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Defender of Praetoria
Growing up in Praetoria, Douglas McAdams did not have an easy life. His parents died when he was ten, victims of the oppressive regime of Emperor Cole. From the ages of ten to eighteen Douglas was in and out of foster homes. Never staying in one place for too long due to his rebellious nature. He eventually wound up involved with a notorious street gang known as the "D-Fendaz". McAdams' motivation was not due to any criminal leanings, but rather a desire to fight back against the oppressive Praetorian Emperor. This notion of fighting on behalf of social justice was instilled in McAdams from a young age due to his reading of comic books based around the primal-earth hero Xanatos. (At the time McAdams thought the stories were wholly fictional. He did not know that Xanatos actually existed, albeit in a different dimension to his own.)

After the D-Fendaz were arrested by the Praetorian Police Force, McAdams took his terrorist nature to the next level by joining up with Calvin Scott's Resistance. Fully adopting the image of his childhood hero, the Primal Earth Xanatos, McAdams became an underground hero to the people of Praetoria. He became a man that would do what was necessary no matter the cost. He became...'Captain X'.

In early 2011, after many years of guerilla warfare in Praetoria, Captain X eventually travelled to Primal Earth. His intention was to warn the people of Paragon of the impending Praetorian invasion. It was during this escapade that Captain X met the hero that had inspired him all those years ago; Xanatos. The two men quickly joined forces, with Xanatos asking Captain X to join the superhero team "The Old Guard". After a series of successful missions against the Malta Group, Xanatos appointed Captain X as the head of security for the Old Guard Academy, content that his students would be safe under the Praetorian's watchful eye.

Captain X met his dimensional counterpart, Duggy McFresh, during a training exercise in the Old Guard Academy. Due to their powerful bond, the two men were among the handful of heroes that managed to survive Baron Blitzman's assault on the Old Guard Academy in mid 2011, although they were severely wounded as a consequence. Unfortunately, less than a year later, both men were among those killed by Rularuu, in an event that has become known as "The Battle for the Multiverse".

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