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< 14 SEP 2019 >

It's been an interesting few weeks. After my posts bout Incrediman and Crey, I had to go into protective custody (courtesy of the amazing heroes The Vanquishers, my new favorites) because people were after me. Not just people, but superheroes sent after me by the original Incrediman himself. Now, in my line of work, you learn pretty quickly that when someone tries to shut you up, they're usually guilty of something. So instead of dropping the story, I took advantage of my heightened protection and dug a little deeper.

Guess what, Truthers? This story runs deep. And somehow, at the center of it all, is Incrediman.

It starts with the Overbrook tapes. I started thinking... what happened after the Faultline incident? Well, the general public experienced a mass paranoia about mutants. The anti-mutant movement gained a lot of momentum after that supposedly mutant-initiated destruction, but those tapes suggest that it wasn't a mutant's fault at all, and that Faultline was actually set up to take the blame. Unfortunately we can't technically prove it was Incrediman speaking in those tapes, so lets skip over that for now to what's been going on with Crey.

I've been getting tailed by Crey agents ever since I published that article. Most of them I was able to shake pretty quickly, but there was one who managed to follow me all the way to my home (not going to lie, I snuck out of protective custody to get some things from my office) and harass my roommates in an attempt to bribe me to take down what I said about their mutant-kidnapping operation. Not very long after I returned from my home to where the Vanquishers had me in custody, Blindsider and I were ambushed by a Crey hit squad accompanied by the new Incrediman and a hero named Zenferno. This had my mind spinning - what is Incrediman doing with Crey? Are they involved with the mutant kidnappings? If they are, and you consider the Overbrook tapes, then it brings me to one realization...

Incrediman hates mutants and has been pushing an anti-mutant agenda for years. Think about it: he helped set up Faultline as the mutant menace who destroyed Overbrook and gained a lot of social & political power through his participation in the media outrage over the it. He's been working with Crey to kidnap mutants for who knows what purposes. And now that someone's finally starting to connect these dots, he's sending people to make sure I can't tell anyone!

The worst part about all of this is that Incrediman knows what he's doing, so he's done a pretty good job covering his tracks. Nothing ever leads straight back to Incrediman, but instead always implicates the associates and business partners he keeps around him. The most incriminating thing I found was documentation that shows a partnership between Crey and Incrediman's former business manager, but Incrediman himself seems almost untouchable.

Incrediman: I know you're reading this. The people of Paragon City won't let you make this place unsafe for mutants or for anyone else. Everyone slips up eventually, and when you do, I'll make sure people are watching.

Back to the ambush -- Blindsider managed to get rid of the Crey threat, but Incrediman and Zenferno chased us all the way through Croatoa until the rest of the Vanquishers caught up with us and fought them off. If anyone wants to be mad at someone about the limited availability of pumpkins this year, you can blame Incrediman & Zenferno for the fights that started there.

Yes, that's right, Truthers. Two superheroes tried to kill me over a story. Over the truth. Granted, nobody actually died. But it was heated! There's very obviously some major tension in the Incred-family between Ace and the two Incredimen. At least there's one member of the Incrediman family we can still trust.

(It's Ace. Don't trust Incrediman. He's bad news.)

Anyway, I don't think Incrediman will be making a move like that again. I'm publishing every tape & document in my case file here for anyone who might be interested helping me continue this investigation:

The information is out there now, so there's no use in trying to silence me anymore. The mutants of this nation deserve better than what Incrediman is doing for them, and hopefully soon people will start to see that for themselves.


user comment
IncrediFan__: bro will you stfu about incrediman already? he is an AMERICAN LEGEND
not_from_Crey: I'm sure Crey would never send a hit squad after you for no reason! Did you consider that maybe you deserved it?
ken_m: incrediman has no right to blame mutants for the loss of our pumpkin spice lattes
IncrediFan__: @ken_m um what

< 02 SEP 2019 >

Hello again, Truthers! Today's update comes with some news that mainstream media, for whatever reason, seems to not want you to see.

For the past few days, I've been traveling all across the east coast following stories about a bunch of mutants across multiple states who all individually went missing on the same day. The police don't seem to be too concerned about these people, believing most of them to be runaways.

But... 32 separate mutant disappearances from Maine to Florida all within 24 hours? What's the likelihood of that? Nobody seems to be asking the bigger questions here, which is where Yours Truly is stepping in to take the lead.

The bigger question, in this case: are all of these disappearances connected?

My gut initially told me yes, but my gut isn't proof. At first glance, none of these mutants have much in common besides being a mutant. They come from all kinds of backgrounds, and live in completely different places. None of them know each other.

I did, however, discover an interesting detail about the places that these mutants live in. Crey Industries, a corporation which I'm sure many of you are aware is responsible for a lot of problems in Paragon City, set up a headquarters in all of these mutants' hometowns a month prior to their disappearance. Not only that, but there were no other new Crey offices built in any other locations in the last month other than the towns where mutants disappeared.

Crey has a lot of power, so if they are involved in the abduction of these mutants, it would explain why news networks aren't covering this. In that situation, posting this at all is likely to put me in danger, so everybody wish me luck. I'm going to do what I can to find these mutants one way or another.

I'll leave you with the following questions:
• How and why is Crey kidnapping mutants?
• Where has Crey taken them?

I'm working on the answers. I'll keep you guys posted.


user comment
fiteDaMan: Crey suxx! their evil af!!!!!!!
not_from_Crey: @fiteDaMan Crey does a lot of good in communities worldwide. If you go to you can learn about some of the amazing things they do for humankind! :)
fiteDaMan: @not_from_Crey yo u a bitch

< 28 AUG 2019 >

BEFORE I BEGIN: Just wanted to let you guys know that I got everything set up with the new host smoothly so I should be back in business! I'm sorry for going dark for so long, but I can assure you that you'll appreciate my grand return to the internet.


You're probably wondering about the title of this entry. I bet you're asking, "Faultline was a set up? Next he's going to tell me Tupac is still alive! This guy is out of his mind!"

(He is, by the way, at least I'm pretty sure. Unfortunately, that's a story for another time.)

I have just received some footage that reveals some grisly details about the big earthquake that tore up Overbrook in the 90's. My source, who will remain unnamed but is working directly with the registered superhero group The Neverenders on the investigation, tells me that the footage was retrieved from the base of the old group The Busters that was killed during the disaster. Apparently it is highly sought after by both Arachnos and the Sky Raiders, which alone should catch everybody's interest.

In the video, Faultline can be seen on screen talking to the original Incrediman and some other unknown person (both of whom are off-screen) about a device that seems to be the actual cause of the seismic activity. Incrediman can be heard on the footage instructing Faultline to detonate the devices and try to absorb the earthquake himself, which he obviously failed to do.

Questions that need answers:
• Did Incrediman know that he was sending Faultline to his death?
• Why didn't Incrediman tell anybody the earthquakes weren't Faultline's fault if he knew firsthand? Why let Faultline take the blame?
• Who was the mystery person in the video?
• Who made the device that caused the earthquake, and what happened to it?

Stay tuned for more as the story unfolds, Truthers. I can tell this one is only just beginning.


user comment
IncrediFan__: no way!! incredimaster would never do something like that on purpose!
fritz_official: The tapes are legit and completely undoctored, I confirmed them myself. Just FYI.
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