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Can you handle the sexy?

Player: @Darke Lyte
Origin: Mutant.gif
Archetype: Warshade(Not ICly), Brute, Controller, Dominator, Stalker, and Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Robert 'Beau' DeRose
Known Aliases: Sage, Sexyhat, Dark-Charge, Rift-Striker, Asshole
Species: Homo-Sapien-Superior/Human Mutant
Age: 25
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: Approximately 170 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown-Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin
Place of Birth: San Jose, California, USA
Base of Operations: The Phoenix Company
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Psionic control over gravity and gravitons
Known Abilities
Teleportation/Portal Manipulation, Time Travel/Manipulation, Levitation/Flight, Energy Projection, Remote "Rift" Viewing, Gravitational Lensing.
Twin Match Compensators, Tech Suit, Comm Device, Cellphone, and the 'Sexyhat'.
No additional information available.


Who Is He?

Beau is, simply put, a big kid...Well, maybe a big juvenile delinquent. He's hardly ever serious, because he figures he doesn't have time to waste on not enjoying himself in life. Having literally raised himself for nearly ten years, Beau has managed to cling on to many childish personality traits, bringing about the man with seemingly no maturity whatsoever. Furthermore, he's known very few limitations in his life, as his abilities let him go virtually anywhere, and allowed him to get away with whatever he wanted. Generally cracking a joke, causing some sort of fanatic mischief, or even just teasing and toying with people due to sheer boredom, Beau is rarely referred to as anything other than loud and annoying.


However, despite the fact that most people don't take him seriously, beneath the impish, obnoxious man is something of a tactical maturity. Raising himself from age 15 to 25 was not something that many could do, and especially with superpowers emerging during puberty. And while many would think Beau 's ability to teleport would give him a free ticket to anything in the world, this was hardly the case - though it did come in handy once he got the hang of it! Ultimately, he relied on himself more than his powers, and learned to survive very harsh conditions on the streets, from finding food, to sleeping in the alleys during the Rikti invasion, to making deals with the right people. For these reasons, if a sticky situation called for a level-headed person with survivability as well as street skills, Beau would be ideal.

Though most people don't have the opportunity to see the more serious side of Beau, anyone who's seen him at work would likely speak highly of him. Contrary to popular belief, he DOES know when to stop playing around and get a job done. He's also known for being one of the leading authorities on the subject of teleportation.

...Assuming he's not busy hitting on someone, or drunk off his ass.



Gravity/Graviton Manipulation - Despite the fact that he might not flaunt himself as such, Beau is a fairly powerful mutant with a plethora of abilities, all of which are facets of his only actual power. Beau possesses the psionic ability to manipulate and control gravity, and the hypothetical particle known as the 'graviton'.



Teleportation/Portals - Beau's most commonly used ability is teleportation. By gravitationally bending space-time, he is able to teleport himself, as well as other objects and people virtually anywhere through space and time, including other dimensions. He's even managed to break through dampening fields, such as the one in the Pocket D. However many others(usually magical in nature) are still powerful enough to keep him from entering a specific location if unwanted. Furthermore, Beau can open and sustain wormholes. These portals actually remain open for individuals to cross through as they please, however Beau rarely does this as it quickly becomes exhausting, and is generally an inefficient use of energy.

Time Travel/Manipulation - Through his mastery of teleportation, Beau has become skilled in traveling through and manipulating time, as well. While there are very few practical uses for his ability, and even fewer that aren't dangerous to reality itself, Beau generally practices this ability by gravitationally bending space-time in localized time fields to stop, slow, or reverse the effects of certain events. Even then, though, Beau will rarely use this ability. While the positive results can be anything from stopping an enemy, slowing the car before it hits the pedestrian, or mending wounds, the consequences tend to disrupt the greater flow of things, bringing about a dangerous butterfly effect.

Gravity Control/Blasts - The most obvious use of his power - defying gravity itself in a more visually obvious way. Beau can bend the forces of gravity to crush his foes, as well as reverse them, sometimes simply causing them, or himself, to levitate. Beau has also displayed the his ability to tear a whole open in space-time to release violent dark matter blasts at his foes. He will often wrap a reverse-gravity field around his fists to give his punches several times the destructive force of a normal punch. Beau can also use this ability to jump great distances.

Gravitational Lensing - His second best method of defense after his preferred method of teleportation. Beau has, on many occasions, delicately bent space-time around his very skin, rather than stepping through the portals himself. As a result, physical and energy attacks are quickly absorbed, redirected, or 'bent', as though disappearing into a black hole. That being said, when Beau bends the gravity fields over his very own skin, all light is unable to escape this 'Event Horizon'. Beau appears to be nothing more than a three dimensional shadow, essentially acting as a black hole to anything that would contact his skin. Gravitational Lensing, however, is a very taxing method of defense for Beau, and it limits his ability to focus his powers elsewhere.

Remote/Rift Viewing - Beau has achieved something that most teleporters never will. He doesn't have to see his destination before teleporting there - at least, not directly. When his eyes take on the blue light that is identical to the portals he opens, its because he's doing just that. By 'peaking around the corner' of space-time, he can directly view his destination before arriving, and thus, not have to worry about teleporting into solid matter. That being said, his eyes won't take on the blue light if he's teleporting somewhere within his direct field of vision - an indicator that he is likely still within the vicinity, perhaps preparing to strike again.


Hand to Hand Combat - Growing up on the streets has given Beau a great deal of experience in fighting, with and without the use of his powers. He usually does, however, teleport around his enemies, delivering quick blows before disappearing again. He can hold his own without the teleportation, though.


As stated before, Beau has a plethora of applications for his powers. He is physically vulnerable as any other human, though. In the end, when it comes to combat, his best advantage is avoiding it altogether. However, in the event that combat is necessary, a series of teleports to dodge the enemy is most effective, or absorbing their attacks. There is little he can't get away with, however, there are some things he can't dodge...

Energy is a part of physical reality, and vice versa. Psychics and magicians, however, hold an advantage on this front, as these forms of energy haven't proven to be easily influenced by Beau's ability to bend gravity. Telekinesis, telepathy, and mental domination are interactions which he cannot absorb, and neither are magical binding/holding enchantments. That being said, he can still make a run for it. In the event that he is not magically or psychically tied down, he will surely teleport away. Once he gets away, it is near impossible to lock onto him again if he's not in the immediate vicinity. However, while Beau's teleportation arrival points are almost impossible to determine until he's actually arrived, individuals (usually psychics) with foresight have yet another advantage against him, being the only people who can anticipate and often pinpoint his next appearance.

Lastly, while Beau's level of power is - to say the least - intimidating, he can rarely apply his power in more than one way at a single point in time. If teleporting, it's unlikely he'll strike with a gravity attack. If sustaining a portal, it's unlikely that he will create another. If crushing an enemy, it's unlikely he'll also be absorbing attacks. You get the idea. On rare occasions, he has managed to 'multitask' and apply his power to two different purposes at once, but it is incredibly taxing on his physical and mental state. Juggling three tasks like this could potentially kill him. Rumor has it that he's working with several allies to modify his tech suit in a way that it might help him use more of his powers at once, without over-exerting himself.



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Jo Jo Monkey - Jo is Beau's "life partner in being sexy', and his right hand lady overall! The two hit it off instantly, joking around and causing all sorts of mischief. He absolutely adores his Monkey, who manages to be sassy, sweet, and sexy all at once. Generally drinking it up, stripping it up, and partying in some way or another with no regrets, the infamous Sexyhat and Jo Jo Monkey duo are practically inseparable. Even time travel proved that!

Rowan O'Neil - Though Beau's eccentric personality didn't immediately mesh with the emotionally controlled mercenary, the two have developed a rather strong friendship over time. Rowan is unusual company for Beau to keep, as he'd normally find such a cold demeanor boring. However, in addition to working well as a team, the two have shared some deeper conversations which Beau normally wouldn't do with others. Beau offers Rowan his services whenever he can, and the fact that he doesn't do it with the thought of reward speaks volumes on his opinion of her.

Force Influx - Beau met Cole where he meets most of the people he knows - the bar. However, after a bit of teasing and sidestepping, the two made a quick, genuine connection, and it happened to be romantic. Beau and Cole have a lot in common, from their powers, age, and even military experience. After dating for several weeks now, the two are quickly growing more and more attached, and surprisingly, Beau is more than happy about it.

Sky Altitude - A troubled kid who Beau met randomly at the Pocket D one day, their relationship started off as semi-romantic. However, over time, Beau became one Sky could go to for help with his personal troubles at home. While Beau isn't quite a 'mentor', he certainly looks out for sky in a sort of 'big brother' way.

Lia MacKay - A serious of events led Beau and Lia together. Originally, he was just being a whore and hitting on a few of her friends, but over time, the two developed a friendship of sorts. When Lia first moved to Paragon City to begin a new life, Beau was there with her as her roommate in The Abandoned Warehouse. The two constantly pick, tease, and annoy each other. Beau looks at Lia as the sister he never had, and that means there's a shit load of mayhem to catch up to!

Frostbound - Beau and Nikki have been in the same circle of friends for a long time, and get along great. Despite her constant teasing that he'll lose his title of 'sexiest' if he doesn't wear his hat, he absolutely adores her.

Meteor Howl - Another long time friend, Beau and Fen have been friends for many years. While they don't see each other as often as they used to, when they do meet up, socially or in the line of duty, it's as though they'd never missed a moment.

Shimmer-Strike - While Beau and Syl didn't hit it off right off the bat, Beau was, as usual, completely oblivious to this. While she originally seemed to dislike him due to his close friendship with Jo, the two have become much closer since, and are commonly seen contributing to some sort of mischief around the Pocket D.

Vocal Vagrant - Jimmy is a long time friend of Beau's, and the two always have a good time. The ex-cop has always been extremely fun and relaxed, and handles Beau's personality remarkably well. They both enjoy competing against one another in drinking competitions.

Jayden Michaels - Originally, Beau and Jayden weren't the best of friends, mainly due to a sort of rivalry in impressing Sky/Carter. However, the two made up eventually, and Beau took a surprising liking to Jayden, amused with the fact that the kid reminded him of himself at eighteen years old.

Barnabas LeVite - Beau and Web go back several years. The two didn't originally care for each other, and frankly, Beau is still a little uneasy about the man who married his best friend, Jo. However, the two have developed a steady friendship over the years, and have worked together on plenty of occasions, too.

The Shadowy Hat - The original Carmen didn't care too much for Beau, and he didn't like her either. However, a series of events led to a the appearance of a Praetorian version of Carmen, who controls the dark powers of 'the Hat', and more importantly, makes an awesome drinking buddy! Beau is quite fond of this new girl to take the other Carmen's place, and is frequently seen around the D with her.

Aether backblast - Aether and Beau met through their memberships in the Refuge and the Lightning Strikes Initiative. The two seem to be complete opposites, with Beau being loud and outgoing, while Aether is generally reserved. However, they get along famously, and almost even each other out. Aether is one of the few people Beau would trust with his life, and he does have a great deal of respect for her. He masks this by constantly calling her a cow.

La Fantoma - While Beau hasn't known this masked woman for long, the two have made quite a stir when seen together in the Pocket D. The two share a similar mind in humor, and are always willing to test the limits of others for the sake of comedic satisfaction.

Adam Fairfield - "Boss", as Beau has recently started calling the man, Adam is a man shrouded in mystery. However, while their relationship isn't necessarily strong yet, it is unique in the fact that Beau is one of the few who, frankly, really doesn't give a shit to know the mystery. He works for the man, and respects him thus far, but beyond that, it hasn't been overly-complicated, and they both seem to like it that way.

Confiteor - Julia Fairfield, the wife of Beau's boss, was someone he immediately took a liking to. While she doesn't quite join in with his antics, she certainly seems to encourage Beau's eccentric personality.

Sgt. Maris - Beau recently met Anna through their work with The Phoenix Company, and has quickly grown to appreciate her personality.

Alexa MacGregor - Beau hasn't known the Irish half-vampire for long, but he's quickly adopted her as a fun friend. The two first met on a random encounter, placing bets on who would win in a bar fight. From there, they've gotten along great, save for Alexa's occasional threat of smothering him in her chest. The two may potentially work together in the near future, and both are certainly looking forward to the good times to be had.

Ribkage - Despite only having recently met her, Kage has always proven to be a fun one to hang around. That female badassery has never failed to appeal to Beau, and she seems to enjoy his boldness as well.

Clara Su'cour -


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Psychic Genisis/Zadrian DuPont - Zad and Beau originally met through Lia one night at the Pocket D, specifically in a HUGE drinking contest that only the three of them were participating in. Beau had a crush on Zad for quite a while, but upon rejection, he became jealous. An indiscretion out of said jealous has recently put their friendship in poor standing. However, while Zad wants to call it quits, Beau is making an effort in his 'own special way' to make up for his wrong doings.

Faraday - Beau hasn't known the mutant supremacist 'gecko girl' for long, and as such, has yet to establish a strong opinion about her. He finds her funny, and her personality is one that could easily compliment his, however his loyalty to Rowan has put a steady halt on seeing where things could go. Being a mutant himself, and a fan of evolution, he's not as quick to judge her extremist beliefs and actions. However, Faraday's aggressive behavior towards Rowan has put Beau in a defensive stance. He won't hesitate to crush her if she tries something stupid... and she usually does.


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The Grey Lotus Clan - As of late, the clan of ninjas have been making efforts to harm Beau's friends. He's stepped in alongside Rowan to help deal with the threat.




IC Comments and Opinions

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