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"Forgiveness for those who stray. Strength through unity."
Founders: The Magnetic Guardsman / Grace of Spades
Active: Limited
Recruiting: Not actively
Forums: THF at

Being a Hero doesn't mean you're perfect.

Down a mostly forgotten street in Paragon, there is a place where, for some reason, certain 'types' of Heroes gather. A somewhat dingy little bar and strip club in a kinda seedy part of town, The Fringe is a place where the misunderstood, the downtrodden, and the not-quite-perfect go to relax. And from this group of ragtag, unwanted Heroes, we have come together to do what we believe is right: Help each other be the Heroes we know we can be, despite our differences.

Don't misunderstand. We are not thugs or crooks, though some of us may have methods that are less than savory. We may be a little more crude, our sense of humor might be a bit more dark. We might be bright green and pink and made of Jell-O. Whatever the case, we simply don't quite fit into the world of the Perfect Hero. But, we are still heroes.

And to be honest? We like the way we are.


History of The Fringe

Early Years

Starlight Inn, shortly after its grand opening in 1902‎

In the early 1900s the Starlight Inn opened its doors just off of the boardwalk in Talos Island. It was a local theater where countless plays were put on for the entertainment of the people of Paragon City. After years of being "the" place to go to for live drama, the Starlight Inn dropped in popularity once motion pictures started showing up.

The proprietors adapted to the times and started making their money through other means. During the Prohibition era the Starlight Inn became a speakeasy, the hidden basement area turning out to be one of the most successful Speakeasys outside of Kings Row. After prohibition was lifted, the Mob contacts opened up a fairly tasteful and legal Burlesque show in the theater, as well as running a very illegal brothel out the back door.

The Starlight Inn closed its doors during World War II when much of its small but devoted clientèle was taken away by the draft. After the war ended and the boys returned home, the Inn reopened briefly, but most of the girls, having found a measure of liberation while working in the wartime factories, had moved on to bigger and better things already. Due to lack of legitimate business, the Starlight Inn was closed.

Deja Vu, The Limit and Junkyard Wolf

The Starlight Inn was reopened in the mid-60s under new ownership as a restaurant called "The Limit" but it didn't receive what most would consider success until the 70's, when The Limit became a disco club called "Deja Vu." Under new ownership and with new renovations, Deja Vu became one of Paragon City's premiere locations.

During the mid-80s with the final death of disco, the ownership changed hands once again, this time being bought by the hero Junkyard Wolf. The Wolf changed the name back to The Limit, and while the main stage was occasionally used for various forms of entertainment, the areas beyond the front room and bar were closed off for the most part.

Junkyard Wolf was a hero that received more notoriety than fame, under constant scrutiny because of his background. He was once a member of a gang from Kings Row that later went on to become the Freakshow. When he became a hero he parted ways with the gang, although he never completely severed his ties with them. Authorities were always quick to cast suspicion instead of thanks when the Wolf's heroic actions didn't exactly go as smoothly as the public eye would hope for.

Despite numerous accusations of illegal actions, Wolf continued his careers as a hero and as a bar owner. The Limit was often times frequented by Back Alley Brawler and the Regulators, as well as other heroes with gang related backgrounds. To many of these heroes, The Limit was seen as a safe haven from the oddly stuck-up and overly honorific nature of heroic life. The Limit maintained a modest degree of success over the next few years, sometimes even having live bands, stand-up, or open mic nights.

Then, the Rikti came. During the war, the basement of The Limit was used as a shelter. It better-than-average cover due to the location having been heavily hidden and fortified during the years it was used as a speak-easy. Unfortunately, during the war, Junkyard Wolf and his ragtag team of heroes were attempting to defend the refugees from a Rikti attack. They were unable to fend them off for as long as it would take for backup to arrive. It is reported that all the involved heroes died, and all the refugees along with them.

The history books have their defeat attributed to petty infighting, as well as their general lack of training and super-human ability. Rumors of alcoholism and drug abuse surround the event, many historians even taking that extra step and attributing the fall of the Limit to the inebriation of its defenders, simply because the location was a bar. The history books also state that the heroes died while fleeing the scene and abandoning the refugees. Back-Ally Brawler is one of the scarce few heroes that attest to Junkyard Wolf's merit, and he refuses to believe that he died doing anything else but protecting the civilian refugees to the last breath. No one knows for sure the events of that battle, and the history books simply reflect what the popular consensus was at the time, for better or for worse. No statue went up, no plaque was placed on the wall, and everyone, save the Brawler and a scarce few other friends of the Wolf, attempted to forget the tragedy. The Limit was closed down and condemned.


In April of 2007, the building The Limit once occupied was bought by playboy-hero Theodore Masters, better known as the Magnetic Guardsman. He and his wife Grace Masters re-opened the location under the name of "The Fringe," naming it as such in reverence to the numerous heroes in existence that aren't quite as perfect as others. The down and outs, the rough around the edges, the ones that dwell on the fringes of heroism, yet still remain true heroes. The Fringe is a haven for these heroes, a place where they won't be judged. A place to unwind and find allies and friends in each other, to stand together, and do what's right, despite who they are or where they come from.

Policies of The Heroic Fringe

The Heroic Fringe is a grouping of independent but like-minded heroes. Everyone here is here because they don't quite fit the bill of the "perfect" hero, for whatever reason. It could be that you just don't seem to fit in with other groups, or that you're misunderstood, or that you are simply an asshole. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter to us. We take nearly everyone, as long as they stick to our rules. There are three rules:

1. Watch each others' backs

Nobody in THF holds any higher rank than anyone else when it comes to being in-character. Bottom line, we are all friends here, and that's what allows us to work together. We need to be able to count on one another, no matter what.

2. Don't judge someone based on your personal ideals and morals

I'm sure there are going to be other people in the group that might say or do things that you wouldn't necessarily do. While you can talk with them about it if you feel so inclined, the single thing you need to keep in mind is that you still need to support that person when the chips are down. Even if their tactics or mentality are different than your own, the core principal behind this group is that we are ALL different, and that fact is the precise reason we are here. A lot of us face negative judgment from the world, for various reasons. Help The Heroic Fringe be a haven from that judgment.

3. Respect

There is NO chain of command in The Heroic Fringe. We don't have ranks, or uniforms. Nobody is going to order you around, and you're not going to order anyone else around. Respect is the key word here. If everyone maintains a healthy level of respect regarding everyone else, this should never be a problem. If you can't work with someone, then don't. Just don't be a total asshole about it.

Joining The Heroic Fringe, Contact Information & More

Recruitment - Who We Are Looking For

We will accept nearly anyone who expresses honest interest in trying out the group. Just let us know!

We are best for casual and semi-casual adult players who enjoy company and RP, but aren't all about activity levels. The Heroic Fringe is a relatively stable SG that is not going to be disbanded any time soon. Be assured that if you can't play for a while for whatever reason, we'll still be here and you'll still be in the group when you come back.


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question not included here, please don't hesitate to contact us. (See "contacts" below.) Questions and answers are a mix of in-character and out of character information.

Is the base functional?

Yes. We have a functional base with storage of all kinds, a top-of-the-line crafting station, a first-aid based medical area, and teleporters to various key points of the city.

It is located through the bar itself, past the back room and dressing rooms. We have converted and expanded the remains of a large cellar, once used as a speakeasy. This job was made easier for us, because the space was also used during the first Rikti war as a shelter and bunker.

Is there a uniform?

No uniform. Costumes are often what allow us to be more visually-unique heroes, so we don't ask anyone to dress a certain way. If you do want to create your own Heroic Fringe outfit, go for it! It's open for your interpretation. Our colors are black and deep red, and our symbol is the nautical star.

Is SG-mode mandatory?

Running with SG-mode on is entirely optional. If you do run in SG-mode, it's very much appreciated.

Are you active?

Somewhat. The Heroic Fringe is a SG that best suits casual adult players.

Most of us have day jobs and families, so City of Heroes becomes a nighttime and weekend sort of activity. We are active, but because we cater to the casual type of player, we may not be as active as some would like.

How Do I Join?

All you have to do is ask.

Really, it's that simple. We'll chat with you a bit, show you around, make sure you know what we're about... And if it goes fine, you're in. No applications, no signing away your soul to us so you can join. We like things to be straightforward and laid back.

Any interviews will probably be a combination of IC and OOC chat to get things squared away with both you the player and your character.

"We'll be there to back you up."

The front bar of The Fringe looks more or less normal. Typical, even. There are worn-looking tables around the edges, with the bar itself taking up a good deal of the room. There are the standard bowls of peanuts and baskets of salty popcorn scattered around, but there is also something else. Always present on the front bar is an old jar - sometimes it's a metal bucket, sometimes it's a cardboard box - but it always has communication devices inside. Most of these would fit over the ear, others look like parts taken out of larger walkie-talkies, still others look like modified cell phones. Some look newer than others. There is a hand-scrawled sign next to the container that says, "Need backup? Think you ever might? Take a comm, we'll be there." All of the devices do work, even if they look like they might not, and are already set to the comm frequency of The Heroic Fringe.


Feel free to contact us about joining through any of the following:

Please don't count on offline messages you may send in-game. Your message may not be noticed and could end up lost in chat scroll.

Important Notes and Reminders about THF

- We are a Roleplay SG. -

That basically means that places like SG chat are usually in-character unless noted otherwise, and that you probably want to know how to roleplay before joining up(like that's hard, right?). That sort of thing, no big deal.

- We are all adults here at The Heroic Fringe. -

We might swear in SG chat, or on teams. We might be a little crude sometimes. Also, our main hangout is a bar. All of this means that child characters and younger players probably wouldn't fit in very well here. If you feel you are an exception to this rule, let us know. We might be able to work with you, but we make no guarantees.

The Fringe Management

Grace of Spades

Known as Grace Masters in her civilian life, Grace is a straightforward young woman with a dry wit that's about as blunt and hard as her kicks are. She is Co-Owner of The Fringe, Co-Founder of the Hero group of the same namesake, as well as a decorated Hero of the City.

The Magnetic Guardsman

Theodore Masters, one of the cities most public and well loved heroes (by the twenty-something demographic anyway). While his personality never fails to rub his fellow heroes the wrong way, those heroes with the fortitude to put up with his constant jokes and foul mouth will never have a stronger ally. Co-Founded the Fringe and serves as its head bartender.

Staff & Resident Heroes - Others on VirtueVerse

((If you are in THF and would like to add your characters' page here, please feel free to do so.))

Deus Ex Metallica

Gavin Wulfcrie

Lightning Freak


From the desk of Grace of Spades - Please Read

I realize that some individuals are going to misunderstand us and what we stand for. They will immediately label us as anti-heroes or loose-cannons. We're not. People might even think we are anarchists, or that we are spiteful of the "Clean cut" groups. We're not that either. We just want to get out there and change the world for the better, protect those that can't protect themselves, and do it in our own way: The way that feels right for us. And we'll be here to back you up if you need it.

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