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These are the last of my Zodiac Guardsmen alts. Simply because I've done run out of character slots. This was largely inspired by an SG I recently joined, U.L.T.R.A. It's an homage to S.H.I.E.L.D. and I've had some really fun missions with the team.

The idea of a super law-enforcement agencies is a great one, so I nicked that idea and combined it with some City of Heroes canon. This combination led to the creation of the Paragon Guardsmen and the Interlopers

Of course, as members of my Zodiac Guardsmen, they have to fit the theme of the Chinese Zodiac animals. This is getting increasingly difficult, until I decided to simply give the tougher ones non-English surnames which are simply translations of the animal name in English."

As these alts are simply costume templates for now, I have no backstory for any of them.

Wei yau 09:06, 15 January 2009 (MST)



The various law-enforcement agencies, both government and private, have a vested interest in the heroes operating in Paragon City. As such, these agencies will often provide liaison officers to these heroes. These officers provide support for heroes as they make their way through the unique legal system of Paragon City. Most of these officers will often participate in the activities of the heroes, as well. Not only to provide tactical assistance, but also to keep a close eye on the heroes.

The Paragon Guardsmen are the liaison officers currently assigned to the loyal Zodiac Guardsmen.

Paragon Guardsmen


BOAR 3.jpg
  • Organization: Longbow
  • Division: Experimental Tactics Unit
  • Rank: Battle Operational Armored Recon (B.O.A.R.)

The identity of the Longbow operative within the B.O.A.R. suit is unknown. In fact, it is likely that there is more than one operative who has adopted the identity of B.O.A.R. at one time or another. The electronic voice modulator and fully masked helmet would prevent anyone from recognizing the person within the suit. Additionally, the suit is constantly recording all data via its sensors and this information is readily available to anyone within the suit, avoiding any gaps in intelligence gathered by other operatives. Finally, the helmet is lined with theta-wave inhibitors of sufficient strength to prevent most mind-reading attempts by psychics.

What is known is that Longbow has assigned a B.O.A.R. agent to assist in the Zodiac Guardsmen in their campaign against the Fallen Guardsmen. As the Fallen Guardsmen are increasingly active in the Rogue Isles, Longbow sees their relationship with the Zodiac Guardsmen as part of their own war against Arachnos. By helping the Zodiac Guardsmen curtail their fallen brethren, Longbow also prevents Lord Recluse from gaining another set of super-powered villains to do his bidding.

Psi-Lieutenant Caballo

Lt caballo 1.jpg
  • Organization: Paragon Police Department
  • Division: Psi-Division
  • Rank: Psi-Lieutenant

Cassandra Caballo is a mutant with powerful psionic abilities. A native of Paragon City, she naturally wanted to become a super-hero. However, early in her career, she fell victim to an attack by a large group of Clockwork. Her psionic abilities proved to have diminished affect against the mechanical minions of the Clockwork King. Cassandra realized that in order for her to continue her fight for good, she would require additional training.

It is for this reason she joined the ranks of the Paragon Police Department's Psi-Division. She has steadily rose up in the ranks, proving to be a loyal, dedicated and thoroughly professional officer. Her current assignment is to act as PPD liaison to the Zodiac Guardsmen. She provides intelligence and logistical support, as needed. Her telepathic abilities also ensure that she's able to watch the Zodiac Guardsmen stay within the confines of the law.

Agent Hou

Agent hou 3.jpg
  • Organization: Wyvern
  • Division: Sting
  • Rank: Sting Agent

Julia Hou is a veteran Sting Agent of Wyvern tasked with keeping tabs on the Zodiac Guardsmen. She's found the Guardsmen to be forthright and honorable heroes and a worthy addition to Paragon City. She has provided them with several leads on numerous cases and is always willing to lend a hand, if needed.

As a favor to Ti Gou, leader of the Guardsmen, she has provided support assistance to the young hero known as Kassai. Though Kassai herself is not yet a Zodiac Guardsmen, she is being evaluated, as their ranks had been sorely depleted and the Fallen Guardsmen continue to gather strength in the Rogue Isles.

Ram of Steel

Ram of steel 2.jpg
  • Organization: Legacy Chain
  • Division: Legacy of the Sword
  • Rank: Adamant of Steel

Typically, the Legacy Chain would have no interest in a group of heroes in Paragon City. Theirs is a higher calling and above the mundane trivialities between "heroes" and "villains". However, with the Zodiac Guardsmen, the Legacy Chain recognizes a considerable concentration of magicks from the other side of the world. Though magic unites all users in some way, shape or form, there are significant differences in histories, geographies and cultures.

The arrival of the Zodiac Guardsmen presents the Legacy Chain an opportunity to learn more of the Eastern mystic arts. With a group as martial as the Guardsmen, however, it would be best to provide a representative from the Legacy of Steel, rather than a Legacy scholar. Thus, the Ram of Steel, a sworn Adamant of Steel serves with the Zodiac Guardsmen. His goal is to forge a strong bond between the Guardsmen and the Legacy Chain, as united stalwart defenders against those who would pervert the use of magic.

And of course, his other goal is to ensure that the Zodiac Guardsmen do not stray from the path of good, else the Legacy of the Sword would have to excise their evil to prevent further corruption of magic.

Pulsar Dragon

Pulsar dragon.jpg
  • Organization: Paragon Police Department
  • Division: Awakened Division
  • Rank: PPD Awakened

Need to be able to create Peacebringer before I can make this character

Indigo Tiger

Indigo tiger.jpg
  • Organization: Paragon Police Department
  • Division: Awakened Division
  • Rank: PPD Awakened

Need to be able to create Warshade before I can make this character

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