Rowan O'Neil

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Rowan O'Neil
Player: @Resurection Mary
Origin: Natural/Technology
Archetype: Corrupter/Scrapper
Threat Level: 50/50
Personal Data
Real Name: Rowan O'Neil
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 113lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Reddish-brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Soldier
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Eric Randolph (adopted brother), Rory O'Neil (adopted daughter)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Extensive military training in combat (ranged and melee), unparalleled survival tactics (urban and wilderness)
Various weapons, teleporter beacon, other salvaged technology.
Immune to most diseases, poisons, and certain magical effects that resemble diseases and poisons. Blood, when ingested, will have severely detrimental side effects.



On the surface, Rowan is a very cold, emotionally-controlled individual. She usually stands straight with her hands resting behind her back, and even her voice is normally monotone. Many have called her a living statue or a kind of zombie because of this behavior. She runs her organization on a tight schedule, calculating all risks before sending anyone out. Rowan's world is not dominated by money, fame, or power, but by probability of survival, her own and others'. Underneath, Rowan is a little more complex. She feels, though her past experiences have forced her to cut herself off from most of her emotions. She fears, grieves, and even gets angry; she has less experience with her positive emotions and rarely smiles because of it. Over time, Rowan's gotten more in touch with her emotions and processes them more easily, if not a bit slower than the average person. She's loved, has been loved, and enjoys the idea of a family in the future. She's still ever practical and realistic, and thus continues to prepare for the next crisis to hit.


Rowan was born within the interdimensional headquarters of an arms company known as Kriegerisch. She was conceived via surrogacy by her father, Director Isaac Bernard, as an experimental attempt at strengthening his various biological weapons. Bernard's ego fed into the belief only the closest match in genetic material would suffice, thus he made Rowan of his own DNA claiming her as his "daughter," even though he could care less about their familial relations. The charade was meant to reduce the potential interference others might attempt in response to his actions with the infant. He started the experiments to enhance her immune system while she was still in the womb, telling the woman carrying her and all his associates they were merely vital checkups for the baby's health. Sadly, Rowan's mother would not survive; the treatments did indeed make Rowan stronger, but with each consecutive one her mother became weaker and weaker. She died giving birth to Rowan.

It wasn't long after Rowan was born that Doctor Lisa Harrison discovered Bernard's intent for her. While she had no problem designing weapons for a company responsible for the death of countless people, Harrison had a soft spot for children. She ordered an aide to get close to Bernard and work her way up to handling Rowan's "check ups," with the intent to rescue her. It worked, for the most part. The aide went undiscovered until the night she was scheduled to take Rowan and run to the nearest dimensional portal. Compromised, the aide shook off her pursuers as quickly as possible and jumped into one of the company's pocket dimensions used to test weapons in the confusion. It would be months before Harrison discovered her choice of hiding places.

Within the Program

Within the artifical pocket dimension was a version of Earth that was completely normal. No mutants, metahumans, aliens, psychics, or A.I.s running around. It was modeled off of a natural dimension with a similar population, labeled E36551. The program, AE3651, ran on an accelerated timeframe to speed up the testing process for the uncreatively named Undead Maker; Bernard's latest viral weapon. The living citizens imported with promises of paradise would come to call it the Cutter virus. Regardless of its name, its effects were still the same; it killed its victims within five hours of infection and either resurrected their bodies as zombies, or mutated them into gruesome monsters. There were no exceptions to the public's knowledge.

It is within this program that the aide and Rowan landed and lived together for a time. They lived in Arlington, WA for four years, during which time the aide and Rowan became close. Rowan never knew this woman was not her mother; all she knew was that she raised her in a loving manner. Every night before bed, the aide would kiss Rowan's forehead. This would be the only happy memory Rowan would carry with her into adolescence. Towards the end of those four years, the testing began. The virus made its appearance in the very same city they lived in. As chaos broke out around them, the aide attempted to get out of the city. She had heard that the government was evacuating people via helicopter to an area that was unaffected by the outbreak of zombies. Rowan made it safely, though the aide was bitten and infected during the journey. With no chance of surviving after infection and a mob of monsters closing in on the helicopter, the aide handed Rowan to the soldiers and walked calmly back to the horde. Despite being so young at the time this happened, the image of the young woman she loved so dearly as Momma torn asunder was ingrained into her mind.

Rowan was taken to a church in the midwest that was used as a temporary relocation camp while the U.S. government of AE3651 tried to clean up the zombie horde. It would take a full year and a scientist named Professor Benjamin Cutter to identify the cause and how to properly fight the virus. Afterwards Rowan and others orphaned by the war against the undead would be moved to a more permanent orphanage in New York, NY. Rowan didn't adjust very well, though the comfort of having others in a similar situation helped with her grieving process. The orphanage was run by a nun called Mother Violet, a middle-aged rosy woman, and her fellow nuns. The building held 300 some children altogether for the three years that it was active. When Rowan turned seven, the Cutter virus reemerged. A wayward collegue of Prof. Cutter's tried to create a vaccine for it and accidently set it loose on the unsuspecting populace once more. Within months, it had reached New York. Mother Violet was bitten within the first stages of the outbreak and became a zombie later that evening. She turned on the children in the building, mauling many of them and infecting others before Rowan herself grabbed a metal baseball bat and caved in Mother Violet's skull, ending the immediate threat. By this time, the nature of the virus was so common that even Rowan knew those bitten would just become more zombies later on. She destroyed the skulls of the children already dead...

...and killed those who were alive and infected.

Rowan didn't waste any time burying the dead or comforting the terrified and crying survivors. With Mother Violet's aides gone, as they tried to gather supplies to hole themselves in the orphanage and most likely died in the process, Rowan quickly turned on the radio to listen for the location of the evacuation point as she remembered her "mother" doing three years earlier. She tried her best to lead the remaining children to safety; she was young, inexperienced with travel and combat. Rowan got lost in the city several times, losing more and more children with each encounter they had. A few even broke off after a while, believing Rowan an unsafe and incapable leader. Their fates are still unknown, though those who stayed with Rowan all eventually died. Some she even had to put down herself as she did the others at the orphanage.

When she arrived, a group of mercenaries known as the Reapers were waiting for her. The leader, Major Goldwyn, saw the tiny, pale girl in her bloodied clothes with her dented baseball bat and took her in. There she met Eric, a boy two years older than her that the Major saw fit to adopt, and called him brother. They trained together with the Reapers in various skills. Though she was younger than Eric, Rowan proved to be a better hand-to-hand combatant as well as a sniper, while his tactical skills soared under Drake's tutelage. Even though their pysches had suffered due to what they experienced, Rowan and her brother were happy with the Reapers and their "father," whom they simply called the Major. It just wasn't meant to last.

At age ten the Cutter virus surfaced yet the safety of Reaper HQ, no less. The base had been specifically designed for the inevitable reoccurance of the virus. The bottom floor had no windows and a heavily reinforced steel door, and nothing else; only a single drop down ladder provided any means of reaching the second floor, which housed the battle and defense stations, and weapons room. While this floor had windows, they had thick steel bars over them; once again, a drop down ladder was the only way to the next floor. The third and final floor was the living quarters. How any number of zombies got past the defenses the Reapers set up is still a mystery to Rowan. How they managed to get to the third floor is suspicious.

Rowan awoke in the middle of the night to screams and shouts for battle stations. Her brother was already sitting upright in his bed on the other side of the room, listening quietly with fear-filled eyes. It took time for it to sink in that between the shouts of the Reapers, there was the signature moan of undead. While they had quite a bit of training, Eric and Rowan sat motionless, unsure of what to do in the event that there were zombies in the building. It wasn't long before the Major burst through the door, followed by Kicker, his second in command, and grabbed the kids to drag them outside to safety. To Rowan's horror, she saw that Kicker was already bleeding profusely from a bite wound on his upper arm. The battle raged around the four as they slowly made their way among the ravenous corpses and fellow Reapers to safety. Rowan counted all members save the Major as being infected on their way out. Eventually all undead were one, which lunged at Rowan from the shadows. The Major caught it by its jaw before it bit her, his thumb nicked by its teeth. That's all it took for his life to be forefeit. Major Goldwyn snapped its neck, and held the weeping children as they already mourned his death.

And so the Reapers gathered before Rowan and Eric. Major Goldwyn handed Rowan his rifle, which she forever carries with her, and ordered the children to put them down. Having done so once already with her friends at the orphanage, Rowan complied. After that, she was a colder soldier than ever.

For six years Rowan and her brother lived off of the inheritance they received from the Reapers; they managed to live on their own with the approval of what was left of the state, as long as they underwent routine psychological checkups. Aside from this they avoided people as much as possible. People meant potential for the virus to spread. The virus meant danger and loss. They cut everyone off as much as possible and instead focused on honing the skills taught to them. Unfortunately the virus was not meant to stay quiet forever, and such a great number were infected that Rowan and Eric had no choice but to leave their safe headquarters. Too many panicking civilians stumbled across their home in their trek away from the hordes and were clamoring to get inside. Eventually their defenses would have collapsed and everyone would have been in danger. During their journey out of their quiet town, Rowan fell through the weakened roof of a house. She lost consciousness, and awoke in an entirely new and frightening place.

Welcome to Primal Earth

Rowan awoke in a grimey, run down city that was completely unfamiliar to her. She was outside in the open, whereas she should have been inside a building if she woke up at all. Then there were the people. It was chaos, but different from the fear response she left behind. It was anger. It was violent. And there were no undead in sight. Rowan's first reaction was to find cover as quickly as possible and to gather information about her location. She wasn't stupid; she knew something was horribly wrong. That's when Rowan wandered into Pocket D. She never saw a night club before. She didn't quite understand what it was or why there were people dressed as comic book superheroes/supervillains. So Rowan went about gathering newspapers, magazines, anything she could read to get a better understanding of where she was.

And so she discovered that heroes and villains, and other "comic book people" were quite real here. A few even approached her. The first was a mutant who introduced himself as Warren Fear, and his mutation was the ability to sense and absorb the negative emotions of those around him. During a crisis, Rowan's fear is gone as she has the threat identified and knows what to do. Without an identified threat, she has a tremendous amount of fear. Mostly of letting her guard down, of becoming close to someone, and of losing all over again when (not if) the next crisis hit. Warren was drawn to her because of this. She was like a fear buffet to him, and she didn't care. Their relationship was mostly symbiotic in nature; she kept him fed, and he looked out for her in his own way to keep his buffet intact.

Rowan lived in Pocket D for several months. She survived off of the bottled water and snacks kept at the bars. She would occasionally go outside one of the doors to grab a newspaper, furthing her knowledge of Primal Earth. Another man approached her during this time known as George "Maniac" Black. He commented on the "smell of death" she had, and offered to get her a drink. Since then, George seems interested in offering her another path than what she was already set on. He saw pieces of himself in the broken girl and wanted to give her a chance at a life he didn't have. His work would be cut out for him to get past all the barriers Rowan set up in her mind. Eventually, she began having flashbacks to her time with the Reapers due to the fact that George reminded her very strongly of Kicker, the Major's second in command.

Time passed, George disappeared, but Warren remained. Out of boredom he and Rowan would talk; it wasn't long before a sense of comraderie arose from this. The two weren't so different from one another in terms of their pasts. Both had known crippling loss, and were taking steps to avoid feeling it all over again. Over the months they would talk, Warren underwent radical changes in his behavior; some good, others bad. He even went so far as to turn himself in to the authorities and was put on probation, as he was given a chance to redeem himself. As part of Warren's probation, he was saddled with a power dampening collar. He was unable to use his powers unless he was released for a mission. Rowan found him in a prison uniform one night at the D, fidgeting with his collar and complaining about how uncomfortable it was. Then he was jumped by members of the Abyss Empire, as they couldn't resist an easy target. Rowan worked quickly to try and get the collar off Warren, to give him a fighting chance, and became a target herself in the process. She was able to deflect most of the telekinetically propelled daggers via her own marksmanship, but Warren was still injured. Once the collar was off, however, he healed and even used himself as a shield to protect Rowan from the remaining daggers.

And all that fear, pain, and memories of the past flashed through Rowan's head instantly, giving Warren a boost of energy and a closer look at what she was truly afraid of. Rowan was injured during the battle, and Warren and his companions lost the fight, but no one died, much to Rowan's amazement. This marked a turning point in her life, her worldview shaken and somehow, even indirectly, hope sparked inside her mind by Warren's survival. Late that night, the two talked more openly about themselves, mostly their pasts...but also about their potential future. They did, however, agree to keep this bond a secret to avoid being used against each other by their enemies.

Reapers Grim

Shortly after Rowan recovered from the fight with Abyss Empire, she was contacted by someone claiming to be a Reaper. Curious, confused, and potentially pissed the hell off someone would use her fathers' organization, Rowan agreed to met this individual at a neutral ground. To her surprise, her brother Eric had managed to make it out of their dying world as well. Hopeful, the two immediately reconnected and decided to recreate their mercenary group; this time naming themselves the Reapers "Grim" subgroup, specializing in infectious hazard zones and other bioweapons. Their motto was "We'll survive anything." They had quite a few people interested in joining their group, but Rowan was discriminatory in who she allowed to join...her own morals leaned more towards the grey area, but she would not tolerate criminals in her ranks. Appearances were necessary to be left to their own devices by the authorities; freedom crucial to movement during outbreaks.

Down with Kriegerisch

A mere few weeks after the incident with Abyss Empire, someone attempted to kidnap Rowan as she stepped outside the D to grab a newspaper. The attempt failed, but not without wounding Rowan. It did, however, pique her curiousity as she had no real enemies (Abyss only acted out of boredom, they really could care less about her) and the kidnappers seemed to have been waiting for her for a while. After she healed up, she allowed herself to be captured a few times to figure out who they were and why they wanted her. Thus Kriegerisch reentered her life, and Rowan finally knew it. She uncovered information about the Cutter virus, about her homeworld...and was sent into a depression. Believing all the people therein to be nothing more than a part of the simulation, including herself, Rowan even went as far as self-harm to try to distinguish fantasy from reality. It took George Black's intervention to snap her out of it. He even accompanied her on one last attempt to find out what was going on with Kriegerisch. It was this time that Rowan was introduced to Dr. Bernard and was told he was her father. Bernard expected a tearful, happy reunion to lure them into false security, but what he got was a gun pointed at his head.

Bernard never acted like a father to Rowan, and since she had roughly six of them to date she knew what one was meant to be like. All she knew about Bernard was that he worked for a company that made the Cutter virus, and that he made her homeworld only to destroy it and kill countless lives. She demanded that he delete all notes and relevant data on the virus itself and that any remnant of it be destroyed as well. Bernard refused and, via a teleporting beacon used to get them into the HQ, teleported Rowan and George back to Primal Earth. Rowan only became more determined to take Bernard and everything he was tied to down.

One last "successful" kidnapping put Rowan in a position to get her allies into the dimension and help her in her goal. While in her cell, she was approached by Dr. Lisa Harrison who told her everything about her past...except the fact that she was immune to disease and most poisons. Harrison agreed to help Rowan get her friends out when the self-destruct sequence was triggered; with the Kriegerisch HQ destroyed, all employees not killed in the crossfire were scattered to the multiverse. Bernard instilled a bit of paranoia in Rowan with his laughter upon death, but there would be some time of peace in his absence.

A New Outbreak

Things quieted down considerably after Bernard's death and Kriegerisch HQ's destruction. Life resumed to as close to normalcy as it gets for the Reapers. Rowan even began to expand her social circle. During this time, Rowan spied a creature very similar to the undead she was so familiar with, minor differences aside. A girl, covered in blood-soaked, torn clothes, claws, and a six foot long tongue that dripped a strange ichor. This creature, unlike previous undead, was sapient. She was aware of herself and her surroundings, even if she wasn't very intelligent. Through tracking her, Rowan learned of others like her, tunneling beneath the Rogue Isles and devouring whatever hapless person that stumbles across them. The creatures were also contagious, able to infect others with the virus that turned them into monsters. They were discriminate in who they consumed and who they changed. And they liked how they lived.

It was not something Rowan would allow to continue.

Rowan tracked the ghouls for a week, using her subordinate Delphi's psychic abilities to give subtle suggestions in the minds of people at risk of coming in contact with them to create a buffer zone, stealth agents to pick off stragglers, and generally keep the outbreak to a manageable level while she figured out how best to destroy them in one fell swoop. She collected samples, alerted others she trusted to the situation, and eventually created a vaccine to prevent infection. Once that was done, she rounded up a group of her friends to handle the situation. The plan was simple enough: Plant bombs in one of their main nests, wipe out the inhabitants there, and lure any remaining ghouls into the rigged building. It went off without a hitch, except that it was discovered that someone had planted cameras to watch the situation unfold. Malta was involved. Tracking them down was no easy task, but it was done. Accessing the files on hand revealed more information about what caused the outbreak, and it wasn't pretty. A renegade Longbow agent named Weaver had purchased the virus from an unknown source on the black market, with the intent to use it to wipe out all life in the Isles. He was stopped, of course, but the source of the virus concerned Rowan. It was a lose end. And a potential source for a reemergence of the Splicer virus. (As opposed to the Cutter virus, the Splicer virus is a different disease that allows infected to mutate and grow stronger, keep their general personalities and intelligence, but twists it with their uncontrollable hunger for human flesh.) It had to be taken care of, but as of yet no signs of this mysterious bioweapon merchant have been found. Rowan worries Kriegerisch may be involved, or worse, that Bernard is alive and has returned.

Breaking off Old Ties

With no further leads on the creator or anything else of the Splicer virus, Rowan turned her attention to other matters. Namely, what she would do with her organization. The Reapers had been simple mercenaries, content to take on jobs others offered, even if they were discriminate. She wanted to do more, and the event with the Splicer virus proved she could make a difference on this Earth. Rowan asked advice and opinions about approaching global agencies such as the U.N. about starting a worldwide anti-bioterrorism agency and received positive reactions. First, however, she needed to break away from what she had been doing, and from old clients. Rowan had been in contact with a man named Jacob Antonescu a few times, as he was interested in her potential services. He wanted her to kidnap several scientists from another military organization known as The Projects for experimentation. Rowan had no real intention of ever helping him in his mad science, or at all really, as his jobs were against her own personal ethical code. (i.e., no creating unwilling victims of mad science) She did, however, recognize him as a threat to herself and others. She pretended to be willing to go through with the mission so that she could gain his trust and investigate further. She found that Antonescu had been part of another organization known as The Pandora Syndicate, among other things. She eventually set things up for the inevitable double cross she'd planned from the beginning with The Projects and someone Antonescu had targetted; Barnabas LeVite, a.k.a. Web. Web was to pose as bait to lure Antonescu out into the open that was outside Pocket D, so that he could be captured and handed over to The Projects.

Things don't always go according to plan, however. Despite all the planning and forethought, Antonescu made a simple, disasterous change to his initial plans that would prove to be the team's undoing. He hired Konried of the Weapons Union to act as a bodyguard to help with the prisoner transfer, despite the fact that Antonescu intended to take Web to a secure, confidential facility his organization used. Antonescu's actions defied logic. And they got Web and another Reaper killed, and others severely injured. Rowan resovled to leave things as they were and retreated since the mission was an utter failure due to the unexpected involvement of WU. On going attacks from WU and LSI's abandonment left Rowan with no other choice than to approach the Menders of Ouroboros. She initially wanted to change things dramatically, to prevent the deaths of Web and Private Shepherd, but the Menders refused to allow this. They told her all she could change was who Antonescu perceived had attacked him. So Rowan set things up to look like an outside group had intervened in the transfer, and sided with Web against Antonescu. Then she informed him she refused to work with an employer who so easily accuses her group of betrayal, and hasn't interacted with him since.

Rowan went back shortly after the battle and scoured the site for items that belonged to Web and her subordinate, to use in the memorials she intended to give them for her failure in the mission. While there is nothing she could have done, as the fatal change Antonescu made was done in less than half an hour before the trade, it was still a failed mission that cost the lives of those she intended to help. Even when Web came back as a demon, when he stated she could do with the memorial as she pleased, Rowan keeps it up as a means of apology and thanks.

A New Day

Time passed, Rowan made friends and seasons changed. There was still no sign of Kriegerisch or Bernard and only a few minor incidents occurred. One of them involved the Temporal Historian, an extradimensional time traveler. It wasn't a pleasant first meeting, but met no bloodshed. Fen was kidnapped and suffered horrible injuries at a man named Aleksiy Niska's hands. Niska by far posed the greatest issue, and continues to do so. Scrounge, alias now used by Bonifacio Santo Allucio di Compigliano (Bones for short), was revealed to be one of Niska's many experiments and now resides with the Reapers.

A chance meeting with a technomage in the D produced Rory, a technomagical golem that Rowan has grown to proudly call her daughter, and was just the first addition to an ever growing family. Rowan broke things off with a distant Warren, and a few months later met Seere Dulmaire, whom she eventually started dating. The pair even learned that they had the potential to go as far as marriage, as a boy and girl appeared claiming to be their children from the future. Seere and Rowan were delighted; they would have a family, and the kids seemed far more adjusted than they were.

Rowan also began tinkering with various weapons and technologies in an attempt to level the playing field with what she had to face. She didn't want to become too reliant on powered armor and high tech weaponry, but some of it was necessary. She eventually developed her CEA and continues learning more about technology; she even managed to capture and reprogram a Praetorian Clockwork her future daughter named Bob. He just has a few glitches to work out still.

As of late Rowan's been a bit lonely with frequent absences from Seere due to work, so she got a dog to keep her company. She doesn't know when exactly he'll be back or around more often, but she'll wait patiently until he is. She frequents the D to socialize when she doesn't have work to do, and on one such a trip discovered a loud, foul-mouthed and rude little girl who threatened to burn anyone who talked to her. A brief unpleasant encounter later, and Rowan decided to take her in and straighten her out. The girl refused to give Rowan her name, so she just decided to call her Uri until further notice. Rowan doesn't know how long this will last, but she's fully willing to step into the role the Major provided for her when she was young to Uri. (Meaning, strict authority figure who will beat ass for misbehaving, but otherwise look out for general well-being.) Heaven help them both.

Random Facts

+Rowan is an insomniac. Logically she realizes this does nothing but hurt her, but logic isn't what keeps her awake.

+Rowan has chronic nightmares. Thus she stays awake.

+Rowan doesn't get pop culture. She does, however, have a really long list of references she needs to Google because her friends use them so much.

+Rowan is a unique soul. No, this doesn't mean she's a completely special little snowflake. This is a side effect of her birth in an unnaturally made dimension. There is only one of her. Ever. Nor can her home dimension be traced. This does not include versions of herself from alternate time lines, however.

+She really likes Oreos.

+The rifle Rowan usually carries is the one Major Goldwyn passed on to her. It's like a security blanket, and the last relic she has of him. She's most likely going to retire it and use another, to avoid it being broken. Heaven help whoever tries to do so.

+Rowan has a tricked out motorcycle Rory made her that looks like a skeleton. It's a beast, capable of going from 0 to 300mph in seconds. Luckily, Rowan doesn't go that fast and is even working on up linking the bike to her CEA for better control.

+Having to compete with various super powered entities, Rowan's sense of adaptation has kicked in and she's gone about learning the most she can about the available weapons in Primal Earth, and sometimes Praetoria. While she's no roboticist, she's learned how to effectively make creative violent solutions to potential problems.

+Rowan recently adopted a dog from a shelter in Skyway, Paragon. It's female, approximately five years old, has black and brown fur, and exhibits traits from several breeds. In short, she's so ugly she's cute. Rowan named her violet.


On her home world, Rowan could make do with weapons available on the civilian market and a few tools. However, on Primal Earth, things are a bit riskier. Metas and supernaturals abound, providing plenty of overwhelming force that a normal gun simply can't compete with. She's managed to find a few upgrades, without trying to become too reliant on them.

People Rowan Knows

  • Rory O'Neil: A technomagical golem made from precious metals, with a teeny tiny fraction of a soul to spark her own life. Rory started out as a tiny statuette brought to life at random by a Drow in Pocket D; she was a piece of art made in Rowan's image. The Drow offered a chance to keep and raise the tiny Rory for her own, and for reasons still unknown to her, Rowan took it. Rory grew rapidly in the course of one week, and calls Rowan "mom." While only a teenager herself, Rowan couldn't be happier to have Rory in her life and has found she really enjoys motherhood.
  • Barnabas LeVite: Web is someone Rowan has come to appreciate as a friend over time since their first meeting. He's done a great deal to help her with problems that arise, and she does her best to look out for him in turn. They both try to do some good, even if it means killing someone to do it. Web is a friend she can rely and trust in, and she hopes he can do the same in her.
  • Radiopath: Fen's a slightly awkward cyborg with a penchant for surviving horrendous injuries. While she tends to be more serious than him most of the time, she likes Fen well enough. He's come to her aid before, and she'll do the same if he asked.
  • MX-2000: Rowan knew Will perhaps longer than Fen or Web due to their mutual friendships with the group known as the Clique. He made her gauntlets free of charge that allow her to use hand-to-hand techniques with more force to them, while still retaining nonlethal levels. He's been generally helpful and amusing, and offered her aid whenever WU started trouble. She's willing to help should he ever need it.
  • Meilin Hsiao: May is possibly the closest thing Rowan has to a best friend. Rowan has confided in her about more things than anyone so far, up to and including asking for advice on her love life. (Amazing, isn't it?) Rowan respects May's suggestions and opinions, and values her company.
  • Rose Carrigan: Rose is Will's wife and mother of Grace Carrigan. While she's not around often and they don't interact, Rowan thinks that Rose is a sweet girl. Rose generally isn't quite the fighter or superhero, so Rowan tries to look out for Rose if she can.
  • Grace Carrigan: Daughter of Rose and Will Carrigan, Grace is the first baby Rowan's come into contact with in a long time...and without the need to kill her either. Rowan even held her and was surprised that Grace fell asleep in her arms. The new experience was so foreign and alien Rowan didn't quite know what to think at first; though a second dose of Grace while she was fussy focused Rowan's opinion a little more. She actually rather likes Grace and enjoyed holding her.
  • Scrounge: Bonifacio picked up Web's old Scrounge disguise that was thrown into a dumpster when he arrived in the Isles. He didn't strike her as particularly malicious and enjoys talking to him after she got to know him a little better. At first Rowan just gave him money for food and shelter, but when that ran out for him she offered a chance to stay in one of her bases. Bones has been more than helpful and supportive since he joined the Reapers; Rowan trusts and adores him.
  • Kasun: The leader of the Battle Ready Organization and pseudo-father to most of the members. Rowan respects Kasun's leadership and the support he lends to those he considers friend, even if they don't socialize as often as they do with others.
  • Josephine LeVite: Web's wife and close friend to many of the BRO members. Rowan doesn't know her half as well as she does others, but seems to get along well enough with her. She does think Web and Jo make a good couple; they both have the right mixture of silly and serious to balance each other out.
  • Gunny Memphis LeVite: Web's oldest son by Holly Andrews, and the second baby Rowan ever encountered. He's just the fatter of the two, though just as cute. Rowan enjoys cuddling him, and likes the thought that as he grows older he'll call her "aunt." She worries a bit when she heard he'll get into trouble often at school, but she figures he's his father's son and will be okay in the end. Probably.
  • Tail-Wind: Wesson is Web and Jo's first child, whom is expected within a few short months. She met an older Wes and was actually fairly surprised how calm he is compared to his two siblings, but he still has a few quirks from his parents when he feels like being silly.
  • Tr8or: Dee is Web and Jo's youngest, who will be born in a few years. She'll grow into a sweet, energetic young lady with a penchant for trouble. Though Rowan looks out for her in her own way, she also tries to intervene when Web's overprotective tendencies might make her unhappy; especially when it concerns Dee dating boys.
  • Quicksilver Crane: Lily is someone Rowan's known for a long, long time. She hasn't worked with her much, but appreciates her good nature and the help she does provide and has provided in the past. Though Lily's humor is often right over Rowan's head, they're friends.
  • Sage: Rowan seems to draw in the eccentric and quirky, and Sage is no exception. He's flamboyant in every sense of the word, which likely causes some to underestimate his abilities. Rowan, however, does not.
  • Faraday: Faraday is a mutant vigilante (whose favored targets are Crey employees), a mutant supremecist, romance novelist, and former employee for the Reapers Grim. While Rowan was friends with Faraday for most of the time they've known each other, events have led to a falling out of sorts. Faraday killed people Rowan didn't approve of, and her views on mutant-human relations further strained things. At first prepared to even use force to bring Faraday in, mostly out of anger, Rowan is hesitating because of their previous friendship. She's gone soft.
  • Warren Fear: Warren was one of the first people Rowan met when she arrived on Primal Earth. Her near constant negative emotions proved to be a buffet for the empath, which drew his attention. They were nigh inseparable kindred spirits as time went on. Unfortunately Warren didn't seem to cope well with Rowan moving on to date other people, and made the mistake of insulting her as a mother in a drunken state. Rowan's relationship with him has soured, and she hasn't seen him since she punched him out in response to his insults.
  • Maniac Black: Someone who reminded Rowan of one of the original Reapers, George was a hard ass at first. He pushed and questioned and nagged her about her state of being, hopeful to one day help her be as normal as things get in Paragon. Now, however, a considerable amount of time has passed without contact from him. After a brief period where Rowan was constantly angry at something he'd done or didn't do base on a misunderstanding, Rowan's back to being civil with him.
  • Temporal Historian: A dimensional/time traveler, the man simply known as the Historian is a recent acquaintance. The pair got off to a rocky start and Rowan really dislikes him, even if she doesn't want him dead.
  • Blackguard Dulmaire: Someone she mistook for his Praetorian counterpart, Seere and Rowan seemed to just click. Both child soldiers, both equally damaged, yet still different enough to be interesting to the other. At first it was just meant to be a working relationship, but a mutual attraction began to develop. They dated and were engaged for a time, though as things progressed Rowan began having doubts about how viable their relationship would be long term. Things have ended, and though Rowan was the one to approach the issue, she's heartbroken. She hasn't spoken with Dulmaire much since his return from the gave and isn't sure where they stand now.
  • Clara Su'cour: Clara crossed one specific line (one Rowan probably can't even put into words) and then didn't apologize, thinking playing dumb would get her out of it. Rowan's since calmed down and will be civil, but she likely won't be trusting Clara again anytime soon.
  • Touch of the Abyss: Touch is, from everything Rowan's heard, the Praetorian double of Jessii James. While Rowan doesn't know Jessii too well or the situation surrounding the two, she considers Touch an enemy based on the fact she's tried numerous times to kill or harm her friends. Touch is a predator in Rowan's eyes, one that she'd put down in a heartbeat if given a chance.
  • Tai Xien: An anachronistic, seemingly immortal ninja that Rowan encountered when he assaulted a friend. Rowan managed to get the upper hand and blackmail the ninja into leaving her and her friends alone; though he managed to kill one of them on the sly, Rowan still found out and pretty much hand fed Tai Xien to his wife on a silver platter. Reports indicate he's still alive, so Rowan's just waiting for him to make a move against her.
  • Tai Tzu: Tai Xien's granfather and apparently the new leader of the Grey Lotus clan. Their first meeting was when Rowan and Andrew Carrigan went to rescue their friend Nikki, whom Tzu had kidnapped and tortured. While he seems like a senile old man, Rowan is exercising caution and wonders just what he is capable of.

(By all means, if your name isn't here feel free to add it and I'll put Rowan's thoughts down.)

Others' Thoughts on Rowan

"The Reapers do alot of good. They're probably the only force out in the Isles that I can safely say I'd help. Even if she might not look the part, Rowan's a good friend, too. Just because she's quiet and reserve don't mean she isn't listening. She's helped pull me out of a jam plenty of times, and I'll gladly return the favor." - Fen

"Rowan's someone I'm always glad to work with, and I know for sure I can call her a friend. We've got a good deal goin' on. She can scratch my back, and I'll blow up a small town for her. Plus, she's becoming less and less socially awkward by the day! So proud of you, Rowan." - Web

"Rowan? Rowan's a scarred child with the ability to dispatch a patrol of soldiers, wipe out their reinforcements and be home in time for dinner. Rowan is a daughter, a sister and a mother. She is my partner, my commanding officer, my hopes, my salvation and my girlfriend. Rowan's my hero." - Seere

"The first person that said more than two words to me since I arrived. She gave me shelter and offered me more. Rowan has my loyalty until the end. Questa donna mi porta a sentire cose che mai anche se mi sentirei di nuovo. Le cose che avrei potuto fare l'abitudine. I will repay, la Signora O'Neil." - Scrounge

"Rowan's one of the most hardened and skilled commanders I've ever seen. I've never met anyone who's cooler under fire and more inspiring of a leader. I'd gladly work under her any day." - Quicksilver Crane

"Certainly of uncanny interest for someone like me, and definitely someone I can trust. It is true that mercenaries are among my greatest foes; however, miss Rowan has proven time after time that she remains the remarkable exception to the rule. I hold her among the ones within my closest circle, regardless of her at times blunt attitude. She is rather unique, indeed." - Allastor Darkflame

"Rowan has teddy bears. IT'S ADORABLE OHOOOOHOOOHOOO~." - Clara Su'cour

"Rowan is cool people. Quiet, but cool. Not that -I- would take me seriously, but I think she takes me more seriously than most people, and actually listens really. Not to mention we seem to work well together. I got her back, bitches." - Sage


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