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The Quantum
Time Lord
Ouroboros Mender? More like Ouroboros Bender!
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Electric Melee
Stone Armor
Mu Mastery
Player: @Antares
Real Name
Lucius DiGregorio
TC, Big T, T
Etoille Islands
Super-Powered Hitman, Time Traveler
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Imagine if a powerhouse like Bane had control over Time&Space and the raw power of Doomsday and you would have Timecrusher. Driven by an insatiable hunger for power and money, Timecrusher leaps back and forth causing chaos with the timestream and havoc with heroes.


Timecrusher is usually loud and obnoxious - When he's not beating the crap outta some Mook. Obviously, he can be quite a jerk. But, his brawny facade hides a cold, calculating intelligence. He has shown an natural inclination to lead and a profound sense of battlefield stratagem. Although he runs a tight team, no one can deny that his leadership skills enhance the survivability and increase the success rate of the team. Timecrusher knows intuitively the mechanics of life in the Rogue Isles - Almost as if he is on the outside looking in.


Lucius DiGregorio grew up on the mean streets of St. Martial where survival wasn't about finding food, but who you knew. A large child, many people thought he would manifest a mutation when he reached maturity; however, he never did. Being such a big boy, involvement with the mob was inevitable. By the time he was 16, Lucius had a reputation as a violent bruiser and someone you went to if you had a job that needed...Finesse. Moving to Paragon City, Lucius became an enforcer for the Family. Not known for his brains, DiGregorio let his prodigious brawn do all the talking. Collections, acquisitions, hits - Lucius did it all. He adopted the nickname "Big Time," because if Lucius was sent to see you "you musta messed up big time!"


Out on a collection to take out a notorious Family snitch who worked as a lab technician for AeonCorp, Lucius tracked the sniveling roach to his lab. While "negotiating" an agreement with the lab tech, Lucius grabbed the nearest heavy object he could find to "close the deal." What he inadvertently snatched were experimental chronoton-manipulating gloves and a timestream moderating belt. Instead of a resounding clang across the snitch's forehead as he expected, Lucius was greeted with an electrical discharge that sent the snitch into the Cretaceous and Lucius into the future.

With some experimentation, Lucius was able to bumble his way back to our timeline. In the interim, he learned to control not only his location in the Space-Time Continuum, but the strength and consistency of the electrical discharges the gloves dispersed. Returning to his employers as Timecrusher, DiGregorio used his super-powered muscle for the Family in the Rogue Isles. Now a professional collector and enforcer for the super-powered community, "Timecrusher" became a dreaded word among supergroups who owed to the Family.

As his time traveling abilities grew, Timecrusher's continued jumps hyper-accelerated the neuron in his body-builder brain. He developed an intellect to rival the greatest minds of our time. Now a brute with brains and brawn, Timecrusher has broken away from his Family benefactors and become a villain of the Rogue Isles.

Timecrusher Micro.gif

Time travel is generally accepted as the back and forth movement between different moments in time and is comparable to moving between two points in space. It involves sending something or someone either backward to a moment just before the present (or further) or forward into the near or distant future without experiencing the time dilation associated with the intervening points. Before Dr. Aeon and Arachnos or PortalCorp., most scientists accepted that traveling backwards in time was impossible. One way travel into the future was arguably possible given the phenomenon of time dilation based on velocity in the theory of special relativity as well as gravitational time dilation in the theory of general relativity. With the advent of organizations like Arachnos, AeonCorp, PortalCorp, Ouroboros and the Midnight Squad, we now know that backwards and forwards time travel is not only plausible but possible.

Traveling back and forth throughout time without regard for the Laws of Time Travel and respect for the Space-Time Continuum will eventually have a price. Constant interdimensional and temporal travel can cause Space-Time Paradoxes to form which can result in the degradation of one's own history or timeline. DiGregorio caused one such paradox while on a temporal heist which created an older version of himself to manifest.

This new being became Timecrusher II.


ElectricMelee TargetedModerateDmg.png
Electrical Discharge

  • Electricity: As a consequence of time travel, the gloves that Timecrusher uses discharge massive amounts of electrical energy. He can channel this energy throughout his body to harness the jolting damage of electricity. Arcs of energy surround his fists making him a master of the searing strength of lightning.

StoneArmor Granite.png
Stone Skin

  • Rock & Stone: A usually detrimental affect of time travel is the accumulation of dust and debris resulting from interspatial travel. Timecrusher uses the stone, magma and crystal to protect his body from most forms of harm.


Sands of Mu

  • Traveling back to the reign of the Empire of Mu. Timecrusher found some strange black sand on the beaches surrounding Primeva. Carrying it, he has the ability to deal a flurry of punches charged with the Negative Energy of the Netherworld.

Crey CBX-9 Pistol

  • Timecrusher picked up this weapon during a raid on Crey. He's not really sure where it came from or how it was made, only that it comes in handy.


Timecrusher doesn't have "Equals." His personality isn't conducive to acquiring "friends" let alone people that might stand at his side. "I'm so awesome, no one can stand with me," he often says. Timecrusher is one of the biggest jerks around.

When he's not pissing off DJ Zero's customers, he can usually be found pissing off the Menders in Ourboros.


  • Like my first Brute, Timecrusher was highly influenced by Bane from Batman.
  • "Timecrusher" was a concept that I had been considering for a few months. I like the idea of "crushing time" which is obviously impossible. "Time" is a wholly human construct and cannot be quantified beyond an abstract concept. However, it seems appropriate that a villain, in this game, would believe he could "crush" time. His powerset, Electric Melee/Stone Armour, was merely a matter of convenience as my partner and I both wanted to try the two sets out.
  • Initially, I imagined Timecrusher as a sort of super-genius - A combination of brains and brawn. But, the more I played him, the more I realized that brawn was more his style.

Looking For Contact: Interested in an active, Silver Age-style Villaingroup; Or Modern AgeVillaingroup. PST @Antares in-game.
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