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The March Hare, Tweedle Dee, and a Momwrath
The March Hare
Player: @NachtSniper
Origin: Unknown
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 20+
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Age: Confidential
Height: 6'4 (Counting his ears)
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Orange/yellow
Hair Color: Tan/Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Theif, Mercenary, Convicted Murderer
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Orinigally: Croatoa, Paragon City Currently: Port Oakes, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Mental Domination
Known Abilities
Supernatural agility and strength


A Brief History of The March Hare

The Beginning: "The Wonderland Killer"

In the Summer of 1984, A serial Killer only known as the "Wonderland Killer" had spread his reign of terror across the Southern Skyway City neighborhoods. Hero Corp experts and PPD investigators had looked into the killings but nothing about the killer had surfaced beside his name-sake letters that all began with the heading "Greetings from Wonderland."

Over the following months, investigators and local authorities had compiled several leads on the "Wonderland Killer" as well as a physical description from a surviving hostage of his "Jabberwocky" fiasco in Kings Row. They described him as a Rabbit-like humanoid. The hostage reported that on several occasions he had quickly shifted both costumes and personality from the evil scientist that was controlling the giant robot to a gentle, kind, compassionate, monocle-wearing, tea-drinking Hare. He had also reported that the "Wonderland Killer" had often argued intensively with himself. This made authorities believe that the Wonderland Killer was both insane and irrational. He had no demands and only wished to create monstrosities and unleash them upon the city.

In May of 1987, Hero Corp ordered the start of a Hero based Task Force to find the Wonderland Killer and bring him into the proper authorities dead or alive. The call was responded by several low-key Heroes of Paragon city and the Vorpal Task Force was born. Within the following weeks the Wonderland Killer's threats to the City as a Whole grew more impulsive and rash. Attempting to Derail the Transit system's railcar. Robbing the local Banks. Vaporizing police officers.

Then the Taskforce had found his secret lair. He had taken shelter in an abandoned toy store called the "Toy Wonderland." The PPD and the Taskforce worked together to descend upon the abandoned building and had the Wonderland Killer trapped inside the building. The Taskforce charged in fighting off Robotic minions and hired thugs alike. A chemical explosion caused by the fight had killed both the Wonderland Killer and a member of the taskforce as well as injuring several Heroes and PPD agents. The Killer's body was taken to the morgue for an Autopsy.

The results of this Autopsy were never found after the horrible fire that ensued a day after the Body had been placed in the morgue. The PPD investigators scoured the ruined building for the remains of the Bunny-man's corpse but it was never found. As the years went by "The Wonderland Killer" and his legacy faded into the past.

The Reincarnation: "The March Hare"

"Tea for Thought"

In October of 1994, a series of random and unrelated kidnappings had occured within that month. Towards the end of the month the PPD had received a invitation that read as follow:

"You are cordially invited to a Gentleman's tea Party on October 27th. Formal attire is required for this event. Your attendance would be greatly appreciated. Your Host and Tea-lover,

The March Hare "

At first the PPD was convinced it was a prank of some sort. But upon investigation of the letter they found that the mailing address was posted from Salamanca. The PPD sent in a team to Salamanca on October 27th and found a Rabbit-man and all of the kidnapped individuals from days before all sitting around a long rectangular table in the middle of the Town's courtyard with a extravagant tea party. The Hostages were laughing and having a good time completely unbound. The March Hare was arrested on the charges of kidnapping. As soon as the March Hare had been taken to the local police station for questioning, the large group of seemingly willing hostages had forgotten all about the tea party and were completely disoriented and confused as though in some sort of a trance or Hypnosis.

The Hare was sent to Hero Corp for further investigation. Upon further questioning and more intensive tests, their findings were remarkable. The March Hare had some sort of craving for Tea that seemed to fuel his Magic-based powers. MAGI was sent in to further investigate the sources of his powers but other than the initial connection between Tea and his powers over the mind they were unable to find any evidence of Demonic or otherwise magical powers.

After months of diagnostic tests done by the MAGI consultants, The March Hare was transferred to The Ziggursky Penitentiary. There he stayed. It wasn't until years later that the March Hare's Violent nature had shown its ugly face.

Through the Looking Glass

On September 24th, 1997, in the Zig, a prison riot had begun. It wasn't an uncommon thing amongst hardened criminals and super powered Villains, but this one was different. This was the day of the "March Hare's" psychiatric evaluation. New laws in Paragon City demanded that the inmates of the Zig must be tested for various psychological diseases in order to determine whether to be transferred to Astoria Asylum, Paragon City's Premiere Insane Asylum. Upon investigation by Doctor Martha Lennox, a it was reported that the March Hare's very calm and tranquil demeanor had switched to a violence and aggression in a split instance. The guards unlocked door and then beat Dr. Lennox to death with their batons. Cameras show The March Hare casually walked out of the room wearing a strange costume with various buckles up and down his leather suit and he was wearing a mask. The guards in the room both committed suicide after murdering Dr. Lennox. Hare continued walking calmly down the corridors of the high security prison without uttering a word. The prisoners he passed reported that he wasn't panicked or distressed like most escapees. The guards that eventually came in contact with the escaped psychopath went and released the cell blocks from their cells and shortly after killed each other.

Eventually the March Hare was subdued and placed into solitary confinement. Within the week he was transferred into Astoria Asylum. And there Psychiatrists and Psychologists began to reveal a part of the March Hare never touched before by the Paragon Police or Hero Corp investigators.

The staff at Astoria Asylum rarely saw the violent side of the March Hare. But upon close evaluation they saw that he was talking to himself. And that he sometimes had memory lapses or was seen awake for multiple days in a row without sleep but in perfect health. The doctors met with Longbow representatives in 2001 and shared their theory.

They reported that the March Hare is a being of immense complexity. He has multiple personalities that not only effected him mentally but also physically. He, like any person with Multiple personalities, has various triggers both emotional and physical that transform into his other personalities. Though there is a network of them only very few may be aware of the others' existence. The March Hare, the one everyone normally sees, is completely unaware of this but when threatened in any way he switches to a personality that is more violent and murderous in order to protect him. This other personality seems to have been created in order to fit a need the March Hare needed while imprisoned in the Zig. On September 18th, 2005, An Arachnos strike force attacked Astoria Asylum. The outer defenses of the complex were breached and only one or two patients were taken from the building. The March Hare was one of these patients to be evacuated.

In a Tangled Web

Arachnos Files on the March Hare seem to be Non-existent, but deep within the shadowy organization there are records of his incarceration are well hidden and safely guarded. The March Hare has no recollection of this time in his life thanks to the deep mental excavations of Arachnos' Fortunas and Tarantula Mistresses.

Arachnos did various tests and experiments that were able to subdue March. But eventually he saw through the "mental smoke screen" and adapted like he does best, creating a monstrosity his alter ego names "Big Fluffy" But Arachnos dubbed, "Hyde Hare."

The lack of restraints and guards added up to the failure to contain the strength of the Beast. It escaped the facility and fled. Later it was reported that The March Hare's psychopathic counterpart was spotted in Mercy Island. Arachnos Forces through months of pursuit eventually tracked down the elusive rabbit-man and again subdued the creature through mental means and erased memories of his escape and recapture.

They knew that his escape was inevitable but capture by Longbow or Hero Corp would ruin their mysterious plans for him. They decided to enter him into the Destined One program as a new recruit and brought the Hare to Mercy Island where he began his journey into the present.

Exploring Underland

The March Hare had Explored the Underland of the Rogue Isles for a few years after his release from Arachnos Custody. In this time he had joined several Mercenary Companies and his Murderous Alter Ego known as "Greedy Hare" formed a love of money that drives him to work for the most unsightly and dangerous groups in order to sate his love of money. This drive helped the Hare survive through the Dog-EatDog society that is the Rogue Isles. While the March Hare would see such work as unhonorable and improper it was what he needed to do to survive. Brute Hare seems to be used as a defense mechanism in dire situations and the Greedy Hare seems to have full knowledge and communication with his other counterparts. His Journey will continue and his powers will strengthen. Only Time will tell whether the Maddness of the March Hare will provide absolute power and fortune as he rises through the Ranks of the Rogue Isles.

Current alignments

The March Hare has created a band of misfits determined to unite against their common enemies! He calls it "The Wonderland Sanctum!"

The Personality Line-Up

"The Wonderland Killer" (Deceased)

This form of the March Hare was discovered in the Eighties as he brought a reign of Mad Science-themed terror to Paragon City. He was killed by Heroes in his final battle but that was not the end of the March Hare. As always if you don't kill the March Hare you don't kill the March Hare. And his story lives on. R.I.P. "Wonderland Killer."

Power Origin: Unknown. Speculated to be Science.

The March Hare

This is the main personality. The March Hare is kind, gentle and passionately in love with Tea. He loves to read books and can always spin a tale. He is nonaggressive and will not engage in fights. He is a Brittish Gentleman. He has a taste for classic novels and plays and musicals.

However, under this fascade some believe is a more powerful being than what people are led to believe. He has a magical origin of power and has several magical companions that follow his every command. He claims to be from "Wonderland" and talks of it as a real place in vague details. Only time can tell what is truely behind the mysterious March Hare.

Power Origin: Magical. MAGI has documented that the personality known as the March Hare has some sort of Magical connection. Possibly draws powers from Tea. Still under investigation.

Theme Song: What's On Your Mind by Information Society

"Greedy" Hare

This personality surfaced while in the Zig. Experts believe that this was the "Hare" that killed Dr. Lennox in the Zig, though proof on this suggestion is yet to be found. Some say that the March Hare developed this Personality to help the Main personality, who is kind and gentle and compassionate, survive in the dog-eat-dog environments presented by maximum security prison and the beginnings of life in the Rogue Isles. "Greedy" Hare is stealthy, cowardly, and will do ANYTHING to survive. He often resorts to less conventional groups to work for and ways to get money. He has convinced himself that money is the only way to stay alive and is determined to collect as much funds as he possibly can from whatever he can. He is psychopathic and has no real moral compass. He will murder anyone who stands in his way, innocent or not.

"Greedy" Hare also is a very unique piece of the March Hare enigma. He is the only personality that seems to recognize that the other personalities exist. He also referrences conversations between himself and the others. And also has mentioned that there are many personalities but many are still asleep until their apointed times. He also says that he is able to watch and observe while other personalities are active. Though this brings to mind a host of other questions it does bring a very interesting view into the mind of The March Hare.

Power Origin: Natural, Psychic Manipulation

Theme Song: Opportunities by Pet Shop Boys

"Hyde" Hare

This personality is theorized by Arachnos consultants to have formed while in Arachnos captivity. Recently Arachnos has desired to keep the March Hare very close to their reach for undisclosed reasons. Some speculate that The March Hare has some sort of power that Arachnos wishes to stay under their control. Of course Arachnos doesn't have any record of His capture or any sort of documentation on his powers beside a fake identification saying that he is some sort of science Experiment gone wrong by Crey Industries. Crey industries Denies this account and Freedom Corp records on him contridict the Arachnos Statements.

Some think that "Hyde" Hare is only a small glimpse at the March Hare's abilities. "Hyde" seems to be triggered by the March Hare's Anger. Some theorize that he is used as a defensive mechanism to scare any serious threats from attacking or otherwise harming the meak and Innocent March Hare. "Greedy" Hare often refers to this personality as "Fluffy" or "The Big furball" and nonchalantly remarks that it is a friendly and heart-warming pet-like creature. Maybe there is some truth to this, but so far the damage reported by Arachnos and Crey Labs and warehouses from this creature's destructive abilities prove otherwise.

Power Origin: Natural. SERAPH and Arachnos have verified that the Brute form of the March Hare seems to control the minds and wills of its enemies through Chemical manipulations.

Theme Song: Animal by Def Leppard

Agent H

This Personality has surfaced recently ( As in, after his escape from Arachnos and eventual Recapture and His acceptance into Sierra Squad). Arachnos experts specualte that this particular personality, like that of various others, has been activated for a specific purpose. That purpose, experts say, is to accomidate himself into his new position within the Arachnos squad he recently joined and was promoted to a Mercenary Captain in. This Personality Embodies what any Agent of either Arachnos or Longbow may want. His Name is Agent H and he claims to work directly for Arachnos.

Arachnos Denies that he is actually employed by them. But some in the Isles claim that there is special files and footage of The March Hare having a very private meeting with officials from Ghost Widow's Faction. Some say that this was more than a visit. That Arachnos has created this personality to serve them loyally and to serve some sort of evil plan. Though, proof and evidence are nonexistant and Arachnos Denies all knowledge of such files. It is said that Ghost Widow has hidden these files within a secret vault. But all of that is simply theory and speculation. What IS true is that Agent Hare is just as Deadly and Dangerous as "Greedy" Hare but with much more training and poise. He is an expert Spy and is continuously infiltrating organizations in the Rogue Isles and Paragon City.

Power Origin: Technology. Crey reports claim that Agent H draws his powers from his cyborg-like enhancements.

Theme Song: Highway to the Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

"Venus" Hare

This Femme Fatale is just another personality of the March Hare. Her innocent looks and womanly guile serve as a lure to the sinister and insane monstrosity that is, Venus Hare. She is said to be a Psychic Vampire, or one who feeds off of the life force of others.

This new addition to Hare's arsenal of personalities and thusly has not been researched further. Only time can tell the origins of her powers and her reasoning to being summoned forth.

Power Origin: Unknown

Theme Song: Venus by Bananarama

"Hippie" Hare

This personality is the most liberal in releasing information from the secrecy motif that seems to be put in place by the others, preventing explanations of this mysterious Hare from surfacing to common knowledge. He recognizes the other personalities and often, like "Greedy Hare," will refer to their feelings on certain situations and may even have conversations with them. He refers to The March Hare as "Boss-Man," and also refers to Greedy Hare as "Ebeneezer." He also gives a small glimpse into the inner workings of the March Hare's chain of command within the personalities. He calls the whole thing the "Collective Pycho-Physical Consciousness." Whatever that means...

This personality seems to have surfaced fairly recently and has no knowledge of Hare's past experiences with Longbow and Arachnos. He often is very vocal about his social and political leanings. He often takes sides with Arachnos politically claiming that their limited control over the populace allows freedoms not offered by other governemnts and allows the individual to gain more power in the system more quickly through competition and extreme capitalism. He often talks about Henry David Thoreau's statements that "The best government who governs not at all." However, since we are not perfect people the remedy is "The best government is the governemnt that governs the least." He also vehemently opposes Longbow/HeroCorp/Freedom Phalanx and Praetorians, labeling them "The Man."

He is completely unstudied by any large organization and has no known origin of power. He seems to be actively involved in battles and is far from a pacifist. Like the others he effects his victims through mental assaults.

Power Origin: Unknown Theme Song: Mad World by Tears for fears

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