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The visage masks the monster within.
Player: @Cosi
Activity Level: High
Security Level: 25
Personal Data
True Name: Carson Rosilex Burns
Identity: Ross, Rosilex
Species: Human
Date of Birth: November 12th
Height/Weight: 4'9"/100lbs
Hair Color: Ginger
Eye Color: Blue
Residence: St. Martial Gardens
Marital Status: Occupied.
Profession: Waiter at Tres Minion Cafe
Known Relatives: Rick Burns (father), Miranda Du Lac Burns (mother), Tess Burns (younger sister), Erica Burns (older sister)


Ross is a little ball of many different things. He has a shy side, timid to meet strangers, and is overall socially awkward. This attributed for the relentless verbal torture he unfortunately faced in school. However, more recently, Ross has developed a social side. As he has began to make more friends, the social butterfly within Ross has begun to come out of it's shell. He is able to speak his mind, swear like a sailor, and carry on normal conversation, kind of. He also has a tendency to run his mouth a bit, this has been the result of many personal things being found out about him. Sometimes, he catches himself, but if he doesn't he literally keeps nattering on and on. Despite all this, Ross is an incredibly closed book. Even though he appears cute and innocent he is incredibly enigmatic and rarely shares personal information with other people.

Then there is another side of Ross, a side that he almost never shows, the dark side. Originally when he had his powers he was just "Ross with spines" in his spine form, however, it has slowly become an entirely different person. Sometimes this side can be easily controlled, however, sometimes it takes over him. This side is a bitter side, with deep hatred towards all humanity, with a constant thirst for blood and a constant need to kill. Fortunately he is able to keep this side under control and it hasn't gotten to anything he holds dear...yet.

Early Life

Ross was born Carson Burns on November 12th, 1992 in Morrison Hospital in Belle Haven, Virginia, the son of Rick and Miranda Burns. Rick and Miranda used to live a comfortable and simple life in San Francisco, however, recently the couple had come into a fortune of money after the death of Miranda's billionaire grandfather. Rick, who was born in Richmond, had always wanted to settle down with his family and build an enormous, antebellum-like house in the lush, green fields of Virginia. So, the two had moved to Virginia and Miranda had Ross the day the house was finished.

Ross had grown up and lived an incredibly normal life. Throughout his younger years, he would attended things like parties and galas his rich parents often hosted. From age five to age eleven, Ross was home schooled. Ross' parents did not want their son to go to public school because, in their opinion, it would: 'Corrupt his young, budding mind.' Ironically enough when the age came for middle school, they shipped him off to Greyfair Public Middle School. Ross had loathed everything about Greyfair.

The students would pick on him about everything: his femininity, his hair color, the way he wouldn't conform to the style of the day, the students made Ross' middle school years a living hell. Ross attempted everything to fit in, but despite his attempts, nothing had seemed to work. Until one day, he had though he finally found a way to fit in. He had seen the looks of admiration that some students gave to the smartest kids in the class, so, Ross spent all his days and nights, reading, studying, bettering his mental might. Pretty soon, Ross was at the top of his class, and he was beaming with pride Finally the students will accept me! he thought, however, this was not the case. The students only seemed to pick on him more. Apparently, his genius was just fuel for the fire, another attribute the students would mock him for. Ross was crestfallen.

Ross' power's manifested about the same time he hit puberty. One day he woke up and noticed that he was sleeping on something. It was as if there was something poking out of his back. When he looked in the mirror there was a black spine protruding from his lower left hip. He was shocked, he was even more shocked to find out that he could control it to move in and out. Ross had heard about these things. Mutants being ostracized, disowned, turned into Pariahs. He was terrified, so he kept the entire situation under the radar. Until one day, his parents discovered his secret mutation.

It was a hot summer day, and by then, he could open spines at every point on his body. He was relaxing and reading in his room when all of a sudden they all popped out of his body. He was shocked, eager to eliminate this sudden slip. "Shit!" he shouted out, almost as if in pain. His father ran up to his room, fearing for his son. When he came in, there stood Ross, covered head to toe in spines. His father staggered back a few steps, shock smacked across his face. Ross looked down and sobbed. His father's fists clenched up, he was growing hotheaded. Finally after several minutes of silence, his fathered motioned his hand to the door. "Get out. Get out and never come back." Ross sobbed even harder. "I never want to see you ever again" he was raising his voice now "If you so much as show your fa-" Ross interrupted him, still sobbing "But...but...I'm your son!" his father's voice was a bellow now "You are no longer a son of mine, you sick, disgusting, MUTANT!" Ross ran out of the house, he ran and ran and ran. He changed his middle name from "Ermanguard" to "Rosilex" to mark that he was no longer affiliated with his parents. He bought a ferry ticket to The Rogue Isles, and never saw his parents again.

After a few weeks in The Isles, Ross was introduced to Tomasu by Envy. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Envy was attempting to set Tomasu up with Ross. Ross was surprised when he heard this news and was even more surprised when he heard that Tomasu had actually developed an interest in the young ginger. Ross was surprised, but he was interested, never before had anyone developed such an admiration for him, and in time, Ross began to develop a large crush on Tomasu.

After the two met, Ross had left the Isles for a few weeks to visit Virginia, and had noticed he missed Tomasu terribly and was eager to get back to the Isles. When he had finally seen Tomasu again, the two had confessed their "hidden" feelings for one another. This lead to a mutual conformation that the two would be heading to the movies together...however, it clearly couldn't wait, and Ross took him to a small island near Cap au Diable, and Ross began to fall in a deep romance with Tomasu.

On August 13th, 2010, Ross was lounging around the house when he saw Tomasu again. He hugged him, told him he loved him, and before Ross knew it, Tomasu was proposing to him. On October 2nd, 2010, the two had a rooftop ceremony on top of the Golden Giza and they are currently married.


Ross didn't really know how his powers manifested. However, he suffers from a rare genetic disorder called infractoeiosis which is the disorder that causes one to eject spines from your body. There are only six recorded cases of this disorder and all of the patients are either dead or dieing. Ross hadn't actually heard about it until recently. While he was originally worried he would be one of the unlucky people who died young, he learned that the disorder wasn't killing him, it was actually fortifying him and making him more healthy.

With the ability of spine ejection, he slowly began to attempt mastery the art of Ninjitsu, the art of stealth. If he was going to do dangerous jobs like robbing banks, and killing mob bosses, he was gonna need to learn how to fade into the background, so after a few months of studying the art at a dojo, he eventually had somewhat of a firm grasp on the concept and as he perfects his spine abilities, he is also perfecting his Ninjitsu.

  • Ross is very flakey and forgetful, so sometimes, when he's doing missions, he'll forget what he's supposed to do and drop the job all together.
  • He's flattered easily, he blushes at compliments and practically melts with flirts.
  • While Ross has the ability to project spines, he's small and frail, and not that strong. Lifting heavy objects is quite a difficulty.
  • Ross doesn't sleep particularly well. His insomnia only got worse when he began to live in the kitchen of "The Hungry Dragon."
  • If Tomasu comes into conversation, Ross immediately becomes very bashful, and shy.
  • Ross becomes upset and sad when people make fun of his height, due to it being a part of a condition (infractoeosis) that has caused many hardships throughout his life.

Ross is very short, rounding out at about 5'0". While few people actually know why Ross is so short, he believes that his infractoeiosis is the main cause for his height issues. This has been a trait that he has been ridiculed for his whole life, however, up until recently, he has been appraised for his shortness. He is also very thin. While this is not attributed to malnutrition or refusal to eat, it is mainly attributed to an extraordinarily fast metabolism that manifested as part of his infractoeiosis. His meatbolism is so fast that whenever he eats anything, his body burns down the fat in a matter of minutes. In his short 17 years of life, Ross has come to loathe most of his strange appearance traits, however, recently he has come to embrace them, being called "Cute" and "a plushie" by Envy and Parker.


Tomasu: Ross' fiancé and probably the person Ross trusts the most. Ross is madly in love with Tomasu and would do anything to even see his love smile.

Envy: Envy was Ross' first real friend when he came to the Rogue Isles. Envy acts somewhat as a mentor to Ross, showing him the ropes of a somewhat social life.

Parker: Parker was another intriguing figure Ross met in the D. Parker has become a character that has begun to somewhat boost Ross' self esteem by calling him "Cute" or "Adorable."

Syl: Ross and Syl have become somewhat good friends, despite the rumors he's heard about her being distrustful, Ross neglects these rumors and enjoys spending time with her.

Fen: Ross doesn't really know how to describe his relationship with this lovable cyborg, however he can say that Fen is a friend, hopefully

Nikki: Nikki is...well, Nikki is unique unto herself. They're friends, but there isn't really much beneath that. Ross wants to know her better.

Clara: Clara is just silly. As well as entertaining. As well as fucking awesome!


Nabi: The little twit is dead, and Ross is pleased. He s just worried that the attacker may come after him next.

  • He often signs his name as C. E. Rosilex which is an anagram from Excelsior
  • He can also play the piano rather well.
  • As for his voice, he sounds a bit like a more masculine version of Chrome Dukuro.
  • Is a rather good cook, and enjoys cooking very much.
  • He wears a sapphire pendant that, when opened, there is a hidden music box that plays Bela Bartok's "In a Quiet Mood"
  • One of the reasons he changed his name to Rosilex is because his Great Grandmother who was German and had a terrible case of alzheimer's would call him Rosilee however her Yiddish accent made it sound like she was saying Rosilex.
  • While it is a fact not many people know, it has been rumored that his middle name wasn't originally "Ermanguard" speculation has surfaced that he changed his middle name twice and was originally going to masquerade as a villain named "Ermanguard" but he thought it was too long. While these rumors are not confirmed, it is heavily implied.

Theme Songs

The Gossip

"Ross is the most special person I've ever met. I love him more than life itself. Yeah, I'm a sap, but it's true." - Tomasu

"Ross is probably the only person in existence who I think is fffffrickin' adorable." - Envy

"Ginger Bunny? D'awwww he's so cute and short and cuddly and d'awwwwww. His hair is so soft!" - Parker

"Somethng I'm slowly starting to notice, is that every guy I've met through Envy, is small, cute, and likely adorable. This one's no exception. However, at least he's not over-the-top silly like SOME PEOPLE, and he can be a cool person to chill with and idly talk to. Good job, kiddo. You're definitely in my cool charts." - Sylvia

"I dunno what I was expecting my Primal self to be like. One thing's for sure though- I wasn't expecting him to be such an ass." - Carson Nabi Burns (Praetorian Ross)

""Ross is... I dunno. Ross is Ross. He's short, quirky, and strangely, lovably adorable in that munchkin sorta way. He's definitely got a spin of his own when it comes to things, and he makes a great armrest! ... Until I feel bad for exploiting his height like that." Fen

"Ross is fucking crazy - In the good way, though. I'm not really sure how I met him, but I'm glad I did. " - Clara Su'cour

"Kind of awkward... and he's wearing a scarf. Ugh. I hate scarves." - Bronze
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