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Character Build
Origin: Originicon magic.png
Archetype: Archetypeicon scrapper.png
Security Level:
Veteran Level 30
Biographical Data
Real Name:
Malcolm Everleigh
Known Aliases:
Sir Lion-Heart, Codename Lion-Heart, The Ferryman, Friend to the Dead, the Liverpool Liberator
Human Incarnate
October 31st, 1981
London, England
Simon Everleigh (adoptive father)
6' 2"
217 lbs
Physical Build:
Muscular Athletic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active:
4 Years in Royal Marines, 6 Years in Special Boat Service, 4 Years as Lion-Heart
Base of Operations: Confidential
British Citizen
BA from Oxford University, Royal Marine Officer Training from Britannia Royal Naval College, Special Forces training from Special Boat Service
Superhero, Champion of Hades
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
Indestructible Weapon, Super Sharp Weapon, Debilitating Wounds, Weapon Summoning, Divination, Illumination, Negative Energy Blasts, Spirit Summoning, Minor Ballistics Protection
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Feralis, Stygian Stalk, Armored Costume, Rebreather, IFAK, Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, TacPhone, Various Weapons
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Lion-Heart stands upright, chest out, at an impressive six feet and five inches. Even in battle, the man almost always wears an even, measured smile. His sky-blue eyes glimmer with a mix of maturity and mischief. In fact, one could say this hero's entire demeanor is a constant contest between amusement and seriousness. One gets the impression from the way Lion-Heart carries himself that he enjoys what he does. He walks with the grace of a man well-taught in both martial arts and dance. His broad shoulders never slump, despite the figurative weight he carries upon them.

His costume is an eye-catching homage to the United Kingdom's own Union Jack, with a golden lion rampant squarely blazoned upon his chest. Gold-coloured pauldrons protect the hero's shoulders, and thick brown leather boots clothe his feet, thick gloves; his hands. His belt is also made of strong leather, and his blade Feralis hangs from it in its scabbard. The figure-fitting costume does well in showing off the man's hard-won physique, though his navy-coloured mask obscures many of his features. Chief among them is Lion-Heart's closely cropped and well-styled blond hair.

Depending on the needs of any given mission, Lion-Heart may don extra armor, camouflaged costumes, or amphibious gear, such as a rebreather and air tank.

Outside of his fantastic costume, Lion-Heart much prefers stylish dresswear. Rarely does he go without a collared shirt, jacket, and tie, unless he is at home or engaging in exercise. Malcolm insists on looking his best, at all times, and as such rarely goes without shaving or a haircut when his blond mane has grown too long.

Lion-Heart speaks as he fights and as he loves: gracefully and with just the right application of force. He can be captivating speaker; his voice is deep and pleasant to listen to, and his Queen's English is nearly perfect. Though never verbose, some may see Lion-Heart as overly flowery in his words nonetheless, especially those in the United States. He speaks as someone well-educated, and more than that, someone who cares about the words coming out of his mouth.



Lion-Heart, despite the sometimes grim and brutal nature of his work, remains steadfastly positive. It is rare to see the man without even a slight smile on his face, even while cutting down the worst the planet has to offer. Lion-Heart is always armed with a wry comment, or playful sarcasm. Some may read it as cynicism or aloofness - but nothing could be further from the truth. Lion-Heart is deeply committed to his work. But he sees that as no excuse not to allow some measure of brevity. Only in the most dire straits does Lion-Heart's smile disappear. When things have truly gone wrong, when real tragedy strikes, Lion-Heart is the picture of the classic "stiff upper lip". His life is made of danger and sacrifice, and there's no sense in wavering when it comes time to embrace either.

That being said, those who get to know Lion-Heart will find that he is not so stiff and uptight as one may assume. He is duty-bound and believes in the utility of rules and traditions. However, he's also something of a free spirit, and knows that structure has its limits. He's all-in with regards to Queen & Country, truth & justice, etc. but very much values his operational autonomy, as well as his leisure time. He regularly chastises, in his own roundabout, playful way, those that rail against the rules, while knowing full well that all rules - even ethical ones - have their limits. Lion-Heart sees himself as navigating the balance between order and chaos, both personally and cosmically.

To say Lion-Heart is a consummate Englishman would be mostly accurate. He sees being a 'gentleman' as a worthwhile pursuit, and pursues it with every fiber of his being. He believes in being physically, mentally, and morally powerful. He not only spends time honing his combat skills, of which he has mastered many, but also diving into classic and not-so-classic literature, film, and music especially. Few know that Lion-Heart is as good with piano keys as he is with a sword.

Lion-Heart even treats his enemies with grace, when appropriate. He seldom kicks an enemy while they're down. It isn't sporting, after all. There are many classic aphorisms that describe Lion-Heart, but one that nears the top of the list would be "Manners maketh man".

Powers & Abilities

  • Military Training - Before he assumed the mantle of Lion-Heart, Malcolm Everleigh was a member of the Special Boat Service, the United Kingdom’s premier maritime special forces. Before that, he was an officer in the Royal Marines. So Lion-Heart is a military man, with exceptional discipline and training in the skills of marksmanship, wilderness survival, amphibious assault, tactics, fieldcraft, and hostage rescue, among others.
  • Spycraft - Lion-Heart’s time with the SBS and relationship with British Intelligence have imparted a few skills normally reserved for the best spies. Lion-Heart is fluent in multiple languages, and quite good at mimicking accents. He is a capable chameleon and knows enough about makeup and costuming to assume another identity. He is an accomplished stealth operator, when he needs to be, and has on multiple occasions infiltrated Arachnos and Council installations for reconnaissance or sabotage. Though these skills might suggest Lion-Heart is something of a superspy, he rarely remains undercover for long, and is more of a commando than a secret agent.
  • Martial Arts - His time with the SBS and working around the globe have given Lion-Heart time to practice many forms of martial arts. The man is an excellent boxer and master of the Special Boat Service’s own hand-to-hand techniques. He also has limited but useful experience with Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and medieval martial arts in the form of swordfighting. Even before taking charge of Feralis, Malcolm had received training in the sword during his younger years, and belonged to a medieval society that honed his abilities.
  • Stygian Durability - Not the man, but the weapon: quenched in the River Styx, Lion-Heart's weapon Feralis is indestructible to the means of mortal men.
  • Adamantine Edge - The blade is known chiefly for being able to cut through anything. Stone and steel alike cannot resist Feralis’ edge. The only things that can are Impervium, albeit temporarily, and other weapons and artifacts of similar magical power.
  • Sting of Sorrow - Those who survive a cut from the sword begin to understand why it is named Cruelty. There is physical pain, like any wound, but also debilitating regret and sorrow, as if the sword can wound the very soul of its victim.
  • Fealty of the Unseen One - When Lion-Heart took charge of Feralis, it became attuned to him, and only him. The sword cannot be separated from him overlong, because with a simple command, the weapon will travel of its own accord to his hands, no matter the distance. Almost intelligently, it can navigate a forest or an underground complex to find its master. If a door or other barrier is strong enough, Feralis will simply adhere to it, as if magnetic, until it can find its owner again. Lion-Heart often utilizes this ability to throw his sword at an enemy, before calling it back.
  • Weight of the Worthy - Those who attempt to take Feralis from Lion-Heart are in for heavy duty disappointment. In any hands that are not Lion-Heart’s, the weapon suddenly becomes heavy and unwieldy. It takes every opportunity to slip free of an impostor’s grip and the higher one lifts it from the ground, the heavier it gets.
  • Charon’s Compass - The sword has divining abilities, and can be used to point the way towards items or even people of interest. Generally, the sword’s target must already be well-known to its master. It cannot tell him what he should look for, but it can indicate where something or someone is, if he truly seeks their location. The sword is never wrong - but the simple act of pointing isn’t exactly laser accurate, either. Feralis could pick someone out of a crowd, but couldn’t do the same to someone in a crowd fifty miles away, for instance.
  • Charon’s Light - When faced with absolute darkness, Feralis can light the way. Almost as if toying with its wielder, the light is dim. In fact, this ability was intended to light the way of the living without disturbing the dead. This means that the light emitted from Feralis’ blade is something akin to magical nightvision: Lion-Heart and his allies may see what the light reveals, but to another observer? They remain in darkness.
  • Judgment of Tartarus - Lion-Heart can reveal his ties to the Underworld in terrifying fashion if the situation requires. Feralis can be made to unleash just a glimpse into the realm of Tartarus, which is enough to sap the very souls of Lion-Heart’s enemies with negative energy. Sometimes it can destroy them outright. Even Nemesis automatons and Council robots suffer rust and decay under this wash of dark energy. Only Lion-Heart and those who resist looking upon this grim display escape the blast, though all are at risk for, if nothing else, a brief pall of negative emotions, such as foreboding or apathy.
  • Balm of Elysium - Opposite to the faintest hint of Tartarus wracking his foes with darkness, Lion-Heart may also call on his connection to the Underworld and allow just a touch of Elysium into the mortal realm. Even the barest bit of that place brings renewed hope and rejuvenation to Lion-Heart and his allies.
  • Memento Mori - In his time of need, Lion-Heart use a blood libation to call upon the spirits of dead warriors to aid him in the world of the living. These may take the form of Greek or Roman soldiers, English Knights, or even redcoats of the colonial era.


  • Feralis - This sword, heretofore unknown to mythology and history, was forged by Hephaestus in secret after the Olympians’ war with the Titans. It has only been wielded by one other, who remains anonymous to this day. The sword, whose name means Cruelty, carries a terrible cost that gives even Hades reason to pause. Other names for the weapon include the Unknown Blade, the Black Blade of Plouton, and the Forgotten Blade.
  • The Stygian Stalk - Given to Lion-Heart by Persephone, this is a single sprig of wheat whose seeds, when eaten, restore one’s health. Spirits are lifted, wounds are healed, often overnight, and diseases can be cured by this miraculous shoot of wheat. However, the seeds will only grow back if the wheat is returned to the soil of the Underworld, where Lion-Heart may only return once a year. This means that Lion-Heart may call upon the wheat’s healing properties about fifty times before having to replenish the miraculous plant. As one might imagine, the hero is careful with his supply.
  • Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife - Inherited from his days as a Royal Marine is Lion-Heart's fondness for the F-S fighting knife. The weapon is a double edged, dagger-like weapon with a slender, seven inch blade, perfect for surprise attack and fighting. Lion-Heart keeps one in his boot at all times.
  • Webley Mark VI Revolver - The service revolver for British armed forces through both world wars, this weapon is as much a collector's item as it is Lion-Heart's preferred sidearm. It fires the more modern .45 ACP cartridges, and Lion-Heart keeps one as a display piece in his office.
  • SPP-1 Underwater Pistol - For amphibious ops, Lion-Heart prefers the Soviet SPP-1 over the Hechler & Koch P11 for its reliability and ability to be reloaded on site, as opposed to being sent back to the manufacturer to be reloaded. The SPP-1 has four barrels, each of which fires a .18 caliber steel dart, perfect for short-range in combat under or near water.
  • Tactical Phone - Lion-Heart's tacphone is a smartphone device like any other, only ruggedized and hardened to deal with the harsh nature of his work.
  • Individual First Aid Kit - The IFAK is standard military issue first aid pouch, complete with a 16 gauge needle (for treating tension pneumothorax), nasopharyngeal airway tube, vacuum sealed gauze, a tourniquet, Israeli dressings, exam gloves, Quik Clot Combat Gauze dressings, and Asherman chest seals. Lion-Heart believes in being prepared, and relying on his Stygian Stalk for all his wounds is a recipe for disaster.
  • 1978 Aston Martin V8 Series 3 (Modified) - This classic mix of muscle and luxury is imported directly from jolly old England, and heavily modified. It's a grand tourer style vehicle with a 2-door coupe configuration, FR layout, a 5.3 liter V8 engine, and a ZF 5-speed manual transmission. While authentic in most ways, the vehicle sports bulletproof glass, reinforced chassis, run-flat tires, hidden compartments for weapons and first aid, radio and telecomm units, GPS, alterable license plates, and improved heads-up-display on the dashboard and the windshield.



8h8rhtJl.jpg m0yo1khl.jpg

  • The Lion’s Den - Malcolm has made his home in Founders Falls, and chosen an older, but no less upscale apartment building. He sometimes refers to it as his "Lion's Den". The Den is a loft style apartment with tall ceilings and windows just as high, with a dining room, living area, kitchen, and patio on the main level, and on the second is Malcolm's bedroom, office, and bathroom. There are certainly apartments with greater square footage in Paragon City, and a better view, but it suits Malcolm just fine. While he doesn't spend as much time there as he'd like, he had managed to make it his. Dozens of artifacts and pieces of art line the apartment's walls, ranging from authentic Polynesian tribal masks to reclaimed Nemesis weaponry. Lion-Heart is rather obsessed with collecting the rare and the unique and it shows, from the first editions on his bookshelves to the statue of Cerberus watching over his patio. You could spend hours simply enjoying Malcolm's collection, if not his company.


  • Only Human - It seems fitting that the "Incarnate of Hades" should be the most mortal of the demigods. Lion-Heart receives great powers from the gifts of Hades and Persephone, but immortality and invulnerability are not among them. Malcolm is perhaps tougher than the average male, and his experience has played a part in that. Without the healing of the Stygian Stalk, Lion-Heart is roughly as susceptible to bodily harm and disease as any human.
  • Beck and Call - In his heart of hearts, Malcolm strives for good when he can, and confronts evil as much as he is able. It's no surprise that after his encounter with the God of the Underworld that he chose to use his powers to that end. But beneath his crusade against evil, is his sworn oath to Hades. For him to continue wielding the Forgotten Blade, he must remain true to his word. So if he can pursue a lead on the Hidden Hand or the Helm of Darkness? He must pursue it, above all else, because Hades demands it. He's a stickler for the rules like that.
  • Fighting Fire With Fire - In many ways, Lion-Heart is uniquely armed to deal with the mystic and arcane. But he is no acolyte in the great disciplines. He was chosen by great magical power, not the other way around. Thus, while he is far more privy to the arcane than your average citizen, he is mostly ignorant. Furthermore, his sword and stalk offer him great defense against magical enemies, like any other, but are not uniquely suited to that purpose. So magic would seem to be both the source of Lion-Heart's power and a rather wide blind spot, open to exploitation.
  • The Cost of Cruelty - None but Hades and Lion-Heart know what price the hero paid to wield the devastating Feralis. Those close to Lion-Heart may get the sense it is a curse of sorts, and those inspecting the grim blade with a mystic lens may also come away with that impression. But what exactly will happen - or is happening - to Lion-Heart remains a mystery. Given how well and often he dances around the subject, it would seem to be a rather delicate topic. One of the very few.



When a man comes face-to-face with Hades himself, it pays to be polite.

The day Malcolm Everleigh found himself in the Underworld, standing alive and breathing before Hades and his consort Persephone, was his last day in the British Special Boat Service. Of all people, the Lord of the Underworld had given him a new purpose.

The Hidden Hand, an abominable wretch of a supervillain whose life’s work was the cheating of death itself, had just slain Malcolm’s entire squad. But perhaps worse than that, he had managed to breach the realm of the dead and steal the legendary Helm of Darkness. Now the Hidden Hand was invisible to both man and god, free to pursue his ruinous plans in absolute secrecy.

It was vengeance for his men that brought Malcolm to the house of Hades before his time, and it would be justice again that allowed him to leave. By lovely Persephone’s intercession, Hades agreed to let Malcolm leave the gloomy depths alive and with his blessing, but only if he agreed to destroy the Hidden Hand and return his treasure to the Underworld. Malcolm agreed, swearing himself to Hades’ service in much the same way the knights of old might do.

The two gods each bequeathed upon Malcolm a gift to aid him: Persephone, a stalk of wheat from Stygian soil, to sustain Malcolm when nothing else could, and Hades, a sword whose awesome powers carried with them a terrible cost...which Malcolm paid forthrightly.

Malcolm Everleigh emerged from the depths as a new man, with a new purpose. With his sword and stalk, he wandered Eurasia for years in search of the Hidden Hand. He could find almost no trace of the monster, but he was unable to resist the call to adventure as he traveled from place to place. So Malcolm began to dabble in crimefighting and heroic good deeds while on the hunt.

Eventually a simple disguise became a costume. Then a costume became an identity. In his youth, as an orphan, Malcolm thrilled to the exploits of England’s own Hero 1. It seemed a fitting role model, even after all these years, considering that Malcolm now had a magical sword of his own, and he was certainly English enough.

Given that he spent more and more time away from old England, Malcolm dubbed himself “Lion-Heart”. Like that crusading king of old, Malcolm had his own mission that would keep him far from home, perhaps for the rest of his life.

Lion-Heart still seeks the Hidden Hand to this day, meanwhile righting the wrongs that he can. His quest has since brought him to America, in Paragon City. The world has come to know him as a swashbuckling superhero comprised of equal parts panache and grace, and many have actually likened him to the Arthurian Hero 1 due to Lion-Heart's accomplishments during the Praetorian invasion. Lion-Heart only wishes he could live up to such a high standard in his time...and be remembered for it.


  • The Grey Osprey - Lion-Heart and the inimitable Grey Osprey met while working with a small team of heroes on alleviating the PPD's workload. While working on disparate assignments, Lion-Heart took a liking to her dry sense of humor and skill with a bow, if not the curves of her figure. Meanwhile, Osprey seemed to think his accent and way of speaking was "adorable". The two have since bumped into each other multiple times on patrol, and have aided each other in quashing the Carnival of Shadows' recruitment, and taking the fight to the Council's doorstep in Striga Isle. They've also shared more than a few drinks and a handful of more tender moments, and what they don't know is that they've met without costumes on several occasions. Time will tell what this spells for their future as allies.
  • Captain Moreau - Captain Moreau of Longbow was one of the first major allies Lion-Heart made in Paragon City. Much like the Grey Osprey, Lion-Heart and Captain Moreau met during a team effort to respond to PPD scanner reports, resulting in more than a few Clockwork finding their way to the scrapheap. Now the two are on one another's speed dial, and team up when the opportunity arises. Moreau is Lion-Heart's main contact at Longbow, and serves as a good reference should Lion-Heart ever require that organization's help.
  • Citizen Thirteen - Though uncertain at first, these two super soldiers became fast allies while attending to Council activity on Peregrine Island. If Lion-Heart is a paragon of the Englishman, then Citizen Thirteen is the picture of America most around the world imagine: gruff, forthright, rugged, and practical. Though he brings something of a cowboy aesthetic to his demeanor, he's no less serious than Lion-Heart when it comes to getting the job done, and certainly no less willing to do what it takes.
  • "Hugs" - A friend (and roommate) of Citizen Thirteen's, Lion-Heart and "Hugs" aren't friends, per se, but the Brit considers the insectoid creature an ally, if nothing else. Hugs is eccentric and peculiar, acting as a great foil to Citizen Thirteen, and quite capable of wielding just as many weapons and explosives as their counterpart. Always keen to add their peculiar observations to the discussion, Lion-Heart, while perhaps a touch wary of the insectoid's proclivity for violence, nevertheless considers Hugs an asset.
  • Lavender Moon - Intrigued, if not alarmed, by Lavender's ties to Arachnos after meeting her in Founders Falls, Lion-Heart figured they would never meet again. But as fate would have it, these two later encountered one another in Atlas Park. Lavender and her friends joined Lion-Heart in turning the tables on a detachment of Malta Operatives who wished to trap Lion-Heart as retaliation for his strikes against them on Peregrine Island, before shifting gears and rallying around a call by Admiral Sutter to strike Council forces on Striga Isle.
  • British Intelligence - After the Praetorian Invasion and Lion-Heart's heroics during the occupation of Liverpool, those at British Intelligence approached Lion-Heart and appealed to his sense of patriotism. Though his hunt for the Hidden Hand could not be forestalled, it was also a tedious and time-consuming task. Surely some heroics on the side for Queen & Country wouldn't hurt? Well, while they did hurt from time to time, they hurt England's enemies a hell of a lot more. On more than one occasion, MI6 has pointed, and Lion-Heart has infiltrated, stabbed, shot, sabotaged, detonated, and harassed enemies of the Crown. Almost all of these operations were clandestine in nature, and though often bloody, Lion-Heart always refused assignments that violated his code of ethics - or stymied his hunt for the Hidden Hand.
  • Vanguard - Despite Vanguard's somewhat conflicted reputation, Lion-Heart is a major supporter of the organization. He lived through the Rikti War and saw its many horrors. His idol, Hero 1, proved the need for Vanguard when he and Omega Team sacrificed themselves to halt the Rikti onslaught. Though not an active member, Lion-Heart aids Vanguard whenever possible. He may be dead set on finding the Hidden Hand, but the Rikti threaten the entire planet, and must be contained. The fact that Vanguard employs so-called "villains" alongside heroes makes no difference to him. When it comes to saving the world, Lion-Heart doesn't believe in turning away help, even if you have to keep your eye on them.
  • The Midnight Squad - Since Lion-Heart's hunt for the Hidden Hand began, he has consulted many a mystic for aid, though even the magically gifted cannot easily see one that wears the Helm of Darkness. Nevertheless, the Midnight Squad became one of Lion-Heart's favored sources of information after the Praetorian Invasion exposed him to many new contacts in the superhero world. Though they have yet to seize on any hard leads, the Midnight Squad continues to be a treasure trove of information for Lion-Heart, and considers the club of scholars to be important allies.


  • The Hidden Hand - The villain known only as the Hidden Hand is a vexing creature. He is neither mage nor necromancer, yet he commands immense power over life and death. He is no leader of secret armies or clandestine societies, and yet he never seems to run out of servants, and possesses contacts around the world who live in absolute fear of him. Rumor has it he can kill a man with but a look, and yet almost no one knows he exists. The havoc this malevolence wreaks is far subtler and quieter than the misdeeds of other supervillains, and yet the Hidden Hand's evil actions stretch back decades, perhaps a century or more. Those who encounter him live with the memory for the rest of their days - if they survive. The Hidden Hand is a man - or used to be a man - whose power over death itself has warped his very nature. Some may consider him undead, though perhaps "half-dead" is more accurate. His abilities stem from two artifacts: the Book of Death, an arcane tome whose knowledge is so profound it injures or even kills those who attempt to read from it, and the Helm of Darkness, that heirloom of Hades which makes the Hidden Hand invisible to both god and man. None can say what his ultimate goal is, but what is clear is that the Hidden Hand leaves many dead and maimed in his stead, and Lion-Heart aims to put an end to it. The world has enough death to contend with already.
  • Arachnos
  • The Fifth Column
  • The Council
  • Nemesis



Roleplaying Hooks


  • Lion-Heart is an accomplished musician, starting as far back as his adolescence. Since those days, he's become proficient in the guitar, piano, cello, and though untrained, he has a pleasant singing voice to boot. He's particularly fond of sea shanties and old drinking songs.
  • Lion-Heart was knighted by the Queen of England for his valor during the Praetorian Invasion. As such, his proper name in-costume is Sir Lion-Heart, though he would never require another to use this honorific. Strangely enough, the honor does not pass down to Malcolm Everleigh, as his identity is still secret, even to the Crown.
  • In the United Kingdom many refer to Lion-Heart as the "Liverpool Liberator" for his part in ousting Praetorian invaders from the port city of Liverpool. He led a coalition of superheroes and special forces from around the world into occupied Liverpool, past Praetorian defenses, and proceeded to harass them with extreme prejudice to give naval forces their opening.
  • Many in the United Kingdom believe Lion-Heart's sword to be the Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur and later Hero 1. All this despite the fact that Excalibur remains in the trust of Ms. Liberty.

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Oh, I bid farewell to the port and the land

And I paddle away from brave England's white sands

To search for my long ago forgotten friends

To search for the place I hear all sailors end

As the souls of the dead fill the space of my mind

I'll search without sleeping 'till peace I can find

I fear not the weather, I fear not the sea

I remember the fallen, do they think of me?

When their bones in the ocean forever will be...

     - Bones In The Ocean by the Longest Johns

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