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Assembled Girl takes a pose!
Assembled Girl
Player: IanTheM1
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender / Scrapper
Security Level: Security Level 50 / 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Sarah (Last Name Unknown),
and Sasha (See Below)
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Age: 19
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 600 lbs. (Approx.)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red-brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Assistant University Librarian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single, Looking
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Empathy, Psychic Blast
Dual Psionic Blades, Willpower
Known Abilities
Above-Average Strength,
Cybernetic Construction,
Has a second personality known as Sasha.

Assembled Girl is a Security Level 50 Empathy / Psychic Blast Defender as well as a Security Level 40 Dual Blades / Willpower Scrapper, of the Technology origin. She is currently a Co-Leader of the Paragon Youth Corps. Assembled Girl was created and is played by IanTheM1.

Known as both Sarah and Sasha, Assembled Girl is a teenaged cyborg with a lost past, and her along with her supporting characters are heavily influenced by various sci-fi themes. Her pink metallic frame and antennae are some of her visual trademarks.



Her last name unknown, Sarah was "assembled" by the nefarious Godby Organization, in order to become a cybernetic psychic assassin. The actual details of this event are cloudy, and it was eventually revealed in the story Lie Down on the Couch that the memories she did have surrounding her "creation" - that she was abducted off the street and forcibly transformed - may very well have been implanted by Godby and did not necessarily reflect the truth.

Sarah had been saved by a group of heroes, but snuck away, not wanting to confront them in her hysterical, not to mention amnesic state. She wandered the streets for a short while before taking up roost in Gemini Park, brooding amongst the burgeoning social scene there.

During that time, she met an older girl by the name of Tina Colossus. Despite Sarah's near-crippling shyness and depression, the two became friends. Over time, Tina helped Sarah come out of her shell, and to cope with her new life. She may have even been the source of Sarah's light southern accent.

But despite her rising spirits, Sarah still had one remaining problem: The Godby Organization was not about to let their project be lost for long.

Powers, Abilities, and Quirks


Usually shown in battle with the various villains that besiege Paragon City, Sarah can use her Empathy to alleviate the pain of her teammates as well as provide focus. One of the dangerous sides to this is that she is able to wholly absorb pain (physical or mental) if she wishes, aiding a friend significantly but suffering for it herself.

Combat Mode

When in combat mode, Assembled Girl's Emapthy turns inward, fortifying herself instead of others. This manifests in the form of quicker reflexes, more physical resilience, and a library of skills. As a sort of inverse Empathy, she can also drain energy from her foes, revitalizing herself.

Notably, Combat Mode removes her ability to use her empathetic and blasting skills.

Psychic Blasts

The most common form of offense that Assembled Girl displays are bursts of psychic energy. Generally these are minor and are only used to subdue a foe, as opposed to seriously injuring. However, in times of intense anguish, she has been known to lose control and let loose truly destructive shockwaves of raw psionic power.

Psychic Blades

In extreme duress, Assembled Girl has been known to use psionic daggers, one emanating from each hand. Due to lack of use, primarily because she rarely consciously uses them, Sarah isn't particularly skilled with her daggers nor does she know how powerful they might be.

Due to the events of Upgrade: Dangerous Developments Sarah and Sasha now have more complete control over their dual psionic blades, but at the cost of the rest of their abilities.

Cybernetic Construction

Due to its still mysterious metallic construction, Sarah's body can withstand a great deal of punishment in combat. In addition to this form of defense, she also has slightly-greater-than-normal strength, though generally does not use it for fear of truly hurting someone with it. It also allows her to simply move with her weighty frame.


When she first escaped from Godby, Assembled Girl had to not only pried loose from her physical bonds, but also her mental ones in the form of programming. She ultimately succeeded, putting her internal coding into a dormant state. However, not all of it remains deactivated, depending on her condition. In particular, highly stressful situations or extreme danger to her person will generally trigger some manner of automated response.

Whenever her (presumed) on-board computer happens to announce an important change in functions, it is done so in a clearly audible, monotone, genderless voice.

Split Personality

Sarah has a split personality known as Sasha, who first truly manifested in the short storyline Innocence Lost. Sasha is the yin to Sarah's yang - where Sarah is lighthearted, friendly, and generally non-confrontational, Sasha is loudmouthed, melodramatic, crude, and has a mean streak. It is unknown what or who Sasha truly is, with theories ranging from her being a totally separate person to being a manifestation of Assembled Girl's (mostly defeated) Godby programming. Sasha speaks in a slightly gruffer voice.


While Sarah is normally a cheery teenaged girl, dire circumstances will sometimes throw her into a chaotic rage. In this state she will talk in a voice not quite Sarah or Sasha's, wield her psionic blades, and be extremely adept in all areas of combat.

It appears with the events of Upgrade: Dangerous Developments that her incomplete combat programming was to blame for it. But with that programming completed and activated, her combat effectiveness has quickly grown to match that of her enraged form. However, the psychotic attitude that went with it has yet to be seen...


During otherwise insignificant goings on one day, Sarah inexplicably transformed into a duplicate of her friend Tina Colossus, including her (fake) southern accent and general thought patterns. Later on it was revealed that she can, to an extent, control this ability when it comes to her own body.

During a recent exploration of her memories with Silencer Micheal, Sarah was gripped by an influx of shifts and memories that not her own, ranging from Crey Agents to Micheal himself, before finally being calmed.


The only unnatural ability Sarah has is teleportation. After buying components and corresponding with Dr. Jordan Dowis, she installed them successfully, giving her the ability to recall teammates to her current position and freely teleport.

Super Speed

Sarah unintentionally developed the ability to run at super speed after her encounter with Samantha Byers. It is yet another manifestation of her incredible psychic abilities.


Assembled Girl has starred in a number of mostly in-game storylines, primarily surrounding the attempts by the Godby Organization to capture her.

Every single piece of written material connected to these storylines can now be found at the Assembled Girl Archive.

Innocence Lost

The very first Assembled Girl story (as well as IanTheM1's very first roleplaying storyline endeavor), in which the character of Sasha was introduced as Sarah's split personality, which had previously manifested namelessly.

Due to an emotional jolt, Sasha takes over Assembled Girl's body, leaving Sarah dormant. After correspondance with a technical expert, Tina Colossus was able to return Sarah to her normal state.

Reclaim and Reconquer

The first key appearance of the Godby Organization, in the form of Project SIN, a sinister android that infiltrates the Teen Squadron base and infects Sarah with a virus. The so-called "SIN Virus" causes her to act out the Seven Deadly Sins, one per day. However, after only a week Assembled Girl managed the shrug off the virus, much to Godby's chagrin.

Heads and Tails

Heads and Tails (also known as Heads or Tails: So Close and Yet So Far) is a short four chapter side story detailing an odd phenomenom in which Assembled Girl reaches out through dreams and makes contact with an alternate dimension version of the Unknown Stickman; one from the "Justice" Dimension.

Sarah also encounters a strange signal that spans both dimensions, which is caused by Stickman fighting Vanessa DeVore, leaving her with the image of a Carnival of Shadows Mask.

One Heck of a Cold

A minor, comedic, and purely in-game storyline in which Assembled Girl gets a virus from unprotected internet surfing, causing her to regress mentally into a young girl.

Of Masks and Minds

Based on the in-game story arc "Upon the Psychic Plane". Vanessa DeVore takes over Sarah's body, intending to use the young cyborg as a new host to prolong both her lifespan and psychic powers. Her friends fight to save her, and additional help comes from an unexpected source.

Lie Down on the Couch

Godby nearly succeeds in their plot to recapture Assembled Girl, with the help of both Project SIN and Agent Muhnley, but it soon goes awry.

Obsolesence and Obliteration

The beginning of a three part saga involving the shifting battlelines between Assembled Girl and the Godby Organization.

Obsolesence and Obliteration serves as a short introduction for Samantha Byers, as well as further insight into Stewart Ackard's past. Elsewhere, a strange plot is underway...

Divergence and Destinies

The middle of a three part saga. Sarah is sucked into the alternate dimension of 2015 AD while Sasha is left behind. With the Youth Corps backing her up, they track down the perplexing Heiress of Godby. Meanwhile, Sarah must deal with the horrors of a war-torn future.

Superiors and Suspicions

The conclusion of the three part saga and based upon the in-game World Wide Red story arc. After some urging by her friends, Sarah seeks the aid of agent Crimson to try to find leads into her past, Godby, or her parents. Before she can receive any clues from the secret agent, she's abducted off the streets by shadowy agents. A series of clues leads her teammates both to her, and a conspiracy.

Upgrade: Dangerous Developments

In the aftermath of "Superiors and Suspicions," Sarah searches for more clues to her past, while her enemies prepare for another inevitable conflict. An arms race begins, as upgrades proliferate.

Upgrade: In-Game Event

As a part of Upgrade, the core members of the Youth Corps were contacted by Mender Caesar, of Ouroboros. He had a mission of great importance for them, one that he had a personal stake in. Gothic Defender, Psykera, and Silencer Micheal travel back in time to ensure Assembled Girl will still exist in the present.

Masterpiece Manifest

Driven mad by a form of psionic bloodlust, Sasha leaves her home at the Youth Corps base, only to be taken by Jack Damuro to the Whitecrest Academy. Silencer Micheal and the Enquirer give chase and attempt to rescue her, but things are never so simple when Godby is involved...

Creator Notes and Trivia

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