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OOC Information[1]


The League of Misfits is a loosely affiliated association of oddballs and outcasts who have come together in the Misfit Mansion almost as a family, some out of choice and others who simply have nowhere else to go. Conceptually we're all over the map -- capes, wizards, warriors, mutants, magical constructs, extraterrestrials, extradimensionals, extratemporals, reformed villains, ghosts, super squirrels, sentient vegetables -- even the French! -- whatever you want to play, if you can make it interesting we're happy to have you with us.


"[[Gather for plot point!]]" -- Gerard Le Mystere

Our primary focus is RP. There's usually several open storylines going on at any given time, and we have occasional RP nights where we further storylines playing through a story arc or TF adapted to our purposes.

SG chat is considered to be IC at all times, with any OOC comments marked as such (by "OOC:", brackets or what-have-you). Blending and meta-gaming is frowned upon, but we are not strict about the actual ratio of IC lines to OOC ones as we generally all like each other and have as much fun just playing and BS-ing OOC as we do roleplaying. We're by and large capable of doing both at the same time. During more RP-intensive events we generally ask that OOC be kept as much as possible in the group's global channel.

The League of Misfits is proud to be coalitioned with The Reciprocators.


We make frequent use of the Arena for SG events, to further RP storylines, and for just plain goofing off. We do not currently engage inany organized zone PvP, but occasionally poke around. The Misfits occasionally host an in-character themed Arena event as a training exercise open to all who wish to come In Character and in costume -- past themes have included Pirates vs. Ninjas and Marvel vs. DC, Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat, and Star Wars vs. Star Trek.


We currently have over 20 individual players in the group, and there's almost always someone on -- we have daytime and nighttime regulars, and most of us have alts of both factions and various level ranges. We're very SK/exemp friendly, being more concerned with having fun hanging out with each other than steamrolling stuff or powergaming (though get enough of us together and steamrolling often becomes inevitable).

Requirements for Membership

We have no level requirement for entry, but we do require applicants to submit an application on the Misfit Membership board and team with two Master Misfits before being invited, to give us and you the opportunity to decide if our styles mesh.


Website: League of Misfits at GuildPortal

In-Game: @AlwaysAPrice, @The Fail, @Rouge Serpente, @Steel Cobra

UHVU/Forums: AlwaysAPrice

  1. Largely ported from our Virtue forum SG Directory post pending the long overdue buckling down and writing up of IC background

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