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Character Build
Player: @Ashlaylay
Archtype: Defender
Primary: Kinetics
Secondary: Radiation Blast
Level: 50
Biographical Info
Full Name: Clarity Michaels
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: Rowdy Michaels [father], Trixie Michaels [step-mother], Catherine White [mother], David White [step-father], Chasity White [half-sister], Rachel White [step-sister]
Age: 22
Place of Birth: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Orange
Complexion: Tan
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 123lbs.
Build: Slim

Galaxy Shot is part of the Teen Titans tribute group that a friend of mine wanted to do. She's based off the character Starfire (but will not make out with the Robin tribute, sorry Ron).


Galaxy Shot is a very caring, kind, and perky girl. She's extremely naive and not smart at all, but she's too nice to be disliked. Some might say she's too nice for her own good. She's completely clueless when it comes to things, stuff thats super obvious to everyone else will fly right over her head. She can't even tell when someone is hitting on her.


Galaxy uses energy based powers that came from a magical artifact that was introduced to her by her step-sister.


Galaxy is extremely well at manipulating and transferring kinetic energy. She uses it to help her and her allies, all while making her enemies weaker.

Radiation Blast

She can also bend radiation energy to her will. She can use it in lethal doses or small ones in order to inflict pain upon someone.

Personal History


Clarity Michaels was born to a very wealthy family. Her father, Rowdy, was a high class lawyer in an uppity law firm; while her mother, Catherine, was a stay at home mom. Her parents marriage had always been on the rocks. The real reason Rowdy and Catherine got married in the first place was just because Catherine became pregnant. So, in true old southern style, a shot gun wedding was in order for the couple as Catherine's parents wouldn't have their only daughter running around pregnant without a wedding band. Childhood was rough on Clarity. They only time her parents ever spoke to one another was when they were fighting and cursing up a storm. It wasn't a huge shock when they got a divorce two weeks after Clarity's sixth birthday (custody over Clarity was rewarded to Catherine). The two still fight to this day, especially after Rowdy became engaged to his twenty year old secretary, Trixie. Trixie was the perfect trophy wife stereotype. Blonde hair, long legs, big chest, bitch to the max, and far too young for Rowdy. Trixie ignored Clarity whenever she was visiting her father, and even tried to get her shipped off to boarding school once. Thank god for Clarity's mother, though. Catherine got married two years after the divorce to a nice architect she met on a cruise named David White, who lived in Steel Canyon. David had a daughter from a previous marriage, Rachel, who was a few years older than Clarity and was prbably one of the best role models she ever had. Rachel was super nice and the most caring person Clarity had ever met. She learned a lot from her and was super happy to have a big sister as well as become one herself. A year and a half into David and Catherine's marriage they had a baby girl together, Chasity. Clarity is currently doing her best to be a good role model for Chasity.


Clarity attended Steel Canyon High School, where she graduated in 2009. She was a member of the Varsity Cheer leading Squad, Senior Senate, DECA, National Honors Society, and joined the newspaper staff as a photographer. She liked to be very involved and help out in anyway she could at school. She attended Croatoa University after graduating high school and earned her degree in Criminal Justice.

Teen Templars

After Clarity 'stumbled' upon her powers, she became a hero and took on the name Galaxy Shot. After heroing for a year she met Bow-Slinger. Through Bow she met many other teen heroes like Brick, Red-Ripper, Diablo Boy, and Fire-Burn, as well as many others. They eventually decided to form a group, and the Teen Templars were born. Bow-Slinger, Brick, and Galaxy Shot were the decided leaders among the group. After years together, the Teen Templars have grown up and have gone their separate ways. Many of the former members are still close friends to this day.


  • Chun-Tzu - Ten is one of the nicest boys Clarity has ever met, and the only boy she has ever like liked. The two of them are now dating and have been for quite some time. Claire couldn't be happier.
  • Bow-SIinger - Clarity likes Bow a lot. She thinks he's a great leader and has a good head on his shoulders. She has a lot of respect for him and enjoys his company. She considers him a great friend of hers.
  • Brick - Clarity thinks of Brick as her big brother. He's very protective of her. making sure she's okay and that the guys aren't mean to her. He's even going to teach her how to play games on a Nintendo DS!
  • Red-Ripper - Clarity doesn't always get Red. She likes talking to him when he isn't cursing up a storm or having fun at others expense. Stuff like that really upsets her. She knows theres a lot of good in him and just wants him to bring that out more.
  • Diablo Boy - He can turn into a kitty... as well as other animals, but Clarity is always happy to pet and cuddle Dabs when he's in his kitten form. She likes Dabs, but gets bothered when he calls people dumb.
  • Beachbreak - He used to hit on Clarity a lot, but she didn't seem to notice. She thinks of Beach as a great friend and likes talking to him, he makes her happy when he compliments her.
  • Pulsegirl - Pulse gave Clarity a lolipop and asked her to be friends. The two of them seem to be forming a friendship fairly quick.
  • Blase' - Amelia is one super nice girl. Her and Clarity seem to be very good friends.
  • The Scion of Dagon - Zane and Clarity aren't very close, but they seem to get a long pretty well. Clarity would really like to get to know Zane better, but is afraid they might not have much in common.
  • Dusk-Hawk - Clarity doesn't know much about Dusk at all. Everytime she talks to him all he does is stutter, she wonders if he has a speech problem and is just embarassed about it and that's why he's not so talkative.
  • Fire-Burn - Jack isn't one of Clarity's closest friends and they don't always get along, but Claire was happy to have him on her side when Breaker and Thyra kidnapped her.
  • Starswarm - Richard is a super nice guy, and was one of the people who fought hard to get Claire back from Breaker and Thyra. He's a good friend who even got Claire ice cream when she was upset.
    Thank you Jason!
  • Smoking Mirrors - Claire likes Max when he's not making her think he's dying of cancer (okay, so he only did that once). He's a nice guy and a good caring person.
  • Ultrasound - Clarity loves having Maura in the Templars and thinks she's super sweet. The two don't talk often, but when it comes down to it they'll have each others backs.
  • Elemental Envoy - Jinx was a pretty neat guy. Claire liked him from the moment she met him when he was interviewing to join the Teen Templars. Claire was extremely distraught when she found out that he had died from the news. She attended his memorial service and shortly after she received a copy of the letter that Jinx had sent to all his family and friends, which gave Claire some peace of mind.


  • Trixie Michaels - Evil step-mother from hell.
  • Breaker - He kidnapped her and tried to use her to power a bomb that would blow up a part of Paragon. Breaker scares the crap out of Clarity.
  • Thyra? - She was the one who actually did the kidnapping of Clarity and was an accomplice to Breaker, but Claire doesn't seem to have any ill will towards Thyra.



  • Has only been kidnapped twice, and people need to let it go.
  • Her hair is naturally that orange.
  • Has a 'scary' outfit that she sometimes wears to strike fear in the hearts of her enemies.
  • The only scary part of her 'scary' outfit is a skull mask, which isn't that scary.
  • Is naturally perky and upbeat, no really she is.
  • Is easily embarrassed over some of the simplest things.
  • Hates it when people curse or badmouth others around her.
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