Lt. Eatherage

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Lt. Eatherage
'Council Vampyre
Player: Deatherage
Council Intel
Division: Vampyri
Rank: Parasite
Origin/AT: Science/Stalker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dylan Eatherage
Known Aliases: Count Crackula, Eather Bunny, Eath
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height/Weight: 6'1"/120
Eye/Hair Color: Non-pigmented Iris/None(Formerly Brown)
Current Residence: Port Oaks, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: No living relatives
Emblem V Council 01.png

Lt. Eatherage was my very first Role Playing character.Originally a hateful, badass Vampyre.He was made to join a Council VG that has disolved.After joining up with Dr Von Dread and Sergeant Prentice I found I liked being the goofy bastard alot more.Everything here is subject to change.



Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.


Dylan Eatherage was born March 16,1988 in one of the many 5th Column bases beneath Galaxy City.His father[1],a vampyre officer of the Column, offered his son to Nosferatu in an attempt to gain favor with the higher-ups.Dylan was used to test the effects of the Super Soldier Program over longer periods of time, and several hours after his birth, Dylan recieved his first dose of Serum, sealing his fate as a vampyre.At the age of three, Dylan underwent his first surgery and at the age of five he started his conditioning.He grew dependant on the Serum and would need treatments every other month for the rest of his life[2].Nosferatu's project was deemed a failure due to undesireable side effects and funds required to keep a subject sane.

The day Dylan, now seventeen, was to be terminated was the same day the Fifth Column/Council War began.He fled his base when the Council arrived, leaveing them to their doom, and disapeared for several weeks.Both the Council and the Column believed him to be dead[3], though this was not the case.When he eventually resurfaced, he took the fight to both sides, blaming each of them for the turmoil he was now facing.After going a full month with no injections, the withdrawls had begun and he lashed out at his father[4] and former mentors, earning Requiem's respect when they exchanged blows.

When Dylan eventually defeated the former leader of the Column, which was only due to the timely arrival of several heroes, he turned his attention to the Council.Signing on as a sidekick under one of the heroes that aided him in the battle[5], he took the fight to the Council for little over a year before the withdrawls became too much.During an assault on Striga Isle, Dylan stabbed his mentor in the back, literally, and retreated into the shadows once agin.His mind now shattered, he plagued the civilians of Paragon City for several weeks[6] before finally being brought down.He bounced around his padded room in the Ziggurat, waiting for the time to come for his escape.

The Escape

Several months after being sentenced to life in prison, Lord Recluse launched an assualt on the Zig in one of his many raids for Destined Ones.During the confusion, Dylan broke down his door and slipped out of his cell.He met up with several Council members on the outside and, oddly, teamed up with them make his escape.Once outside the walls and a safe distance from any heroes in the area, he disposed of his former allies[7] and made his way to Talos Island.There, he stole a boat and made his way to the Isles.


The Conquest Alliance

Once in the Rogue Isles, Dylan sought out a man he had heard of in prison, Dr. Mechaniker.After finding the doctor, they struck up a deal: Dylan would work for him and he would provide Dylan with the treatments[8] he required.Slowly but surely, Dylan regained his sanity and the two men built their group, known as the Conquest Alliance.Their power grew steadiy as they made allies, one of which being Irmine[9].Dylan became reliant on Mechanikor as his only source of his much needed Serum.

His cravings drove him to extraordinary lengths.He fought, stole, and killed[10] all in the name of the Conquest Alliance and the doctor.Noticing a pattern[11], Dylan feared for himself.Not planning to wait for another group to subjigate the Alliance, he led Longbow officers to their front door.During the confusion that followed, Dylan snuck away with as much Serum as he could carry.The Conquest Alliance was no more, all members were suspected to be inprisoned[12].

The Council

After fending for himself for a short time, Dylan realised he no longer had a steady supply of Serum.He knew of only one group to turn to, as they were likely one of the only people to pocess what he desired.After contacting a recruitment officer[13],Dylan was stationed in Port Oaks under Dr Von Dread.The Center was willing to look the other way for all of his acts aginst the Council because of the fact he aided in the 5th Column's fall[14].Dylan began his training once agin, under several different teachers.

Eventually, Dylan was approached by Requiem and a deal was struck up.When the Column was rebuilt, he would serve under Requiem as one of his officers.Dylan had no problem with this, as long as he continued to get his treatments.


Dylan, or the Eather Bunny, speaks in the third person usually.His mood changes drastically, going from extremely happy to sad at the drop of a hat.It can be hard to belive he is the warmachine the Column and Council have turned him into, but somtimes it's obvious he is little more then a monster.In his mind, as long as he's fighting for the Council's cause, he isn't doing anything wrong.He can and will kidnap, steal, and kill if ordered to do so by a higher-ranking officer.

During his times without the Serum, Dylan developed a second personalitty. This one being far more harsh, rarely surfaces unless the situation calls for it.One key difference between the two Eatherages is that only one of them speaks in the third person.


Similar to any other vampyri, Dylan has incredible strength, speed, and resilence.He can terrify and siphon the life of his foes.One key difference between Dylan and other vampyri is that he can use the dark energy within his body to hide himself.He uses this to sneak up on his foes, and is dangerous if not spotted early.Using a mixture of his claws and fangs, Dylan can become quite a problem if not dealt with before he strikes.

He can also use his mastery of the dark energy that resides within him to defend himself.When hit, puffs of what can be described smoke erupt from his body, cushioning the damage dealt.If, for whatever reason, he does fall in battle, he can bring himself back from the brink, siphoning the life of all nearby foes.He also has a small, old remote with the 5th Column emblem on the back of it.This can be used to drench an opponent in water, making it difficult to move.The remote is also used to create a water spout[15]

Limitations and Weaknesses

When the other personality surfaces, Dylan is unaware of anything that happens.He constantly has to have a portion of himself concentrate on keeping the darker side at bay.If for any reason his concentration wavers, the other one will gain control.

As a result of the Super Solder treatments, Dylan's eyes are now weak to the sun's powerful rays[16].If he is ever caught without his goggles, there is a good chance he will go blind.

Alternate Dimensions

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Lamda Rho 57-20

Perpetually night world, ruled by the Requiem of that dimension. This is an alternate world where the planet seems to have suffered a major invasion of Nictus, to the point of having no more daylight, only darkness.This dimensions Dylan was fused with a Nictus to form one of the last Warshades after Requiem turned traitor to his former allies.He's part of an extremely small group of shadow dwellers that continue to exsist in the darkness of the destroyed Earth.

Nu Beta 9-7

A war torn world with few remaining defenses, this world has suffered a war against their Council recently.This deminsions Dreck is attempting to set himself up as ruler as Dylan and the remaining Council troops are attempting the same.

Omega Omicron 26-20

In this world controlled by the Council Empire, Archon Eatherage[17] serves as one of the Center's officers.He leads a small group a vamypri to patrol and keep the peace and loves to personally deal with any freedom fighters that might arise.

Omicron Zeta 12-20

In this world the Freakshow have taken over.Not wanting to die with the Council, Dylan sold his former allies' secrets[18] to Dreck in exchange for cybernetic arms, eyes, and a place in his new world.Dylan flails around Dreck's new world as a sneaky freak.

Freakshow Eatherage.JPG
Spoilers end here.

Affiliations and Relationships

Below are just a few of the people Dylan has encountered since his arrival in the Isles.

Dr Von Dread: Beecher Von Dread is someone that Dylan feels can trust.He looks up to the older vampyre as a father figure.He follows any commands his Archon gives without a second thought and wants little more then to make Dread happy.

Sergeant Prentice: Patrick Prentice has been like an uncle to Dylan since he joined the Council.Prentice, among others, helped mold Dylan into the killing machine he is today, and refers to him as a "Spazz."

Raid Engineer Harper: Chris Harper and Dylan have had an odd relationship.After freeing Harper from Dread's clutches, they struck up and uneasy friendship.Dylan sees Harper as a friend and a source of food.

Tzun Locke: Tzun, or Fluffy, has been the closest thing to a brother Dylan has ever known.Dylan was slightly troubled after Tzun left the Council for the Hangmans Roadhouse, and their relationship has gone through alot of turmoil since then.They're currently not speaking after a fight broke out, and the two were on opposing sides.

Genus: Geena, full name Geena Weena Teena Peena, was named by Dylan.They're currently in a relationship, though it would be hard to tell by watching Dylan's actions tword other women.Geena is currently struggling to get Dylan to realise that he's her bunny now.

Wilted Petals: Pinky, or the pink bunny, is someone Dylan knows little about. The fact she owns a bunny suit is enough to make him attracted to her, however he can't shake the feeling that her voice is very similar to his conscience that seems to pop up from time to time.


If I forgot you, it dosn't mean I don't love you. Just add your name to the bottom of the list.Also, if you'd like me to put Eather's perception of your character leave the square dealie out and move your name under Genus.

Theme Songs

I've found it very hard to find a song for Eather's good side, but I do have a song for the more sinister side. Song


  1. Dylan's father was not very mentally stable.
  2. This dependence is what has drivin Eatherage through his life.
  3. Dylan hacked into both groups mainframes and entered in that he had been terminated.
  4. Dylan is solely responsible for his father's death.
  5. Rebecca Eatherage, A.K.A. the Energy Hawk.They're brother and sister, though neither of them is aware of it.
  6. When Dylan was finally caught, he was brought several charges of assualt and rape.
  7. These men where eventually recaptured and sent back to the Zig.They were found down a dead-end alley with bite and scratch marks.
  8. Mechaniker was an ex-Column member and knew how to create the Serum.
  9. The Conquest Alliance offered security to her estate.
  10. All of the people Eatherage killed were found without throats and small holes in their forearms.
  11. The last time Dylan had worked so hard for the Serum his source was destroyed.
  12. Mechanikor is the only member Dylan knows of that has escaped prison.
  13. This was accomplished by beating several Archons before they released the information on how to contact a recruitment officer
  14. The Council arrived during the battle between Dylan and Requiem and reported the event to the Center
  15. Roleplaying reason for Leviathan Mastery.
  16. This is also the reason Dylan's eyes have no irises.
  17. He recieved a promotion for his ruthlessness during the Center's rise to power
  18. Base locations, plans of action, troop deployment, etc.

Villain Group: Requiem's Decree

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