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Player: @GreyCleric
Origin: Science
Archetype: Warshade
Security Level: 17
Personal Data
Real Name: Nicholas Andrew Copelin(Kheldian: Pollux)
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human, joined with Kheldian
Age: 35
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: dark black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Paragon Police Detective
Place of Birth: Vancouver
Base of Operations: Talos Island.
Marital Status: complicated
Known Relatives: Nathan Copelin-Brother,Melissa Reiss- former fiancee', (Pollux's Brother: Castor)
Known Powers
Negative energy manipulation. Unshakable willpower.
Known Abilities
investigative method, defensive driving, small arms, martial arts, extensive movie trivia knowledge
Cellphone, 2 pairs of handcuffs, SW 642 in .38 special(in ankle holster) and standard PPD Vest with "Q" Plate.
No additional information available.

My first epic toon ever made on July 18th, 2007 once I had a few hours of sleep after hitting 50. The character of Nick Copelin has been used in several pieces of writing I've done for courses. While not an actively played toon, Mydnight plays a key role in most of the extended fiction I have written.

Same character as the Mastermind Nicky Rogers



Nick Copelin had deep brown eyes matched with even features. If you had to describe him, all you could say he was good looking. Other than that, Nick was nondescript. Whether it was in a 3 piece suit or a turnout jumpsuit, Nick blended in. People he knew could come upon him in a restaurant and did not see him. Nick could even miss himself in large group photos. To his friends, Nick was the goofy type of guy.” While on the job, Nick was professional, serious and calm. Outside of work he was random and goofy. This distinction served him well over the years, allowing him to distance himself far enough from the horrors of the job.


Since joining with the ex-Nictus Pollux, Nick is able to manipulate various forms of negative energy in both offensively and defensively. Pollux's previous host was a Hulnanim, allowing Nick to take the form known as a "Dark Nova." Pollux tends be more in control when shape shifting, hence why Nick will rarely use it. In this form, Pollux only speaks in the language of a Hulnanim and cannot be understood by anyone except another Kheldian or a telepath. Pollux and Nick share knowledge between them. The two have a constant running dialog inside Nick's mind. Sometimes Pollux must speak on his own and Nick will give up control to allow this. Pollux speaks with a slightly distorted voice. Nick has only been joined with Pollux for a while and is not as skilled with his energy projection as he'd like, he relies on standard weapons.


Nick is skilled in all manners of modern small arm from the pistol to the sniper rifle. He can even operate a howitzer if he has to. Though the Awakened Division frowns upon their members carrying normal weapons, Nick still carries a small Smith and Wesson 642 with him on a day to day basis. When attending a SWAT call, he'll bring the standard PPD SWAT issue weapons: The Glock 21C and the M4a1 Carbine. Has been known to bring the Milkor MGL-140 grenade launcher(With HE rounds) to deal with those pesky Voids. He is also a highly skilled investigator and is able to connect the dots in a way very few others would. This has come from years of experience both as a homicide detective and his freelance work in the Isles.

Character History

A Good Man

From university, to the army, to the police academy Nick Copelin has lived an exciting life. He's been a movie jockey in college, a Master Corporal in the Canadian Forces, a constable in the City of Vancouver moving up to the Emergency Response Team(SWAT in American cities) and a Detective Constable working Special Investigation. Nick left Vancouver and transferred to the City of Rossdon under the banner of the British Columbia Provincial Police established in 2007. While in Rossdon, he worked Major Case: Homicide and ERT. In the summer of 2008, Nick was to marry his fiancée Melissa, however she disappeared weeks before the wedding. All clues lead to the fact Melissa had simply run off, but Nick knew that was impossible. He called in some old favors with “contacts.” Nick got his hands on a pair of custom .45 pistols and a dark magic charm. Along with his detective skill, wit and brute force Nick tracked Melissa to the Rogue Isles.

Anything and Everything

Willing to do anything to get his fiancée back, he got fake papers under the name "Nick Rogers" and proceeded to gather a small group of men willing to help him find Melissa. Most of these men were common thugs, but Nick paid well and ended up earning their trust. Besides serving as extra muscle, the crew's underworld connections made information gathering a cinch. Nick and new crew allied themselves with the mercenary Matthew Burke and started on a rampage across the Isles taking out anyone who stood in his way, hero or villain. They took small jobs wherever they could to make money and forge alliances that brought Nick one step closer to finding Melissa.

Months of work led Nick to the fact, Melissa did not run away on her own accord, her body was taken by an ice mage who's mind was "blown" into Melissa's body by a mystical explosion. The mage had come to Paragon and became the Blizzard Blaster. The two met in several skirmishes and Nick scored several victories with his growing knowledge of dark magic. Blizz was saved on both occasions by her sidekick The HotShotKid.

During their final confrontation, Nick severely injured both Blizz and The HSK. In one final moment of victory, Nick attempted to use his dark charm to rip Blizz out of Melissa and restore his beloved. The HSK managed to fire one more arrow at Nick. This did nothing except to upset him. He raised his pistol for a killing shot against the young sidekick. Blizz cried out a plea of mercy, but he did not listen. Instead he was interrupted by a white of light. A Kheldian appeared from nowhere, hearing Blizz's cry. The Kheldian, known as Castor, promised to return Melissa to her rightful body if Blizz would forfeit it willingly, like she should have done years ago. Blizz relented and the Kheldian joined with her, bringing Melissa back from the Void. Nick collapsed in tears soon after.

Phoenix Rising

It turned out, the dark charm Nick was given was not a true charm. It was a controlling spell conjured by the Circle of Thorns who wanted revenge against Blizzard Blaster and the HotShotKid. Nick was found not guilty due to NCRDMI(Not criminally responsible due to magical influences.) However, years of using the dark magic had ravaged his body. He was dying. An old friend from Nick's Vancouver Police days, now working for the Paragon Police Department had one solution: A Nictus shard containing the reformed Nictus, Pollux. The two merged, becoming the Warshade codenamed "Mydnight." All of Nick's injuries were healed and he was essentially back to normal. It should be noted, unlike other Kheldian relationships, the bond between Nick and Pollux isn't perfect. The two simply share a single body and pool their resources. Top experts in Kheldian Biology are stumped by this, but speculate the amount of dark magic Nick was exposed might have something to do with it as some Kheldians are disrupted by magic.

Mydnight became the first Warshade allowed into the Awakened Division.

New Life

Based out of Freedom Plaza, Nick serves as an AD(Awakened Detective) dealing with whatever case he is assigned. He balances this with his work with the PPD SWAT team and his duty as a Warshade. The pressures are nothing he isn't used to. The most difficult thing he deals with is the fact Pollux hates the taste of coffee. He is currently in an "on and off" relationship with Melissa Reiss, now known as the Peacebringer Celestar. The arrangement is awkward at best as Pollux and Castor rarely, if ever, get along. Nick has also become a sort of father figure to The HotShotKid. He mentors John Park from time to time, seeing a bit of himself in the young hero.

After the Fall

Returned to the advanced research paramilitary team known as SPEAR(Special Projects/And/Recon) as the team was reactivated after the Paragon Incident. Was killed in an skirmish with unknown mercenaries during a mission on the Russia/Ukraine border.


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