Jamie Savage

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Looks Confused
Jamie Savage
Player: MythicHero
Origin: Science
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 1X
Personal Data
Real Name: Jamie 6
Known Aliases: Agent 6
Species: Advanced Human Clone
Age: Approx. 14
Height: Short
Weight: Scranny
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Bluish
Biographical Data
Nationality: Arachnos
Occupation: Kid / free lance mercinary
Place of Birth: Arachnos research facility 14 lab 99c
Base of Operations: Rogue's Isle
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jamie Series Clones #1-11 & #13-20 (decessed)

Run Riot (adopted father) Hallow Shot (adopted sister)

Known Powers
High level psychic powers
Known Abilities
Artist, Trained in assassination, advanced combat techniques (psychic combat), basic combat techniques (hand to hand, melee weapons, Fire-arms, psychic combat),counter intellegence techniques., disguise, espinoge, evasion, infiltration, linguestics medical, meditation, security systems, seduction (training incompleat), stealth, survival, threat assesment, torture / torture resistance,
Arachnos Advanced Combat Operations Armor (ACOR) Suit
Mental development currently closer to a 9 year old in many aspects)

This strange little fellow was created for several reasons, not the least of which is to ask Run Riot uncomfortable questions in public places and make Hallow Finish turn red with embarisment.


(This information is available to anyone with a high enough security clearence with Arachnos or Long Bow or the ability to get into top secreat files)

Jamie Savage is the result of a highly secret Arachnos experiment attempting to create the perfect psychic warrior. Warriors capable of killing with no weapon other than their mind. Earlier experiments had shown that using telepathy to kill was as dangerous to the killer as it was to the victim as psychic backlash overwhelmed the psychic and caused death or irrevocable shock and madness. The best result Arachnos had achieved prior to project Jamie were psychotic monsters incapable of hiding their madness and unable to blend into normal society. Arachnos wanted untraceable assassins not psychotic killer (who are available all over the Isle's at little to no expense). Arachnos scientist believed they had found the answer in the concept of a group mind. The support each member of the group mind provided to the other could offset the psychic shockwave that death caused. To facilitate this the scientist created project Jamie, a group of identical clones all with the highest level of psychic ability. Using the twin connection theory the scientist hypothesized that the clones would naturally sync with each others minds creating a gastualt mind. Twenty Clones were made 2 developed flaws during gestation and had to be disposed of 6 more failed to survive the birthing proccess (75% was astonishingly high survival rate, credited to the budding gastualt mind). The 12 remaining Jamie Unit (renumbered 1-12) were put through a grueling series of test and trainings designed to turn them into the ultimate psychic assassin/warriors. Two more Jamies (4 & 8) were disposed of during this time due to damage during training. After two years the moment of truth came, could the Jamies kill telepathically and survive. The answer was no, two more Jamies (9 & 10) were lost during the discovery process. With 8 Jamies left, and despirite to produce results one of the scientist had a brilliant idea. The problem was the shock of sharing the victims death, if the Jamies could be acclimatized to that they would be able to kill with out danger. He devised a plan. Fully aware that the death of a Jamie had painful consequences on the remaining Jamies due to the group mind, the scientist had been careful to nullify the psychic abilities of the Jamies they disposed of (this also kept them from being killed by the dying Jamie as had happened earlier in the program). But if they could have the Jamie's linked at the moment of death then the group mind would provide a filter to protect them from the shock, and once they had survived it with there minds intact they would be able to deal with it in the future. Jamie 1 the weakest of the remaining 8 was chosen as the one to die. Working in conjunction with another Arachnos project the boy would be killed while in full contact with the others, the Psychic link maintained by a Arachnos psychic at the scene. The plan was carried out by a young assassin in training. Jamie 1's death was shared by his 7 "brothers". Jamies 2, 7 & 11 died instantly. Jamie 5 died within the week. And Jamie 5's suffered sever brain damage and was eventualy destroyed. Jamie 6 & 12 both survived and were (mostly) mentaly stable. The two clones were sent into the feild for testing and advanced training. After two years senior Archnos personal discovered that the Jamies were able to read their minds with astonishing ease regardless of mental shields natural or artificial. It was decided that the danger of a security breach was greater than the benefits of the project. the jamie's were ordered to be destroyed, the reaserch sealed away and the employment of the scientist terminated.

Group Affilations

Former Arachnos property used as an Assassin and Spy.

Curently a member of Inevitable Evolution and Inevitable Revolution (As Jamie 6).

Alies, Friends and Family

(A very basic unannotatied list)

Hallow Finish: Adopted Sister. Holly and Jamie share a common past. Both were trained as assassins by Arachnos. During their training there was an incident in which Holly encountered a member of the Jamie program, this encounter led to Holly’s defection from Arachnos. Shortly after escaping from the Zig Jamie encountered Holly and her then boyfriend John (Valiance) at Pocket D were Jamie had sought shelter. Do to the earlier incident Holly found it difficult & uncomfortable to deal with Jamie at first, but soon her sense of compassion won out. Holly took responsibility for Jamie, and Jamie dedicated him self to living up to Holly’s belief in him. In a very real sense Jamie owes his life to Holly. When he first encountered her he asked her assistance in returning to Arachnos for termination. Holly convinced him to try and make a life for himself, with her help he has. Holly brought Jamie to I.E. where he found a home, friends and eventually a mother and father. Jamie is very dedicated to Holly and would do anything to help make her happy.

Run Riot: Adopted Father. Shortly after joining I.E. Jamie meet Run Riot or Mr. Run as he’s known to call him. Knowing that Run Riot was not only IE’s leader but also Holly’s adopted father Jamie looked to Mr. Run for guidance and help with the many everyday things that he had no experience with and were confused by. Mr. Run made the mistake of telling Jamie that Jamie could ask him anything. Soon Mr. Run was fielding questions about everything from sex to under-aged drinking, doing his best to provide the impressionable boy with the right answers. Somewhere along the way Run started treating the boy like his child and was soon calling him son. Jamie had already started thinking of him as a father and was immensely happy the day Mr. Run first said that Jamie was his son. The friction caused by Mr. Run’s recent relationships has been tough on Jamie but also led to his meeting and friendship with Delinquent Behavior, Run told Jamie that DB would take care of him while he was away. This eventually led to Jamies adoption by DB.

Delinquent Behavior: Adopted Mother. Thrown together during a difficult time Spectra's kindness and care helped Jamie greatly. Mutual need drew them closer together, his need for stability and someone to care for him and her need for someone who would let her care for them. Having formed both an emotional and psychic link Spectra asked Jamie to be her son, Jamie was overjoyed to agree. Both are stronger and happier for it.

Veridian Vision: Future Step Mother. At first Jamie considered V.V. to be something akin to a wise older sister, however with the new relationship between V.V. and his adopted father Run Riot Jamie see's V.V. in a more maternal manner. However his adoption by DB has complecated the matter somewhat.

Ink Dyne: Psudo Adopted Sister. When Jamie and Inky first met and Jamie mentioned that he was Hollys adopted brother Inky seemed upset about suddenly having a new sibling (when she didn't like most of the one's she had), however as they talked Inky seemed to not mind Jamie too much. Jamie liked Inky alot. At later encounters they seemed to get on well and Jamie had hopes that one day she would accept him as her brother. Jamie was greatly saddened by Inky's sudden leaving to parts unkown, his love and best wishes go with her were ever she may be. He hopes some day she will return and be his friend and sister.

Nelik: Friend, Jamie see's Nel as an older brother.

Boo Angel/Boo Angelic: Friend and playmate.

Gold Wind: Friend and playmate.

Sammael Darkchild: A friend Jamie hopes.

Raid Engineer Harper: Jamie looks up to and respect Mr. Harper greatly.

Chaos Ex Machina: Friend and mentor

Luna Firespeaker: Friend and ally. Jamie likes Luna a great deal, she has twice helped to heal him after he's pushed himself too far and ended up in medbay.

Cryopulse: Friend and mentor.

Lt. Eatherage & Infultratior: Friends and alies from the 5th reminent

Valiance: Friend, former boyfriend of Hallow Finish

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