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The Sisters of Battle
"Only in Death does Duty End."
Leader: Diz the Goblin (locally)
Base of Operations: Ecclesiarchy Mission, Steel Canyon.
Founded: About 20 years before the reign of the Goblin Emperor.
Allegiances: The Goblin Empire.
To prevent the spread of the Ruinous powers of Chaos to the Primal universe. To protect the innocent, punish the guilty. To Purify all willing souls.
There are several sisters of battle in the primal universe including Diz. Diz commands them all directly.
Breakdown, Ecclesiarchy Mission
There are many more Sisters of Battle in Diz's home universe, total numbering about 10,000.

The sisters of battle are an elite fighting force of Goblin Holy Warriors from the Goblinhammer universe. They have only recently began to interact with the Primal Universe as Diz the Goblin became the first of their number to arrive in the primal universe. Their purpose here is simple, to prevent Chaos' spread to the Primal universe in order to create a peaceful co-existance between the two universes.



The Emperor of Goblinkind founded three Elite fighting units during the great uprising ending the era of Orkish Slavery. The 'ardsuit Marines, the Imperial Assassins, and the Brotherhood of Battle. The Brotherhood were to be pure and holy warriors. They are trained in the purely goblin art of making their faith manifest, and have only once in their entire 530 year history ever had a single member fall to chaos. They uphold the ideal as warrior-monks, part soldier part clergy. And in doing so are often the first in line to battle Chaos.

During the Era of Confusion following the Horace Heresy, the Warboy Caste founded Goblin High Command. This new military government immediately set about consolidating the power of the Warboy Caste who moved the 'ardsuit Marines and the Imperial Assassins under the purview of the Imperial Guard, while the Brotherhood was placed under the Ecclesiarchy. In addition the new High Command tried to bureaucracy the Brotherhood out of existance in order to rule all of the military might of the Empire. Most famously they declared the Ecclesiarchy cannot have "Men under Arms". In response to this, the Inquisition renamed the brotherhood the "Sisters of battle." Although the men-under-arms ban has been lifted, the Sisters have proven so instrumental in the battling of chaos that no effort to re-integrate men into the Sisterhood has been made.

Within Paragon and the Battle of Dark Astoria

Inside Paragon City the Sisters served under Diz the Goblin as part of the Ecclesiarchial mission she ran. This was from August to late September 2012. In late September the War Walls surrounding Dark Astoria began to crack, as Mot's power ebbed forth. Diz and the sisters ignored all warnings and rushed headfirst into the frey with reckless abandon. Only to be Slaughtered by summoned daemons and other forces of Mot. Their defeat was one of the final straws in Paragon's evacuation. Diz the Goblin is the only surviving Sister who fought in that battle.

Order of Battle

The sisters of battle follow a very regemented command structure and rules of battle.

Command Superior

Command Superiors lead a Squad of sisters of battle. Bearing the distinctive Silver and Red cape and having red cloth draped off of her. Normally this role is filled by a veteran of the Sisters of Battle. In times of extreme danger however, the role may be filled by an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor regardless of their rank within the Sisterhood (In such times the position is more properly called "Veteran Superior"). The Command Superior carries a Boltabus and has an auto-reloader on their back. This is primarily done to allow free hands for a variety of support devices including Auspexies.

Battle Sisters

Two Battle sisters fill in a special operations Squad. These battle sisters carry full Bolta's and provide most of the fire support. Their armor is painted jet-black all over with some small red cloths hanging from their arms and legs. Battle sisters are trained to stand their ground at all costs. They have no fear, and despite inferior numbers and equipment they are almost always the first on the battlefield and the last to leave. They are the lowest rank of Sister Militant but their fanaticism makes up for any lack in training, experience, or equipment.

In Diz's squad, the twins Tam and Xam fill this role. They are inseperable even in battle and their drive to both their duties and to protecting each other has served them well.

Sister Hospitallar

In a Special Operations Squad a single sister of the Order Hospitallar is present. The Hospitallar order are medical professionals before soldiers although most of them do have some combat training. Within a special operations squad, they carry full boltas and fill out a third in the Battle Sisters' fire team. Their armor is black, but white cloth flows around them with the symbol of the inquisition is on her back.

In Diz's squad, Det fills this role. Being a former battle-sister herself trained as a Hospitallar later has enhanced her combat prowess to heights that few other Hospitallars can hope to match.


The Seraphim are battle sisters equiped with Jump-packs, Stalka-pattern assault bolta's, and particularly light armour. They are rapid-insertion soldiers designed to leap directly into the fray and slaughtering massive hordes. Only some of the finest Sisters of Battle are named Seraphim, it's considered to be a grand honor. They also are equipped with a large array of grenades and use them to great effect. Their armor is black with gold trim, the wings are silver.

In Diz's squad, this role is filled by Rem, a veteran of the Black Invasion; and Val, the only sister of battle to survive the destruction of a Tyrant Locust Hive-mother. These two are grizzled veterans of their craft and have exemplary records.


Retributors are command candidates. Their training has expanded into heavy weapons and arcane defence. A Retributor like a high-ranking inquisitor can make their faith manifest which they primarily focus inwards to carry their massive weapons while wearing their heavy-duty armor, they can use this faith to seal evil or to purify areas. Their armor is pure silver in color.

Within Diz's squad, Retributor Bozz has turned down multiple offers to be made an Interrogator in the inquisiton. Her only passion is the thrill of the battlefield. She has taken up the mantle of vengence and has earned the right to carry a combi-weapon. She carries a Retributa/Boltabus/flama combi-weapon.


Note: Goblin technology works partially by a psychic field resonating between the object and the goblin wielding it. Therefore beyond the basic theory, all goblin technology is non-functioning in any non-goblin hands. The presented descriptions primarily deal with this "basic theory" and describe how the devices are "Supposed" to work.

Bolta' weapons

The finest imperial firearms are Bolta' weapons. These are not true firearms as humans understand them rather they have more in common with miniaturized rocket launchers. These weapons operate by firing "bolt slugs", which are themselves small self-propelled rockets, out of a rifled barrel. The round hits supersonic velocities before it even leaves the barrel. The weapon therefore has to be cooled almost excessively. Most have a complex heat-transfer device attached to them. In skilled hands these weapons are as deadly as any "standard" firearm, more so as the rocket-propulsion that drives the slug can often rend and tear a target after penetration.

Bolta' weapons come in many forms.

Specialized Ammunition

In addition to standard ammunition, Bolta's can number of specialty ammunition for various tasks as is deemed nessicary.


Slag rounds contain a powerful flammable agent that catylizes as the slug fires. The result is an exothermic reaction that melts the round partially by the time it leaves the barrel. This causes decreased penetration, but splashing a target with molten metal can prove to be a very lethal outcome. Slag is also very useful for destroying high-value objects, as the cooling metal can make repairs difficult.


Toxin rounds contain a crumpling chamber loaded with a minor neurotoxin. The exact chemical compound of this neurotoxin is not entirely standardized as is the case with many goblin technologies, but generally the result is sluggishness and fatigue.


Cryoshot rounds contain a thermally isolated container of super-cooled ethanol and a proximity fuse. This round is considered "Stun" ammunition, as the ethanol splashed onto a target will freeze up muscles and skin but will almost never be fatal.


Metal Storm rounds are high-explosive fragmentation rounds. A favorite of the Sisters of Battle for crowd control.

Sabbat Pattern Power Armor

A Sister of battle in Sabbat pattern power armor

The Sabbat pattern of power armor is a unique feature of the sisterhood. While offering nowhere near as much protection as the 'Ardsuit pattern the Marines use, the Sabbat pattern is carefully constructed out of materials holy to the Cult Imperius. This makes them act as psychic foci and are instrumental in the massive feats of faith the Sisters use.

Flame Lance

Flame lances are melee weapons favored by certain Serephim sisters. They are a hollow tube with several exit holes until activated. The Fuel inside known as "Promethium" ignites making the weapon heat to an immense degree. No known substance can withstand a prolonged assault by a Flame Lance without melting.


Chainswords or "Choppaz" make up melee weapons most Battle Sisters train with. They are best described as chainsaws that have a sword-hilt. Certain sisters of battle take an oath of repentance and are barred from using any equipment in battle (including armor) save an especially long chainsword known as an "Eviscerata".



A small hovering drone made by Tekboyz out of both electronic parts and the brain and skull of an enemy of the empire. It provides some technological scanning capabilities. In the heat of battle, it can only convey information audibly through a complex series of chirps and whirs.

Less advanced or permanently damaged servo skulls are outfitted with explosive grenades and sent on kamikazie runs.

"Angel" jump packs


These jump-packs are used to provide short-term leaps and even short bursts of flight for rapid insertion. Small portable units are used for Inquisitors, but Serephim use the full packs and it gives them a truely angelic appearance.

Handheld auspex


The handheld auspex unit is a sonar echolocation device that can easily map out an area. It allows for rapid deployment of forces and planning of assault routes.

Warpstone explosives


A recent aquisition, of the sisterhood and not common equipment. Using the green warpstone found in many Circle of Thorns bases, Diz has enhanced conventional landmines and timer-bombs into high-explosive balls of pure nastiness. Warpstone powder is wrapped in lead-foil so as to reduce its radiation-like effect and placed as part of an existing landmine or timebomb. The chain reaction causes a green flame to erupt from such explosives.

Healing Relic

This pyramid shaped relic instills faith in the Emperor to all around it. It broadcasts inspirational messeges and heals those around it with the Emperor's light. Smaller handheld ones are carried by hospitallers, larger ones are placed by command Superiors.



Sister Xam, helmetless.


Retributor Bozz's custom armor. Pictured holding a ceremonial shield.


Det, of the order Hospitaller in her specialized medic armor-pattern.

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