Dark Lancer

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Dark Lancer
Player: @DLancer
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Darian Koval
Known Aliases: None
Species: Presumed Human
Age: 24
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 167 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: also brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: self professed World Saver (otherwise unemployed)
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: also Paragon City
Marital Status: May or may not be in a relationship with Azure-Song (Its hard to tell with those two)
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Swinging a sword, not being hit, being a smartass
Known Abilities
Same as above
Monomolecular blade, Precognitive Accelerated Reflex Neural Net suit, rocket powered grapple gun, snazzy scarf and jacket
No additional information available.

Dark Lancer is my first, and main, character in CoH, being based on a longstanding character of mine. He's a bit of an eccentric, partly due to his seeming ADD and partly due to his general smartassery. He also has a tendency to go off on long rambling tangents on whim. Fun guy though.

This and any other page I may create are subject to change, expansion, or general mucking about on whim.






Darian Koval always wanted to be a superhero, however he never displayed the mental, physical, arcane, or general skill or luck to be considered for and/or exposed to any of the innumerable research experiments, magical rituals, chemical explosions, nuclear reactions, or what have you that Paragon City had to offer. He seemed destined to be little more than a lackluster college student with a fairly dull, if moderately safe future in accounting.

This all changed, as it is wont to do, when he took a job as a custodian at one of the more secretive research labs, Applied Systems Engineering soon after the Rikti War. The lab was run by one Dr. Kepler Maldan, who worked largely on military technologies at various levels of classification and sometimes took a contract or two from the Crey Corporation. Darian's job wasn't terribly difficult however, largely just cleaning up whatever piles of goo or other residue left by lab accidents or experiments. He was largely unnoticed by everyone.

Dr. Maldan's crowning achievement, his greatest creation, the thing that would get him in all of the history books and revolutionize warfare forever, was a specially created new combat system and was integrated into a new bodysuit. It was called the Precognitive Accelerated Reflex Neural Net, or PARNN. He already had several very lucrative contracts in the bidding, some of them from rather unsavory groups.

Darian happened to be in the hallway, doing some general cleaning one night, when he noticed the PARNN suit on display in the showroom. Dr. Maldan had been showing it off earlier in the day to some potential buyers from Crey, and more potential buyers, of a much less legal persuasion, were currently being given a tour of the facility by Dr. Maldan. Darian, didn't know this though, he had seen some of the demonstrations of the suit earlier, its incredible abilities to give the wearer supernatural agility and uncannily super reflexes. Not being the most cautious of people, Darian decided he wanted to try the suit out for a few moments. No one else was in the area, as they were all either off for the day, to allow Dr. Maldan the ability to entertain his guests without inquiring minds, or they were busy attending to the good Doctor's guests.

So Darian put the suit on and picked up another item that was laying around in the showroom, a monomolecular blade. He swung it around a bit, fantasizing about saving the world from the 5th Column or some other great menace. Until Dr. Maldan's tour came in the door.

Confronted with real 5th Column, high on his newfound agility, utterly surprised, and not being the best at controlling himself, Darian and Dr. Maldan's guests stared at each other somewhat dumbfounded for a moment. One of the soldiers, seeing a armed man in a powered suit in front of him, pulled out a gun and shot at Darian, who promptly dodged the bullet.

Things deteriorated from there.

The fight spilled over into the Plasma Containment Chamber, while Dr. Maldan furiously attempted to get the soldiers to quit firing bullets in a extremely dangerous and highly explosive room. He had no success.

The explosion was the top of the local news that night, having taken out a small block in Steel Canyon.

Darian survived, thanks to the PARNN, and promptly began his life as a superhero. Dr. Maldan was presumed dead, though his body was never found.

Current Affairs

Dark Lancer, commonly simply called DL, is currently a leader in The Justice Guard, having been recruited by the famed Captain Amazing. The group's comm channel hasn't fallen silent since. Portal Corp has commended Dark Lancer for his services in exploring new dimensions as well as his efforts against the Praetorians. He is also an active member of the Vanguard, having taken part in several large scale assaults on the Rikti Mothership.

More recently, Dark Lancer has been caught up in time travel, repeatedly saying that: "My past self stole this Oroborous portal thing from my future self when my future self went to meet with my past self, because that's how my future self remembers getting the portal when he was my past self, even though I don't remember any of this yet, so I'm not really sure if its even my past self or my future self that did the stealing or if its even me that I'm talking about and--oh God I need a beer because this stuff is making my head hurt."


Dark Lancer is a man that can never seem to sit still. He paces, he gestures, he fidgets, and he is constantly shifting about. He has always dreamed of being a hero, and as such, is a great believer in concepts such as Freedom, Liberty, Protection of the Innocent, and Boneheadedly Stupid Determination In The Face Of All Adversity.

He's a bit of a free wheeler, preferring to fly by the seat of his pants instead of making a coherent plan that extends beyond the sound tactical advice of "Hitting Something In the Face."

Dark Lancer is also known for his attempts at witty banter while fighting, some think that it's to throw his opponents off balance, most however, are of the opinion that Dark Lancer simply doesn't know when to shut up.

Abilities and Equipment

Dark Lancer's two primary pieces of equipment are his monomolecular blade and the PARNN suit. without either of these he has no superpowers whatsoever.

the monomolecular blade is a highly advanced item, capable of slicing through ten feet of solid steel as if it wasn't even there. It requires no cleaning as nothing can gain the traction necessary to stick to the blade and is surprisingly light for such a deadly weapon.

The PARNN suit is a marvel of engineering, a unique prototype whose plans were tragically lost in the lab explosion. It works by looking several seconds into the future, and regards all potential threats to the wearer, as the probability of a particular timeline becomes more likely, the suit activates enhanced neural stimulizers to preemptively react to the immediate threat in the manner most likely to put the wearer out of danger.

This effectively means that the suit dodges bullets and has an acute danger sense.

He also uses a rocket powered grapple gun in order to get around the city. ((until they implement the grapple travel power however, ingame he uses fly))


Dark Lancer, apart from his Justice Guard duties, has a small cadre of friends and foes. Azure-Song, a magical and practical woman, and Dark Lancer have had an ongoing puesdorelationship, largely consisting of Dark Lancer making snide comments and Azure-Song brushing said comments aside effortlessly while stealing Dark Lancer's socks. No one is entirely sure if they consider that flirting.

He also has a rather lively friendship with Marcus Delorean, often going out together to bust crime by day, and barhopping by night.


Dark Lancer has made several enemies over his career, but one stands out above all others: Malaketh. Formerly Dr. Kepler Maldan, Malaketh has made it his life's mission to utterly destroy Dark Lancer and take back that which Dark Lancer stole from him. They've clashed several times, but Dark Lancer has never been able to capture Malaketh, who always has an emergency teleporter handy. Their relationship is one of bitterness, mutual hatred and a series of ever escalating plots.

Another notable villain is Solace, a lackey of Malaketh's who seems to be his right hand. Her reasons for seeking out Dark Lancer is as mysterious as her determination to destroy him is unrelenting. With her dual enchanted katanas and magical electrical abilities, she just might succeed where Malaketh has so often failed.

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