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The SDI building is in Skyway City, and as well as being the home of a multi-national company, is also the home of Wolfcry Division, a small group of heroes operating in Paragon City.

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SDI Building
Official Name: SDI Building
Aliases: Wolfcry Tower
Location Details
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America
State: Rhode Island
CIty: Paragon City
Locale: Skyway City
Dimensions: 28 stories
Population: SDI employees
Wolfcry Division
Pastoral (Artificial Intelligence)
Support staff



It is twenty-eight stories of steel, concrete and glass braced with all the esoteria and technological wonder money can buy. A fortress of industry and enterprise, nestled safely within the byways of Skyway City. It is the testament to Samiel Dayne's will and dream, a swarming hive of economy, innovation and safety.

Thousands of workers dance through a carefully choreographed daily routine, inextricably bound to their sister-corporates at Dayne Dynamics. Each day, hundreds of thousands of papers are filed, lunches are taken and meetings are had. Countless currencies in numberless quantity filter through it's networks, numbers crunching endlessly on the great secret supercomputer that calls itself Pastoral.

Business is conducted, in real names and false, weaving a complex web of carefully balanced honesty and deceit neccesary to keep such human machinery operateing...smoothly.

Sandwiched between the voluminous foyer, and the glittering penthouse where Mr. Dayne once resided is a curiously out-of-place complex dedicated to houseing the buildings friends, owners and certain employees. Floors ten through fifteen, layered by luxury and need. At the bottom, a sprawl of small but well-appointed apointed apartments open to general renting. At the top, an entire floor dedicated to an open-plan apartment for Samiels inheritors.

They are neccesarily secure inclusions. This place of business needs also be a place of sanctuary in times of need...

It is also, neccesarily, a labrynth. It is a place filled with secrets, things hidden away from prying eyes and misunderstanding minds. Samiel's conspirator, Pastoral, has always been a creature of shadows and secrecy...and Sam had his own private matters. Somewhere, deep within these walls, are secrets waiting to be found alongside secrets that must be kept...


The building features an array of stringent security features - some of which you would expect to find in any major, technology based company, and others which are a little more unique.

The building is not a public building - it is a place of residence and business, and therefore it's doors are not opened to those who do not work there - (let's face it, you couldn't just wander into the Google building just to hang out).

Here are the measures in place to protect the building, and the people who live and work within in, which I hope should explain why random people can't just wander in.

Entire Building

The SDI building is unique in being 'alive', in the form of Pastoral, a sentient AI who inhabits it. Pas has almost entire control over the building - including lifts, doors, elevators, alarms, CCTV (including heat and motion sensors) and security fields.

She has also implemented an anti-teleportation system, which means that anyone who is not recognised as a Wolfcry or SDI employee simply cannot teleport into the building. Any attempt to do so will just redirect them to the outside of the building, directly in front of the main doors.

There are forcefields capable of protecting the both the entire building and individual rooms, in the event of a room needing to be sealed off, or the building being protected from an external threat (i.e Rikti bombings, zombie invasions etc.,)


The reception area is protected by the usual stuff you'd expect. A receptionist who doubles up as a guard dog, CCTV, metal detectors and a discreet security station, staffed by trained security men. There are also a number of telepaths who lurk in the area, searching for unfamiliar minds and threat of danger or attack.
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