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Pink Analyzer
Pink Defense
Player: Cuppa Neko LLX
Origin: Technology/Science/Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Pink Neo Ranger
Species: Catgirl
Age: Unknown, presume mid/early 20's
Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Pink (Blonde naturally)
Biographical Data
Nationality: White Tiger
Occupation: Professional Champion
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Kings Row
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Kings Row
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Stephen Kasper, Husband[1]

6 Children[2] Mother (Priscilla) and Father (Daren)[3]

Known Powers
Force Fields[4]

Radiation Emission[5] Energy Projection[6] Psionic Projection[7] shape-shifting[8] empathy[9] Limber[10] Heightened Senses[11] Enhanced Strength and Endurance[12] Flight[13] Stealth[14]

Known Abilities
200+ confirmed IQ[15]


Multi Function Communication and visual function Helmet[17]

Anti Grav Projector[18] Wormhole Tunneling Device[19] Portable Nuclear Reactor[20] The Ark[21]

Pink never reveals her face except to her loved ones and has revealed her power suit enhances her physical characteristics including her height so much of Pink is a mystery.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Hero copy.png
((Role Player, E and M RP willing))

Pink really is a good girl, a bit bubbly and mysterious at times but hey what do you expect from someone who got her start as a cheerleader who was saved by the original Pink Neo Ranger. Sadly Pink died fighting the Rikti and the Neo Rangers disbanded. Pink herself pushed on, taking on the task of protecting the protectors. It has been a long road that has turned a brilliant but untapped mind from a technological wonder to a miricle of science, no longer does she need her armor to use her powers due to over exposure to Terra Volta but her story is still evolving much like her body. Note: Pink has limited empathy, notably she can sense the wants or others and at times subconscious adjusts her personality and even appearance to match. She has a faint bit of tiger in her scent. Due to long-term exposure to Terra Volta her blood could hold unexpected side effects for any vampires or transfusions. She has a fain aura of magic about her, it's very faint.


Pink Defense
A earlier version of her power suit
Licensed Champion

“Few heroes actually fit the name; I remember when Pink Neo Ranger first came to me for training. She was so full of life and energy and glowed with spirit. The first thing she did, and a practice she continues to this day is patrol the city looking for other heroes and when it looks rough for them she provides her personalized bubbles to protect them.” – Ms. Liberty, Atlas Park

“Yeah I’ve seen Pink Defense around, one of them ‘Taxi-Bots’ Always offering a lift to or from a mission of fledgling heroes out here in hazard zones, and she saved my son.” – Officer Wincott, Hollows

“I don’t know what the city would do without Pink Neo Ranger; she’s always around the reactor guarding it from the Sky Raiders, Freakshow, and Rikti. Without her I’m sure the reactor would have gone long ago.” – Researcher (Name Withheld) Terra Volta Reactor

“She beat up Lord Recluse and his cronies, three times, nuff’ said.” – Independence Port citizen (name withheld)

Pink Defense represents the true meaning of Hero, in this day and age few licensed champions are true heroes, gritty, rough, and with a dark edge most had a harsh view of the world. If her hot pink uniform wasn’t clue enough Pink Defense is a classic hero is every sense. Protector of Innocence, Guardian, these are not mere titles but descriptions of just who Pink Defense is. Even though her hard times and self doubt Pink Defense has emerged wiser, a bit more world wise, but always a source of light in the darkness.


Pink Defense
Pink Defense's alternate power suit

Defender is such a broad term, and can mean so many different things. Do you manipulate the underworld to slow, corrupt, and drain the life from your enemies? Do you destroy their bodies with focused radiation turning into a shell of their former self? Do you use the power of sound to erode a person’s resistance and buff the durability of your friends? Or do you defend with a fist full of trick arrows and other gadgets. Are you a maelstrom of elementals directed toward sewing confusion and chaos among your enemies? Perhaps you sit back with critical eye as a field medic and mend the flesh and clear the mind? Maybe you define defender as someone who manipulates energy to restore fatigued bodies, knit flesh siphon power from enemies to add to your team and other various effects drawing on the transfer of energy from an enemy to an ally. For Pink Defense to be a Defender means to keep the enemy at arms length, and to deflect those incoming blows so they do hit less often. Other defenders may mix defense and offense but Pink Defense is a pure team player, always finding something to do instead of blasting to strengthen the team.


Technology/Science/Magic Originally empowered by a home made suit of powered spandex Pink’s continued and prolonged exposure, protected and unprotected, to the Terra Volta reactor, Rikti Force Fields, Portals (including those from Portal Corp, Rikti Communication officers and Circle of Thorns summoning alters, and Dr. Aeon) and chronometric disruptions has internalized most of her abilities allowing her to effectively function without her suit. More recently a bite from a demonized young girl has passed a measure of control of her animal side to Pink as well.


Female Pink is definitely and one hundred percent woman, but if you want to confirm things expect to get force bolted into next week for trying :P


Feline Defense
Pink Defense in her altered state

With the addition of a magical control and the rise in the Tiger DNA's control Pink has settled into a hybrid form. It should be noted that this form while stable does have a few biological quirks: “I've run extensive testing and it seems my body is neither human nor feline, which regrettably mean I’ve been rendered sterile. However it seems that rather then going into Estrus or having a normal Period the effect is also a hybrid. For 3 days a month I will enter Estrus but again neither human nor feline are compatible mates. In addition my digestive tract has been fully converted, rendering me as a strict carnivore.”

Additional Traits/Abilities

Pink is very protective of her identity, and only a select handful know the face under the helmet. It is not much of a surprise either when you consider she doesn’t even have a revealed name. For Pink Defense she is a hero, she’s not a girl who plays dress up She Is Pink Defense. It’s not a case of “Sharon Carter is Pink Defense.” To use an example. Pink Defense just is “Pink Defense.” With that in mind the full extent of her abilities are unknown, it is know that for a time she served as the slave/lover of the dark hero Shanth, a Psion, and that she managed to break her control. As this was around the time of her latest series of suit upgrades including a psionic dampener is unknown if her psychic abilities are internal or a device. However she has been seen with a miniature Clockwork following her as of late and has been known to comment that she “controls it with her mind.” If she does indeed have Psioic potential it is under developed. Considering her staggering IQ it would not be unreasonable to imagine. As mentioned earlier her original powers now function on a internal battery, as such she is capable of producing A large area defensive ‘bubble,’ individual protective force ‘bubbles’ and various energy projections from bolts of force that send opponents flying, detention fields that remove a enemy from attacking allies, but effectively makes them immune to attack. A ball of force that radiates of a target knocking down adjacent enemies. Or a large area bubble that pushes back, knocks down, or repels advancing enemies. She has also shown the ability to project numerous forms of destructive radiation culminating with her signature attack the Atomic Blast, a point blank area effect that replicated a small scale nuclear detonation; obviously few enemies are left unaffected by such a powerful blast. However her most recognized attacks are her X-Ray vision dubbed “Heat Beam Eye Blast” after a line in a Saturday morning cartoon and a move she calls the “Pink Offense.” A maneuver that turns her hands into devastating glowing balls of destructive force. It is unknown if this last ability is internal or a technical device though. Lastly some sketchy reports indicate that for a time a white tiger wandered Atlas Park that seemed unusually human in personality; other reports mention a pink humanoid insect, a blond cat-girl, and a dragon like creature who exhibit abilities similar to Pink Defense. Is Pink Defense more then meets the eye or are these mere coincidences?


Pink Defense?
Is this also Pink Defense?
While Pink Defense's exploits are wide spread there is little of her personality history know. For 6 years now she has stood at the ready to help many a hero earning such titles as “Master of Statesman's Taskforce, Taskforce Commander, Portal Jockey, a VIP Gold Pass for Pocket D, been to Hell and Back, been made a Freedom Phalanx Reserve, Member of the Vangard, a novice Archmage, Earned the Statesman Star, Stalwart Medallion, and Freedom Cross, and numerous others. She is always at the ready help in Taskforces and been quite active in her duties as a super hero however personal advancements and stories remain elusive. She has opened up however and set some rumors to rest, especially in regards to her one time partner Shanth:

“Shanth came along during a time when my exposure to Terra Volta's energy fields had caused a odd shift in my biology. Specifically in addition to internalizing my powers I developed a sort of empathic shape-shifting. What happened was that when around other people I would sense their needs and desires and shift, mentally and physically into a form that complemented them. Shanth was a rather...dark...person who enjoyed cat-girls and a harem. However since the effect would slowly fade when I was alone, but they felt like my own feeling I regretted some of the things I did in his name. He did give me my children, accidental as it was, so it wasn't all all bad. But as I worked to improve my armor one improvement was psionic shielding after a bad fight with the Psycho Clockwork. This also inadvertently blocked Shanth and eventually I was able to break away, even helping set some of his harem free. However during this time because I resembled but was not, in actuality, a cat-girl my children had a similar appearance, and it is around this time I met my future husband, a reformed Troll from a alternate Earth, Stephen Kasper. He helped me acquire some white tiger DNA, because I believed that I needed to be a real cat-girl if I were to raise kits, ignoring the fact they were completely human and only looked feline. In all my BRILLIANCE I assimilated the blood sample and immediately devolved into a feral animal, one with a intellect of 200 and superpowers. It was only through the help of another scientist/hero that I was able to regain human form. Then with the help of my armor I was able to begin training in the control of my powers, my empathy, and keep the tiger DNA suppressed.”

Over the intervening years Pink Defense has gained considerable control and now claims to have her powers mastered and does not even need her training gear any longer, however more recent events, starting around August 13'th 2010, has had troubling consequences:

“I had been working with Inventions for a while now to further bolster my powers, and as expected my body soon adapted those properties internally, however now I am finding things like the stealth procedure in my hover jets sometimes lags long after I have landed, in or out of my suit, and it seems the Tiger DNA is surging again, threatening to cause me to degenerate once more. However with the intervention of one Desert Dragon, a mystically transformed demoness, a sort of mystical control was given to me to help regulate the Tiger. While this has halted the degeneration it is not a cure that will return my humanity.”

Allies of Pink Defense

Stories/Events in the Life of Pink Defense


How many lovers has pink had?

As of Aug 19 2010 4, Shanth, Dead Eye Kid, Stephen Kasper, and Bloodhawk.

Isn't she still married? Doesn't she feel any shame?

Technically yes, but Stephen hasn't been seen in years, and while she doesn't want to move on her empathy is putting her in situations where her emotions get the better of her. It eats her up every time she wakes up next to another man however she still keep a flame for them due to the empathy effect never really going away.

Why do her eyes/hand glow green (or more recently pink)?

Pink's mutation gave her a internal atomic battery much like the Nuclear 90, however there is a harmless bleed-out leading to the glow. Originally all her powers were strict radiation however as her body continues to adapt and grow they have been slipping into a neutral energy form and taking on her her preferred color.

Is there a Praetorian Pink?

Isn't there always? That's the point of Pretoria, a dark mirror of CoH. Praetorian Pink is known as Neo Purple. Like Pink she was saved by the Neo Rangers of Pretoria. Specifically the Resistance had planed to blow up a hospital and blame it on Emperor Cole to put him in a bad light and the Neo Rangers stopped it, saving Purple in the process. After that the young cheerleader became involved in the Loyalists, speaking on their behalf and even looking for Resistance members to rat out. This brought her to the attention of Michael White and the Powers Division and he got her admitted to the PPD however it was clear she had a untapped intellect and aptitude for machines and soon she was working along side Anti-Matter and Neuron. She showed a great deal of interest in genetics as well and began to work with Neuron on some chemicals boosters for the PPD, one of her invention serves as a calming agent for Bobcat and has allowed her to get exclusive access to some of her genetic files. When the Neo Rangers were killed by Resistance protecting Emperor Cole from a attempted assassination she could no longer sit on the side lines and using a combination of booster shots and her technical ingenuity she constructed a suit that gave her all of Bobcat's agility and reflexes as well as systems she could use to increase the speed and damage potential of her teammates. She is often seen with a contingent of Clockwork guardians as well.

What powers exactly does she have innately and what does she need her armor for?

Most of Pink's primary and secondary powers come innately and as such have lost most of the radiation edge and become a mix of radiation and energy: Nutrino Bolt, Electron Haze, Irradiate, Proton Volley, and Neutron Bomb are all internalized. X-Ray Beam is pure armor and pure non radioactive energy. While Atomic Blast is a mix as well she can't fully tap it without her armor and it retains strong nuclear force. Deflection Field, Insulation and Deflection fields are also internal. Obviously so is Leadership (Assault/Tactics/Maneuvers), though Vengeance is more a armor power. Stealth Hover, Teleport, Recall Friend, and Fitness are internal as is her empathy and shape-shifting. She needs her armor for Group Fly, Air Superiority, TP Foe, and Team Teleport (though with this one she posses the power innately but not the focus/energy levels much like with Atomic Blast). Total Focus, Temporary Invulnerability, Mass Hypnosis, and work of Confusion are armor powers, though her mental powers do have a very weak innate form. Similarity Personal Forcefield, Force Bolt, Detention Field, Repulsion Field, Repulsion Bomb, and Force Bubble are like Atomic Blast, in theory she can use them unarmored but needs more focus.

  1. OOC: Stephen is another Hero and a IRL friend, he loved Trolls so made many troll characters, Stephen was one, a Dark Defender as I recall, who was from a alternate universe, he has since retired from the game but remains in Pink's story much like Shanth is also gone.
  2. OOC: Via Shanth Pink took on the shape though not the genetics of a catgirl and was knocked up. During the pregnancy she absorbed tiger DNA in a attempt to be more attuned to raising a feline litter despite the fact her children were 100% human. The DNA accelerated her term and introduced microscopic feline DNA into their mix though they are far more human then their own mother. There are 4 girls and 2 boys. And Pink named them aptly after things a valley girl loves: Mercedes, Allegra, (sounds like a musical but she also found out it meant cheerful), Caitlin (a given they looked cat like one would have a feline name), Eden, Hunter (one of the boys), Blair (the other boy).
  3. OOC: Not much info here, aside that the father has black hair and is reasonably well built, he might even pass as a hero or retired jock, though he is only a accountant. Her mother is blond, a rather attractive MILF, rumors around their neighborhood is that she drank from the Well of Eternal Beauty because no one has seen a picture of her that isn't gorgeous. Despite her looks she is not vain is is actually a content house wife. She will neither confirm or deny the many rumors around her, some believe she is like Miss. Liberty blessed with long life, some think she IS Miss Liberty, other claim she is a genie and her husband Daren is her master. Some others believe she is a corpse Daren reanimated to play housewife. And numerous others.
  4. Pink is able to project energy fields that deflect incoming attacks.
  5. Using a built in atomic battery pink can produce dangerous levels of radiation, in theory she could also be used as a small scale reactor enough to power a few homes.
  6. Her radiation powers are often mixed and protected by more neutral energy fields to prevent her from microwaving everyone she teams with.
  7. She has demonstrated some limited telepathy, notably with telekinisis, hypnosis and confusion.
  8. Pink is capable of shaping her form based on others desires she also has tiger DNA that is currently influencing her form.
  9. The ability sense th emotional needs and wants of others and not so much telepathy or healing
  10. Pink is a former cheerleader so is natural agile and limber.
  11. Her new feline state has given her super human hearing, smell, taste, as well as slightly enhanced pheromones.
  12. Tiger are strong and thus with the prominence of it's DNA she is slowly growing stronger and tougher, though it is not superhuman.
  13. Pink is capable of riding gravity field to leave the ground.
  14. A weak light bending technology has been absorbed that let's pink partially cloak while flying.
  15. Pink has showed a aptitude for anything mechanical, a voracious intellect and a edit memory.
  16. Pink can only digest raw meat, and must use grass and similar to assist her digestion, she can also imbibe milk, and in fact it is her prefered liquid.
  17. Pink's helmet is wirelessly liked to the Ark's mainframe giving her a feed of information and the ability to carry out tests, analyze data feeds from the sensors, and protects her from pionic intrusions.
  18. By bending gravity Pinks armor lets her fly however this ability is also internalized, but only her armor's version allows her to expand the field to levitate others.
  19. By creating small scale quantum tunnels pink is capable of teleporting herself and her teammates short distances.
  20. The original power source she has since internalized is still built into her armor, and she uses it when armored up rather then exhaust her own reserves.
  21. A large pan-dimensional fortress serves as Pinks personal mobile home and on occasion assault platform.
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