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((Recently I've decided to retire Nabi, deleting him entirely. I might bring him back in story arcs in the AE, but it's unlikely.))


When we were young we used to say... that you only hear the music when your heart begins to break... we are the kids of yesterday.

R.I.P Carson Nabi Burns, 1991-2010. You will never be forgotten.

Energy Among Us
Gun-toting Redhead Extraordinare!
Player: @Tomato is Tasty
Activity Level: High (Most Weekends)
Security Level: 40+
Personal Data
Real Name: Carson Nabi Burns
Identity: Nabi, Narbs, Firefox
Species: Human
Age: 19 (Deceased)
Hair Color: Ginger
Eye Color: Blue
Residence: Praetoria
Marital Status: It's Complicated. Very Complicated.
Profession: Powers Division
Known (Living) Relatives: Ross (Primal Counterpart)


Paragon News

In recent events, a young man by the name of Carson Nabi Burns, also known as the hero Firefox, was killed in Founders' Falls by an unknown mercenary, via drowning and the snapping of his neck. The intentions of the killing are yet to be determined and the mercenary is yet to be found- he was witnessed to be wearing a paperboy's hat.

This young man's courage and kindness, even in the heat of battle, will never be forgotten. His willingness to step into danger to save his family and friends. His kindness towards the needy and the greedy. His intense purity. It is a tragedy that such a successful, intelligent boy should die at such a young age.

Witnesses say that with his last ounces of strength he saved his killer from the fate he himself succumbed to.


Nabi was born Carson Burns on November 12th, 1991 in Morrison Hospital in Belle Haven, Virginia, the son of Rick and Miranda Burns. Rick and Miranda used to live a comfortable and simple life in San Francisco, however, recently the couple had come into a fortune of money after the death of Miranda's billionaire grandfather. Rick, who was born in Richmond, had always wanted to settle down with his family and build an enormous, antebellum-like house in the lush, green fields of Virginia. So, the two had moved to Virginia and Miranda had Nabi the day the house was finished.

Nabi had grown up and lived an incredibly normal life. Throughout his younger years, he would attended things like parties and galas his rich parents often hosted. From age five to age eleven, Nabi was home schooled. Nabi's parents did not want their son to go to primary school because, in their opinion, it would: 'Corrupt his young, budding mind.' However, when the age came for middle school, they shipped him off to Greyfair Private School for the Academically Gifted. Unlike his Primal counterpart, Nabi had loved everything about Greyfair.

The thing is, in Praetorian Earth, Greyfair was a school for the intellectually advanced, with highly complex entry exams and many classes in such areas as technology (Both programming and designing), medicine and mathematics, as well as a very good arts area.

Since Praetorian Greyfair was for intelligent kids, Nabi rarely ever encountered problems regarding his femininity and female features. He was more acknowledged for his huge wealth of knowledge in programming and physics and was actually quite popular. Despite this, he was known for spending his time in the library, reading up on the latest theories in physics, rather than hanging out with the other kids at lunch.

It's because of this popularity and lack of emotional turmoil during early puberty that Nabi's mutant genes failed to activate completely. While he was still short, his spiny powers never emerged.

Nabi graduated school at the age of 15 with flying colors. He went to Oxford University, and earned Ph.Ds in both Physics and Mechatronics for his spectacular work on the Kinetic Reflex Bipedal Supersuit, a lightweight suit designed to manipulate kinetic energy for increased speed and agility.

It wasn't long after this, while Nabi was in Japan, in the town of Hagi visiting some distant relatives, that the Devouring Earth attacked.

Japan was quickly reduced to a wasteland, one of the first places to be struck by the raging elements. Nabi's family was also with him at the time, and was entirely wiped out. He was left to survive on his own. And survive he did. He did a complete redesign on the Supersuit, bulletproofing it and redesigning the gloves of the suit so that he could redirect all the suit's power into them. Japan was no place for those who wanted to survive. It was a place for those who needed to survive.

Nabi adopted the skills of a survivor, becoming incredibly skilled at sneaking around the ruins of Hagi and the surrounding area and mapping it perfectly in his mind. He also began to teach himself gun-kata, using two pistols he had found in random houses and teaching himself based on fiction movies and books based around characters that used the style. He soon could do these incredible moves that these heroes and villains of fiction could do, possibly due to his mutant genes. He could now create his own fighting style- a lightning fast combo of power glove and pistol.

Nabi lived in Hagi for three months, before moving on to the closest capital, where he found Emperor Cole himself fighting the Devouring Earth, or so he claims. Cole then took him to Praetoria, where he joined the Powers Division.

((Anything from here happened IC!))

One day, in the Loyalist Lounge, Nabi met Aurelien Leveque. The two immediately became friends. Eventually, Nabi also met Aurelien's twin brother Alphonse.

Nabi began to grow a crush on Aurelien, which was returned. Eventually, they shared this with eachother and were plunged into the most dramatic relationship of all time. See, Aurelien didn't just have eyes for Nabi alone. He also had eyes for Al. Things turned wrong when the two confessed their love for eachother and Nabi happened to stumble in on them.

Since then, things have been nothing but drama for the three young boys, including such things as polygomy, cheating, suicide attempts, shooting of eachother and multiple other friends joining them and all falling for either Al or Aurie at one point.

Things eventually settled down. This peace was short-lived, however.

On the 30th of October, Carson Nabi Burns was killed by the mercenary, Dog Tags in Founders' Falls. It is believed that the killer was hired by Alpha, a demon who wanted vengeance on Alphonse.


PROTECTIVE AND CARING: Nabi was very protective of his friends, and would stand in the way of any danger to them (and did). He also showed great care for his friends in non-life-threatening situations as well, always there to help them in times of need. He hated to see his friends fighting, and in these cases will not choose a side, rather preferring to stop the fight altogether.

SHY/QUIET: Nabi was a quiet boy, shy to those he didn't know and even sometimes those he did. However, if you got close enough to him, he opened up to you completely.

TRUSTING: Nabi was very trusting of people, and on breaking of that trust, Nabi often became severely depressed. This trust he had of people could've easily been used for dark purposes.

NERDY/TECH SAVVY: Nabi was incredibly intelligent, and would occasionally begin to ramble about technology or science, if given the chance. He loved to tinker, and would gladly hop into action if there is a malfunctioning robot or piece of machinery in sight.

CUTE: Nabi was incredibly cute and cheerful when he was happy. When he was concentrating, Nabi was incredibly cute, often poking his tongue out slightly. When he was concentrating on something he loves doing, Nabi was ABSOLUTELY FRICKIN' ADORABLE. That's really all there is to say.

UNPREDICTABLE: When very depressed, suffering severe shock or angry, Nabi would become very unpredictable. Everything listed above goes out the window (except MAYBE cuteness if he's depressed). His emotions took full grip of him, and he would even shoot his closest friends (and has) in these situations. It was believed that this unpredictability either came from his lack of negative socializing as a child or from the loss of his first boyfriend to the Devouring Earth.

Skills and Abilities

GUN - KATA: When surviving in the chaos of ruined Hagi, Nabi taught himself gun-kata based off of movies and books that he found littered around the town. These were all fictional, and yet, somehow, Nabi managed to learn from them. It's possible that some of his mutant powers did actually come out, and this is what allowed him to do such physics-bending things as fire curving bullets. He'll claim that it's the bullets, not himself or the guns, but it actually was him.

TECHNOLOGY: As previously said, Nabi was very tech-savvy, and often used this to his advantage in combat and other situations, hacking into computer-aided weapons and disabling defensive mechanisms.


The Kinetic Reflex Attack Bipedal Supersuit V2(K.R.A.B.S Or KRABSuit)

Originally the Kinetic Reflex Bipedal Supersuit, the KRABSuit is the pinnacle of Nabi's work in physics and engineering. Designed mainly for faster movement, heightened reflex and greater flexibility through manipulation of stored kinetic energy, the suit was originally intended to be simply a mode of transport, or perhaps a self-defense mechanism for the rich.

When the Devouring Earth hit, Nabi had to use his brain to create a way of fighting back. What he came up with was a modified version of the suit, redesigned to allow redirection of all kinetic energy to one part of the body. He did a complete overhaul of the suit's gloves, to allow him to fire blasts of the kinetic energy or manipulate it into a shape outside of the suit (such as a VERY fast boomerang). This requires a lot of the suit's power however if it's to do any damage at all.

During the time he spent surviving in ruined Hagi, Nabi was attacked by some Devouring Earth, and the suit was crushed. Nabi managed to remove the bottom half of the suit, but the top half was pretty much permanently stuck. Even blasting all of the kinetic energy in the suit at itself seemed to leave barely a scratch.

One day, Nabi and Alphonse came up with an idea. Alphonse would use his magnetic powers to break apart the armor, first starting with the arms and then the body. This was succesful, however most of the armor was completely destroyed, with just the lower arms being usable.

Nabi used all the materials in the scrap heap again, refusing to let his work go to waste. He melted it all down and improved the gloves, increasing their capacity and overall power by over 300%.

A few days later, Nabi rebuilt the K.R.A.B.Suit. However, he didn't wear it until he left Praetoria for Paragon City later on. He named it K.R.A.B.S V2, obviously, and this new version even had a built in B.I (Battle Intelligence) named K.R.A.B.S.I (Or Krabsie).

Custom-made Pistols and Bullets



  • Emperor Cole: Emperor Cole was the one who saved him from the Devouring Earth in Japan, bringing him to Praetoria. Nabi would claim that it was Cole himself who rescued him, and he never forgot this. He was always a loyalist at heart, despite being a hero of Paragon.

  • Alphonse and Aurelien Leveque: These two french twins meant everything to Nabi. He gave his life fighting so that Aurelien may live- unknowing that the target was him all along.

  • Val Reppu: Things were shaky with this clockwork-like android, and so Nabi was a little confused as to where they stood.

  • Sloane Burton: Nabi considered Sloane a very close friend. Not as close as the twins, but he still would've looked to Sloane for guidance or help if he were in need of it, and Sloane's mental strength and seeming inability to break down into a nervous wreck was admired by Nabi.

Neutral Relationships

  • Cy Thompson: Nabi met this Resistance vandal at a bar when Cy started chatting up Alphonse. This was incredible painful to watch with Nabi, as he was crushing on Al, worse than he had on Aurie originally. When that was all over, it appears that Nabi warmed up to Cy.

  • Deri Shade: This young, seemingly innocent boy seemed to be against Nabi completely- probably because he shot Al. Things weren't exactly peachy between the two, but Nabi would've hesitated to call him an enemy.


  • Ross Burns (Praetorian Nabi): While most Primal/Praetorian pairs aren't complete opposites, Ross and Nabi were. Nabi thought Ross was a rude, racist boy who acted before he thought and had a terrible sense of style, whereas Ross thought Nabi was a blind fool. The two practically became enemies at first sight.

  • The Devouring Earth: The hatred for the Devouring Earth that Nabi held was very intense. When they attacked, he lost his whole family, as well as his lover to them.

  • Aaron - The Callahan Traitor: Nabi must have gotten on the bad side of this young boy- mainly because he arrested him for defacing public property in Praetoria and then resisting the law. Nabi believed that if Aaron were a loyalist, life would be much easier on this boy.

Theme Songs

These theme songs are for his feelings towards people. For his own personal theme songs, I've made him a little soundtrack! [Nabi's Soundtrack.]

When the Day met the Night - Panic! at the Disco - For Aurelien...

Meteor Shower - Owl City - For Alphonse...

The Messenger - Linkin Park - For Alphonse and Aurelien...

Fire - Dead By Sunrise - For the One He Never Forgot...

IC Trivia

  • Hated being called 'Princess' or being mistaken for a girl in any way.

  • Loved Strawberry Slushies.

  • Tended to mix vodka into his slushies when he was in a bad mood. A lot, sometimes.

  • Has goggles that belong to the leader of a large group of Resistance called the Bad Wolf Army.

OOC Trivia

  • Originally, Nabi wasn't actually going to be Ross's Praetorian. This was retconned into the game.

  • Nabi's name is from the character Nabi from a miniseries of flash music videos called 'There She Is!!'.

  • Like Tomasu, Nabi takes a couple of my personal traits into him- his unwillingness to be in a relationship just for the sake of it, his shyness in certain situations, his nerdiness... Even his emotional instability at times is taken from me!

Opinions and Thoughts

"The little twit got what was coming to him. Alls I know is that the world is a better place without the piss-ant. Happy rotting!" - Rosilex

"I will find a way to bring you back, my love... no matter what the cost." - Aurelien

"Whoever killed him, I will murder them. I will not rest until the streets flow red with their blood. I will drag their corpses to the depths of hell and laugh as they burn for all eternity. Nabi, you didn't deserve what happened to you, and I hope you will be able to rest in peace knowing that the evil that tragically ended your life, will be ceased...permanently." - Sloane

"Nabi... is a great guy, and I'm truly sorry for all the things I did that hurt him. I'll always love you, hun.." - Alphonse

"Oh, he's dead? Well fuck." - Aaron Callahan

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