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Shintou Akavirus
Ambassador of Toria
Player: Deatherage
Basic Information
Title: Torian Ambassador
Origin/AT: Magic / Necromancer
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Shintou Akavirus
Known Aliases: Shin, Shinny, Master.
Species: Torian
Age: **
Height/Weight: 5'5" / ***
Eye/Hair Color: Hazel / Black(Greying)
Citizenship: New Torian Citizen
Current Residence: The Inner Sanctum
Marital Status: Married to Katie Akavirus

Everything on this page is completely in character.If, for whatever reason, someone were to get ahold of the book Shin always carries with him, all this information would be revealed to said person.

This is a huge work in progress.So far I've just put down thoughts, but it'll eventually be put into story form...I hope.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

- The Word of Shintou
Toria is located in the Alpha Centauri Star System, near the vegan homeworld of Vega.My people live underground, as our landscape is far too harsh for most of us to cope with.My people are divided into seperate clans, each clan mastering a different form of the Arts.The Soroish are the only torian clan who live predominantly on the surface. They are the weakest in magic but their natural abilities are often the most developed.

The Nashoor are the clan that draws its power from the changing Torian climate.Members devoted to Storms, Fires and Ice frequent the surface only when it is favorable to their element.The Hethesh are found wherever there is life as they are devoted to the planet and all it's living inhabitants. The Shadtch, my clan, are also known as the "Shadow Dwellers".We originally dwelt in the lowest depths of the planets crust, and favor darker Arts.A torian's clan is evident from their facial markings.These markings often cover the entire body.

Each clan is made up of many tribes, each with a slight variation to their marking.Each clan was blessed with a single mantle by the first Emperor, granting whoever holds it significant power with their givin Art.For example, the Shadtch were allowed to hold the Necromancer's Mantle, as we are the only ones capable of such magic.Currently, I hold the mantle, as I am the only torian Necromancer.

Torians are roughly the size of humans.Our internal bone structure is similar to their's, except with a chitin base as opposed to a calcified base. Physically we are much weaker then Vegans, having strength and speed similar to humans. To augment our abilities, aside from using magic, we will often grow exoskeletal carapaces.My people have the ability to communicate through sonar but are capable of "normal" speech as well.Our lifespans are similar to Vegans, although we will generally mature much faster.

Chapter I:The Torian/Vegan War
What I remember most about the war is the turmoil it caused at home.My parents were both very young when they fell in love, got married, and had a child.Stars, they had not even been seperated by miles, let alone light-years.When the Vegans came to our borders and demended entry, the whole atmosphre of Toria changed.There had always been some level of hostility between the clans (and even tribes), but with war threatening to spill over onto our territory, tensions were even higher.

Everything was quiet for several months, and when it seemed the Vegans had lost all intrest, they attacked.The Soroish were the only line of deffense on the surface and were quickly overwhelmed by the trained Templars and Archons.Toria's survival seemed bleak, and no clan was willing to support the Soroish, for fear that another clan would take the oppertunity to attack and seize their land.When all hope seemed lost, the Emperor stood up and delivered a rallying cry, calling all clans to set aside their differences for the good of Toria:

 "[Enter speech here.]"

My father, along with the majority of the Shadtch males, answered His call.Under the Emperor's banner, we stood a chance.We could stand up against the Vegans and take back our homes.Though I was too young to activly participate, I was keenly aware of all the details of the war.As is the case with most wars, nationalism was up, especially around the household.Though my mother was upset that she could not see my father, she respected and understood why and what he was doing.

Grenth Akavirus, my father, was the holder of the Necromancer's Mantle, and was the only one who could summon the dead without punishment.During his training, he had learned how to take out entire regiments of Torian Imperators, and proved to be a valued asset on the battlefield.My uncle and him earned quite the reputation, and songs were sung about their bravery.It wasn't until my father was sent offworld that things went sour.While participating in the Battle of the Shifting Sands, my father fell.

Chapter II:Mastering the Arts
The Flame licked my hair, and it took all I had to keep it from being set ablaze.The older, much stronger Torian had just destroyed my last ward and the heat I was experiencing was immense.When all hope seemed lost, Master Rashid ceased his barrage and fixed me with a firm stare.The disappointment that resided there inflicted far more pain than the Flame ever could.I spat on the ground and swore under my breath.

His body shook with a snort, and while the disapointment still hung heavy in the air, his tone was warm and friendly."You're not practicing hard enough,"He told me."If you ever want to be as strong as your father, you're going to have to step it up."He strode over to me, then placed the large, muscular claw he calls a hand on my shoulder."That's enough for today."

I couldn't bare to look him in the eye.Since my father had paced, I was now the holder of Necromancer's Mantle.The responsibilty of death was now my burden.As I made my way home, thoughts of power and acknowledgment clogged my mind.Someday, I would have my own stories to tell.People would gather around to hear what Shintou Akavirus had accomplished recently.Females would swoon, and life would be good.

For several weeks, my life consisted of little more than beatings.Each day I would come for training, and each day I would return home with a little less hair.It wasn't until I was nearly bald that I finally grasped what my Master was trying to teach me.Soon, I would show him precisely what it was that I had learned.

We stood opposite each other, as was custom.A knot of nervousness had formed in my stomach, but I knew I was ready.Today would be the day I defeated my Master.Today I would become a Wizard in my own right."[Insert challenge here.]"

His eyebrows would have gone up, if he had any."And what's so different about today, child?"He seemed far too amused with the thought of me defeating him.In fact, he was laughing.At me!The nerve.

I felt my face flush.A crowd had formed around the training circle, and the knot in my belly was growing tighter.Where there was once courage, only fear resided.I did not answer his question.Instead, I readied myself for whatever he might throw my way.

After Master Rashid had finished with his laughing fit, he, too, readied himself."I do hope you succeed today, child,"he teased."I don't think your hair can survive anymore sessions."

This drew a chorus of laughter from the spectators.Laughter directed at me, of course.As I slipped further into the dark, cramped hole that is embarassment, Rashid decided to strike.Reeling his arm back, he formed, then hurled a ball of fire about the size of his fist towards me. The sphere of light caught me off guard, and for a moment, I was mesmerized by it's beauty. It hit me square in the chest, quickly dispatching the thin cloth of my robe.

The cool air of the Palace underground bit at me, and I felt my nipples go erect. Silence reigned over the courtyard.For perhaps two seconds.As though they were hive-minded, the females began their high-pitched chirps and catcalls.That was all it took.Rashid was almost out of the circle when I hit him with a spell of my own.It didn't do more than smear his clothing, but my point came across clearly.Don't mess with Shintou Akavirus.

"You call yourself a Master of the Flame?Pah!You can't even defend yourself against a lowly Shadtch spellslinger!"The crowd emitted a low buzz, their eyes now fixated upon the older Torian.I dismissed my Master with a flick of the wrist."Be gone.I've no time for a dried up old wizard such as yourself."My hands were shaking with excitement.Or was this fear?Either way, I could hardly contain myself.

Rashid didn't even bother turning around.With a twitch of his antennae, another fireball was headed my way.Only this one was different.It was blue.Stars, he was trying to kill me! I set my feet and attempted to calm myself, waiting for the most opertune moment to strike. At the last possible second, I thrusted my palm towards the ball.Now, in times passed, I'd always attempted to deflect the magic, or stop it dead in it's tracks.This time, I did neither.

The crowd erupted with shocked gasps.I'll admit I was a bit supprised myself. When the spell had made contact with my palm, I'd spread it evenly over my ward, effectivly wearing it down to a small little spark, which fell to the ground.

[Badass fight scene, WAUGH!]


Chapter III:Life in the Vegan Kingdom
(( Rewrite soon! ))

If I could choose one word to describe my time on Vega, it would be unpleasant.When our spacecraft arrived on the vegan homeworld, we were stoned by the inhabitants.The entire ordeal was so aweful that we had to be escorted by a group of Templars.Needless to say, I spent most of my days within the vegan capitol.Days went by rather quickly, however, as I was either training my apprentices, or speaking with the King n the Emperor's behalf.

Many vegans looked down upon us, using cruel names that I will not stain my Word with.The Royalty treated us rather well, though.I honestly don't remember seing much other then the King or Queen, but they both treated us with the respect we deserved.My standings with the vegan's would soon change, as N Day was not far after my arrival.

Chapter IV:Enter Nictus
(( Rewrite soon! ))

The Nictus assaulted Vega with such speed and aggression that there was little to no defence.They slipped into the citys and towns and laid waste to the civilians, while those with ships attempted to flee.The death toll was extremely high, and to this day few people know how many people lost their lives during the Nictus Assault.I still remember it as though it was yesterday.The compolete and utter silence of that night still causes me to shiver when my mind drifts tword those memories.

Vegans lack any form of soul, and as a Necromancer, I often feel, and help, a soul as it leave the body.This night, there were no voices for me to guide, no ghosts for me to banish, no weeping from the dead.Nothing.I watched the vegans drop without so much as cry or plee, ultimatly unable to aid anyone by myself.Me and eight of my twelve apprentices survived only due to the timely arival of some vegan templars, who escorted us to the V.S.S. BlueStar.People oboard that ship include King Nexus, Vindicator Xahou, and eight of my twelve apprentices.

Chapter V:Crash Aftermath
Chapter VI:Fall of the Kingdom, Rise of the Monarchy
Chapter VII:Eluding the Nether
Chapter VIII:Midnight's Embrace
Chapter IX:Pursuing Happiness
Chapter X: Untitled
:"...and thus the Torian race was eradicated.Or so we had thought.Torn from their homeworld, the survivors of Toria began to colonize the nearby star systems. ((W.I.P. >.<))

Wizard Devador:

Sir Derogate:

Sir Gail:

Charles Taylor:

Ed Deatherage:

Pete Polverari:

  • Queen Xena:
  • Princess Vahannah:The vegan princess was the first apprentice I picked up after the crash.During the civil war, her world began to fall down around her ears, and I stepped in to guide her.Though our relationship became something much more intimate as time went on, I see myself as her adviser.When we parted ways I was deeply saddened, and still think of her to this day.I've not seen her in many months.
  • Master Rashid:
  • Ambassador Theania:When my heart was shattered after the ordeal with Vahannah, Theania was there to pick up the peices.Sadly, I believe I used her to help me get over my other love, and I will forever be sorry for that.We had one child, but when all was said and done, I found my heart was elsewhere.
  • Ambassador Marauth (Deceased):
  • Ambassador Aleshka:The second apprentice I picked up since the crash.She claimed to be my daughter, but this later proved to be untrue.
  • Grenth Akavirus (Deceased):When my father came along, the Akaviri clan was far from respected.This changed, however, when the Necromancer's Mantle was passed to him.With it, he was able to destroy entire regiments of torian imperators at the age of twelve and ascend his tribe to the highest seat within the Shadtch clan.He was eventually drafted into the Emperor's Army to fight in the Vegan/Torian War where met his end during the Battle of the Shifting Sands.It is rumored he had a connection to the Nether, though I've found no proof of such.
  • Jolishna Akavirus (Deceased):
  • Reshien Akavirus:
  • Katie Devaki:When she promised to be with me until the end of time, I knew I'd forever be happy. There was a time when I thought that happiness was not obtainable on this planet, but she helped me find the truth; that happiness, true happiness, is loving and being loved in return.
  • Dizzy the Nether Fae:It's hard to believe that a single being could be responsible for the downfall of an entire race.Fae are never to be trusted, and Dizzy is no exception.I know not how she managed to capture Didatch's soul, but with it, she's managed to push what remains of my people to the very edge of extinction.She will forever be an enemy in my eyes, but I see no possible way to do away with her at this time.
  • Didatch Akavirus:Traitor.Just the thought of this power hungry fool makes my blood boil!There was a time, long ago, when I called him my uncle.I looked up to him after my father passed, I attempted to be there for him when he needed it, I offered all I could.I was repayed with lies and deception, all so that he could achieve more power.May he rot in the Nether, where he belongs.
  • Raid Engineer Harper:
  • Mind Lord Heba:
I've collected several pictures since the crash, most of which have been put on the next few pages.I've gone through quite a few cameras, so disregard any defects in the pictures.Or don't.I honestly don't care either way.

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