Wonderland Sanctum

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Wonderland Sanctum
Side: Villain/Rogue
Motto: '
Leader(s): The March Hare
Logo: '
Group Colours: Orange and black
Levels: All levels
Play style: Heavy RP (We will accept those learning or wanting to learn to RP as well as light RPers)
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): (We're from all over the place)
Recruiting: Yes! All day, every day!
Contact: The March Hare, In-game name is spelled "March Hare.", My Global is " @Nacht Sniper"
No additional information available.


History: From the Ashes of Disaster Grow the Roses of Success

The band of renegades, whose names are found in the fearful whispers of the dregs living under the shadow of the fallen Fort Darwin, was born out of despiration and disaster. The March Hare, a powerful, psychotic Rabbit-menace of the Rogue Isles, was caught up in the aftermath of a fiasco invovling his former employment as the mercenary captain of Sierra Squad. He was demonized by all of the Arachnos Factions save for Ghost Widow's Faction which seems to have always had a very deep investment in him. They allowed him to go off radar in the depths of the sewer network in Mercy Island. That is... Until recent events unfolded involving the Fall of Fort Darwin at the hands of Longbow.

Longbow and PPD have a warrant out for the Rabbit-man's arrest. The March Hare began to delve deeper into the labyrinth-like sewer systems of Mercy and eventually found a niche to call home. March dubbed this location "The Wonderland Sanctum." It wasn't until further examination that he found a section of the sewer wall to have strange carvings on it. He insisted on investigating it further. Eventually he blasted open the wall section only to find a secret corridor of a mysterious Arcane Complex. He took this new discovery as a route to sucess and decided to invite others who are outcasts and hunted by various groups in the Rogue Isles and Paragon in order to extend all of their power and to rise up from what others would call Disaster. The March Hare is determined for Sucess!

The Inner Sanctum

The mysterious sanctum is said to have been first built by and inhabited by some sort of cult group similar to the Circle of thorns. Some texts suggest that this group may have been a spin-off group from either the Midnighters club or even the Legacy chain. At this time, knowledge is limited on the origin of the Arcane Complex off of the Mercy Island sewer network.

The Complex seems to be closed off into certain sections as a defencive device against attacks. In order to unlock each section it seems The Sanctum members will need to band together and search for certain Arcane Items that can free the next sector of the Inner Sanctum.

Sanctum Members

The members of the Wonderland Sanctum are as follows: ((Feel free to add your characters here as you create a page for them! :0) ))

-March Hare

-May Frost

-Ellie B

Supergroup Website

Feel free to contact us on Guildportal.com

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