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{ played by @Jon }

NAME: Dustin Holmes
AGE: 21
SEX: Male

  • Powered technology in his suit that generates electricity to be released and used offensively.
  • High-tech bow that is powered by his suit, used to fire off a collection of custom-made trick arrow gadgets designed for technological sabotage.

The vast Holmes family fortune kept Dustin very sheltered from the harsh realities of life in Paragon City for most of his childhood. He grew up attending the best private schools and living a life of luxury that only billionaires can provide for their children. Dustin had a natural curiosity and a knack for learning that, when combined with his family’s near limitless resources, made it possible for him to pursue virtually any interest he had at any time he wanted.

In his early teens, he began experimenting with computer programming and robotics. Dustin, the hyper-competitive kid who prided himself on being smarter and better than others due to a distinct lack of attention from his affluent parents, quickly evolved this hobby into inventing new technologies that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Once he graduated high school, he took his tech to the streets as the vigilante Fritz in an attempt to compete with the big-name superheroes of Paragon City on just his intellect alone. If Dustin could make a name for himself among the super-powered elite, then surely his parents would finally notice him. As Fritz, he found his niche as a technological saboteur after building up a reputation for infiltrating high-security facilities and destroying dangerous tech that finds its way into the hands of bad people. Recently, Fritz has joined forces with The Neverenders to gain some heroic publicity.


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