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AVALANCHE (Damian Snow)

gdH6JkZ.png uZhBjtZ.png Invulnerability / Ice Melee

The Aspect of Ice, one of many human vessels chosen to wield primordial magic meant to protect the Earth. After a rocky start to his hero career and some time away from Paragon City, he's determined to do it right this time.


ELYSIAN (Raziel, All-High Guardian of Genesis and Enforcer of Elysium)

gdH6JkZ.png LKg1NMm.png Dual Blades / Radiation Armor

A warrior from the mythical realm of Elysium, a paradise afterlife powered by a wellspring of raw creation magic called Genesis that he uses to traverse the cosmos. He is tasked with restoring order to a universe filled with chaos.
Member of The Protectorate.


FRITZ (Dustin Holmes)

bD7Wl8z.png AA2tqUb.png Electrical Blast / Trick Arrow

A young inventor & technological saboteur from a wealthy estate who joined the ranks of heroes in Paragon City primarily in an attempt to earn his parents' pride. He has become a mild internet sensation through self-released videos of his heroics.
Member of The Neverenders.


LIMBO (Ethan Holloway)

ODcZDy6.png DoMwZrO.png Darkness Control / Empathy

A normal guy who died and was resurrected without his soul, leaving him in a state between life and death and giving him control over the forces of both. Despite all of his best efforts, he seems to be completely unable to permanently die.
Founding member of The Vanquishers.


MYSTERY (Mateo Ortega)

gdH6JkZ.png AA2tqUb.png Fire Blast / Radiation Emission

A journalist cursed with the power to see truth wherever he looks, which has lead him down a spiral-shaped path of adventurous insanity through his efforts to uncover the infinite secrets of Paragon City. His conspiracy blog exposes whatever truth he finds.
Resident of Cliffside Avenue.


AIRWAVE (Sebastian Breaux)

Wli0c1M.png bSF2IgH.png Sonic Attack / Traps

A burglar-for-hire whose equipment allows him to hijack satellite and radio signals, giving him a constant stream of information that he can use to avoid trouble from authorities and reliably keep himself off the grid.


AMNESTY (Aiden Ray)

8VgY2mU.png 3YemBEs.png Staff Fighting / Dark Armor

A U.S. government super-soldier program created him to be the perfect assassin, capable of melding into shadows to kill targets without detection. They couldn't keep him contained, however, and now he's pursuing his own agenda on behalf of his country.


BANDANA (Gunner Sterling)

8VgY2mU.png jUtmYLy.png Umbral Blast / Umbral Aura

An outlaw from the late 1800s who got abducted by aliens and experimented on, giving him strange cosmic power. After escaping their custody, he's been wandering the universe for years searching for a way back home to Earth.


BOTSWORTH (Botsworth MODEL-F000)

bD7Wl8z.png 0k5UJdL.png Robotics / Force Field

A robotic butler invented by Fritz whose design revolves solely around assisting its owner with menial tasks. Due to someone secretly sabotaging its programming, it has become equally as dangerous as it is oppressively controlling.


CLAM (Unknown)

ODcZDy6.png uZhBjtZ.png Shield Defense / Savage Melee

The unfortunate result of using experimental growth hormones to make clam livestock more delicious. Using the clam farm that created him as his sanctuary, he goes to great lengths to protect his clammy kin from humankind.


DRAKE (Adam Love)

JcFEnyv.png XtheKwr.png Fiery Melee / Shield Defense

A pyrokinetic mutant whose martial arts prowess has allowed him to build up a cult following of students over the years. He and his Draconic clan have taken on an imperial approach to conquering the global criminal underworld.


GRANDEUR (Marlon Marbot)

SDsHd8C.png dBbqAQj.png Night Widow Training / Widow Teamwork

A man whose royal lineage gave him access to enormous wealth and power, which he used to make himself into the most badass super-spy the world has ever known to cure his boredom. He's only in it for for the thrill, and that makes him dangerous.


GUERILLA (Unknown)

ODcZDy6.png 0k5UJdL.png Mercenaries / Pain Domination

A gorilla who developed an advanced mind through a U.S. military program that gave super-soldier serum to animals. He escaped and spent several years building his own loyal militia by psychically dominating mercenaries to use as his puppets.
Member of The Pact.
Battle Lines


HYDRANT (A.Q.U.A. - Advanced Quenching Unmanned Automaton)

Wli0c1M.png N7lg3Uw.png Storm Summoning / Water Blast

An early fire department firefighter drone prototype who realized way too quickly that one of the most efficient ways to fight fires is the complete elimination what it sees as the primary cause of almost all fires: the entire human race.


MAGNET (Isaac O'Neill)

8VgY2mU.png X1XycqC.png Electric Control / Martial Assault

A physicist who electrified the cells of his body through self-experimentation in a last-ditch effort to save his university career. It didn't work, but his new electromagnetic powers gave him the tools he needed to get revenge and find a new line of work.


MAXIMAL (Samuel Strong)

bD7Wl8z.png zq005RO.png Super Strength / Energy Aura

A man who outfitted himself with countless cybernetic enhancements out of a vain desire to make himself into the most perfect human specimen that has ever existed. At some point along the way, he lost the parts of himself that kept him human.


OTHER (Dr. Skip Babel)

gdH6JkZ.png DoMwZrO.png Illusion Control / Dark Affinity

A skilled scientist whose sanity and humanity was stolen by an ancient, malevolent force of magic called the Other when he got stranded in its native realm. He now works as its pawn, helping it break down dimensional barriers to spread it consume new worlds.



HmPIgjM.png y8dGKYY.png Luminous Blast / Luminous Aura

A cosmic being of pure, divine radiance who is worshiped as the One True God by many civilizations spanning across the entire universe. He's no god, though... he's an alien parasite who thrives off of the psychological sustenance of prayer.


PRO (Unknown, A.K.A. Chad Bitt)

HmPIgjM.png Acv05hL.png Dual Pistols / Super Reflexes

A highly-skilled agent for a secret organization called F.O.R.C.E. that monitors superheroes all over the planet. After growing tired of bureaucracy getting in the way of his work, he took over F.O.R.C.E. to try a more hands on approach at super regulation.


REANIMATOR (Dr. Benedict McCobb)

8VgY2mU.png 0k5UJdL.png Necromancy / Poison

A mad scientist who is obsessed with trying to find a cure for death. He may have lost his medical license and academic qualifications over his illegal experimental procedures, but that doesn't stop him from playing god anyway.


SLASHER (Mason Pflueger)

kEt2JtW.png 3YemBEs.png Broad Sword / Invulnerability

A malevolent spirit who haunts Camp Hardwood, which was opened on the site of a series of horrendous murders he committed decades ago. Until recently, he was unable to manifest in the physical world; now, however, he can, and he uses this new power to kill.


STARTUP (Jude Warren)

JcFEnyv.png UAiiQCO.png Assault Rifle / Mental Manipulation

A technopathic mutant who is able to communicate with technology and get it to do things well beyond what it is functionally designed to do. He is assisted by an on-board A.I. named P.A.L. that is connected directly to his subconscious.


SUSPENSE (Kingston Vo)

kEt2JtW.png 3YemBEs.png Dark Melee / Ninjitsu

That feeling you get when you're walking alone at night down a poorly-lit street in a bad part of town? That's him. He's the most recent recipient of an ancient curse on his family's bloodline that has plagued him and his ancestors for generations.


SWAMPED (Everton Hill)

JcFEnyv.png zLlvvfc.png Plant Control / Kinetics

A young, amphibious mutant from Louisiana who has established his own personal kingdom in the swamps there. He can control plant life through the secretion of special pheromones, and he uses these powers to keep regular folks away from his home.


TOUGH GUY (Mack Zelenski)

llEkcwJ.png zq005RO.png Energy Melee / Bio Armor

The toughest guy there is! ...or so he likes to claim. His mutation gives him a dense musculature that he can supercharge on a cellular level to make his punches extra painful, and his DNA adapts to every foe he fights. He's a one-man demolition crew.


UNDERMINER (Jericho Pruitt)

gdH6JkZ.png zq005RO.png Battle Axe / Stone Armor

While mining on his family's property in search of gold, he discovered caves full of strange, magical crystals. An accident left him trapped down beneath the Earth inside those caves, and the magic of the crystals transformed him into, well, a mole-man.


WEBMASTER (Kenneth Rockwell)

Wli0c1M.png 2IXF9kW.png Crab Spider Soldier / Crab Spider Training

A megalomaniac who built himself a villainous empire out of helping promising super-criminals escape prison and giving them the skills they need to make it big in the Isles. He is cybernetically wired into the internet at all times.


WILD STREAK (Ryan Price)

JcFEnyv.png GF69yDT.png Beast Mastery / Sonic Resonance

A rambunctious Floridian DJ who transforms into an outrageous feral creature when his adrenaline spikes. His mutation also gives him the ability to manipulate sound with his voice, which he is able to use to communicate with animals.


WOODSMOKE (Woody Woodward)

llEkcwJ.png zq005RO.png Spines / Fiery Aura

An aggressive bully with an alcohol problem whose mutant powers turned him into a monster when they manifested. Hellions taught him to embrace the Satanic nature of his powers, so he did... but Satan's not responsible for his inner evil. It's all him.
Member of Sinister Squad.
Woodsmoke Goes to the Dentist


ZERO CHILL (Presley Templeton)

bD7Wl8z.png AA2tqUb.png Ice Blast / Time Manipulation

A hyper-intelligent nerd who built a suit of armor that can cool things down to absolute zero, allowing him to freeze time itself. He wastes his enormous potential on being petty and hunting down the people who picked on him in high-school.
Member of Hateful Hundred.

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