Diz the Goblin

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Inquisitor of the Third Circle, Ordo Hereticus.
Diz the Goblin
Player: @gruegirl
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster, Mastermind
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Diz
Known Aliases: "Sister Diz"
Species: Goblin (Imperial)
Age: 28
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 101 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Goblin Imperium
Occupation: Inquisitor
Place of Birth: Grotzburg
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single, looking
Known Relatives: Father Bragg, Mother Xin, 12 broodmates.
Known Powers
Some ability to "Make faith manifest" which occurs as energy-attacks. All other abilities are merely intense training.
Known Abilities
Extremely agile, very sneaky, incredible aim, eidetic memory.
Two Inquisitor-issue "Bolta-pistols" modified with four magazine fire selection. Various gadgets, Boltabus grenade-launcher.
"And they shall know no fear."
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Diz is from an alternate earth where magic never died and various races, most notably orks, elves, goblins, and dwarves, mingle with humanity. The source of magic on her Earth comes from a layer of reality known as the Warp which is ruled by the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. This makes magic inherently dangerous as any mage may succumb to the forces of Chaos and lose their sanity. In addition, vast empires stretch across the earth, mostly along racial lines.

The empire that controls the vast majority of North America is the Great Green Goblin Empire, which unified all Green goblins about 600 years ago under the God-Emperor. The God-Emperor is not a mythical figure, but is indeed a vastly powerful mage who was somehow immune to the effects of Chaos. He freed the Green goblins from their orkish overlords during the Great Crusade. About 100 years into his reign, the Emperor was betrayed by his most trusted adviser, Horace. Horace turned to Chaos and mortally wounded the Emperor. The Emperor entered a magically induced coma, and is only kept alive by the efforts of goblin tekboyz maintaining a magi-tech golden throne.

During the Emperor's reign, he established the Inquisition to seek out and eliminate chaos-taint within his empire. These highly trained operatives, also known as Witch-Hunters, go up against rogue mages without the benefit of their magics. They must rely only on their wits and whatever the tekboyz come up with.

Diz within the Inquisition

About 10 years before her arrival on Primal Earth, a goblin of the Brainboy caste joined the Inquisition, prior to which she was a Retributor in the Sisters of Battle order of "Our Martyred Lady". She was a notable prodigy, with over 15 captured mages in her first year of service. Her gunnery skills were top-notch, and she quickly rose up the ranks. She mastered an Elven martial art called "The Pistolier's Dance" which gave her an edge in combat against both magical and mundane foes. During her service, her record was spotless excepting a few notes that she was discontent with the way the Warboy caste has run High Command. It was Diz's opinion that the Warboy caste was grinding the empire into the dust. This "political blasphemy" caused Diz to be assigned the hard jobs. Suprisingly she kept coming back.

In January 2012, she was assigned to chase a rogue human mage. He opened a dimensional portal to Primal Earth. She followed through the portal only to find that mage laying dead. He had opened his portal right into the middle of a freakshow rave, and now was bleeding from dozens of wounds. Diz sneaked away, stranded in this strange new world.

Diz in Paragon City

After a brief time with the Neo Crusaders Diz found she fit in more with the looser-organized Breakdown. She serves Breakdown to this day, with a passion. During her time with Breakdown an Imperial Guard Kommissar found his way to Paragon as a prelude for her people to invade fullscale. Diz, as an inquisitor was appalled by this turn of events seeing Primal Earth as a potential ally against the daemonic hordes of Chaos. She pulled all the strings at her disposal, and through political maneuvering as well as shrewd negotiations she managed to ensure no imperial gaurd entered primal earth... at the cost of Sisters of Battle entering primal earth under her command.

In august of 2012 after returning to goblinhammer for several months for overseeing long-term negotiations. Breakdown seemed to have a crisis of leadership. Diz, at that time, decided the best course of action was to found a Holy Mission on primal earth to spread the light of the emperor. By this time she seemed to possess Incarnate-scale abilities without any ties to the Well.

Further information classified.


By Diz

"Heretical scum! I am judgement, the mortal will of the God-Emperor of Goblinkind. When my time in this life is over I shall stand by his left hand and continue to serve this role for eternity. There is nothing you can do to scare me. I know no fear." ~~To Ghost Widow after being briefly captured by Arachnos

"All heretics and daemons shall be clensed from this place, by my hand if necessary." ~~To Ephram Sha of the midnight-squad on Dark Astoria

"The greatest possible hope for my people is an alliance between this 'primal earth' and my home. After seeing Mot firsthand, the greatest possible hope for your people is an alliance with my home. Politics. Politics will be the death of us all." ~~To Montague Castanella upon returning from a combat tour in Dark Astoria

"Burn the Heretic, Purge the witch, Cleanse the unclean, Kill the Xenos." ~~To Serephim Roxy. Quoting from the Book of Duties.

"They were my sisters! A bond stronger then blood kept us together, a bond of Faith and Fury and Purpose. I don't have any of those anymore... Det... Bozz... They were my responsibility... And passion blinded me to the futility of it all. I must leave this place. In the Emperor's name, this... Doomed city... Someone else must save her. For she has taken all I had to give." ~~To Ms. Liberty, on the steps of city hall.

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Much of the content used for this character is adapted from the setting of Warhammer 40k. No copyright infringement is intentional and this character is not endorsed in any way by Games Workshop.

It's an homage to the universe, rather then an attempt to subvert it and many changes were made to suit the steampunky nature of the goblins who inhabit it.

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