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Blazing Sigil was a character created to be another hero, though with a twist. Wanting to make a more "bookworm" sort of character with a more reserved personality. Playing Super Smash Bros. gave me the inspiration to have powers like Zelda does from the games and his personality drew some influence from Daniel from LOST. Thus, the Blazing Sigil was born.

Blazing Sigil In Action
Blazing Sigil
Player: @T-Pill
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Classified
Known Aliases: Sig, Kyle
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 152 lbls
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Galaxy City
Base of Operations: Classified
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Magical Prowess, Fire especially
Known Abilities
Knowledge of arcane and various spells
A few runes kept for emergencies
It's complicated.



Blazing Sigil in normal conversation is awkward to speak to. Having been sheltered for much of his life, he is usually hard to hold a proper conversation with. He has good intentions, but he finds himself being bored constantly when he's not doing anything productive. He has changed now though and has become much more sociable and has gotten a little arrogant as well. It is unsure why this changed his developed in him, but nobody has seemed to question it.

When out heroing, he's usually overly serious and rarely gets out of this mode. Having been trained to do just that, there's very little that can be done to get him out of that mood.

Knowledge of Arcane

Blazing Sigil is very knowledgeable of anything concerning magic. If he doesn't know it immediately, a quick refresher in a book will remind him. Having spent most of his time doing nothing but research on anything that has to do with arcane, it's left him with a keen intellect concerning the subject.


Sigil is peculiar in that he always introduces him to someone with different names. He usually picks out a name that begins with 'K', such as Kent, Keith, or Kyle. When caught and asked why, Sigil merely says it's confidential and he can't tell. Usually the Templars have just given him a random name to call him, or they just go with Sig. Sigil is okay with Sig, but often grows tired of being called a random name. Lately, he has stuck with Kyle and claims that is his true name, though that could very easily be considered a lie since he has used it as one of his rotating names often.


He also keeps a schedule on his person at all times, usually contemplating where he can fit things in due to him keeping himself most of the time. When something comes up, Sigil usually asks that he be given a date and time to properly record changes in his schedule so he can adhere to it still.

H archetypeicon blaster.png

Sigil gets his powers from his knowledge of the arcane. Being 'branded' with magic powers, he can outright use them without much difficulty at all.

FireBlast FireBlast.png
Fire Blast

The primary form of combat Sig has is his fire. He has the power to channel it into his hands and throw it around as a form of offense. This originates from the symbols grafted onto his forearms, giving him the adept power to create flames from his hands. The size and explosive power of these flames are all derived from the amount of focus he puts into each one.

ElectricityManipulation BuildUp.png
Magical Energy

Sigil's 'energy' is simply a back up. This energy is basically just a crackling form of energy that sparks from his hands. He can't use it any closer than melee range. He'll use this power to show off occasionally or he'll use it to play when he's bored.

ElectricityManipulation ChargedBrawl.png
Magic Charge

Using his magical energy, Sigil will emit an electricity-like energy from his hands in order to devastate his foes. This energy is very powerful and strong and with enough charged up, he can break solid objects with an explosive-like burst. He can also use it to send a 'surge' of energy into his opponents to paralyze their body.

Originicon magic.png
Magic Spells

Sig has a wide array of spells he can cast. The way in which he performs most of them is by drawing out a specific symbol or two in the air and then casting it

Binding Spells

Probably Sigil's strongest area. He knows a variety of binding spells for most situations and can usually hold them for a long time, even against the toughest foes. It normally doesn't take a lot out of him to use these certain spells.

Shield Spells

Similar to his binding spells, Sig has the power to create shields or barriers. While weaker than his binding spells, his barrier spells are still very powerful and can block many things. They hold up much better against non-physical entities than physical ones. These take effort for Sig to use, though he has a stamina for it dependent on how large it is.

Healing Spells

Sig has very limited ability in healing spells. He can heal enough for someone to be active and moving for a short while only. Usually he just uses it as a quick fix until they can get proper help.


Anything that resists fire is an immediate problem for Sig, and he'd rather contain it first than try to combat it. Sig's never been shy about mentioning that he's not a very physical person, proving that by usually taking most physical blows very harshly.

Character History

Work in progress


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