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File:Children of AsterionRoster3.jpg
"Actions show the True Nature of One
Children of Asterion
Type: Heroic Supergroup
Debut: Dec, 2011,
founded by Steel Hoof
Colors: Iron and Steel
Logo: Hoofprint
Website: [__link)__guildsite ]Children of Asterion]
Task Force Leads
Steel Hoof Leader
Ptegleska Softcoat General
Lady Io General
Minotaurous General
Zander the Creten Captain
Levels: Any
Play style: Reasonably Active/Casual
Roleplay: Expected and Welcomed
Timezone(s): West EU to US Eastern -

see website for details

Recruiting: Always
Contact: Any current leader, as above

Courage cannot be proved with words, but only with acts..



Children of Asterion is a association of Bovine beings that is licensed in Paragon City to protect the lawful citizens of the City and outlying areas and keep watch for signs of foreign invasion.

Current Roster

Active Membership

Name Archtype Origin Primary Secondary
Aurochissa Blaster Natural
Bos Fight Brute Magic Martial Arts Regeneration
Bride of the Minotaur Tanker Magic Invulnerability Secondary
Cremia Brute Magic Primary Secondary
Hornbull Brute Natural Primary Secondary
Lady Io Mastermind Magic Demons Pain domination
Milkita Tanker Natural Primary Secondary
Minotaurous Tanker Mutation Invulnerability Secondary
Moooother Nature Controllor Magic Empathy Plant control
Ptegleska Softcoat Tanker Magic Invulnerability Super Strength
Razaar Defender Magic Trick Arrow Archery
Stavros Kontos Dominator Magic Earth Manipulation Earth Control
Steel Hoof Tanker Science Willpower Super Strength
Taurex Brute Magic Titan Weapons Secondary
Terible Tauren Blaster Natural Archery Trick arrow
Zander the Creten Brute Natural Titan Weapons Invulnerability
No Bell Heifer Defender Magic Empathy
your name here Type Orgin Primary Secondary
your name here Type Orgin Primary Secondary

A list of former members of importance can be found here.



Children of Asterion began with two bovine heroes of different orgin but of these goals; providing a sanctuary for those of Bovine appearance to work from and stay that did not have a constant barrage of "Where's the beef" "Can I milk you?" or worse... "I like hamburgers..." conversations of varied degree of propriety and threat. To use the natural quiet strength of the bovine community to protect their home of choosing; Paragon City.

The Force started out with the dream of one hero, Andrew Wronski, also known as Steel Hoof. He used to be human, yet after his change, regardless of his effort, he was no longer able to live his previous live. Some would say he was ideal case of ,,Ben Grimm syndrome" Yet one day he met Ptegleska Softcoat, someone who was new to this world, but similar to him. That meeting resulted in one of the strangest ideas.

Hoof pulled some strings and managed to locate Minotarous also going by the name of Justin. Most heroes, which were considered, minotaurish or bovine, were either suffering from fact, they could no longer leave among normal humans, or were lost travelers faced with new strange world, with even stranger people living in it. Andrew idea was to group such beings to provide acceptance and support for both sides. Secondary priority would be helping with image of minotaur, which currently was either associated with rampaging brute, or many tasteless jokes. He hoped, that with their combined effort, group could tackle high threat targets and gain respect of the city.

Suprisingly idea took of, and Children of Asterion were formed.

New Beginnings: Children of Asterion

Where and whens of founding

Modern Age

First Task Force Missions

Dates times of a few adventures

Building The Family

How some joined SOME details

Children of Asterion continues to experience new growth, and new challenges. The team has recently relocated

Base of Operations

Main Article: The Sanctuary

The home base of Children of Asterion has undergone various upgrades and relocations recently.

Originally, the headquarters for Children of Asterion was a shabby warehouse in Brickstown, then a small space in Founder's Falls

Currently a well equipped by sturdy atmosphere is being built by new engineers in the association with specialised mages. Base is located in mini pocked dimension, created by Lady IO. Base is not only a meeting place, but for some members of the group, it also provides place to live and sleep, as accommodating may be harsh for newcomers to primal earth.


Virtueverse notes

Members of Children of Asterion who have a page on the Virtueverse site should feel free to make use of the Children of AsterionBox template for their character bios! Alternatively, members may use a modification of the ModBox; follow the instructions on that page, but use the templates {{ModBox/Children of Asterion}} and {{CharMod/Children of Asterion}} when the instructions call for use of those templates; for example your ModBox should start looking similar to this:

 {{ModBox/Children of Asterion
  | mod1={{CharMod/Children of Asterion

If you wish to display the character's rank in the Force, add to the CharMod parameters

 |Children of Asterion rank=

Use the rank listed in the SG roster.

Also, at the end of your page, you may also add the template {{Children of Asterion}}, which offers fast links to other members.


Children of Asterion is presently seeking driven and motivated heroes of Bovine persuasion to fill our ranks and find camaraderie

of non predatory companions and coworkers
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