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2004 - 2009

Starting Out

It took Luficia a few weeks to get used to her strange magical abilities and having a sentient sword that called itself Seiken. After hearing about other heroes going to Gemini Park, she would stumble over with the hope of making new friends. She would meet Dragonberry and Mr. Tiny Tiger. Tiny would be one of the first friends she made that day.

There were also the time where the infamous JusticeEagle called her evil for her dark magic. If anyone remembered him, words can not describe all the times he made her cry.

When Pocket D opened up for the first time, Luficia went there with the hope of making even more new friends. Seiken made his first true snarky remark to Emperor Xanatos.

However, it would be the chance meeting of the great Xanatos that would change Luficia's life all together. His belief of fighting for justice and never giving up on the people. She admired him so much, she wanted to be as strong as Xanatos just so she could protect the people as well as him.

With his words fresh in her mind, she set out with a brand new view on her heroic life.

The Steadfast Pact

While paying her usual visit in Pocket D, she would run into a hero known as Barmace. He was looking for someone and before she knew it, Luficia found herself caught up in the search. After lending assistance to him, she would join her very first supergroup.

The Steadfast Pact.

Barmace was the leader and he had three other members; True Silver, Iron Reborn, and Quantum Tare. She became friends with all of the members and took great pride in helping them out.

A few weeks within the group, Barmace would disappear without a trace. True Silver took the leadership role and Luficia helped him out as best as she could. She would recruit her two other long time friends, Mr. Tiny Tiger and Unit v2.0 into the group.

When a mysterious Kheldian called Moonflash joined the Pact, he asked for assistance against someone named Daos. Moonflash's companion, Koreth-Tal, also joined while asking for help from the members. When Daos' location was reveal, the Steadfast Pact head to the secret lair and it was thought that Koreth-Tal ended Daos' reign of terrror.

After Daos' death, his followers would form a cult and it appeared their work was not finished. The followers had an underwater base with nukes aimed to destroy an entire island. Most of the pact would work to try to stop the nukes from firing while Luficia went with Koreth-Tal to delay the countdown with a special sword.

This was a trap.

Luficia should have died when Koreth-Tal took the sword and impaled her with it. It is not known how she survived the ordeal without a single scratch on her. Some would say it was the special sword that saved her while others felt the demon that's fused to her might have had something to do with it. Either way, Korenth-Tal would retreat and Luficia was rescued.

They couldn't stop the nukes from destroying that island though.

They would do many other heroic deeds together but True Silver and Quantum Tare would disappear. Moonflash went into the Shadowshard and was never seen again. Unit v2.0 and his brother would leave for reasons unknown. The Pact would die out but it's memory of a group of friends would live on forever.

Her True Identity

During her time with the Steadfast Pact, Luficia would encounter a strange woman. This woman recognized her as Emily Engel, a teenager that went missing over nine years ago. Luficia didn't believe this but would let them take a blood sample and have it tested with her supposed sister, Felicia Engel.

It came back positive and Luficia was happy have a real civilian name as well as a sister! After being reunited with Felicia, she learnt the truth about what happened to her. Her grandfather's long time rival had escaped prison and decided to get revenge on her grandfather. He murdered their grandmother, their parents and their grandfather had been missing for years. Emily went missing after her grandfather disappeared.

Filled with guilt, Seiken would confess to everyone. He was the missing grandfather, Emlyn Engel! It turned out that his rival, Zaraknis, kidnapped him and killed him as well. Then, in a ritual he borrowed from the Circle of Thorns, he trapped his soul in a green crystal. Zaraknis forged a sword and cursed it to give Emlyn the ability to talk and see to a certain extent.

When Emily was captured, Zaraknis came up with the perfect revenge. He set her up in a ritual to fuse a very powerful and unstable demon to her. It was a process that would take over ten years to do so while the spell was activated, Zaraknis would seal Emily's comatose body and the sword into the tomb. He wanted Emlyn to suffer as he watched his granddaughter become part of the demon and destined to destroy the city.

He didn't count on Emlyn adapting to his new found body and was able to plan a safe way to interrupt the fusion. He had the magic power but doing it too soon would leave Emily in a crazed state. After nine years, Emlyn used what was left of his magic to force through her mind and body, stopping the fusion and forcing her awake.

This caused Emily to lose all of her memories.

Emily would forgive her grandfather for lying to her the entire time and let Luficia become her hero identity. However, Seiken would leave a very dire warning. The fusion was incomplete so to use the demon's power, she runs the risk of awakening the demon and losing control. If this were to happen, she could turn from a savior to humanity's destroyer.

From that day on, she would only use the demon's life essence and not the demon's magic.


Luficia would find true love at long last.

Luficia and Moonflash got married at Founder's Falls. She wanted Xanatos to walk her down the aisle but he was nowhere to be seen. Capt. Starfall honored her the pleasure. It was a beautiful, but small wedding that would have an unexpected guest.

It is anyone's guest as to why Ghost Widow appeared. She seemed interested in Luficia but did not jeapordize the wedding. Luficia made sure to never tell anyone about that.

The Sadistic Seven

Throughout Paragon City, many heroes got word about a group of villains planning to disguise themselves as Santa Claus and would sneak into Paragon City through Siren's Call. Luficia got the call and felt scared when she learnt Emperor Xanatos was part of the Sadistic Seven.

Despite her fears, Luficia would set out with many other heroes to try to thwart the attack. It didn't go very well, at first. Many heroes were getting pushed back and Luficia wished that Inertial was there. He was a man that could cheer to the crowd and lead the heroes to many victories.

It gave her a very good idea.

Luficia would yell out her infamous phrase, "Never give up!"

She cheered the heroes on, trying to inspire them to push the Sadistic Seven back and it worked. At least, Luficia thought it did.

Not only did the heroes barely win the fight but Luficia would earn a personal victory of her own. Emperor Xanatos struck her down and tried to steal Seiken but it would be Grae Knight's intervention that prevented this.

On top of a building, Luficia would duel Xanatos's enemy, Emperor Xanatos. She tried her very best to defeat him and it looked bleak for her. Before defeat was all but certain, a super hero named Dove Cry saw the battle and was able to replenish Luficia's strength with her powers. With two other heroes lending assistance, she was able to hold off Emperor Xanatos long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

Luficia gained a personal victory that day and she owes it to Dove Cry and the other heroes.

That attack would be known as a Black Christmas.

Around Valentine's Day, The Sadistic Seven would strike again. This time, they wanted to gather shivan shards to form a shivan army and use it to invade Paragon City from Bloody Bay. With the Havok Brothers, Tyler, and several other heroes, they were able to defeat the Sadistic Seven a second time.

That attack would be known as a Bloody Valentine.

Soon, the Sadistic Seven got desperate and planned to go to Recluse's Victory to try to alter the future so that all of the heroes would cease to exist.

Luficia refused to let this happen and she fought very hard for her right to exist. She crossed blades with Huntsman Fury and many other villains. It wasn't clear what happened but the plan was foiled again.

That attack was called the Future is Ours.

Emperor Xanatos had enough and the Sadistic Seven would be split in two. Emperor Xanatos wanted to fire a missile straight into Paragon City while Mr. Mud and Mindswipe pleaded for help from the heroes. Even if they werre villains, Luficia was determined to help the heroes thwart Emperor Xanatos's plans once and for all.

They were able to stop him and no one has ever heard from Emperor Xanatos again.

The final battle would be called Divided, We Brawl!

Irresponsible Hate Anthem

A story written by Deathspider and other people contributing to the story. In the story, Luficia refused to believe that it was Tyler attacking all of the people in Paragon City. She knew he was a really sweet guy and something was wrong.

She tried to confront him with the belief that she could convince Tyler to stop and see reason.

It didn't work.

Rakescar almost killed her until Seiken, refusing to lose Emily again, rose up and would impale himself into his stony skin. In a fit of rage, Rakescar slammed Seiken into many walls until the sword would shatter into many peices. Seiken urged Luficia to leave him behind but she didn't want to. She wouldn't leave without Seiken.

It was because of two villains, Fearghas and Kichi, that Luficia and Seiken were able to escape Rakescar's wrath and she went to the hospital. Three days later, she was released and was ready to return to the field. Seiken wanted to tag along so she would hold his peices in a Hello Kitty bag until he was fixed.

Several months after the incident, Luficia would enter the shadowshard with the Steadfast Pact and would leave it with a fully repaired Seiken. It is unknown who fixed Seiken and why.

The Inhibitors

With the fall of the Steadfast Pact, Luficia was worried with the recent increase in Arachnos activity and their recruitment drive. With Mr. Tiny Tiger, they would form a new supergroup from the ashes of the Pact.

The Inhibitors.

They are slowly growing, with Mobius Knight as a recruit and Amelia's(Blase') brother assisting them.

However, it appears their first job came sooner then they had thought. A good friend and contact in the Rogue Isles, Seer Malak, came upon information that Doctor Crom was working with Arachnos. He offered to set it up so the doctor is caught in the open and they can arrest him for good.

Seiken didn't trust the information but despite the hesitation, Luficia decided to go for it. She knew that she would have to gather her friends and allies to help her.

The Inhibitors isn't large enough to handle the task on their own and Doctor Crom made Luficia very uneasy after all the stories people told her about him...

A week later, Seer Malak informed her that Doctor Crom would be at Recluse's Victory. With a group of friends, she went to confront him.

Doctor Crom wasn't alone. Seer Malak was there with the Empyrean Mandate and they wanted Seiken. This was all set up to take that sword away from her. Luficia wasn't going to go down without a fight and it looked good as if they would overcome the trap. Unbeknownest to the others, Doctor Crom had reinforcements called in to strike when the heroes least expected it.

His trump card turned out to be Luficia's downfall and both she and her allies were defeated. Even though she tried to get back up, it was in vain and Doctor Crom took the sword from her and teleported away.

He followed his bargain and gave the sword to the Empyrean Mandate but Doctor Crom would keep the crystal part of Seiken. He didn't seek to destroy it but he wanted to replicate Seiken's design. He saw great possibilities with Seiken and planned to use him to try to complete his destiny in world domination.

The only one with the secrets was Luficia and she had the old notes of Zaraknis that were recovered by Voidshriek many years ago. She gave in to his ransom and turned them over but there is one page missing in the notes. Luficia is ready to just fall apart. Luficia feels she can't operate without Seiken by her side and with the very thought of Doctor Crom forcing Seiken to obey and work for him, it was killing her emotionally.

That is, until she began to talk to her fellow Inhibitors and her friends. Slowly, she was beginning to realize that it wasn't Seiken that gave her the strength to fight. It was her friends, her son and the people she was fighting for. The very thing Seiken has been teaching her all this time was starting to sink in.

Luficia didn't need Seiken to live. She never needed him. Seiken was a guide and nothing more.

After a chat with Fearghas and Kichi at the bar, a plan began to form. Luficia had to save Seiken, not because he is family but because Doctor Crom's destiny should never come to pass. It was time to defy destiny itself, or so it felt to her.

With the aid of The Inhibitors, Luficia picked up a spell book and began to replicate the last page but with a few false details. After a long night, she finished the fake last page. Now all she needed to do was to contact Doctor Crom and set up the possible trade.

By now, Luficia's optimistic behavior had returned. Luficia didn't question herself anymore. Even if she got Seiken back, she knew she could do anything even if he wasn't there. Luficia could face against Doctor Crom and any other villain threatening Paragon City, but she would never be alone.

Luficia has Mobius Knight, Cinder-Chill, Mr. Tiny Tiger, Flowing Flame, and so many others in the Inhibitors to fight alongside her and together, she knew they can accomplish many things.


Hero of the City

On June 22nd, Luficia was officially declared Security Level 50. It took a long time for her to get there and Luficia could only look back at how long it took for her to get there.

How did she celebrate the ocasion? She bought herself and her adopted son, Jeremiah, an ice cream cone.

The child in her will never die.

Good Mourning, Grandville

A Forums RP/Story by Fearghas. Luficia was asked by Unchainer to act as a diversion for her by attacking Grandville. She wanted to regain her powers by sneaking into the city and reclaiming her curse. Luficia agreed, if only because she learnt that Rakescar would be there.

Few days later, Luficia arrived by submarine and she attacked a group of Arachnos Soldiers on her own. Out numbered, she would hide in the alleyways with Seiken scolding her for going by herself. After examining a corpse with Dusk Chameleon, she heard Rakescar's roar and saw Fearghas running for his life with Rakescar chasing after him. You could almost hear the Benny Hill theme being played while watching Fearghas get chased.

Luficia and Dusk Chameleon charged out to confront him. Rakescar stopped chasing him and went after Luficia. It was obvious that Rakescar wanted to finish what he started a year ago. Fearghas intervened, yelling for her to run away from here. He would be kicked aside by Rakescar.

Filled with rage, Luficia wanted to strike him down for it but remembered what Tyler Preston and his ex girlfriend, Julia, told her about him. Rakescar lived for the fight and to fight him would only give the demon what he wanted. To Tyler, the best revenge was to live long and live well.

With that, she got a better idea in getting revenge. She took Rakescar less seriously and when he charged at her, she flew back. Every time he chased after her or went to attack, Luficia would fly away in a fit of laughter and even stuck her tongue out at him!

From then on out, reports as to what happened are left unclear. Luficia appeared less in the public and rumors began spurring about as to where she went.

2011-2012 (Not Canon)

One Chapter Ends...

In those three years of downtime, Luficia paid more attention to what was important to her now.

Seeing True Silver marry someone else as well as the disappearance and possible death of her husband, Moonflash, Emily Engel found herself growing more distraught and alone. Then, She had come across a boy named Jeremiah after spotting him in a charity run for an orphanage. Something clicked between the curly haired boy and Emily and, before she knew it, she took him in as her own.

That was also why Luficia chose to go into semi-retirement. She was afraid someone would discover Jeremiah and use him against her. She did it to retire and, for a while, life was good. Emily graduated from college and was able to get a desk job as a clerk in Steel Canyon. She earned enough to secure an apartment in Galaxy City and really enjoyed life as a normal citizen.

Life was good.

... And Another One Begins.

Things changed with the Praetorians.

The invasion rocked everything, literally. Emily fled with her son but then the word came out about Emperor Cole and their plans. Even though she was still afraid, she took up the Luficia mantle while trusting a co-worker and close friend to watch Jeremiah while she was out helping the heroes fight against Praetorian threat.

While the Praetorians are not the only threat on the horizon, one thing was for certain.

Luficia was back and the dynamic duo would ensure the people were protected!

To Challenge A Purpose

Luficia was one of the early members of a group called the Challengers, led by Red-Havok and befriended many of the members while there. Although her time was very brief, it was because of the Challengers that she overcame the demon within her and became one with the demon lord. Destroying the soul of the murderer of Seiken's family, he found peace all the while inheriting vast knowledge from the destroyed book as well as gaining enough power to not need to exist in a sword anymore.

With Seiken as a ring... for once in Emily's life, she was able to live her life without fear.

Still, it brought plenty of challenges ahead.


Still, once a chapter closes, another one opens with plenty of other challenges in her life. For one, it has led her to feel a painful darker urge that Luficia wasn't used to experiencing. It made her negative emotions be expressed in a greater magnitude(such as jealousy over Karnal Sin and led her to lash out to her and Xanatos for rejecting her when, normally, Luficia would never do such a thing before the ritual) and left her questioning her own existence. How long could she remain a hero? How long can she fight these feelings until she is consumed and everything Luficia ever fought for became something she desired to destroy?

After accepting Galactoman's plea to return to the Galacto Rangers to help him bring about their return, she found a sitter for her son and disappeared... to the past, more preferably. She found solace in the Cimerorans as well as attempting a bit of soul searching of herself. In the time she was there, she caught the eye of a god. Helios, God of the Sun, admired at just how much she fought and all of Luficia's hardships to continue to protect everyone with the dark magic she neither sought nor asked for.

Before returning to the present, Helios gave her a sword forged from the flames of the sun. Its power let her suppress the demonic urges to the point where Luficia can both live her life painlessly as well as use her powers as she saw fit. The blade could cut anyone with the very heat of the sun... but she could not use her new sword if she ever took the shape of her demonic side.

She returned back to Paragon City. She knew her purpose as a hero and would continue to fight in honor of the heroes who died to protect not just the city but for the world as well.

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