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Cliffside Avenue is a Heavy RP group on the Everlasting shard of the Homecoming server.

Story and activities will focus around one particular creepy, small street located in East Talos, and the unraveling of its strange history. The group itself are the residents, neighbors, friends, associates, business partners, and acquaintances surrounding the area.

RP Style

There's a few things that make our group a little unique.

  • Leadership will be decentralized. Any member can initiate RP and stories, and simply needs to ask others to join in.
  • While writing story concepts in advance can't hurt, the group will rely heavily on improvisational collaboration. Story changes and pacing may happen quickly. We'll be tracking these on a Discord, so no one falls behind.
  • While set in Paragon and all its rich lore, Cliffside Avenue members don't really fall into the classic red/blue hero/villain dichotomy. They're just people trying to get by. They don't tolerate crime, but they also aren't "the good guys."
  • This is a "misfit" type of ensemble group. We embrace weirdness, generally, for character concepts. (With a few caveats there.)

For the full introduction document, go to this link:

If you're interested in joining, contact Tipsy#0660 on Discord, or @Tipsy in-game.


Player Characters

Constrictor A social worker, take-charge mutant.

Oblique A spaced-out medium.

Mystery A conspiracy-magnet, guerilla journalist.

Euryale An immortal Gorgon.

Scry: A defected Circle of Thorns refugee.

Loop: A vicious cycle.

Artisan: A flippant, fastidious fae.

Jason Morrow: An empath.

Olga Knyazev: A chipper zombie.

Deadache: A ghost whisperer.

The Bummer: The worst.

Allure: A liberated demon.

Himitsu: A dimension hopper.

Nimos Shadow: A twofer.

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