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Cross Strike.jpg
Cross Strike
Player: @Miss Jasmine




Threat Level:


Personal Data
Real Name:

Mina Cross

Known Aliases:




Date of Birth:

22 December 1991




Ladies so don't tell

Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Wooden Brown

Biographical Data

Mixed Caucasian/African American



Place of Birth:

Crey Labs

Base of Operations:

Paragon City, Rhode Island

Marital Status:

In a relationship with Paladin Jameson

Known Relatives:
  • Jasmine Cross (Sister)
  • Julia Cross (Mother)
  • Damian Locke (Half-Brother)
  • Alexis Cross (Cousin)
  • Alexander Cross (Uncle)
  • ReneĆ© Cross (Aunt)
Additional Data
Known Powers:
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Regeneration
  • Empathy
  • Time Control
Known Abilities:

Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

Known Equipment:

Two white gloves containing impervium plates on the back, utility belt with a communicator

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Cross Strike was originally created to be used as a weapon of war. Since her rescue, she has learned to be her own person, despite her memories being that of someone else. She is transitioning from innocent teenage girl to a mature young woman by learning what it means to be a hero while keeping a positive attitude for others and herself.



Mina is outgoing, upbeat and positive. While she tries to maintain her positive attitude, she has her own flaws as well. She is vulnerable to those she cares the most about. When she feels hurt, she can become irrational and short tempered. Above everything, she is still an adolescent learning what it is to be an adult. She is still naive when it comes to many dangers, but she remains open minded and willing to learn. She knows when she is wrong and will admit this without hesitation.

Abilities and Limitations

Energy is found in everything in our world; from the smallest living organism to the phenomena of stars, nova, supernova, quasars and gamma ray bursts in the universe beyond. Mina has the ability to draw energy from any resource and has the potential to manipulate that energy to her will. Mina knows how to channel energy into the physical body, for herself and others.

Physical Combat - Mina can draw energy into her physical strikes. She can only channel a limited amount, but it is enough to turn the force of a regular attack into a large car or truck colliding into her target. With the use of her skills from Tae Kwon Do, she can unleash devastating attacks. She also has the ability to release the energy into a projectile, however she has to strain herself in order to do so.

Regeneration - In addition, Mina can channel the energy she draws upon into herself. This allows increased regeneration, heightened senses and other benefits. Mina has a high level of regeneration, but she is still susceptible to the dangers as a regular human would be. For example, if she were to be hit by a car. A normal person would take several weeks to recover. However, Mina would be able to heal within a day's time. Her regeneration, for an unknown reason, is hindered by fire. As a result, any foe with fire abilities or weaponry she goes against, she has to be extra careful. She can also project her regeneration abilities into others, but she has to strain herself for this to be done as well.

Empathy - Empathy covers a broad spectrum from creating an emotion in another person; experiencing emotions that match another person's; knowing what the other person is thinking or feeling, to blurring the line between self and other. She can feel and change the emotions and feelings of others. It is limited to people that she is close to such as friends, family and team mates of her super group. She is not able to use her ability on complete strangers. Her potential with this ability is unknown.


Family, Friends and Allies

(This will be through Mina's perspective)

Jasmine Cross - "That's my sister. She is seriously my best friend. I will always say the moment I first saw her, when she rescued me from the Crey Lab, I instantly loved her. I owe my life to her in many ways. It would not be the same without her. I am thankful for her, every day."

Alexis Cross - "My super smart, always busy cousin. She is one of the leaders in my super group! She is wicked awesome in everything she does. I love her like another sister. She just really needs to learn to slow down and not work so much."

Sir Jameson - "He's the love of my life. When he hurts, I hurt. When he's happy, I'm happy. When he moves, I move with him. I've never felt anything like this before. He's so much more than a boyfriend, He's my heart. I'm so in love."

Jessie Bearpaw - "BFF!! She is the coolest person I know! She is also one of the leaders of my group. I always have fun with Crowsie. She is so awesome, funny and caring at the same time. Life is so much better with a little Crow Call in my life. Thank you for being awesome BFF!"

Dinah Geof-Craigs - "Can you say celebrity? Dinah is amazing and always there. Whenever you need her, just call. Not to mention awesome sense of style?! I told her that I so want to mimic her awesome look of leather. Rawr! Hehe."

Joseph - "Joseph is so like transformers, he's more than meets the eye. Seriously, I could never figure this guy out, but he's totally family. He's also always there in the creepy way where you can't hear him coming. He's become such a pillar of support that I am very thankful to have met him. I hope I can be for him what he's been for me. I inspire to be like him in battle. He kicks some serious butt!"

Mike Logan - "Mister Logan is seriously like the big brother I never had. He gave Sir Jameson the shovel speech. I mean seriously! The shovel speech? Dude! He can be hard headed and crazy emo sometimes, but that's not too far from my sister, Haha! We don't always agree, but the one thing I will never doubt is his love, care and support. He needs to come around more often. It's been awhile."

Adam Michael Fairfield - "Adam has serious issues, but who doesn't know that. I only considered him my sister's friend, but when Jasmine went missing, he seriously stepped up. I learned a lot about him and he's honestly not bad at all. He just has a lot of demons to face. He's not just my ally, he's also my friend."

Caitlin Miller-Hewitt - "Miss Cat is awesome. I totally got to know her more when I was baby sitting her cutie twins! She's like my second mom, so full of love and ready to kick anyone's ass that even looks at you the wrong way."

Gold Falcon - "I so look up to mister Falcon. He's not only my leader but also my mentor."

Xeno - "So Joseph and I have this joke that Xeno's ethnicity is awesome, or something like that. I mean seriously, everything about him is awesome! I'm wicked thankful that he is in my life. He is so supportive and so nice and cool and he has epic hugs! He's just so...awesome!"

Iea - I remember the first time I met Iea and we just totally clicked. She is so pretty, has awesome style and a great personality! Rock those hips girl!

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