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Creation of the Eight

The term 'Eight' comes as tribute to the Surviving Eight of the Freedom Phalanx, being the greatest surviving heroes of the Rikti War who pledged to rebuilding Paragon City while mentoring a fresh new hero population. Meanwhile the term 'Eidolon' refers to an ideal and should not be confused with Vahzlok villians of the same name. Together, these heroes intented to be more than just mere individuals but a united front against the upcoming temperal villiany posed by The Sadistic Seven. Neither a Supergroup nor offical body in the strictist sense, the coalition instead stands as an icon for heroism, raising the banner in the battle against good and evil, while providing organized leadership in the face of devestation. The Original Eidolon Eight members include Graphite, Empyreal, Alumette, Vindicator, Plasma Wisp, Red Queen and The Havok Brothers while holding close ties with Noble, Grae Knight, The Imperial, Tarberetta, Jack Wolfe, Dragonberry, Yin, President SK, Xanatos and many others. The original group ever since has maintained contact with each other should they be needed again.

Future is Ours: Event Summary

Tired of being beaten in their standard attacks, The Seven decided to try a different tactic. This time, they would try and change the future, rather than attacking Paragon in the present. The future they wished to see come to pass is actually in some question, although it can be pieced together from what information they let slip during the battle that the future they were fighting for was one without Lord Recluse and Arachnos, and more importantly one without heroes. It was a world in which superheroes had been purged and their 'leader' was in a position of great power. Exactly who this leader is is a matter of great debate. They gathered the materials they needed; Chronal armor so that they could jump in and out of Recluse's Victory without using Arachnos portals, anchors to attach to each of the pillboxes, and a central machine which would shift the zone several timelines to the future they wished to see come to pass, and solidify it.

The heroes of Paragon were alerted to the plot by Century, an interstellar omnipotent being who is charged with the protection of linear time. He appeared in the thoughts of every hero and warned them that they must stop the plot. Heroes did indeed arrive in Recluse's Victory and fight the armies of the Seven, some of them going so far as to form the 'Eidolon Eight', a group completely dedicated to stopping the Seven from messing with time, led by the time travelling hero Graphite. The battle for control of pillboxes was at a stanstill, for while the Heroes continued to hold ground they were vastly out numbered by the highly centralized Sadistic Seven Army. They proved to be unable to stop the threat, which was only put to a halt when Professor Echo appeared in City Hall where the main equipment was being stored, and started to rip wires out of the stolen temporal machinery, shouting about saving the world.

This battle for time and the fate of a free world took place on April 6th 2007, a date that has become known as V-Day, for thier narrow victory, by some of the Heroes of Paragon City. Under the leadership of Alumette, the Eight successfully delayed the villians from gaining access to the various area Pillboxes. However the heroes were vastly out numbered and if was not for the madness of Professor Echo, the day would have been lost. The Seven failed again, and were forced back into the present where cracks began appearing in the group. Meanwhile, original Eidolon Eight pledged to remain in contact in case of future Seven threats.

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