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These are the last of my Zodiac Guardsmen alts. Simply because I've done run out of character slots. This was largely inspired by an SG I recently joined, U.L.T.R.A. It's an homage to S.H.I.E.L.D. and I've had some really fun missions with the team.

The idea of a super law-enforcement agencies is a great one, so I nicked that idea and combined it with some City of Heroes canon. This combination led to the creation of the Paragon Guardsmen and the Interlopers.

Of course, as members of my Zodiac Guardsmen, they have to fit the theme of the Chinese Zodiac animals. This is getting increasingly difficult, until I decided to simply give the tougher ones non-English surnames which are simply translations of the animal name in English."

As these alts are simply costume templates for now, I have no backstory for any of them.

Wei yau 09:30, 15 January 2009 (MST)



The Rogue Isles are filled with many nefarious organizations, each seeking to accomplish their own agenda. This chaotic environment is worsened by the a steady influx of super powered villains. Occasionally, these organizations will send representatives to groups of villains. They are often there to observe and to determine how best to manipulate the group.

Several organizations have presented such "emissaries" to the Fallen Guardsmen. Tian Shang Lung accepts them, as they may yet prove to be useful. She refers to them, dismissively, as the Interlopers.

The Interlopers

Archon Naja

Archon naja.jpg
  • Affiliation: The Council
  • Designation: Vortex Archon

The true identity of Archon Naja is unknown to all but the innermost circles of the Council. It is believed that Archon Naja was originally a member of the Fifth Column and joined the Council when it was clear that the Fifth Column would lose. His assignment is to evaluate the Fallen Guardsmen and determine if they can be exploited to serve the goals of the Council.

Naja is attempting to subvert Tian Shang Lung's control of the Fallen Guardsmen and has already begun to sway Qiang Hou with advanced technology for his weapon and battle-suit.


Pouhawaiki 1.jpg
  • Affiliation: The Banished Pantheon
  • Designation: Death Shaman

Although, the Banished Pantheon often disdain interaction with the living and those not firmly within their cult, the Banished Pantheon has sought to keep their ties with the Fallen Guardsmen and Xi Xiong Ji, in particular. Pouhawaiki is the Death Shaman responsible for resurrecting him through unholy and dark practices.

Tian Shang Lung tolerates Pouhawaiki's presence, both as a gesture of gratitude towards the Banished Pantheon and because Pouhawaiki acts as a "physician" of sorts for Xi Xiong Ji. She performs routine rituals to ensure that he is able to maintain a corporeal form, as well as ensure his continued secret loyalty to the Banished Pantheon. She has not yet commanded Xi Xiong Ji to act openly, but that day will come.

Seneschal Singe

Seneschal singe 4.jpg
  • Affiliation: The Carnival of Shadows
  • Designation: Seneschal

Roxanne Singe is a debutante and heir to a massive financial empire back in her homeland of France. Rather than learn the family business, however, Roxanne chose to stay and enjoy the high-life in Paragon City. Naturally, a pretty, rich and utterly spoiled girl would eventually become a thrall of Vanessa DeVore and her Carnival of Shadows.

Now, as Seneschal Singe, Roxanne performs any duty requested of her by Vanessa DeVore. She is currently tasked with watching the Fallen Guardsmen and see if they are amusing enough for entertainment. Furthermore, Tian Shang Lung has been recognized by Vanessa DeVore as someone who could help in providing the Queen of the Carnival with souls for her to feed.

Tsagaan Drong

Tsagaan drong 1.jpg
  • Affiliation: Tsoo
  • Designation: Sorcerer

Tsagaan Drong, a.k.a. "The White Yak" is a Tsoo sorcerer and like any powerful mage, he is more than he seems. Of all the so-called "Interlopers", he has the closest relationship with Tian Shang Lung, given the long and storied relationship between the Tsoo and herself. For her part, Tian Shang Lung enjoys Tsagaan's company as he is unlike most Tsoo. He is not afflicted with the same zealous ancestor worship as his other comrades. Nor does he seem to be as involved in their more petty criminal endeavors.

Instead, he spends much time conversing with Tian Shang Lung, sharing his knowledge of magic and the nature of evil, while he is always seeking for intelligence on the happenings within Paragon City.

Huntsman Cane

Huntsman cane.jpg
  • Affiliation: Arachnos
  • Designation: Hunstman

Need to be able to create Arachnos Soldier before I can make this character

Operative Gallo

Operative gallo.jpg
  • Affiliation: Arachnos
  • Designation: Widow

Need to be able to create Arachnos Widow before I can make this character

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