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Rugiel cu.png
That's him, all right ...
Player: @zehntaur
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Rugiel
Known Aliases: Ru, Rugi, Big Red
Species: Demon
Age: Unknown
Height: 8'11"
Weight: 378 lbs.
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Voice actor, parent, hero
Place of Birth: Hell
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Prime
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Luminous Blast, Luminous Aura, Super Speed
Known Abilities
Shapeshifter, pain-indifferent, elastic, regenerator, voice mimic
Steam-powered Nemesis Staff
Conceals his frightful visage with a mask
Fantasy casting: Michael Clarke Duncan (voice)

Rugiel loosely reprises a Fire Blast/Fire Manipulation/Flame Mastery Blaster on the Protector server. This incarnation, however, plays on a theme of light rather than fire.

Rugiel reached level 50 on 8 December 2008, at 2:51am, during the final battle against Romulus-Nictus at the end of the Imperious Task Force.

Concept Origin (or, The Elevator Speech):
"What if a demon ate a Kheldian and wound up with its powers?"



The identity of this demon has taken a few interesting twists. Initially, he had none, wandering the depths of hell consuming anything he came across, a mindless entity possessed of little more than the infernal analogue of animal instinct.

Until he was …


The summoners got everything right: a flawless binding circle, a sacrificial victim, a summoning ritual, and a name. Their sacrifice of choice was a Kheldian named Silverblaze, captured weeks earlier in a Mobius trap after his host body dissolved under mysterious circumstances, leaving Silverblaze in the lurch; one of the summoners, locating his raw energy by means of a spell, found him and pretended to offer himself as a host, thus luring the weakened Kheldian into the Mobius trap.

Their choice of a name was that of the aforementioned devourer, a mockery of an angel's name: Rugiel.

They offered Silverblaze to the summoned demon, as the ritual prescribed. That was where it all went pear-shaped. The demon devoured the caged wisp of Kheldian energy, all right; but all that did was impart the mindless devourer with a mind, a conscience, and worst of all for his summoners, free will: Silverblaze's personality translated into an infernal being.

The arcane fetters that bound him within the circle dissolved instantly, and he fell upon his summoners with voracious zeal. He only managed to swallow one, while the rest fled, never to be heard from again.

Finding his physical body firmly anchored in the material realm, ironically enough, by the Kheldian's energy pattern, this new being that was neither truly a demon nor an ordinary Kheldian symbiosis was left essentially to his own devices to find his way in the world. Fortunately for him, Silverblaze's benevolent nature served as a guidepost in his search, which ultimately led him to Paragon City.


Rugiel's first few days in the city were, all things considered, unremarkable. Sunstorm put him through his paces; once satisfied that the demon's proverbial heart was in the right place and his abilities were developing adequately, the Kheldian leader made a few carefully considered introductions.

One of these introductions was to the celebrated Nzhdet/Zhenenzh (going by the more easily pronounceable moniker 'SystemPattern'). After a brief interview, System agreed to accept Rugiel into (her) organization, the Servants of Prime, thus providing the demon with an order and structure that had been thus far lacking in his activities. In turn, Rugiel proved himself capable and industrious, not to mention a source of endless fascination to the perennially curious journalist-probe.


Rugiel was present at the formation of an alliance between System's organization and a fledgling group of youths, claiming to hail from an alternate reality, led by an intriguing entity calling himself the Universe. Seeing his situation as a parallel of theirs, Rugiel conferred with System and the Universe, and transferred his affiliation from the Servants of Prime to the Elements of Foundation.

The two groups continued to work together, and it was not long before the Elements were introduced to several members of another allied group, the Hazard-Guard. It was during one of their joint forays that Rugiel first met Grul, a lieutenant in the Hazard-Guard, and was hopelessly smitten.


It took Rugiel a long, long time to summon the chutzpah to move from admiring Grul from afar to approaching the duur with anything resembling an entreaty. Initially wary, the duur tried to gently dissuade the demon from pursuing him further; yet over time their friendship deepened, and Grul eventually allowed he was, after all, attracted to the demon. Rugiel was, to put it mildly, ecstatic.


Their relationship remained somewhat tenuous until an unpleasant adventure involving a scientist named Winslowe and his unintentionally deadly device, the Cosmotron. As time began to run out, and Rugiel felt himself weakening from the device's relentless drain on his very being, Grul's valiant efforts led them to find and destroy the device, along with every prototype and plan they could find. Afterwards, both demon and duur declared their love for each other.

They have been together ever since.

((Note - add prime ceremony section))


Rugiel has maintained relationships, friendly and otherwise, with the following individuals and groups.


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The following is a list of powers Rugiel has been observed to exhibit.

Kheldian-based powers

Demon-based powers

Acquired Skills




  1. This is his current badge title.
  2. Sunstorm, unfortunately, has been no help in establishing whether this term is in general use by Kheldians.
  3. If his head were severed from his torso, it would be the body that would count as the severed portion, not the head — that is, a new torso and limbs would regrow from the head, while the torso remained headless. And no, if you cut it off, it does not grow back bigger.
  4. That's approximately 25 times the range of human hearing, which spans a mere 19,980 Hz.
  5. In note-octave notation, that covers A1 to F6. In practical terms, he can sing The Diva’s Opera from "The Fifth Element" at either its original pitch, or transposed down an octave.
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