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Inevitable Revolution
Founder: Run Riot; Chaos Ex Machina
Side: Hero
Motto: '
Leader(s): Run Riot; Chaos Ex Machina; Raid Engineer Harper; Cryopulse
Logo: Anarchy Symbol
Group Colours: Varies.
Levels: 1-50
Play style: Casual, PvE, PvP
Roleplay: Heavy RP, Friendly, Mature
Timezone(s): Mostly ET to PT, All Welcome
Recruiting: Active. Any Leader.
Contact: Any leader
Sister group to Inevitable Evolution

Inevitable Revolution is a revolutionary political and social action group, comprised of mutants, metahumans, and others working together to guide the world toward a wake up call. IR fights against oppression in all of its forms, including those established as "legitimate" power structures and institutions, putting them at odds with traditional Villains and Heroes alike.

Inevitable Revolution is the Paragon City-based sister group to the outlaw revolutionary army known as Inevitable Evolution. The two groups share some membership and administrative leadership. However, membership in one faction does not necessarily require or guarantee membership in the other.

Message boards are available here (the established IE message boards).


Origins and Establishment

In order to trace the origins of Inevitable Revolution, one must recount the history of its sister group in the Rogue Isles. Inevitable Evolution began as the brain child of two mutants, Run Riot and Woefull, who felt isolated within the larger community of existing at that time. Mutants were limited in number and commonly derided as being subordinate to the other creatures and powered beings throughout the world. Strengthening each other with their individualism, idealism, and indomitable personalities, the two formed a revolutionary movement initially intended to serve as a mutant shelter and advocacy group against those who would persecute them.

However, the movement refused to be restricted only to mutants, as it quickly became clear that the Rogue Isles was home to many other individuals and free-thinkers who resented oppression, exploitation, and persecution, despite being popularly considered criminals. These were revolutionaries who never desired anything more than to live according to their own desires and philosophies, despite what conventional society might condemn. So, IE opened its doors to any being willing to take up the charge to fight for individual rights, and to condemn those who would infringe upon them.

However, IE could not be simply limited to the Rogue Isles. It was clear that the corruption and destruction that typified the Rogue Isles was spread world-wide, and nowhere was that disease more insidiously entangled than in Paragon City itself. More so than that, IE's membership had grown to include many people who had left much behind them to venture into the Rogue Isles. Despite their dedication to the cause, these members could not be expected to turn a blind eye to their family and loved ones back in "normal" society. Yet, being as their operations had drawn the ire of many of the world's most corrupted power-mongers, IE could not operate in the open without drawing more attention to itself than could be safety defended against.

So, after careful consideration and discussion between the Visionaries and Directors of Inevitable Evolution, the group established a beachhead in Paragon City to represent their interests and provide a conduit for the movement to flourish in a City of Heroes. The Inevitable Revolution was born, and hopes to grow with each passing day.


As a revolutionary movement and political-social action group, Inevitable Revolution has a guiding philosophy intended to provide motivation and guidance for its members.

First Directive: A House Divided Cannot Stand

Though we might come from different backgrounds, different families, different cultures, or even different planets or realms of existence – the members of IR are bound by a belief in something larger than themselves. Trust your fellow revolutionaries as much as yourself, they will be your right hand and your backbone. No movement can survive the erosion that distrust and bickering can cause, and the resentment those personal grievances can cause is often the weak link our opposition will choose to exploit. The debating and discussion of new and challenging ideas should always be welcome, but the moment a rational exchange of ideas and ideals devolves into derision and slander – the movement faces a threat more dangerous than an army of super-powered villains or alien invaders. When the Revolution presents a solid and unified front against those who would subvert or destroy the Vision, they will find us unbreakable.

Second Directive: We Will Not Abide Oppression.

Despite its mostly peaceful and law-abiding praxis, IR is a proactive revolutionary movement. Its every effort struggles against oppression and exploitative power regimes for the sake of the world and future generations. This means when a member of IR encounters a form of injustice or oppression, and can do something to bring it down, they are pledged to combat it any way they can. This could encompass a wide range of activities, for example:

Even minor, every day acts of protest and conscience make a difference – whether it is choosing to buy free trade products, deciding to become a vegan, or educating the homeless.

Third Directive: Sow Hope and You Will Reap Change.

Inevitable Revolution achieves its aims not by force of arms or hot-blooded vengeance, but by careful consideration and strength of heart. The pursuit of justice is a Sisyphean task which we may never see the end of, but if we inspire those around us to carry on in our stead – the movement will never fade though our own lives may be forfeit to the dream. We may experience heartbreak, disappointment, and crushing failure on occasion – but our efforts are not meant to provide ourselves with a sense of accomplishment or success. We fight and struggle for others, not ourselves.

This directive is far and away the largest difference between IR and IE, whose third directive concerns an escalating reciprocity protocol when dealing with external conflict. IR prefers not to condone such a potentially infinite cycle of retributive strikes, but its members are fallible and the temptation is obviously overwhelming on occasion.

Alliances and Feuds

Inevitable Revolution is presently not directly associated with any groups outside of its sister group. However, they are attempting to establish legal relations with the Freedom Corps, Longbow, Wyvern, as well as the major municipal organizations dedicated to supervising superpowered activity within their jurisdiction (such as GIFT, ELITE, etc). This process is ongoing and currently unsteady as these groups are well aware of IR's origins and IE's questionable methodology.

Inevitable Revolution is looking for heroic groups to expand its network of contacts and possible associates. Their efforts, very likely, will bring them into contact and conflict with several other less scrupluous organizations. The extent of these interactions remain to be seen.

(If your group would like to coalition with IR, please contact a leader or a member with this information. We are looking for Hero groups to act as allies, although the subversive nature of IR also means that hero groups could act as potential antagonists. Villain groups looking to ally with IR should contact the staff of IE, our Villain-side counterpart.)

Ranks Within IR

Inevitable Revolution follows a seniority system which affords ranks according to certain criteria and accomplishments. The system is designed to make sure things run smoothly within the group, allowing responsibilities to be delegated throughout the organization, without tasks being bogged down with unnecessary bureaucracy.

Leadership & Administration


The leader(s) of Inevitable Revolution are known as the “Visionaries”. There have been as little as one Visionary to as high as three at any one time within IR. The Role of the Visionary is to plot the course and direction of IR and its operations. The Visionaries act as the final decision makers in the group. If not the actual founders of the group, they are at the very least among the most senior, and influential of the members.

The Visionary takes counsel from the Director Council, and can be over-ruled in the decision making process by a unanimous vote from them.


The Directors of IR are the actual IC heads of the individual departments within the group’s structure, along with commonly being the individuals who are responsible for commonplace operations.[1] Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Note: Directorship is an appointed position. Qualifications are subjective, but commonly include frequency of activity, seniority, expertise, or appropriateness of the character to the department they are assigned. Directorship can be removed or resigned at any time. There is no prestige prerequisite or qualification.

Support and Operatives


The Officer rank is for those within IR who have proven themselves time and time again in battle and in support of their fellows. The Officers are the shining examples that other members of IR can hold as role models as well as mentors and leaders. An Officer’s role is to be taken seriously, as they are the first line to settle any disputes that may arise. They may also be the lieutenants to the Directors, and assigned tasks appropriate to their chosen Department. There is no official seniority among the Officers, although it is likely that a pecking order will informally arise depending on the character’s experience and expertise.


A new rank, responsibilities are still being developed.


The ranks of the “Proven” are those members of IR who have shown their dedication to the cause. They are have proven themselves worthy of a level of distinction beyond that of the average member, by merit of having given more of themselves. It is the hopes of the higher ranking members of IR that all members eventually achieve the status of “Proven”. While the rank hold little power or explicit responsibility, it is recommended the Proven act as assistants and organizers for the lower-ranking Members.

Note: “Proven” rank is also achieved by accruing Prestige for IR. It is earned at 50K.


Members of IR are those who have most recently joined the group and may only just recently be establishing themselves. While having the least amount of seniority within the group, they are still afforded respect and camaraderie from there fellows. Members of IR have a respected position within the body of the group as they are most commonly the “ground pounders” who are the foundation of the whole movement. Members are not beholden to any particular responsibilities, but their actions will reflect on their potential for promotion and assignment of important tasks and missions. Of course, all Members have a say in the course and direction of the group, and collectively can make their voices heard about issues they feel are being overlooked. All members can approach the Directors and Visionaries to express concerns or make suggestions. An organized demonstration of Members working toward a particular goal can even make the Visionaries take notice and inspire change.

Departments Within Inevitable Revolution

Social Redesigners

Essentially unchanged from IE's division, although with more emphasis on social action and protest than outright monkeywrenching - IR's division of Social Redesign is not unwilling to perform flashy and unusual displays of protest and outsider action. Sudden Art, Culture Jamming, consciousness raising, community outreach and support are hallmarks of Social Redesign.


The backbone of the revolution targets the control of the most important power commodity in the world: information. This not only covers tactical intelligence, but also the distribution of information and education of members and those they protect. IR's Intelligence Dept seeks to support developing minds and transcendent thought as the building blocks of future society.

Of course, the Intelligence Dept is also IR's counter-intrusion department and has a fair degree of interest in maintaining tabs on the activities of its own members. Naturally, the Intelligence department of IR have a "friendly" rivalry with those of IE - although information and tactics beneficial to one should (in theory) be shared with the other.

The Research Division, as seen in IE, is rolled into the Intelligence Dept at this time, due to the limited resources available.


The Consciousness Raising Strike Force - If you won't read our books, maybe we can beat the information into you. The Analog of IE's Boot Squad, the CRSF takes the Revolution to the street or to the battleground, ready to defend IR from super-powered groups and agents with a bone to pick with IR members or protectorate.

The Chamber

Law is a loaded gun. Justice is a round in the chamber.

The martial arm of IR. If all else fails, IR must have those willing to place their lives on the line for their beliefs and the defense of those who are powerless. Much of the rank and file of IR may be considered part of the Chamber, but are in actuality arranged according to one of the above divisions. No member of IR is expected to be limited only to violent action or activity. If a member cannot find another way to resolve a threat or issue, then they may be participating in the wrong Revolution.

As the counterpart to IE's Sword of Damocles, they usually stand side-by-side with their Isles comrades on the front lines. They are the ones whose hands are the dirtiest, and their fight is made all the more desperate for that fact.

Support and Coordination

As it stands now, many members of IE have family and loved ones living within the United States and Paragon City itself – a jurisdiction where many IE operatives are wanted criminals or outcasts. The establishment of Inevitable Revolution provided a safehouse where IE’s law-skirting members could meet with their estranged loved ones. The formal separation of powers between the two groups has attempted to curtail unmonitored transit between Paragon and the Isles, but Inevitable Revolution continues to provide an critical support network for the members of IE. In addition to providing communication services, IR has committed itself to monitoring and safeguarding the families and loved ones of IE’s members who remain outside of the Isles. A special detail of IR members are dedicated to this task, maintaining contact and observation to ensure that those cherished citizens are not threatened by vengeful criminals or coerced by overzealous law enforcement agents.

As part of this initiative, IR provides critical operations support when the tasks and missions of IE cross over into Paragon and other jurisdictions. If possible, the IR members can take over the tasks from the IE caseload, allowing the mission to operate within the law if at all possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and IR occasionally must take a back-seat to IE’s active operations in order to see that justice is done. This also works in the reverse fashion. If an active IR investigation causes a suspect to flee to the perceived “safety” of the Rogue Isles, IE operatives should be available to assist or take over pursuit if necessary. Regardless of the locale, both IR and IE are expected to work together toward the overarching goal, allowing their compliment to take command of an operation once a suspect or perpetrator has crossed over into their respective “turf”.

Evolution v. Revolution

Who watches the watchmen?

- Juvenal, Satires

The relationship between IE and IR is probably best described as a system of “checks and balances”. Generally speaking, both groups agree on the basic goal and vision espoused by the Visionaries – liberation and freedom for the citizenry of Earth and defense against those who would use power to oppress and persecute. As both groups generally agree on the basic precepts and goals, but disagree on the methods and plans to realize those goals, cooperation can become stymied by philosophical and moral arguments on both sides. While this can lead to a certain adversarial relationship between these two ostensibly allied and related groups, the flow of debate and discussion ultimately should contribute to continuing reform and questioning as to the nature of their goals and activities, preventing the group from becoming hegemonic underneath one visionary or ideal.

To simplify the dynamic:

Remember, both groups are attempting to build a utopian society. One should remember that utopia means “no-place” and remains something of an impossible goal.[2]

OOC Information and Logistics

Recruiting, Membership

Inevitable Revolution is a RP-oriented Hero Group whose continuity tends to be consistent with conventional CoX canon. Although the group has an emphasis on characters who have a Mutant origin, characters of all origins are welcome provided there is a reasonable IC rationale for associating with revolutionaries, political activists, social reformers, and other social malcontents working towards a nominally-peaceful reformation of global society. Most character concepts presently tend to be anti-heroic or anti-villainous in nature, but IR is looking to recruit more "conventionally heroic" characters to balance this trend.

Recruiting is ideally performed in character with one of the existing members, but Inevitable Revolution also advertises its actions in numerous (off-screen) events, benefits, and protest actions. Contact a Visionary or Director, or simply approach a SG member ICly and strike up a IC conversation. Inevitable Revolution also maintains an IC presence on numerous online political websites and other public forums.

As is noted above, there is a Villain-Side counterpart to Inevitable Revolution, and players may be directed to their staff OOCly if desired.

Prestige Requirements

Members of all ranks in Inevitable Revolution are requested to remain in SG Mode for all missions or other Prestige-generating activities until the influence drop-off at level 35. This not only allows the Visionaries and Directors to continue to add amenities and features to the Supergroup Base, but also enhances the character's reputation within the organization (see "Ranks - Support and Operatives").

Players are encouraged to donate any earned Base Salvage to the storage area so we can continue to build new devices and items within the Base. These devices can contribute to the integrity of the base and may provide additional cool things the characters can play with. Donation, as mentioned, is encouraged, but not required.

Inspiration Storage and Enhancement Tables

Withdrawal from inspiration and enhancement storage is open to members of all ranks. However, Please also consider these guidelines.

Hopefully this will be a unnecessary statement, but:

These activities cheat the other members out of help they might need. The leadership team does not wish to contemplate what disciplinary measures would be necessary should these infractions occur, so assume that they will be severe and zero-tolerance.

Roleplay and Themes

Mature roleplay is common in the plots and scenes portrayed by the members of IR & IE, primarily in relation to scenes of violence and subversive themes and plotlines, although this can always be modified by negotiation between players during or prior to role-playing a scene. There is a high emphasis is placed on friendly cooperative resolution of IC conflict, however many members of both IR and IE prefer to resolve IC confrontations in a PvP forum. This being said, our members are typically mature role-players and capable of handling many complicated and intense roleplay themes and scenes. If there is any question about a scene or action, please discuss this in Team Channel or in private tells between the individuals.

PC Plots & Storylines

If your character has a plot or other storyline you would like to integrate, please feel free to communicate this with the Visionaries, Directors, or other Members of the group. While the IC Rules and Prohibitions of IR are enforced vigorously In-Character, this certainly does not preclude a character from challenging or breaking them In-Character as a way to advance a plot or storyline. Please note that any overarching or revolutionary change in the status of Inevitable Revolution (or its sister group) as a result of your RP plots or storylines (such as a usurping of IC control, or assault against the members, or other such drastic action) must be discussed and consented to by the Visionaries and Directors if not the Group as a whole.

PC Plots and Storylines can be seeded or discussed on the IE Message Boards.

SG Plots & Storylines

SG Plots and Storylines should be posted or discussed on the IE Message Boards.

Channel Conduct

In general, all Chat Channels are always considered In-Character, unless demarcated by the double parentheses indicators. Please respect this limitation on your chatting, as deviating from it only causes confusion (and infrequent frustration) to those who are using the channel for roleplaying scenes or exchanges. The only global exception to this rule is, of course, the Request channel, Help channel, or a customized OOC channel (Such as IEOOC).

Team Chat can be considered IC or OOC, depending on the desires and wishes of the specific team group - but should be explicitly declared prior to breaking "IC chat mode".

Within the the Supergroup Base, Local Chat and Broadcast Chat should be considered always IC unless demarcated as described above. If you require OOC attention or have OOC inquiries, please post to the Supergroup Chat (OOCly), IEOOC, or to Request.

Prohibited Conduct

Needless to say, actions and comments (meta-IC or OOC) which are clearly harrassing, abusive, and offensive will be dealt with appropriate severity by the SG leaders. Repeated infractions may result in the player being banned from the group permanently. Because the RP community is fairly insular, recognize that a poor reputation as a player will likely spread quickly. Please consider the provisions and guidelines of the EULA, as the Leadership staff will enforce these and report inappropriate conduct when necessary. An assumption of "zero-tolerance" toward prohibited actions and behavior is recommended.

Contact to Report

Reports of prohibited conduct should be reported using in-game mail to, private message with, or private channel chat with an active Director or Visionary (or some other available out-of-game contact previously arranged). They should not be declared in public channels or on the message boards. Direct contact with NC Soft or the administration of CoX is at the player's discretion, but please contact a SG Leader with details of the dispute or conduct should a player attempt to pursue their own enforcement. SG Leaders who experience problems with another SG leader of IR should choose a neutral Leader (possibly within the Coalition) to moderate between the two IR leaders. This process should also be used if a player of lower-rank in the SG have a dispute or conflict with an IR Director or Visionary.


  1. Note: Directors can be completely out of character as well. For example, the player of Ink Dyne is a Director of IE in a purely OOC capacity. She has put in an overwhelming amount of time and effort toward making the group into something special and therefore has a say in the direction it goes. In-character though, Ink is only 12 yrs old and somewhat irresponsible. Thusly, Ink wouldn’t have much IC authority within the group and is roleplayed as such
  2. For the record, the literal term for “good place”, or an ideal society would be “Eutopia”.

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