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Cyber Knight

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Name: Cyber Knight

Heavy Defense and Assault Weapons System

CK title.jpg
What if becoming a hero carried the ultimate price?

CYBER KNIGHT by johnbecaro.jpg
Cyber Knight
Agent of S.C.O.R.P.I.O.
Player: @Cyber-Knight
Division: N/A
Rank: Director
Origin/AT: Technology / Tanker
Security Level: 50
Agent Personal Data
Real Name: Alexander Ridgeway
Known Aliases: "CK" "Tin Man"
Species: Human
Age: 33
Height/Weight: 9'4" 4449.2lbs (in armor)
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Brown
Citizenship: United States Citizen
Current Residence: Sanctuary
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother/Father: Deceased
Known Powers
Invulnerability / Super Strength
Training / Abilities
See Vanguard Weapons tests
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Cyber Knight Heavy Defense and Assault Weapons System (HDAWS)

Cyber Knight was the original character I designed for CoH in beta and was also the name I chose as my beta name reserve. The original origin was written 10 years before the release of CoH, and has since been changed and adapted to fit the CoH universe.


Vanguard, S.C.O.R.P.I.O.


Records recovered from the Cyber Knight armor show that this world has not been the only one ravaged by the Rikti. One such Campaign ravaged another alternate earth, the civilization that inhabited that dimension was far more technologically advanced than that of ours, the other difference was they did not have heroes to defend their world from the invaders; super powered beings were non-existent. To deal with the invaders their best and brightest created a prototype battle armor, designed specifically to combat the Rikti menace, composed of two parts, the primary armor weapons systems. And a nanite infusion designed to augment the users skin, muscle and bone with a microscopic threading to prepare the users body to withstand the forces required to operate the armor. The users nervous system would also be augmented as well; specialized nanites laid a network of additional pathways through out the body to increase response time, coordination, and senses. These new neural pathways allowed the user to interface with its systems simply through skin contact, effectively making the armor an extension of the user.

In the final days of their war just before the prototype was fully functional and mass production was to start, the Rikti attacked the Lab that housed the armor, while the soldiers outside fought hard to turn back the attack the scientists inside raced desperately to complete the prototype in order to use it to drive away the attackers and move it to the production facility. While systems were being brought online, checked and double checked Karan D'aeryth, designer of the armor, began a process that she hoped would facilitate the defeat of the Rikti, she began the dangerous process of transferring her collective consciousness to the armors onboard computers effectively becoming a D.N.A. based A.I. to help the armors user in their fight against the attackers. While she underwent this process, The armors chosen user was being prepped for the Nanite infusion, colleagues initialized precautionary capture protocols, programmed to shut down, and lock out key systems, and deny all interface by Rikti based technology.

As the consciousness transfer was completed, explosions and plasma blasts could be heard above them on the ground floors, they had but moments to prepare the user. The comatose body of Karan D'aeryth was unhooked from the machines that linked her to the armor; it was in this moment as the nanite infusion was about to begin portals opened up within the room, Rikti troops exited, firing and gunning down anyone that moved. Soon all was silent in the lab, the smell of plasma burns permeating the air.

The Rikti War, Paragon City 2 years later

In the opening hours of the war on May 23rd, 2002, not only were attacks against strategic targets being carried out, but people were being captured, transported back to the ships for six months soldiers were interrogated, civilians were experimented on, many of them ultimately became the first of the wretched creatures known today as "the Lost". One such individual was selected for something different yet every bit as heinous in it's intent, he was dragged to a lab and strapped forcibly to a table deep within the bowels of one of the Rikti Battleships that orbited our planet, silently without ever saying a word, his captors moved in a small container filled with a silvery mercury like substance, their scientists had studied it and determined it to be a nano-virus, designed by a now dead civilization in it's final and futile attempt to fend off the overwhelming forces of the Rikti.

Subdued, both physically and mentally there was little the captor could do; listlessly he tried to free himself knowing his end was coming. After donning protective gear, the aliens proceeded to inject their subject with the virus; ready to catalog it's effects in hopes of spreading it like a plague on the world below.

It was like liquid fire had been poured into his veins his subdued objections turned into screams of pain as the nanites went to work, quickly spreading throughout his body, they began to lay down the mesh of microscopic threads in his bones, muscle and his nervous system, time suddenly seemed to slow, the pain that had wracked his body faded as the nanites in his body took control of the pain receptors in his brain, a sudden tingle passed through his body, the same kind of feeling as that of a battery on your tongue for just a moment. A signal had been sent, and on the planet below, as the mothership floated oppressively over the section of paragon city known as White Plains and final battles were being fought to decide the future of the planet a signal had been received deep within the Rikti mothership. An armor, deemed useless, stored deep within the confines of a Rikti lab awakened, Core systems sprang to life, an onboard teleport system locked onto the coordinates of it's user, and in a flash of light it was gone.

Onboard the battleship in orbit, commotion in the lab broke out as the young man broke free of his bonds with a renewed strength that he never thought he could muster. The mental attacks came, and while they hurt, and they dulled his perception, he was angry and he wanted out. That was when it came. Suddenly and abruptly he was lifted off the ground as the armor teleported in around him piece by piece it covered his entire body, and when the deed was done he fell to one knee, he was Clad in silver, like a technological Knight of old. His captors ran knowing that they were not equipped to deal with this they bolted down the hall to retrieve their weapons and bring in backup.

The young man smashed through the door, not consciously, his mind was still foggy, his vision blurred, something was guided him, guiding the crushing blows of his armor clad hands against anything, be it mechanical or not that got in it's way, the armor was in control. Rikti plasma blasts ricocheted off the armor as it's left hand, outstretched began to change, Sections of armor moved and pulled away, reorganizing themselves so that the hand was non-existent, it revealed a Cannon glowing a luminescent blue and aimed at the outermost bulkhead, Particles of light coalesced as a fusion generator spun up. The resulting blast took only moments to melt through the hull causing the area to depressurize violently. The contents of the hall were blown into the void including the Rikti security team sent to stop the young man. As the armor floated out into the blackness, the young man inside could see as the battleship opened a portal in space and moved through it. Events on the planet below had won the day, the enemy fled.


Cyber Knight caught on camera Re-entering the earths atmosphere

News reports and amateur footage from hours after the final attack show a mixture of jubilation at victory and despair of over the people that were lost that day. Cameras catch a glimpse of what looks like a meteor streaking across the sky, it ultimately impacts in the remains of Baumton striking several charred buildings on it's way down before impacting and leaving a crater a block wide in the already war torn part of the city.

The newly created Vanguard security forces ultimately takes possession of the object, loading it on a V-22 Osprey and airlifting it from the scene. Any direct video of the object was confiscated. Conspiracy theorists still debate what the object was that struck Paragon City that day.

After much testing was done on both the Armor itself and the user. The Lady Gray convinced the user to work as an operative of Vanguard, Deployment was to be in Paragon City, the Purpose of it's design would be best tested there due to the remaining Rikti presence.

Negotiations were held afterward with the company known as United Dynamics to facilitate maintenance and additional testing.


Stoic, amiable, and friendly, Cyber Knight tries to make due with the fact that because of the origin of the armor he wears and to keep his loved ones safe, his identity is classified by Vanguard as beyond Top Secret and is held only by The Lady Gray, and Jack Slayton. Thus his true identity, or what he looks like cannot be known to anyone without proper clearance. These extreme measures have been put in place because the armor is essentially bound to the user, as such the U.N. believes should the identity of the user become known, those that would attempt to claim the advanced technology behind the armor for their own would target not only the user, but those around him in order claim it.

Cyber Knight lives an almost monastic existence outside of the armor, while the armor is in for maintenance or additional study, he resides in an isolation chamber within the Vanguard or S.C.O.R.P.I.O. Facilities that basically serve as a large one bedroom apartment. While everything possible is done to make his isolation comfortable, over the years it has begun to affect how he interacts with others. He has started to see his existence as less the man and more the machine. He now considers the armor to be what he truly looks like since it is from within the armor that he can interact with the world and those within it.


Due to the inter dimensional nature of the Armor and it's weapons systems it falls under the jurisdiction of Vanguard. As such the user's personal dossier is available to only those with the highest of security clearances.

Because of this Vanguard also has authority to deploy Cyber Knight to conduct military operations where and when they see fit. Current Deployment is in Paragon City, specifically the Rikti War Zone.

Vanguard Weapons tests

Batteries of tests have been run by Vanguard and the organization known as S.C.O.R.P.I.O., below are some of their findings. Amongst the suits myriad of systems are a series of Black Boxes that are inaccessible, some of which are isolated entirely and may be associated with the systems that are currently on lock-down. Vanguard and S.C.O.R.P.I.O. researchers have not been able to clearly define what these may be utilized for as of yet.


Super Strength - Able to lift and move extremely heavy objects, maximum has yet to be determined. Last test conducted was lifting then moving the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) at over 104,000 tons fully loaded, The Carrier was lifted from underwater, moved 10 feet then set back down in order prevent structural damage.

Invincibility - Extensive kinetic resistance tests have been conducted under the guise of military training exercises over the last several years. Calibers ranging from 9mm to the M256 120 mm of an M1A2 Main Battle Tank have been tested with no effect.

PGU-14/B Uranium depleted Armor-Piercing Incendiary (API) and PGU-13/B High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) rounds fired from a squadron of A-10 Thunderbolt II's and direct strike from an AC-130A Gunship II outfitted with 4× 7.62 mm GAU-2/A miniguns and 4× 20 mm M61 Vulcan cannons were unable to stop the armor and it's user from reaching test objectives.

Final tests were run using the M109A6 "Paladin" The armor withstood salvos fired from the M126 155 mm Howitzer, Video from the test shows that the bombardment caused the armor to stagger after the initial impact, Though data collected from the armor shows that within .6 seconds of this happening corrections were made and the internal stabilizers compensated for the following impacts.

Other abilities are currently off-line due to Rikti Capture protocols embedded in the armors systems.

"D" is for Delta

Cyber Knight.jpg

Recently, during routine maintenance at the Vanguard Headquarters in the Rikti War Zone of the techs conducting the tests managed to accidentally free a small portion of one of the suits locked down systems, an artificial intelligence construct meant to run tactical analysis, manage battlefield targets of opportunity, and provide the suits user with critical information regarding troop movements and relaying orders from command, and monitoring the user's vitals, administering medical attention via internal systems and remotely stimulating medical nanites within the users body.

Vanguard has taken to naming the A.I. "Delta" while the suits user simply calls it "D" for short. The A.I. has a distinctly female voice, and according to it's reports is only operating at 15% capacity as the rest of it's program is still affected by the Rikti Capture Protocols that are in place.

  • In reality Delta is the transfered mind of Karan D'aeryth the original designer of the Cyber Knight Armor. It is unknown if releasing the rest of her program will enhance the A.I. she has become to incorporate the humanity that her current form lacks.

Additional Testing

Currently there are only two facilities in the world that are capable of accommodating the occasional maintenance required by the armor, Vanguard HQ in the Rikti War Zone, and S.C.O.R.P.I.O. HQ

  • Metallurgical analysis of the Armor performed by S.C.O.R.P.I.O. Tech shows a 95% composition of metals that does not exist on the periodic table of elements. The remaining 5% has been identified as Impervium.
  • Tests have shown that the armor is environmentally sealed, capable of withstanding environments hostile to human life. Satisfied that the armor can withstand space and subsequent atmospheric re-entry as was shown when the armor and it's user impacted paragon city over six years ago now, Vanguard has scheduled an undersea depth test over the Marianas Trench that has been put on hold until the Rikti can be quelled in Paragon City.
  • The Armor's Lift, Ballistics tests, and maximum punch force tests are currently inconclusive due the fact that all testing criteria available has been exceeded. For in depth information please refer to the Weapons Tests
  • Nanites have been detected in heavy quantities throughout the armor and the user. Primary functions seem to have been the initial preparation of the user by laying the networks of neural threading to increase the users base reaction times in order to interface with the armor better. Interweaving the users muscles, bone, and joints with a special reactive threading designed to strengthen the users skeleton in order to keep the armor from causing massive internal damage to the user every time they moved. Other functions include increased user regeneration as the Nanites repair damaged tissues on a cellular level.
  • Nanites within the armor seem to be centered around two primary functions interfacing with the user, and handling repairs, though at the moment the only repairs these nanites have been documented doing so far has been to remove Rikti plasma burns and scorch marks.

The Shattered Star

The appearance of the UES-Shattered Star, a cloaked Saturn class Battleship from the home dimension of the armor was marked by the sudden violent disappearance of of the armor and pilot, during an operation to rescue Naomi Garcia. Professor Tiberious V. Klunson otherwise known as Professor Klunk decrypted a distress signal that was being sent from the armor, This distress signal was activated inadvertently as the result of tampering with the Rikti Capture protocols in an attempt to access previously locked down systems. It has since been determined that this signal breached the dimensional barrier and prompted the arrival of the Shattered Star in Orbit around earth and activated emergency systems teleporting the Armor and pilot onboard.


In an attempt to Locate Cyber Knight Agents Naomi Garcia, and Varn Explored the interior of the ship with the help of Professor Klunk via remote robot. Locating the bridge they found that the Ships A.I., Codenamed Athena was still active the Ship had come under Rikti attack, with its reactors damaged, life support was limited to only a few compartments at a time. They also found several crucial systems had been jury rigged into operation run using four of the five fusion coils from the armor. Eventually they found the Cyber Knight armor and its pilot but were attacked by a Rikti Berserker. Running on a single fusion coil, The armor unable to fully protect the pilot, and with Delta still recovering from the attempt to break the rikti capture protocols Cyber Knight locked himself and the massive Rikti in a hangar before being mortally wounded, and ultimately sacrificing himself to protect his friends.

One week later the armors orbit decays and falls to earth impacting in a remote section of the Antarctic. A S.C.O.R.P.I.O. recovery team is arrives onsite with assistance of the Archon Industries research icebreaker Aurora. Upon recovery, the team finds that the armor is environmentally sealed despite eye-witness accounts indicating that during the fight on board the UES-Shattered Star the Armor was unable to fully close leaving the pilot vulnerable.

Rebirth and Declassification

((Coming soon))


Tests show that the Cyber Knight assault suit is capable of flight, though due to Rikti Capture Protocols these systems are still in lock-down. Because of Inter-dimensional origin of the armor, understanding of the full capabilities of the suit has progressed slowly.

Until research progresses further, the suits sheer power is being used for long distance travel by making immense leaps. Impact from landing is absorbed via internal kinetic dampeners, because of these dampeners landing from a full height jump causes little or no impact damage to the surroundings effectively nullifying the impact of 4409.2lbs (2 metric tons) falling at a speed of 32 feet per second.


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