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Aaryn by Eargasm.jpg
Player: @Ashlaylay
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Aaryn, Ryn
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120lbs.
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Chinese/Caucasian
Occupation: Professional Assassin/Freelance Mercenary
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Acelyn (Twin Sister)
Known Powers
Ice Control and Psionic Assault
Known Abilities
Communication Device
No additional information available.
Aaryn portrait.gif



Current Villain Group: The Ragtag Rogues

Former Villain Group(s): None

Aaryn 's tattoo on her back.


Aaryn can either be your best friend or hate you with the passion of a thousand suns, theres really no medium with her. She's quick to judge, so the moment she meets you she's deciding whether or not she should hate you (so its best to make a good impression). Aaryn is generally very logical and the nicest twin when compared with her sister, Acelyn. But once she's angry with you she'll suddenly be the meanist person you've ever met.


Aaryn is a decent looking girl, she's not 'BAM PRETTY!' but she's good looking enough. She's at an average height and has a normal shape & frame. Her hair is a chocolate brown color that hangs to her waist, with side swept bangs. She also has a tattoo of wings that take up most of her back and a white tattoo on her face (the mark of the Frost Assassin).

V archetypeicon dominator.png

IceFormation Chillblains.png
Ice Control

All Frost Assassins have the power to control all things ice, it is a power gained through a mutant gene. They can produce it from themselves or they can manipulate it. Aaryn has been developing her ice control since she was a little girl. She lived in a strict household where she would have to study and practice for hours how to wield ice as a weapon.

PsionicAssault MentalBlast.png
Psionic Assault

Aaryn's psionic abilities come from the psychic connection she and her sister have. If their connection is ever broken they'll go insane, its what keeps their minds put together.

Personal History


When Lian met young Abigail Holland, the daughter of a wealthy business man, he knew it was love right from the start. Sadly, their love wasn't supposed to be. Lian's parents strictly forbiddend him from pursuing any sort of relationship from the young English girl. Lian had always had a rebelious streak in him, so he refused to listen to what his parents had to say on the matter, and instead went to see Abigail whenever he could sneak off. After a year, Abigail eventually became with child. After Abigail's parents had rejected her, her and Lian ran away together, deciding that they could raise their child in the peace of the countryside. Their plans took a downfall nine months later after Abigail died in child birth and ended up having twins. Lian was lost at what to do, he did not know how to raise a child on his own, let alone two, and ended up going back to his parents for help. At first his parents refused, thinking of him and his daughters as a disgrace to their family, but Lian's mother eventually caved after seeing something in one of her granddaughters, Aaryn. Lian did not go without punishment, his father had sent him away for a few months, and when he came back he was the coldhearted man his parents always wanted their son to be.

Frost Assassin

Aaryn's grandparents decided that she should learn the ways of ice control just as they and her father had done. She had to learn discipline at a very early age. Most of her youth was spent training and improving her skills. She hardly ever saw her twin sister, Acelyn, who ended up getting sent away to some school. During those years she never really knew what she was being trained for, and it wasn't until adolescence that she learned that she was being trained to be a Frost Assassin. At that point in her life training got harder and everything seemed much more difficult. Her ice powers had come developed greatly, making her more intune with the ways of frost. Her body climate began dropping, she became more heartless and uncaring. She was ready to begin her duties as a Frost Assassin and was even placed in an arranged marriage with another Frost Assassin from a different family.

Shen, the man Aaryn was supposed to marry.


Aaryn was very much against being put into an arranged marriage, but would of course never speak up against her grandparents, for fear of punishment and them being ashamed of her. Thus, Shen came into the picture. Shen was a very handsome young man, he was strong willed and smart. He got along great with Aaryn, but to her something was off. She knew she could never grow to love Shen and her marrige would just be a business deal between two families. She tried many times to convince Shen to stand up to his own parents about the marrige, but sadly, he refused. Aaryn was trapped and didn't know what to do to get out, so she just gave up.

Xue, the man who ran Aaryn out of China.

To Paragon

Aaryn was able to quickly gain a name for herself among the Frost Assassin's with her grandparents aid. She rarely saw her father, who was now well established among them as well. She was allowed to see her sister more often, but sadly the two couldn't seem to get along; Aaryn with her frost powers and Acelyn with her fire. She ran into trouble when she was to assassinate a man named Déshèng. She followed through with the deed but was not aware he had a close 'associate' who held a lot of power in China, Xue. Xue ran his own gang and was also a mutant. He was a shapeshifter and a power mimicker, turning into whoever he pleased and using whatever power he wanted, he killed Aaryn's grandparents and her fiance during his hunt for her. To avoid death, she and her sister ran from China and went to America.

Aaryn in her cell at The Zig.

Ziggursky Penitentiary

After a month in Paragon City, Aaryn had already committed three assassinations, but the last one was poorly done and a few witnesses were left. Aaryn was tracked down by two heroes with their PPD buddies and hauled off to the Ziggursky Penitentiary. For weeks she looked for some way out, but couldn't find any, so she accepted it. She kept to herself during the first year of her stay there, deciding it would be best not to cause any trouble. She came to find out that even though she didn't seek out trouble, it would come a find her instead. A small clique formed and began to bully her often, she began to develope a persona, Tatum. This was a vulgar speaking, fight loving, trouble making, loud mouthed girl; that the true Aaryn loved to act out. It gave her more of an edge and helped her out the rest of her days in the Zig. Arachnos was her saviour though, once they broke in and gave her a way out she immediately aligned herself with them, and is currently working under Mako.




Aaryn herself.


Aaryn is a professional assassin and can be hired to knock off someone whose giving you trouble. She's not obvious about her job, so you may have just heard it through word of mouth. Prices may very. No refunds.


Songs that fit Aaryn or songs she would just like.


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