cover story). She doesn't know, to this day, what in that sparked him to make her his confidante, but the two quickly became friends. She began hanging out with him in the Pocket D, prompting plenty of rumors that she was either IE's co-leader (which is a spot she has never held, nor has she ever wanted), or was dating him. The two denied these, as at the time, things were platonic (on her half, anyway). She worked besides him for a long time, becoming his friend, confidante, lieutenant, and eventually was appointed head of Inevitable Evolution's intelligence section.

The two of them did not always get along over everything. Several times during her career in IE, she has found herself at odds over certain things with Run. The largest fight had her resign for a short time, even, staying on her boat for a period of time. The two eventually ended up discussing lots of things over a tea ceremony she prepared. What the two talked about there is private, and has not been shared with anyone else.

Eventually, she realized that despite her best efforts to the contrary, she had fallen for her boss and best friend. She was not willing to admit it at first, instead keeping things as they were. When Vai was released, she (Vai) was not as quiet about their shared love of Run, and through that, Victoria eventually admitted it to him. However, circumstances were not on her side, as another woman (Delinquent Behavior) had also recently admitted to him that she was in love with him as well. However....when Victoria talked to her, she couldn't be mad, as she and DB were so alike in history and emotion, that she identified immediately with her.

The two women ended up in pseudo-competition with each other, at Victoria's urging. Their fighting ended up with Run leaving for a short time to clear his head. While he was gone, she discovered that during the night they had spent together, she had gotten pregnant. When he returned, she informed him of this. At the same time, he let her know that it was her that he wanted to be with. A few short weeks later, he ended up proposing to her, just a little after Valentine's day.

On April 5th, 2008, Victoria and Jacob eloped, marrying sometime during the night. She ended up taking his last name, and the alias that goes along with it. Their first child, Johnathan, was born on April 15th. They had their public wedding ceremony on the 15th of June, 2008.

Victoria died from complications following a car crash before the holidays in 2008. After she passed, she isn't sure exactly what happened regarding Riot and IE, but it all ended with Riot leaving Inevitable Evolution, and (as far as she knows), the Isles. She returned to life in June 2009, and was filled in on some of what happened. This soured her to Run a bit, and as far as anyone knows, this was when she considered her old marriage to be dissolved.


Starting sometime in March of the year 2012, Victoria began sleeping poorly, her reoccurring nightmares becoming worse and worse. These nightmares would continue for a couple of months, troubling her sleep and making her irritable and crankier than normal.

On the first of May, Vai was attacked while speaking with Natasha Tarasova and Yorishiro Meika while sitting on the bar on her island. The intruder managed to cut her at least once before the trio managed to knock them out. The figure's mask dissolved into dust and blew away, revealing it's identity as that of Kimiko Derikawa, Vai's daughter from several centuries prior. She could not recall what made her come there, or what made her attack her mother. On her person was only a wakizashi of similar make as Vai's, an extendable quarterstaff, and a note, written in Victoria's blood, saying "I will let you down". Investigations began into what had caused this incident.

On the morning of May third, Victoria's dream resulted in a threat from an old enemy, Vincente Desdemon. He played with her mind for a bit, before mentioning her son John. When she woke up, she made her way quickly to her son's room, but Vincente was already there. When she attacked him, her sword was shattered, and she ended up severely wounded. He informed her while she was helpless that since she wasn't a real person, she didn't have a real soul, and that when he finally killed her, she would be no more, so....he intended to drag out her pain until he finally killed her. Before he left, Vincente added to Victoria's grief by blinding her son, removing his eyes and flying away.

Known acquaintances

This section is constantly changed, reflecting the tumultuous lifestyle of VV. (If you consider yourself to be among her friends/acquaintances and your name isn't on this list, send me a tell or add your name here and I'll do a quick writeup)

Lady Abigail - Abi is Victoria's sister in every way except blood. They are the closest of friends, and Abi was the first person V sought out when she returned to life. VV trusts Abi with her life. She is currently not in the Rogue Isles, or even in this dimension. Victoria misses her very much.

Rezz - Victoria was glad to see Rezz return to the isles, and enjoys chatting and working with him whenever possible. She still teases him about the puking thing, too.

Ink Dyne - Her step-daughter through her first marriage, Ink brings both joy and a bit of grief to Victoria's life. While she might complain about her daughter's antics, she is actually incredibly proud of her, and is trying to use as gentle a hand as possible to continue to guide her along as best she can.

Onteh Marks - Belinda von Sauerkraut O'Goldstien McCrabcake Cross Sanders Hanzo Di'mir is her adopted daughter. She cares about her just as much as Inky, and is still trying to train the little cybernetically enhanced girl as best she can.

Unleashed Force - Clint and Victoria's relationship has oft been questioned since she left the Insurrection.

Ani Reaves - Victoria's niece and good friend. One of the few people who has known V since her start in the isles (and is still around), Ani is considered family to Victoria, and no one can tell her otherwise. She checks in on her niece from time to time, whether she knows it or not.

Keshka Di'mir - Victoria's wife due to the intervention of Unleashed Force and Twisted Nano. Victoria is surprised in the amount of similarities between the two of them, and perhaps why that is why she seems to have settled in so well so quickly. The two were wed on March 10th, 2011 in the Phoenix Insurrection caverns. Victoria has shown herself to be incredibly dedicated to her wife, and has a protective streak a mile wide. She knows she doesn't need protecting, but she does it happily anyway.

Plenilune - One of Victoria's oldest friends, Holly and V just recently started talking again after a period of some animosity between the two.

Fyre Fli - Cindy is a friend of hers through Holly. The younger hero looks out for VV's best health even when V stopped caring a while ago, and V is secretly thankful for it.

Felicia Grant - A friend of V's, they like to talk about everything from firearms to the missions way back when. Felicia seems to be one of the few people Victoria actually opens up to. Vic might not show it much, but she does care when Felicia isn't doing too well, and tries to help her, while not being too obvious about it...except that time she tried to set her up on dates. That one was obvious.

Khariss - V might be one of the few people that doesn't quickly rile Khar's anger in conversation, and attempts to soften Khariss' tough exterior. She's glad to see Khariss back in the isles, though she's concerned about the fact that she's become quite gruff again.

Earthdark - Vai in particular enjoys talking with Erica for reasons unknown.

Night Sai - Victoria wished Sai her best when she left PI, and meant it.

Tarasova - Natasha is possibly Victoria's closest friend, despite the fact they have only known each other for a (relatively) short time. Their similar histories seem to bind them together a bit, and she trusts Natasha completely, even asking her to be her Best Woman for her wedding. Victoria trusts Natasha a great deal, and has offered to help her through pretty much anything, even things she has -no idea- the depth of.

Robotic Spectre - Unit (Or Brian, I suppose) has been one of V's near-constant conversation partners whenever she's in the D. She can't even remember how they met, but she obviously enjoys talking with him, or else she wouldn't do so. She feels kind of conflicted that some of her closest friends are at odds with him, though.

Physical Appearance

Victoria: Victoria is fairly old, but doesn't look a day over thirty. Well, not at first, at least. She states that her family's odd genetics seem to give them longer life spans, where they age at about half the speed of normal humans once reaching puberty. However, it is far more likely that it has more to do with Vai inhabiting her body than any scientific explanation.

She is a unique mix of Irish and Japanese ancestry, though the Japanese is more prominent in her than her other sisters. Her skin tone is darker, and her eyes have an Asian look to them. Her hair color is the main thing people notice, as it is naturally a shade of green. She has given up trying to figure out why it is that shade, and merely accepts it as is. (A note: Hair Dyes have a bad habit of not working in her hair for longer than a week or so.)

Her body shows her years of fighting more than her face ever does. Her right arm is missing, and has been replaced with a cybernetic model (when her right arm looks like skin, it's still a fake, just with a false skin covering). She has many scars all over her body, ranging from bullet holes to blade wounds to burns. They're not bad enough to immediately grimace at, as most healed over well, but they're still visible. She also has one tattoo, a 5x7 inch barcode on the small of her back. It can be seen when she wears anything showing her back, and she makes no attempt to hide it.

Victoria is in incredible physical shape, having spent decades of her life honing her body into a tool and weapon. She carries in her no cybernetic enhancements other than her right arm. At first glance, one might think she was a normal human with dyed hair and a false arm.

Vai: Vai is a physical twin for Victoria. The two share the same build, facial features, and height. However, the differences between the two are striking and not difficult to miss. The most obvious difference is Vai's hair color and ears. All the hair on her body, from her fox ears to her fox tail (that I hope to someday add, if the Devs ever give them to us) is pure white. She wears it at a medium length, and always loose.

Her body, though few have seen all of it, is not scarred in the slightest. Her right arm is still a part of her body, and it's incredibly difficult to permanently damage her. It is possible....but difficult.

The only other real difference is that when she is Vai, her eyes can get eyeshine.

Victaris: Victaris often appears very similarly to Victoria, at first glance. She has green hair, generally worn long, wears a suit and sunglasses. Physically she has the same build, and her face is the same. However, she seems to have some odd green lines on her face that may or may not be some kind of hardened armor, and her eyes don't have pupils. Her hair has the slightest hint of grey dusting it, and she has something of a smirk stuck to her face at all times. She carries herself with a smug confidence, and deals with every situation as it comes.

Victaris knows very well what she is. She knows she is a monster, but she would never do anything to rile Victoria's anger...after all, she is a part of Vic.

Other Information

-Of course, you can always recognize her aliases as her. They *are* her.

-Her glasses feature augmented reality on their lenses, which gives her all of the information shown to the player on their screen (besides her available combat moves). It is connected to the Registration database as well, allowing her to gain some background on people (A.K.A. your profile Info. If you have a problem with this, tell me....but if your character is well known, odds are something would be in the database, even if it is inaccurate). When not wearing the glasses, she typically has contact lenses on which provide her the same information. Victoria isn't paranoid, she just likes to be prepared.

-Her right arm is mechanical. Anyone who can sense electrical signals or mechanics can tell, but to the naked eye it looks natural, unless the decides to wear it uncovered (where you can clearly tell it is false, then). (Her arm was removed following the incident which resulted in her imprisonment in the Zig. Her humerus had been shattered by a longbow anti-armor round, and had been so badly damaged that amputation was required.) After her escape from prison, her arm was been replaced with a newer, better model. Her first replacement was created by Wraith Prime, though it recently had to be retired due to it being overworked and (most likely) improper maintenance. Her newest arm was created by Cymoril Di'mir of the Clan Di'mir, and Victoria seems quite pleased with it. (Vai does not have this mechanical arm, as she is incredibly difficult to permanently damage.)

Character Inspirations and theme songs

Here's a list of Influences on Veridian's character.

Since her "retirement", and subsequent "un-retirement" Victoria has taken on some new influences on top of the old. These are:
- Urahara Kisuke - Bleach
- Christopher Chance - Human Target

Her old influences still stand, though to a lesser degree:

- Black Canary from Green Arrow - Black Canary
- Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
- Takeshi Kovacs from the novels by Richard K. Morgan

Now, theme music for Victoria has stayed the same since I built her....She's always used "Rise" by Yoko Kanno, the Opening song to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Second Gig. It fits the very militaristic/techno/darker theme that I set for her, and still manages to apply.

A theme for Vai is more difficult to place. She's a more....liberated character than Victoria, but the song should also reflect that she's not the dominant one, despite it's her own body. Her theme would be "The Escapist" by Nightwish.

Opinions of others about VV

Yeah, this is the area to add IC quotes and stuff about VV.

"Director Hanzo has the experience and the training to lead us in this battle. She is tough as nails but has a heart and knows what is right. I would follow her into battle without a moments notice." - Night Sai

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