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Player: @DLancer
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Asaka Kushikara
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Chief Lieutenant to Malaketh
Place of Birth: Kyoto
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Alive
Known Powers
Magic based Electrical powers due to ancestral heritage.
Known Abilities
Killing things fast.
Twin magically enchanted katanas, heirlooms of her father.

Solace is Malaketh's chief henchwoman, the person he turns to in order to get things done in a timely and efficient manner. It just so happens that the thing she's so efficient at is killing people.

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Asaka was the daughter of a Shinto priestess and a historian who was entirely too interested in the age of the samurai. He started teaching her swordfighting before she could even walk. Her father was harsh, and was never satisfied with her performance.

Her mother however, was little better. She showed Asaka the powers inherent within their family line, and ancient bloodline that possibly was originally a branch of Mu that somehow got stranded in Japan in ancient times. Neither of them knew what Mu was though, and they would deny that if they did. Regardless, Asaka displayed a number of electrical powers, beyond those of her mother. This did not endear her to her mother, in fact, it drove the older woman to push Asaka to her very limits in an attempt to break her.

She was socially ostracized for most of her life, thought of as the daughter of two crazy people by her peers. This did not improve her increasingly distant and largely amoral stance on life.

When Asaka was 18 she killed her parents and everyone in a 2 block radius in a single night in a fit of cold, harsh fury. Afterwards, she moved to America in an attempt to purge her life of the emptiness she found in Japan. Eventually, she found herself in Paragon City, largely aimless and something of a wreck.

It was in this state that Malaketh found her, surrounded by bodies of Hellions, Skulls, and Trolls and fighting one of the new heroes of the city, Dark Lancer. DL had tried to arrest her for murder, and quickly found himself in a extremely pitched fight. Asaka attacked quickly and mercilessly, it was all DL could do to parry and dodge her attacks, until he shot his grapple gun into Asaka's chest out of desperation, knocking her to the ground.

Malaketh walked into the battle at this point, his robots overwhelming DL's PARNN suit to the point that he had to use his emergency teleporter. Malaketh had returned to Paragon in order to "acquire" some funds for his new lab in Cap Au Diable and was rather impressed with the wanton slaughter that Asaka so casually wrought prior to Dark Lancer's interruption.

He was in need of a lieutenant, unwilling to make a AI, as they were notoriously unreliable, or to trust anyone with any ties to either Paragon or the Rogue Isles, and she had shown herself to be remarkably competent and entirely unaffiliated with any prior groups. He offered the position to her, offered her a purpose in life, and she accepted, caught by surprise that someone would offer her anything but pain.

Malaketh christied her Solace, a shortened form of the name that the Japanese media had given her after her night of death, The Bleak Solace of Silence.


Solace is aloof, cold, and rather quiet. due to her training, she is constantly sizing up all those around her, working out the most optimal methods of eliminating any problems that she might be confronted with. It just so happens that her idea of the most optimal methods of eliminating problems consists largely of killing everyone in the room. She has very little sense of morality, seeing most people as mere obstacles to her goals or threats to be eliminated.

She continually tries to challenge herself, a relic of her inferiority complex that her parents so carelessly crafted.

She is however, fanatically loyal to Malaketh, he is the sole guiding light in the darkness that pervades her life. Any attempts to harm Malaketh will bring about a fury that few could match from her. For without him, she is nothing but another empty vessel, bleak and silent.

Current Affairs

Solace does what Malaketh commands her to do. Anyone who witnesses generally doesn't live long enough to tell anyone.

Powers and Ablities

Using her magical electrical powers as well as her own intense training, she can blunt the effects of any attack. Energy based attacks of any sort are simply absorbed by her innate electrical field.

Further, her blades are heavily enchanted and nigh unbreakable. She is also extraordinarily skilled with them, having trained since she was a small child.


Solace, due to her connection to Malaketh, is a member of the Society of Evil, she does not hold any loyalty to the society however, and would kill them all if it were in Malaketh's best interests.

Malaketh is her sole allegiance, and she follows him without question. Some would say that she has a dependent personality or father issues, those who would say these things to her face are dead now.


Dark Lancer, being the only person to beat her and still live and due to Malaketh's obsession over him, is a point of focus for Solace. She will kill him, both to please Malaketh and to avenge her wounded sense of pride.

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