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Player: @DLancer
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Kepler Maldan
Known Aliases: '
Species: Presumed Human
Age: 48
Height: 6'
Weight: 158 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mad Scientist, Evil Plotter
Place of Birth: Boston, Mass.
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Dead
Known Powers
None inherent
Known Abilities
Deadpan wit, flight with aid of rocket boots
Cybernetic eye with extensive sensor suite, small army of robots, pulse rifle, ad hoc quantum teleportation device, personal force field generator, collapsible acid morter and poison trap, caltrops, stack of trip mines, seeker drones
No additional information available.

Malaketh is my main villain, and archnemesis to my hero Dark Lancer, he is a fully fleshed out character in his own right as well though.

This and any other page I may create are subject to change, expansion, or general mucking about on whim.






Dr. Kepler Maldan ran a rather profitable research lab in Paragon City. While he was not the most ethical of scientists, he was undeniably a genius. Having extensively worked on chronomechanics, robotics, weaponized energy, and quantum teleportation, he was foremost in his exceedingly small field.

That all changed the day his lab exploded.

a janitor that he hardly even knew existed, Darian Koval, had decided to try out one of Dr. Maldan's inventions, the PARNN suit, while he was showing some potential buyers the various products his lab had to offer. When those buyers were confronted with a man in a bodysuit wielding a sword, they understandably shot at him. One of the bullets hit something flammable, and the whole building went up in a spectacular fireball. Koval survived unscathed thanks to the PARNN, and went on to become the hero Dark Lancer.

Dr. Maldan was not so lucky. His emergency teleporter fired off a few microseconds too late, and his right eye, hands, and lower body were completely incinerated or otherwise rendered useless. He was a wreck of a man, utterly helpless on his own. Several weeks passed in Dr. Maldan's emergency medical lab, a fully roboticized cleanroom, while robot doctors performed the necessary augmentation to restore Dr. Maldan to full health.

When he awoke, he found himself to be a cyborg, with fully robotic legs and hands. He did not consider himself whole, instead he saw himself as a hobbled wreck with toy bits slapped on to make a facsimile of a human. Furthermore, his lab was annihilated, his greatest invention stolen, and the thief was regarded as a hero while Dr. Maldan was considered dead and largely unmourned.

He was understandably somewhat bitter.

He vowed revenge upon Dark Lancer, and took the name Malaketh to signify the death of Dr. Maldan, and the birth of a new, and reasonably mad, man. His first attempt at villainy ended badly for him though, and he was promptly thrown into the Zig, until being broken out by Arachnos.

Current Affairs

Malaketh is currently a leader of high standing in the Society of Evil, an offshoot and somewhat independent branch of Arachnos that deals primarily with the Justice Guard, under the rather lax command of Dreadnot. He joined not so much to destroy the Justice Guard as a whole, whom he largely does not care about, as to gain the resources to break Dark Lancer and all that he loves. As such, he is often aloof and distant to the various power struggles within the society. Instead, he takes the intel, materials and manpower that he requires to further his own ends, and generally leaves the rest to rot.

Soon after his rise to prominence in Arachnos, and his subsequent handing of Recluse's own helmet to the leader of Arachnos, thereby absolving himself of the path of the Destined Ones, Malaketh gained an assistant, Solace. She came to him offering her services in his pursuit of Dark Lancer, it seems that she too wished him dead for reasons that she would not expand upon. However, she has proven capable to Malaketh, so he allows her a degree of trust.


Malaketh is quite unlike his old self. While Dr. Maldan was an intense, prideful, and serious person, bent largely on gaining personal fame and fortune, Malaketh has been seared by flames and remade. His cybernetic joints have no sense of touch, and so his metallic hands never feel. Underneath his mask of aloofness and dry wit, Malaketh is a extraordinarily bitter man. He blames heroes and other cape oriented organizations for many of his trials and tribulations, and believes that they are all egotistical hypocrites.

He is always one to make a ironic observation, for he finds his entire life to be a cruel irony.

Malaketh is a genius however, it is said that various principles of Arachnos' DESTINY portals are based on Malaketh's theories of temporal mechanics. He has a keen analytical mind, and typically finds the most pragmatic solution to his problems, save for when they involve Dark Lancer. In those instances, he tends to lose his objectivity.

Ablities and Equipment

His cybernetic eye can see through multiple spectrums, including magical ones. Malaketh's cybernetic legs are equipped with a cache for web grenades and Personal Acid Morter Deployment Systems, caltrops, and trip mines. He also has formed a concoction of chemicals that act as a choking poison for everything from robots to people to demons. Further, He has an array of robots at his disposal, controlled by a panel on his arm, including seeker drones of his own design.

His robots include multiple battle drones in three basic series: 001-Kant, 002-Hobbes, and 003-Hume. Then there are 2 Protector bot series: 011-Locke, and 012-Gibson. Finally, there is his assault bot model: 111-Burke.

He also uses a Pulse Rifle.


Solace is his current lieutenant. She however is rather quiet about her past, and Malaketh doesn't particularly care about it. His relationship with her beyond that of boss and lackey is largely conjecture.


Dark Lancer is Malaketh's sole purpose of existence. He will stop at nothing until Dark Lancer is broken, with all that he loves in flames.

This of course, makes him an enemy of Azure-Song, Dark Lancer's love interest as well. He however, sees her largely as a means to an end.

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