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The Axiom Guard
Leaders: Xeden
Key Members: Jordan James
Arbiter Auclair, Mun Roe
Warfrost, Power Patron
Nathan Archer, Umbral Infinity
Mega Maiden, James Perkins
Type: Hero/Vigilante
Base Location
The Axiom (Location Confidential)
Known Coalitions
Global Defense Force, Silver Aegis, Last Ward
Established: Winter 2012
Background Information
In the face of so many extra-dimensional threats bearing down on Primal Earth, an initiative was enacted to help band together likeminded heroes and villains of all backgrounds in the common defense of the planet.
Self-funding, all tech is created in-house.
OOC Information
A part of the Virtue RP Revival Project, the Axiom is the first attempt to create a spearhead supergroup for the purpose of linear storyline and large-scale RP event hosting.
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"The time for 'you against me' is over.
Now is the time for 'us against them'."



(Hold tight for filler!)


Leadership Body

Xeden - Offensive administrator; Tactical coordinator - Energy-blasting Knight who has a plan for everything.

Jordan James - Defensive administrator; Security head - Maternal "momma bear" of the Axiom, defends her members like family.


Nathan Archer - Soldier; Third shift leader - Xeden's right hand man when a leader isn't available.

Noted Members

Umbral Infinity -

Mega Maiden - Praetorian Resistance member - Praetorian powerhouse created in the image of a fallen hero.

Arbiter Auclair - Arachnos Representative - Proof of the Axiom's reach and dubious rank-and-file malcontent.

Miss France - France's superheroine - Model, fashion designer, Incarnate, tabloid-magnet.

Mademoiselle France - France's new superheroine - New holder of the legendary mantle, trying to fit into her new shoes.

James Perkins - Knight, Demon hunter - Recently-returned family man hoping to create a better future for his daughter.

Keshka Di'mir - Mercenary - Alien gun-toting soldier who likes the dirty work.

Magisterum - Mage - Magic-wielding German with a snazzy fashion sense.

Power Patron - Knight - Canadian lycanthrope ladies man, and one of few knights still around given the rank by Xeden.

OoC Information

The Axiom Guard is an RPSG created as the spearhead of the Virtue RP Revival project. It functions as one of the faces of the Project when it comes to the creation, advertisement, and host of larger-scale roleplaying events and contests, both blueside and redside, such as the In-Character meetings held in the Vanguard Base briefing room, numerous events relating to the attempts to save Dark Astoria before the Issue 22 change, the many events after relating to the plot changes that took place therein, and the upcoming Praetorian Goodwill Event, which encourages players with Praetorian characters to get in on the action in their own home world, and interact with numerous others concerning the upheaval being faces in Praetoria.

For more information in-game, join the Virtue RP Revival global channel by using the command "/chan_join Virtue RP Revival", or send a tell to @Two Across or @Andreah for an invite!

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