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The Black Guard


Who We Are

The Black Guard is a team of heroes/vigilantes assembled by the vigilante Nitedevil as a means to combat threats throughout the world and Paragon City using tactics deemed "unacceptable" by the majority of the Superhero community. The Black Guard operates in the shadows, carrying out tasks deemed 'dirty' and 'unreachable' by most authorities. The methods they resort to sometimes border on terrorism. No Restrictions, Get the job done by ANY means possible. That's the code they operate by.

The Motivation

With The Frontline's new charter being enacted, a certain number of restrictions were placed on the group. Although the Frontline is and always will be a pro-active force against meta-human and non meta-human threats, 'under the table' operations would have severe repercussions on the group which in the end could result in the UN security council forcefully disbanding them.

Although possessing highly skilled and highly capable members, Nitedevil chose to form a separate entity for several reasons:

1. Most members of The Frontline do not approve of his 'morally ambiguous' methods (with the exception of a few).

2. He wanted those who aren't afraid to use methods similar to his.

3. He felt that a smaller team could do what he wanted them to do (or planned on having them do).

4. The capture of Liquidus and their unauthorised rescue mission, has aroused suspision of a 'leak'. Although Nitedevil doesn't suspect any of the Frontliners of being a mole, he feels that forming a seperate entity would be "on the safe side" and helps him keep an eye out.

The Formation

The Nitedevil hand picked several heroes to form the roster (it is not final as of yet):

Celtic Arrow: An Ex-Wyvern operative. The Celtic Arrow and Nitedevil had worked together in the past. Nitedevil knows his abilities as a skilled archer. Nitedevil felt that his wyvern training would also come in handy.

The Cyphre: A hero of many talents and captain of the underfunded but effective special operations group, StormForce. The Nitedevil found out about the Cyphre through contacts in Kings Row. His skills in investigation and as an inventor, as well as his gadgets and mastery of martial arts contribute greatly to the group.

Shadowstormm: Little is known about this vigilante apart from he is good at what he does. A highly skilled individual, his skill ranges from unarmed combat, to mastery of almost ANY weapon. He is the team's weapons expert.

Snowmeow: The only other Frontliner in the team. She was chosen due to her 'brutal' tactics in the field and her skill with the katana. Another reason that she was brought in is so that Nitedevil can keep an eye on her, since her methods are far more extreme than his.

Ava Adore: Tough as nails vigilante. Her connections in the Rouge Isles, as well as skills in combat make her a valuable asset to the team.

RESERVES: None as of yet.

Recent Events

Coming Soon.

OOC Information

The Black Guard is an alliance of heroes from different supergroups and function as a 'team' outside their regular supergroup. This concept of having another group was inspired by several sources including in-game (The Sadistic Seven, their blueside counter-part The Eidolon Eight) and comic books such as New Avengers, New Warriors, The Illuminati and The Outsiders. It was also a chance to try something different and adapt the concept in comic books of heroes/villains being affiliated to more than one group. Oh, and we are ALWAYS look for more people who want to join in the fun!!!


  • The name "The Black Guard" was thought up by Cyphre. So I cannot take credit for the coolness.

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